Love Finds All

Ferris Wheel

In Care-a-lot, Innocent had left Gentle Heart's feeling rather good. Gentle Heart had offered her some books to study so she would have a better chance to get questions right and Innocent had dived right in. She was reading one while carrying most of the others in one hand. As she was reading she wasn't looking where she was going and she suddenly bumped right into someone. She fell down dropping all her books with a "Oof."

She hit her head lightly on the ground before getting up saying "I'm so sorry."

She turned to see Secret Bear and she said "Um Secret Bear right?"

Secret bear nodded and began to help her pick up her books. She shook her head and said "I'm so sorry guess I should watch where I'm going."

Secret seemed to laugh and he handed her some books and she said "Thanks, is it hard to not talk?"

Secret bear shook his head.

Innocent Heart nodded and said "I'm Innocent Heart, in case I haven't met you yet."

She stretched her hand out and Secret shook it.

Innocent raised an eyebrow and asked "Sorry, to kinda ask the same question but do you ever use sign language at all."

Secret Bear nodded and signed "Yes, but no one else knows how to do it."

Innocent chuckled and signed back "I learned a little while ago so I'm a bit rusty."

Secret chuckled and signed "I can talk and hear but I don't tend to speak because I run the risk of blurring out secrets."

Innocent nodded and signed "I see, however you can do sign language and not do the same?"

Secret Bear nodded and signed "Because it's easier to control my hands than my mouth."

Innocent laughed and signed "Good point, sorry again about bumping into you."

Secret shrugged and signed "Its fine, at least you were only reading."

Innocent nodded and signed "Yeah, say by any chance do you know Brave Heart is?"

Secret shook his head and signed "Maybe check his house, if he's not there then he might be at Tenderheart's."

Innocent titled her head and signed "Why Tenderheart's?"

Secret signed "Meeting, they're both the secondary leaders after Noble and True Heart they kinda take command."

Innocent nodded and signed "Well, thanks I gotta head home."

Secret signed back "See ya."

And the two went their separate ways...

True Heart was at home freaking out. "What if Wish bear stops by!?" She said out loud but she tried to calm down and said "Relax, it's okay." Suddenly her phone buzzed and she answered it saying "Hello?"

It was Proud Heart to True Heart's relief and Proud Heart asked "Have you seen Loyal?"

True Heart said "No, why is he missing again?"

Proud Heart laughed and said "Yeah, I was wondering if you'd seen him I'm offering a five dollar reward."

Both began laughing and True Heart said "Sadly I haven't seen him but Noble need someone for something so I assume it was Loyal."

Proud Heart sighed and said "I really wish he'd learn to leave notes."

True Heart chuckled and said "Here here."

Proud Heart then said "Thanks, well I'd better let you go you probably got your hands full."

True Heart didn't know what to say so she said "Kinda, bye Proud Heart."

Proud was confused but said "Bye True Heart." And they both hung up.

True Heart sighed and said "Oh Noble Heart hurry up."

She then walked into her kitchen for a quick snack. As she began making a sandwich she suddenly thought of something and walked into the living room and grabbed a piece of paper and read it over before returning to the kitchen and finishing her sandwich. She sat down at their table and read the paper over and ate her sandwich. Suddenly there was a knock on the door and True Heart jumped. She felt both fear and joy. Afraid it was Wish bear, joyful it might be Noble Heart. She got up and answered the door to see Grams bear and two smiling cubs that said "True Heart!"

And the two gave her a hug and True Heart said "Woah, Woah what's this Grams?"

Grams bear chuckled and said "I thought I stop over for a visit is now a bad time?"

True Heart shook her head and said "No, now's fine."

She hugged the two cubs back and they let her go. "Something wrong Grams?"

Grams shook her head and said "Oh dear me no I just wanted to see how you were."

True Heart nodded and said "Im fine, I can make some tea if you'd like and we can talk."

Grams smiled and said "That be lovely."

Hugs looked at Grams and asked "What's tea Grams bear?"

