Love Finds All

Breaking and Entering

Harmony had followed Funshine into another room and asked "So what's your idea?"

Funshine smiled and said "So, everyone is a bit on edge right?"

Harmony nodded and said "Yeah I suppose."

Funshine nodded and said "So, why doesn't everyone take a vacation?"

Harmony looked at her and said "What? Funshine it's a great idea and all but we can't exactly do that."

Funshine raised a finger and said "But we could if we figured out how to keep the world happy."

Harmony chuckled and said "Funshine it's impossible."

Funshine looked up as she thought And Harmony sighed and put her head on her hand and waited. After a few silent minutes Funshine said "What if we watched Earth while everyone was on vacation?"

Harmony looked at her and said "Why us?"

Funshine crossed her arms and said "Look, I know you'd want to go on vacation too but if you think about it we could have our own vacation here in Care-a-lot."

Harmony nodded and said "That would work however what about Grumpy and Swift Heart? They just got back from a vacation they wouldn't wanna leave again."

Funshine smiled and said "Aye, but then we have them to help us with Caring missions."

Harmony nodded and said "Alright, but how do we convince everyone to go on vacation or that it's a good idea?"

Funshine thought for a second and said "That's where you come in."

Harmony was shocked and said "Me?"

Funshine nodded and said "Look, let's face it I'm a bad convincer, but you, Harmony you got Tenderheart, Tenderheart! To take you to the dance!"

Harmony shook her head and said "I don't know."

Funshine smiled and said "Come on Harmony please!"

Harmony sighed and said "I guess I could try."

Funshine smiled and punched her arm playfully and said "That's the spirit! Come on!"

Funshine then grabbed her arm and began to drag her. Harmony raised an eyebrow and asked "Where are we going?"

Funshine began to have a hard time dragging her and she said "Well, we can't convince everyone if we stay here."

And Funshine began tugging harder and Harmony said "That's true, alright let's go."

And she began to walk causing Funshine to fall down. Harmony laughed and said "Come on."

And stretched her hand out and helped Funshine up...

Tenderheart arrived back home and said "I think I'll have a snack before going over to Harmony's." She did say she was gonna be at Playful Heart's and Funshine's so he just assumed she was still there. Walking into his kitchen for a snack he made himself a sandwich he returned to his living room when he heard a knock at the door and opened it to see Brave Heart standing there red in the face. "Brave Heart! What are you doing here?"

Brave Heart rubbed the back of his head and said "Hi yeah Tenderheart, came to apologize."

Tenderheart eyes widened and he said "What!?"

Brave Heart blushed a little more and he said "Can I come inside?"

Tenderheart nodded and said "Yeah, come on in."

Brave Heart nodded and walked inside while Tenderheart closed the door behind him and said "What are you apologizing for?"

Brave Heart sighed and said "Look I lost my cool I just get so caught up in things I lose my patience."

Tenderheart shrugged and said "Look everyone lost their cool alright? Let's just drop it all okay?"

Brave Heart nodded and said "Phew glad that's over with."

Tenderheart nodded and asked "Can I get you something?"

Brave Heart nodded and said "You got milk?"

Tenderheart nodded and walked into his kitchen. Brave Heart sighed and sat down and relaxed a bit. Tenderheart came back out and handed him his drink and sat down too. "So, how are you?"

Brave Heart shrugged and said "Been better, but hey what are you gonna do?"

Tenderheart chuckled and said "Agreed, however could be worse."

Brave Heart raised his glass and said "Here here, but I think our luck is changing Tenderheart."

Tenderheart raised an eyebrow and said "Really?"

Brave Heart nodded and said "Yeah, I think we're about to experience a nice quiet peace time for a little bit."

Tenderheart laughed and said "Only if we don't fight any more."

Brave Heart nodded and said "Hey, we're still friends right?"

Tenderheart nodded and said "Of course ending a friendship because of one fight? That's just silly."

