Love Finds All

The Injury

Champ stopped dead in his tracks when he heard Swift Heart yell and went right back to Swift Heart's side while she was holding her ankle. Champ ran next to her and said "You okay sports fan?"

Swift Heart suddenly was extremely angry and yelled "Do I look okay?"

Champ shrugged and said "Let me see."

Swift Heart let go of her ankle and set her head against the ground while Champ looked at it and hissed saying "That's not good."

Swift Heart lifted her head and said "What? What's not good?"

Champ made a face and said "I think it might be broken."

Swift Heart shook her head and said "Oh no!"

Champ shook his head and said "We should probably take you to Take Care like now."

Swift Heart nodded and said "Call her on my cell phone." And she handed him her phone and he dialed her number.

Champ waited a few moments but there wasn't an answer. Swift Heart had a searing pain in her ankle and Swift Heart was worried Champ was right because something definitely felt out-of-place. She laid her head back down and said "Champ?"

Champ looked at her said "Yeah?"

She took a deep breath and said "Do not tell Grumpy."

Champ nodded and said "Okay."

Swift Heart began to cry and she wiped a tear away and said "Champ think you can carry me?"

He nodded and stood up before leaning down and scooping Swift Heart in both of his arms and walked towards Take Care's house. Swift Heart cursed under her breath and said "This is not good."

Champ nodded and said "You're right sports fan. Look maybe it's not as bad as it looks."

Swift Heart smiled and said "You're a bad liar Champ, but thanks."

Champ smiled back. After a few minutes of walking Champ arrived at Take Care's door. He knocked on it to the best of his ability and waited a few second before Take Care opened the door and said "Hey Champ...Swift Heart what did you do now!?"

Swift Heart chuckled and said "A little running accident that's all."

Take Care shook her head and said "Bring her on in." And Champ walked inside the house.

Take Care pointed to her couch and said "Gently! Put her on the couch I gotta get some stuff." And she walked away.

Champ put Swift Heart on the couch and asked "Anything I can get for ya sports fan?"

Swift Heart pointed to a pillow on the ground that was just out of her reach. Champ grabbed it and handed it to her and she put it behind her head and seemed to relax, a little. Take Care came back out with a few thing, one being a pillow that she carefully slipped under Swift Heart's ankle. She then pulled out a tiny x-Ray and looked at Swift Heart's ankle. Swift Heart even though it was extremely painful said "Give it to me straight doc."

Take Care chuckled and said "It's broken alright, but not severely damaged I'd say you'll be up and running in a few months."

Swift Heart shot her head up and said "A few months!"

Take Care shrugged and said "Sorry Swift Heart, walking on it is a bad idea I'd advised just staying at home with a few books and movies."

Swift Heart shook her head and said "Take Care! There's gotta be something!"

Take Care shook her head and said "Again sorry Swift Heart, I wish there was, but if you walk on this it could cause permanent damage."

Swift Heart laid her head back and said "Oh man! Well don't you like, wrap it up, or something."

Take Care chuckled and said "I'll put a cast on it and you'll have to get x-rays for a few weeks but if you stay off it you'll be back to running in no time."

Swift Heart sighed and said "Who's gonna take me home then?"

Take Care raised an eyebrow and said "I could call Grumpy."

Swift Heart eyes widened and she said "No, no, no bad idea!"

Take Care raised an eyebrow and said "What do you mean."

Swift Heart sighed and said "Look, just Champ?"

Champ nodded and said "I'll drop her off at her place."

Take Care nodded and said "Okay, let's get a cast on it."

And she began to wrap Swift Heart's ankle in cotton...

Meanwhile Gentle Heart and Innocent where still working out a few questions when Innocent asked "Will I ever get good at this?"

Gentle Heart looked at her and said "Of course you will."

Innocent sighed and said "Really? I mean I've gotten every question wrong but one!"

Gentle Heart put a hand on her shoulder and said "Don't get angry, angry people make mistakes. Look why don't we take a break."

