Love Finds All

The Hall of Mirrors

Gentle Heart and Innocent Heart didn't go back to work yet. Instead they were chatting in the living room

Innocent asked "Hey Gentle?"

Gentle Heart looked at Innocent and said "Yeah?"

Innocent sighed and said "Does this happen often?"

Gentle Heart raised an eyebrow and said "What do mean?"

Innocent stood up and said "A new addition the way I joined the family?"

Gentle Heart stood up and said "Well, it's never happened before, but why do you ask?"

Innocent rubbed the back of her head and said "I just feel like everyone is strange to me."

Gentle Heart nodded and said "I know what you mean. Look Innocent Heart it just seems that way, trust me everyone is happy to welcome you into the family."

Innocent sighed and said "It doesn't feel it."

Gentle Heart put a hand on her shoulder and said "Hey, we've been over this. We treat everyone like their family, never forget that. In my eyes your my friend, and that mean I care for you like your family."

Innocent Heart smiled and said "Thanks again Gentle Heart."

Gentle Heart smiled and said "So, you wanna give those questions another go?"

Innocent nodded and said "Sure why not?"

And the two sat down and got back to work...

True Heart was with Noble Heart in their living room and asked "So, what's our plan?"

Noble heart looked at her and said "Huh?"

She smiled and said "For today, what's the plan?"

Noble Heart shrugged and said "I don't know what do you wanna do?"

True Heart smiled and said "I would like to talk to Wish bear and Bedtime make sure they're... parental material."

Noble Heart nodded and said "That's okay with me."

True Heart rested her head on his shoulder and said "Wanna go now?"

Noble Heart nodded and said "Why not?"

True Heart nodded and said "I'll go get him."

And she stood up and walked into their room where the cub was supposed to be sleeping. True Heart opened the door quietly and closed it even quieter than that. She walked over to the crib and gasped and looked in horror when the cub wasn't there. "NOBLE HEART!"

She yelled causing Noble Heart to get up and run into the room asking "What?"

True Heart pointed to the crib and said "Look!"

Noble heart then noticed the cub was gone and he said "Relax True Heart."

True Heart looked at him and said "Relax? RELAX!? I don't think so. We gotta go find him!"

Noble Heart nodded and said "Stay here I'll go look okay?"

She nodded and he ran out of the house to the Hall of Hearts where the Star-o-scope was. He looked through it and after a few minutes he spotted Beastly and Shreeky flying. He had to focus a little but he swore he saw Shreeky holding the little red cub. "Of course they could only kidnap a helpless child."

He looked again and noticed they were at some sort of creepy carnival. Putting the Star-o-scope down Noble ran back to his house and was out of breath when he arrived.

True Heart ran up to him and said "You find him?" She asked rather nervously.

Noble Heart nodded and heaved out "Yes...they...took...him to some...carnival."

True Heart relaxed and said "Thank goodness let's go get some of the Care Bears and Cousins and..."

Noble Heart stopped her and said "No, we can't."

True Heart became angry and said "What do you mean!"

Noble Heart sighed and said "Look, they don't know about the cub yet and let's face it this would be a terrible way to introduce him."

True Heart sighed too and said "Well, then we'll go!"

Noble Heart shook his head and said "No again. I'll go you stay here."

True Heart raised an eyebrow and said "What! I'm not just gonna stay here!"

Noble raised a hand and said "True Heart listen to me I couldn't forgive myself if something happened to you, both of you."

He said putting a hand on her stomach. She sighed and said "Fine, but you can't go alone!"

Noble Heart smiled and said "I won't."

And he gave her a kiss on the cheek and ran out the door...

Funshine and Harmony were trying to decide who to talk with first. "How about Good Luck?" Harmony suggested.

Funshine shrugged and said "I think he'd be a great start, however I was thinking..."

Harmony looked at her and said "What?"

Funshine sighed and said "I know it was my idea to go tell people but why don't we just wait till the next Care Bear Conference?"

Harmony nodded and said "Fine with me. I actually better get home."

Funshine nodded and said "Yeah, me too Playful should be back by now."

Harmony waved and said "See yeah later Funshine."

Funshine waved back and said "Bye Harmony." and both walked off.