Brave Heart nodded and said "I agree, I wonder what No Heart's up to..."

Tenderheart shrugged and said "I don't know but he's probably cooking something big."

Brave Heart looked at Tenderheart and said "What makes you say that?"

Tenderheart shrugged and said "He's been quiet for a very long time."

Brave Heart put a hand on his chin and said "Should we be on alert?"

Tenderheart shook his head and said "Nah, worst case scenario Shreeky and Beastly attack and we can handle them no problem."

That caused the two of them to start laughing...

Little did Brave Heart and Tenderheart know but No Heart had been watching them from his castle. "Errr, nobody talks about my niece and Beastly like that except me!"

He raised fists in anger and thunder sounded and there was a bright flash. "Now how do I get those Care Bears..." He began looking at some of his potions when he heard the dreaded sound of Shreeky shrieking. Suddenly Beastly came running in screaming "Help! No Heart!"

No Heart turned visually annoyed and said "Huh?"

Beastly then hid behind his boss and Shreeky walked in with her mirror in one hand and an ice cream cone on her head and said "Uncle No Heart Beastly make me drop my ice cream!"

No Heart sighed and said "I don't have time for this!"

Shreeky wiped some ice cream off her face and said "But...but uncle No Heart?"

No Heart shook his head and said "Listen you two, I want to get back at this miserable Care Bears so I have a job for you."

Beastly stop cowering and walked next to Sheerky and asked "What's the job?"

No Heart sighed and said "I need you to distract these bears while I work on my next spell."

Shreeky smiled and said "Oooh what's the spell uncle?"

No Heart turned around and threw some things into the cauldron and said "One Shreeky that will ensure we can rid the world those bears and feelings for good."

Shreeky laughed and asked "So what do you need us to do Uncle No Heart?"

No Heart chuckled and said "I need you two to go and cause trouble in Care-a-lot. But keep them away from my castle!"

Beastly and Shreeky nodded and Beastly said "Don't worry No Heart we'll do a good job...I mean a bbbad job because bad is good to us an.."

Shreeky sighed and grabbed beastly and dragged Beastly out saying "Don't worry Uncle No Heart we'll distract those Care bears."

And she walked out of the room. Once they were gone No Heart turned to his cauldron and looked at the image while saying "Soon I will defeat those Care Bears."

And He then broke the image...

True Heart had been gone for a little while and Noble began to worry but she walked back in with the cub and she said "Sorry, he needed a changing."

Proud Heart and Loyal Heart stood up and Proud Heart said "Is that? A...a..."

True Heart nodded and said "Yes it's a cub, Wish bear found him yesterday and we're gonna be watching him for a few days until she can get everything set."

Proud Heart started to lose it she said "Awwww, he's so cute!"

The cub looked at her in confusion and Proud Heart coughed and said "He's a pretty adorable."

True Heart laughed and said "Wanna hold him?"

Proud Heart nodded and True Heart handed her the cub and Proud Heart happily took him and she said "So, Wish just found him? Abandoned?"

True Heart nodded sadly and said "No note, no nothing except for a blanket."

Loyal Heart felt bad for the little guy it didn't feel right to him to just...give up your own kid. He sighed and said "Is Wish gonna take care of him?"

Noble Heart nodded and said "Yes, she and Bedtime said they wanted to adopt him when we asked them."

Loyal smiled and said "That's good."

Proud Heart wasn't even listening she was entranced by the little cub. She smiled and tickled his stomach causing him to laugh. True Heart smiled and said "Can I get you guys something?"

Proud Heart nodded and said "Can I get a glass of water?"

True Heart nodded and walked into the kitchen while Proud Heart, Noble Heart, and Loyal Heart sat back down. Loyal looked at the cub and smiled and the cub mouth opened a little in astonishment. Looking back at Noble Heart Loyal Heart said "I take it things are going well?"

Noble Heart looked at him confused and said "What?"

Loyal Heart motioned towards the cub and Noble said "Ooh well, he's not a burden if that's what you mean."

