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Trick or treat? You mean Hugs or Kisses!

By Patriot_Heart

Romance / Drama

Rainbow Rescue

After a few hours since we left off...

As they all approached No Heart's castle Innocent Heart, Brave Heart, and Tenderheart went ahead to get a general sense of the area. As they all landed the three of them poked their heads up from behind the cloud they were behind and Tenderheart said "You guys see anything?"

Innocent Heart and Brave Heart shook their head and Tenderheart said "Okay so we'll sneak around make sure No Heart doesn't have any obvious traps then go back get Hugs and Tugs and move forward from there."

Innocent and Brave Heart nodded and slide down the rain cloud with a splash at the bottom. Innocent Heart flicked some of the water and said "Well, that was unexpected."

Brave Heart laughed and helped her up and said "Come on you." And the two began to follow Tenderheart as he made his way over to another rain cloud.

Once the three made it there Innocent Heart asked "So, why exactly does No Heart hate the Care Bears?"

Tenderheart and Brave Heart shrugged and Tenderheart shrugged and said "Thats how it's always been I guess."

Innocent raised an eyebrow and said "You guess? Isn't it your guys like code, or something, to understand someone better before you judge them?"

Tenderheart looked at her and said "Look now isn't the time for this."

Innocent sighed and said "I guess so it looks clear do you think we should go get Hugs and Tugs now?"

Tenderheart sighed and said "I still don't know if I like the idea of them being bait."

Brave Heart shook his head and said "Not bait more like... reasonable deception."

Tenderheart gave him a look and said "You know what I mean."

Innocent Heart smiled and said "Look Tenderheart they're gonna be fine. They're tough kids."

Tenderheart sighed and said "I know it's just what if No Heart catches on?"

Brave Heart shook his head and said "No way, we won't let that happen now will we?"

Tenderheart rolled his eyes and said "Then let's go get them."

And he slid down the cloud followed by Brave Heart and Innocent Heart. As they all landed Innocent Heart again flicked off some water and said "We really should have brought towels."

Brave Heart laughed and said "I guess we should have."

Innocent gave him a smile and got a weird feeling in her gut but she just shook it off. Quickly they regrouped with the others and gave them a general idea about No Heart's castle. Soon after they hopped in all the cloud cars and rainbow rollers and made their way back to Care-a-lot...

As soon as they got back Tenderheart and the others had to work out a few more mechanics while Hugs, Tugs, and the red cub played outside. They had a general plan, where Hugs and Tugs would stand by the back door and ring the bell and as soon as No Heart, Beastly or Shreeky opened the door they would charge in, when Innocent Heart asked "So, just like that?"

Brave Heart nodded and said "What else is there?"

Tenderheart sighed and said "I'm not sure either."

Brave Heart chuckled and said "When are you ever sure Tenderheart?"

Tenderheart gave him a look but Innocent Heart stepped in and said "Look, I don't know it just seemed like we should have a plan b in case... you know something goes wrong." She said while looking over at the three as they ran around outside.

True Heart nodded and said "I couldn't agree more Innocent but I mean what could we possible do for a plan b?"

Innocent Heart began to rack her brain and said "Don't you guys have a Rainbow Rescue Beam of some sort?"

Grumpy groaned and said "Oh no not that old thing again." Before rubbing the old spot on his head where he had bumped it before.

Innocent Heart gave him a look and said "What's the problem?"

Grumpy sighed and said "The Rainbow Rescue Beam hasn't been used in forever, I don't think I can even find it, let alone get it on."

Swift Heart gave him a reassuring smile "Come on Grumpy you can fix it."

The others nodded and agreed causing Grumpy to groan again before saying "Oh why do these things always happen to me?"

He suddenly felt a tug and his arm and looked to see Hugs and Tugs, who must have snuck back in without anyone noticing, and they both said "Please!?"

With big eyes and that caused Grumpy caved and say "Oh alright."