As Harmony was walking she wondered if Tenderheart was done working. Maybe she could give him a call. As she opened her door she sighed and closed it when she felt two hands over her eyes and someone saying "Surprise!"

She gasped and said "Tenderheart!" She turned and gave him a kiss.

Tenderheart smiled and said "Hey Harmony. Sorry for kinda breaking in."

Harmony chuckled and said "I could care less. I'm just happy to see you."

He smiled and said "Well, I figured you'd like to go to a park on Earth with me?"

Harmony raised an eyebrow and said "Like a picnic?"

Tenderheart smiled and said "I was gonna surprise you but yes a picnic."

Harmony nodded and said "Of course I will."

Tenderheart smiled and stretched an elbow out and Harmony grabbed onto it and they walked out the door...

Grumpy and Swift Heart were in their living room watching something boring when Grumpy asked "What were you doing with Champ?"

Swift Heart looked at him and said "Huh?"

Grumpy looked at her and said "Champ, what were you doing with him?"

Swift Heart gave Grumpy a look and said "Doing a friend a favor. Why?"

Grumpy shrugged and said "Just curious."

Swift Heart looked at him and said "I doubt that. Just tell me Grumpy."

Grumpy looked at her and said "I told you I was just curious, goodness."

Swift Heart raised an eyebrow and said "Excuse me?"

Grumpy looked at her and said "What?"

Swift heart shook her head and said "Unbelievable, your're jealous."

Grumpy stood up and said "What? I'm not Jealous!"

Swift Heart shook her head again and said "If you're not then why are you so interested in why I was hanging out with Champ."

Grumpy shook his head and said "Because I was curious!"

Swift Heart rolled her eyes and said "Yeah, hey were you going today, hey why were you with him. Either your're jealous! Or your being over protective again."

Grumpy raised his voice a little and said "Again? When have I ever been over protective before?"

Swift Heart pretended to think and said "How about when Take Care texted me!"

Grumpy clenched and un-clenched his fits and said "I got scared okay, I'm sorry. But I'm nervous because every time I turn around you get hurt and that hurts me."

Swift Heart's mouth fell open in astonishment, but she managed to look at him and say "What?" In a shocked voice.

Grumpy sighed and said "When I see you in pain I feel that pain too, like when you got traumatized. I wouldn't let anyone near you because that's my way of handling pain; to protect the things I love, and when the thing I love gets hurt I don't handle it very well. Swift Heart I love you with all my heart and when you aren't in my view I feel like I'm gonna die from loneliness."

Swift Heart was shocked. Grumpy never got like this. He usually bottled things up. Grumpy took a deep breath and continued "Swift Heart, before we were married and dating, for a week, I couldn't stop thinking about you. It was painful for me to even consider life without you."

Swift felt a tear go down her cheek and she said "Grumpy...I."

Grumpy kept going though "So, yes I will get worried when you leave, and yes I will question who you are with because I can't watch you get hurt any more."

Swift Heart smiled and said "That's so sweet, I'd kiss you but I can't stand up."

Grumpy laughed and wiped an angry tear away and got beside her and they shared a kiss before Swift Heart said "I'm sorry."

Grumpy smiled and said "Me too."

Noble Heart was gonna have to get help from the only other person who saw the cub. So that only left him with Loyal, Wish, and Bedtime but he knew that telling Wish and Bedtime could end badly so he was left with Loyal. He arrived at his house out of breath and knocked on the door and said "Loyal!"

Loyal heart opened the door and said "Shhh Proud Heart's taking a nap. What do you need?"

Noble Heart sighed and said "Loyal, Shreeky and Beastly kidnapped the cub I need your help to get him back."

Loyal took a moment to process this and said "Lets go!"

Noble heart conjured up a cloud car and hopped in the driver seat and Loyal jumped in the passenger side." And they took off.

As they flew over the abandoned Carnival Loyal asked "When did this get here?"

Noble Heart shrugged and said "I don't know guess we haven't been watching Earth as well as we thought."

Loyal was suspicious but they landed the cloud car and began walking around and Loyal said "Something about this place gives me the creeps."

Noble Heart nodded and said "I hear that."

As they walked around Loyal asked Noble "Do you know where they would take him?"

Noble Heart shrugged and said "As far as I know they could be anywhere."

Loyal nodded and said "So, what exactly is the plan here?"