Loyal nodded and said "Well, he can't be that hard I mean you raised all of us right?"

Noble Heart nodded and said "Ha, please when we raised you guys we were what humans would call teenagers."

Loyal rolled his eyes and said "Well, it's not like you forget that stuff right?"

Noble Heart made a face and said "Fair enough. Not too excited about doing it all over again plus extra stuff."

Loyal shrugged and said "At least now you have other Care Bears and Care Bear Cousins to help."

Noble Heart nodded and said "I guess."

True Heart walked back in and handed Proud Heart her drink and picked up the cub who yawned and tried to go to sleep in True Heart's arms. "Guess you're still tired huh? Alright I'm gonna put him down for a nap I'll be back."

Proud Heart nodded and said "Well, we'd better get going."

Noble Heart nodded and said "Thanks for the visit."

Both Loyal and Proud Heart waved as they left...

Shreeky and Beastly finally arrived at Care-A-Lot and Beastly said "Shreeky how are we gonna distract the Care Bears?"

Shreeky looked at Beastly said "I don't know fur ball!"

Beastly groaned and said "Maybe you can check your magic mirror?"

Shreeky shook her head and said "That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard! I have a better idea."

Beastly looked at her and said "What is it?"

Shreeky smiled and said "I know I'll check my magic mirror."

Beastly looked at her funny then said "Why didn't I think of that?"

Shreeky pulled out her mirror and said "Magic mirror make me happy show me how to distract the Care Bears and make uncle No Heart happy!"

The mirror shifted its focus and showed True Heart putting the little cub in his crib with a pacifier. Shreeky was confused and said "I've never seen that Care Bear before must be a new addition."

She laughed and said "I got an idea."

Beastly looked at her and said "What is it?"

Shreeky laughed and said "We'll go and take the cub that should kept the Care bears busy for a while."

Beastly looked at her and said "But Shreeky how are we gonna get the cub from their home?"

Shreeky looked at him and said "We?"

Beastly shook his head and said "No not we, no never we, me! How is me gonna get the cub from their home."

Shreeky shrieked a little and said "I don't care how you get it just do it Beastly!"

Beastly jumped because of her yell and their helicopter, thing, began to go down. The machine landed with a BANG! And Beastly stumbled out with his eyes rolling saying "Don't worry I have the situation all under control."

Shreeky shrieked and screamed "BEASTLYYYYYY!"

Beastly moaned and said "But Shreeky we're already here."

Shreeky shook her head and said "Now Beastly go get that Care Bear!"

Beastly looked at the house and said "But how Shreeky?"

Shreeky moaned and said "Climb through that window."

Beastly looked at the Heart shaped window and said "But Shreeky I can't fit through there!"

Shreeky looked at Beastly and said "Then find another way fur ball."

Beastly began walking around the house but couldn't find a way in so he said "Oh I'm gonna regret this."

And he started to climb through the window and to even Shreeky's surprise he fit. Once inside Beastly walked over to the crib and looked at the cub and he said "Yuck I hate babies."

He then grabbed the cub and made his way back to the window when the cub began to wake up. Beastly arrived at the window and slipped out saying "Shreeky I got him. I got him!"

Shreeky rolled her eyes and said "Big Deal, fur ball. Come on we gotta get back to No Heart's castle."

Beastly began to follow but then he said "But Shreeky No Heart said to lead them away From No Heart's castle."

Shreeky stopped and realized that Beastly was right and she said "Well, then were should we go fur ball."

Beastly shrugged and said "I don't know!"

Shreeky thought for a second and said "I know, we'll go to that abandoned Carnival."

Beastly was confused and asked "What abandoned Carnival Shreeky?"

Shreeky groaned and aid "The one we passed on our way here fur ball!"

Beastly laughed and said "Oh, the let's go."

Shreeky took the cub from Beastly's hand and said "Eick I hate these cutsie Care Bears." and Beastly began to fly them away...

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