Causing everyone to cheer. He sighed and said "Look I see what I can do but without Bright Heart I might not even get it to work."

Good Luck smiled and said "I can help!"

Playful Heart laughed and said "Me too!"

Grumpy sighed and said "Okay, come on."

and they left the room to go check on the abandoned Rainbow Rescue Beam...

As soon as they left the room the red cub, Hugs, and Tugs all decided to take a break from playing Hugs and Tugs sat in Grumpy's and Playful Heart's seats while the red cub preferred to stand next to True Heart who smiled down at him as he held onto her leg. As the meeting continued the red cub couldn't help but notice Wish bear half staring half not staring at him which made him a little nervous and caused him to him behind True Heart a little more. Wish bear felt bad about it and held her head down a little but fortunately for her True Heart noticed and looked back at the red cub before kneeling down to him and saying "Hey, buddy don't be scared of her that's Wish bear she's a friend of mine."

The cub's face seemed to lighten up a little before he immediately began to become shy again. True Heart made a face and said "Come on." And she stretched out a hand to him which he took and she gave Wish bear a hand signal and they both began to sneak away from the meeting.

As soon as they were out of the room True Heart let go of the club's hand which caused him to hide behind her leg again. True Heart smiled and sighed saying "Sorry, he seems to get shy around adults."

Wish bear smiled and said "I can tell."

Before kneeling down to his eye level and saying "Hey buddy, do you remember me?"

The cub tilted it's head in confusion before Wish bear said "I'm the one that found you remember?"

Suddenly the club's eyes light up and he let go of True Heart's leg and gave Wish bear a big hug that nearly knocked her back from sheer surprise. Wish bear hugged him back while laughing saying "Okay, now you remember."

And after a few seconds they let go and Wish bear stood back up but not before the cub stretched his arms up and wanted to be picked up. Wish bear gave True Heart a smile before leaning over and picking him up saying "Well, I'm certainly feeling the love how about you?"

True Heart smiled and said "Well, he does seem to like you."

Wish bear smiled as well and said "Yes, it seems." And she tickled his stomach causing him giggle a little.

True Heart sighed and asked "You thought of a name yet?"

Wish bear sighed and said "I'm not sure exactly. I mean me and Bedtime touched on it but we only came up with one."

True Heart tilted her head and said "And what's that?"

Wish bear blushed a little and said "I thought Dreams bear would be a good name."

True Heart nodded and said "I like it, think it fits him perfectly. Huh buddy?"

Dreams bear smiled and seemingly nodded in approval. Wish bear laughed and said "I guess Dreams bear it is." And she lightly pinched his cheek winches caused him to laugh and gave her another hug.

Which caused her to blush quite little harder but just made True Heart chuckle and put a hand on her stomach...

Bright Heart woke up from a dazed state to find himself bound and in some sort of cell. He blinked a few times before everything came into focus and he shook his head. "What...oh yeah No Heart got me."

Before standing up and dusting himself off. He then walked over to the door and tugged on the handle a little before falling back word onto the ground. "Ow."

He said around to no one in particular. He quickly stood up however once he heard another door open and he quickly dove over to his cell bed and waited for the door to open. Once it did he acted like he had just woken up for the first time. He sat up and saw Shreeky and Beastly standing there and he asked "Wh...what happened."

Shreeky crossed her arms and said "You're in No heart's dungeon Care Bear!"

Bright heart sighed and stood up and said "Just let me go Shreeky! Or I'll or I'll!"

She chuckled and said "Or you'll what?"

Bright heart thought for a moment and said "Care Bear Cousin! Stare!"

And he started at Beastly and Shreeky who were momentarily caught off guard and had to duck for cover. As soon as they did Bright heart made a run for it. But didn't make it very far because as soon as he got out of the cell some sort of magical net fell on him and he couldn't move or stare. Shreeky stood up and dusted herself off before saying "Well, well, well looks like you almost got away Care Bear Cousin."