Innocent nodded and asked "Where's your bathroom?"

Gentle Heart pointed and said "First door on your right."

Innocent got up and walked out while Gentle Heart began to put some things away.

While in the bathroom Innocent splashed some water in her face and sighed before looking into Gentle Heart's mirror and smiling. She then fixed her mane and walked out back to the living room saying "So, what's next?"

Gentle Heart shrugged and said "I think we could use a break for a few minutes."

Innocent nodded and said "What do you have in mind?"

Gentle Heart thought for a moment then said "Have you ever tried sauerkraut before?"

Innocent shook her head and said "Never heard of it."

Gentle Heart smiled and said "Then you have not lived darling." And she motioned for Innocent Heart to follow.

Gentle Heart opened her fridge and pulled out a jar of sauerkraut and said "If you don't like it don't be afraid to tell me okay?"

Innocent Heart nodded and said "Okay, so I take it you like this stuff?"

Gentle Heart blushed a little and said "Me and Bright Heart."

Innocent smiled and said "It's nice that you found someone who cares about you."

Innocent face fell a little and Gentle Heart said "You do too."

Innocent Heart was confused and asked "What?"

Gentle Heart smiled and said "We're Care Bears and Care Bear Cousins we care about everyone."

Innocent sighed and said "I don't know, I mean I know everyone here at least likes me but..."

Gentle Heart raised an eyebrow and said "But you're afraid in a pinch they'll abandon you."

Innocent nodded and leaned on a counter and said "Yeah, I've been there before."

Gentle Heart sighed and poured some sauerkraut into two bowls and handed one to Innocent. "Look Innocent, we don't abandon our own, has anyone told you our beginning?"

Innocent nodded and said "Yeah, you all we're orphaned and Noble Heart and True Heart found you and brought you to the Great Wishing Star where he declared we are to be guardians of love and caring."

Gentle Heart nodded and said "And to care for everyone as if they are our own."

Innocent frowned and said "But I'm not."

Gentle Heart sighed and said "What do you mean?"

Innocent sighed and said "I'm not like the rest of you, I've never helped anyone other than myself."

Gentle Heart put a hand on her shoulder and said "Listen, tell you what. How about you and me go on the next caring mission."

Innocent Heart looked at her and said "What? But I'm not ready."

Gentle Heart chuckled and said "I think you are, come on it'll be fun."

Innocent sighed and said "Alright I guess."

Gentle Heart smiled and said "That's the spirit! Now bet I can beat you in finishing."

And she began to eat faster and Innocent said "I think not!"

And she began to dig in too...

Bright Heart followed Playful Heart into a different room where some blue prints were laid out and Playful said "Okay, so it's your basic surprise party yeah know, cake, friends, the whole thing but I don't know how to make it special."

Bright Heart nodded and sat down. "You could always put something only she would get."

Playful Heart raised an eyebrow and said "What?"

Bright Heart sighed and said "What's something you both share a love for?"

Playful Heart laughed and said "Jokes of course."

Bright Heart shook his head and said "What else something no one else knows of."

Playful Heart thought for a minute then said "Well, there is the fact she likes..."

Bright Heart raised an eyebrow and asked "What?"

Playful Heart sighed and said "She's crazy...about...umm..."

Bright Heart waited and Playful Heart said "About the beach."

Bright Heart gave him a look and said "What so wrong about that?"

Playful Heart blushed a little and said "I mean Crazy! C.R.A.Z.Y about it."

Bright Heart leaned back and said "Should I be scared?"

Playful Heart laughed and said "No, it's just something only we know of."

Bright Heart snapped his fingers and said "That's it!"

Playful Heart looked at him and said "What?"

Bright Heart smirked and said "Move the party to the beach!"

Playful Heart chuckled and said "Really, I mean that makes it kinda hard for the party to be even more of a surprise."

Bright Heart gave him a look and said "Coming from the king of surprises?"