Noble Heart shrugged and said "Find Shreeky and Beastly and get the cub back."

Loyal looked at him and said "Just like that?"

Noble Heart nodded and said "I guess, I didn't exactly have a ton of time to think it over."

Loyal nodded and said "I've heard worse plans."

Noble Heart chuckled and said "Yeah, now if I were Shreeky and Beastly where would I hide?"

Loyal looked at round and asked "The hall of mirrors?"

Noble shrugged and the two walked over...

Shreeky and Beastly were indeed in the Hall of mirrors but in the way back desperately trying to figure out where to hide. "Shreeky couldn't we just go to Ferris wheel?"

Shreeky looked at Beastly and said "That's the silliest idea I've ever heard glad I thought of it."

Beastly groaned and said "Let's go."

And the two began to walk out when they saw Loyal and Noble Heart's reflections and Shreeky said "Ah! Care Bears!"

Beastly looked and said "But Shreeky those are Care Bear Cousins."

Shreeky looked at him and said "I don't care!"

The two began to back up and Shreeky said "Their blocking the exit, but I can fix that."

She then pointed her magic mirror and it shot some light that bounced off one mirror then another causing it to go behind Loyal and Noble Heart before hitting a third mirror and hitting Loyal in the behind causing him to jump up and yell. Shreeky and Beastly muffled their laughter as Loyal rubbed his bottom saying "I'm not to sure their in here now Noble Heart."

Noble Heart chuckled and said "Relax Loyal let's just search the rest of the Hall of mirrors then we can leave."

Loyal nodded and said "Lead on."

Noble Heart shook his head and kept walking. "Curses!"

Shreeky said "It didn't work!"

Beastly looked at Shreeky and asked "Can you make shadows to lead them away?"

Shreeky look at him and said "That the dumbest thing I've ever heard fur ball."

Beastly face fell and Shreeky said "I've got a better idea! I'll summon some shadows to lead them away."

Beastly looked and her and said "But...I...a"

Shreeky ignored him and said "Magic mirror we're in trouble bring me some shadows on the double!"

The mirror zapped and two sinister shadows appeared and Shreeky said "Lure those two Care Bears put of the Hall of mirrors!"

Beastly looked at Shreeky and said "You mean Care Bear Cousins!"

Shreeky look at him and yelled "I DON'T CARE WHAT THEY ARE!"

Surprisingly Loyal and Noble Heart didn't hear her and the two shadow flew out and right past them causing Noble to yell "Hey! Loyal come on!"

And the two began out run after the two shadows. Shreeky came around from the corner laughing and Beastly did too. "Beastly get that Care Bear Cousin cub and least go."

Beastly looked at her and said "But Shreeky he's a Care Bear cub not a Care Bear Cousin."

Shreeky gave him a look and said "I DON'T CARE!"

So loud few mirrors cracked. Beastly's ears began to ring and he went back to where they were hiding and grabbed the cub and the two left the Hall of mirrors...

Noble Heart and Loyal were chasing the shadows when Loyal asked "Why are we chasing them?"

Noble Heart began to breath heavy and said "They should lead us right to Shreeky and Beastly."

Loyal jumped over a trash can and asked "How do you know?"

Noble dodged a cart and said "Because those shadows look different from No heart's shadows."

Loyal took a closer look Noble was right these shadows did have horns but there eyes were a shade redder and more angry looking. "Yeah, but what so significant about that?"

Noble Heart sighed and said "They could lead us right to Shreeky and Beastly!"

Loyal nodded when suddenly the two shadows stopped as did Loyal and Noble Heart. When suddenly they disappeared right in front of them and Noble said "Darn! It was a trick!"

Loyal shrugged and said "You couldn't have know come on."

And the two turned around and began to run the other way. After they had arrived back at the hall of mirrors Noble Heart said "Okay we should go in slowly so as not to get a nasty surprise."

Loyal nodded and said "Lead on." Noble then began to go in.

They were very careful as they went through and Noble said "If they were here their gone now."

Loyal nodded and said "Maybe your right the shadow could have just brought us them."

Noble Heart shook his head and said "I don't think so."

Loyal looked at Noble Heart and said "What makes you so sure?"

Noble picked up a heart shaped pacifier and said "They were here and the shadow were to lead us away."

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