Bright heart tried to break the net but it had him good and secure. Shreeky then looked at Beastly and said "Beastly throw him back in that cell." Beastly nodded and went forward and began to drag Bright heart back into the cell.

Once back in the cell Shreeky closed the door and the two left Bright heart sighed and again tried to figure out a way out of the cell but no matter what he couldn't, But something caught his eye. He got low and crept up to a hole in the wall and he looked out. On the outside he saw some of No heart's dark clouds and he sat back and thought for a moment before sighting up his tummy symbol and staring out the hole and through the clouds in hopes that it may reach Care-a-lot to let the others know he was okay...

Grumpy, Playful heart, and Good Luck all walked into the room where they kept Grumpy and Bright heart's spare or broken inventions. Grumpy groaned and said "Oh it will take forever to find it." Playful heart giggled and said "Bet you it won't."

Grumpy gave him a sly smile and said "Winner gets to throw a pie at the loser's head."

Playful heart nodded and said "You're on."

But before the two could even look Good Luck shouted "I think I found it!"

Grumpy grin faded and he ran over to find the Rainbow Rescue Beam sitting in the corner of the room just collecting dust. Playful heart laughed and said "Guess I win Grumpy."

And Grumpy just groaned and said "Oh why do these things always happen to me?"

He sighed and the walked over to the machine and opened up where all the gears where and began to move some things around. Good Luck walked over and asked "Need any help Grumpy?"

Grumpy went to sit up but hit his head and he said "Ow! Oh not this again."

Good Luck tried to hide his laugh and said "Are you okay Grumpy?"

Grumpy nodded and said "Yeah, anyways could you go get me some tools this may take longer than I thought." And he went back to working.

Good Luck began to look around before spotting the tools and grabbing them for Grumpy saying "Got them."

Grumpy slid out and grabbed a heart shaped wrench before sliding back under.

Good Luck decided to sit down and let Grumpy work...

True heart, Dreams bear, and Wish bear all rejoined the meeting and sat down. Tenderheart barely noticed while he talked to the others. "..So, once again as soon as Hugs and Tugs draw No Heart to the door we move in, all right?"

Swift Heart sighed and said "We get it Tenderheart!"

Tenderheart was about to say something when Brave Heart said "Well, what do we do after we get inside?"

Tenderheart sighed and said "Basically we move in and grab Bright Heart then make our way back."

Brave Heart nodded and said "And what about Shreeky and Beastly?"

Tenderheart sighed and said "We do what we always do stare them away then move on okay?" They all nodded and sat in an awkward silence.

After a few minutes Dreams bear slid out of his chair and made his way over to Hugs and Tugs who were twittling their thumbs. He shook his head and then noticed an open door where Grumpy, Good Luck, and Playful Heart went into. He looked around before sneaking in and looking around. He heard Grumpy talking with Playful Heart and Good Luck before he made his way up some boxes and watched as Grumpy and the others worked. As he watched he noticed that Playful Heart was itching to leave but couldn't, and he noticed that Good Luck was nearly sleeping when suddenly Grumpy said "Hey guys?"

They both shot up and asked "What?"

Grumpy turned something and said "Could you go get me some oil? We keep some in the back."

They both nodded and ran off.

As soon as they were gone Grumpy sighed and slide out from under the rescue beam when suddenly he felt like someone was watching him. He looked around a little bit before he could spot Dreams Bear the little bear managed to slip behind the box he was on top of and Grumpy just shrugged and left to go give the others an update. Dreams bear pulled himself up and then slide down to the Rainbow Rescue Beam he tilted his head then saw the buttons and couldn't help but touch one.

He looked around and then reached for one when he felt someone pick him up and turned to see Wish bear who said "There you are."

Dreams bear crossed his arms and pouted a little which made Wish bear nervous so she said "Look I know you want to check out the machine but I don't think Grumpy would appreciate that."

Dreams bear sighed and jumped out of Wish bears arms and on to the floor. Wish bear gave him a smile and he sighed and took her hand as the two walked out of the room...

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