Playful laughed and said "Fair enough, but what else I mean that would catch her off guard but what seals the deal I want to make this party one she'll never forget!"

Bright Heart nodded and said "What else is special to her?"

Playful Heart thought even harder and said "Well, she does like carnivals but who doesn't?"

Bright Heart chuckled and said "Grumpy."

Playful Heart and Bright Heart suddenly began to laugh and Playful said "There is her love for art."

Bright Heart raised an eyebrow and said "Really? What kind of art?"

Playful Heart thought for a moment the said "Abstract."

Bright Heart nodded and said "Then draw her a painting, it makes it double the value because you made it and she'll always have to look at it if she hangs it up."

Playful Heart shook his head and said "I can't draw, or paint!"

Bright Heart laughed and said "I highly doubt that."

Playful Heart laughed and said "You were never there when we did arts and crafts were you?"

Bright Heart chuckled and said "I suppose, well give it a try its abstract art how hard could it be?"

Playful Heart shook his head and said "Lets get back to planning the party it's self."

Bright Heart nodded and the two began to look at the papers again...

Grumpy was just finishing up his work when Swift Heart came across his mind he smiled a little and thought about what they were gonna do when he got back home. He finished the last of his paper work and he got up and conjured up his cloud car as he drove home. While he drove back he began to think he was being over protective and that wasn't fair. He landed his car and walked inside yelling "Swift Heart I'm home."

When there was no answer he began to panic a little but kept his cool and said "She's probably just out relax Grumpy."

And he walked into his kitchen to get a soda. After a few minutes he heard the door open and he said "That you Swift Heart?"

Swift Heart was silent for a minute before yelling "Yeah."

Grumpy felt better and walked out of the kitchen saying "I was wondering where you were."

He turned the corner then saw Swift Heart on crutches. He was gonna yell but he realized that wouldn't help anyone so he asked in his calm voice "So...a anything exciting happen today?"

Swift Heart shook her head and said "Haha, I fell that's all."

Grumpy nodded and said "Is it sprained or broken?"

Swift Heart shook her head and said "Sadly broken I'll be alright in a few months."

Grumpy smiled and said "Well that's good. Here I'll carry you."

And he picked her up causing her to squeal "Grumpy this is so cheesy!"

Grumpy looked at her and said "Then call me mozzarella."

She laughed and said "Stop it!"

He laughed too and Swift Heart looked at him and said "Grumpy did you just laugh?"

Grumpy blushed and said "Maybe."

She smiled and said "Do it more often."

And she gave him a kiss causing him to blush harder and he said "So, do you wanna lay in bed or on the couch?"

She thought for a moment then said "The couch please."

Grumpy carried her over to the couch and gently set her down and said "Anything else?"

She smiled and said "Can I make you sit out here with me?"

Grumpy shook his head and said "I was gonna do that anyways I meant do need like a drink or something."

She smiled and said "A glass of water wouldn't hurt."

Grumpy nodded and got up and walked into the kitchen. Once he was gone Swift Heart felt more at ease and she sighed. She then grabbed the blanket they kept on the couch and wrapped herself up in it as Grumpy walked back in with a cup and handed it to her and asked "So can I get exact details about how this happened?"

Swift Heart rolled her eyes and said "Look I went for a jog with Champ I wasn't looking where I was going and I fell in a hole."

Grumpy looked at her and said "Why were you with Champ?"

Swift Heart was in a bit of a predicament, it was one thing to tell Champ Cheer had sent her to see what was on his mind it was totally different thing to tell Grumpy. "I...a..."

Grumpy waited and Swift Heart thought hard for a few minutes and Grumpy felt something weird and said "You know what forget I asked."

Swift Heart nodded and said "Well, I didn't just get this cast on at Take Care's."

Grumpy raised an eyebrow and said "Oh?"

Swift Heart nodded and motioned for him to come closer.

He leaned down and she whispered something and he said "Really!?"

She nodded and Grumpy gave her a kiss...

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