Tugs too was curious and looked at Grams who said "Oh it's an drink me and True Heart like but if you two want to try some I'm sure True Heart wouldn't mind. Would you True Heart?"

True Heart shook her head and said "Not at all." And Tugs and Hugs cheered.

True Heart went into the kitchen and began to make some tea and Grams bear gave Hugs and Tugs some coloring books and crayons to play with. True Heart walked back out and said "Can I get you anything?"

Grams shook her head but Hugs and Tugs asked "Can we have cookies?"

Everyone knew Grams bear baked but True Heart did too they just weren't as good as Grams but not terrible. "Sure, that okay Grams?"

Grams nodded and sat down on the couch and watched her two little darlings color. True Heart had made some cookies a few days ago put they were frozen solid and she put them in the microwave for a few minutes so they would thaw and heat up. She walked out into the living room and gave Hugs and Tugs their own plate with a few cookies on they said "Thank you!"

And began to eat and color True Heart sat down and said "So how are things for you?"

Grams sighed and said "There fine, however I do have to go to Earth soon for a few weeks."

True Heart wasn't surprised Grams did this every now and then. If anything she was more secretive than Secret bear himself. True Heart smiled and said "Can I be told why this time?" Grams gave her a look and said "You know, I can't tell you."

True Heart sighed and asked "Why is that?"

Grams sighed and said "Listen True Heart I'll tell you at some point but now is not that point."

True Heart nodded and said "I suppose your right."

Suddenly the kettle went off and True Heart said "I'll get it."

And she got up to get it...

Playful Heart and Bright Heart had finished up despite Playful Heart's constant urge to change the subject. As he walked inside his home he yelled out "Funshine you home?"

Funshine peeked her head out from their kitchen and said "Over here Playful Heart."

Playful Heart nodded and began to walk toward the kitchen as he said "Sorry I'm late I-"

Suddenly a pie nailed him in the face and Funshine laughed saying "That's for not being here when I got home."

Playful laughed and licked some cream away and said "I deserved that. Where did you go?"

Funshine smiled and said "Just out, how about you?"

Playful smirked and said "I stop by my old house."

Funshine raised an eyebrow and asked "Why's that?"

Playful Heart blushed a little and said "I can't say."

Funshine raised an eyebrow and crossed her arms and said "What are you up to Playful?"

Playful laughed and said "Nothing, haha."

Funshine shook her head and said "Alright but if I get pies in the face anytime soon you'd better know how to run and climb fast."

Playful laughed sarcastically and said "Heheh, okay."

Funshine laughed and gave him a kiss and said "Huh lemon thought I used banana."

Playful rolled his eyes and asked "What are you doing in here?"

Funshine shrugged and said "Nothing, I just kinda made that pie and that was all."

Playful Heart nodded and said "Well, how about you and me go and have lunch?"

Funshine was suspicious again and said "I swear your planning something."

Playful put his hands up and said "No, honest."

Funshine crossed her arms again and said "That's just it your never honest."

Playful raised an eyebrow and said "What, is that such bad thing?"

Funshine sighed and said "Only with you it's not." Playful smiled and said "Alright I suppose that's true."

Funshine shook her head and said "So, where are you taking me?"

Playful Heart smiled and said "How about we go to Coda?"

Funshine looked at him and said "Never heard of it."

Playful Heart laughed and said "You'll love it trust me."

And he stretched out his hand and said "May I?"

Funshine looked at him funny but took his hand anyways...

Shreeky and Beastly finally made it to the Ferris wheel and Shreeky said "Beastly get this thing working."

Beastly nodded and began to go over to the controls saying "Right away Shreeky!"

He looked at the controls and yelled "Contact!"

And pressed one of the buttons which surprisingly got the shell moving. Shreeky laughed and got into one of the carts with the cub and said "Come on Beastly."

Beastly nodded and jumped to get into the cart but was hanging over the side Shreeky sighed and helped him in and said "Haha, we made it."

Beastly looked t her and said "But Shreeky how are we gonna stop the wheel?"

Shreeky looked at him and sighed "Like this."

And she leaned out and shot her magic mirror causing the controls to explode and the wheel stop with their cart and the top.

Shreeky laughed and sat back down, however as soon as she sat down the cub woke up and began to cry. "Ah! Beastly!"

Shreeky yelled Beastly looked at her and said "What?"

She looked at the cub and said "Make him stop crying."

The cub began to cry louder and Beastly picked him up awkwardly and said "But Shreeky I don't know how."

The cub began waving his arms and crying louder. Shreeky covered her ears and said "ahhh, do something Beastly!"

Beastly thought for a minute then began to sing a terrible nursery rhythm "Hush...a...little care bear...don't cry any more..."

Shreeky shrieked and said "I'd rather hear him cry!"

Which, ironically, happened because Beastly's song made him cry louder. Shreeky groaned and said "This is why I hate babies."

She took the cub and awkwardly began rocking him saying "Ther...there."

She gagged and said "I hate you."

However the cub did stop crying and Shreeky sighed and said "Beastly where are those other Care Bears?"

Beastly raised a finger but Shreeky gave him a lookand he mumbled "I'll take a look."

And he peeked out of their cart and said "I don't see them Shreeky."

Shreeky rolled her eyes and said "I hope uncle No Heart thinks we're doing this right."

Beastly shrugged and said "I agree, but what now Shreeky?"

Shreeky sighed and said "I don't know fur ball."

Suddenly the cub began to cry again...

Noble Heart and Loyal had been looking around for bit when suddenly Loyal said "Wait listen."

Noble stopped and listened and said "I don't hear anything."

Loyal shushed him and listens and he could faintly hear crying. Noble Heart heard it too and said "I'd know that cry anywhere. Come on."

And the two began running toward the noise. As they got closer they couldn't figure out where it was coming from as they looked around Loyal pointed up and said "There."

Noble Heart looked and saw him pointing to the highest cart on the Ferris wheel. Noble Heart stood beside Loyal and said "How are we gonna get up there?" Noble looked over at the controls and added "The controls are shot."

Loyal thought for a moment then said "I'll sneak up there you stay here."

And Loyal conjured up and cloud and hopped on it and it began float to the top as he neared the top the cloud stopped and allowed him to peek in to see Shreeky and Beastly desperately trying to silence the cub and Loyal jumped in the cart saying "Hold it right there Shreeky."

Shreeky and Beastly jumped to their feet and Shreeky said "Ah a care bear!"

Beastly then said "You mean Care Bea-"

Shreeky suddenly gave him a look making him go silent. "Hand over the cub Shreeky."

Shreeky laughed and said "Haha nice try, but this cub is our bargaining tool."

Loyal crossed his arms and said "Shreeky, this isn't something I'd advise."

Beastly chuckled and said "Why would we listen to you? Your a good guy and we're bad guys, er guy and girl."

Shreeky rolled her eyes and rolled her eyes and said "Besides I think uncle No Heart would like to keep this Care Bear."

Loyal sighed and said "I'm gonna count down from five if you don't hand him to me by then I'm gonna get angry."

Shreeky laughed and Loyal began to count. "Five...four...three..."

Beastly began to get nervous and said "A Shreeky?"

She squished him and said "Quiet fur ball."

Loyal then reached one "One...Zero, Care Bear stare!"

And he shot a stare at them causing Shreeky to lose her footing and she tossed the cub to Beastly who caught him and the cart started shaking causing him and the cub to go to the side and nearly fall. Loyal took a step toward Beastly and said "Give me the cub Beastly."

Suddenly the cub began reaching for Loyal but Beastly said "Never!"

and then pulled the cub away. By doing that the cub couldn't see Loyal anymore and began to cry loudly causing Beastly to cover both his ears.

After a second Loyal then dashed to the other side but he was too late and the cub went over the side...

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