Trick or treat? You mean Hugs or Kisses!

How To Get Back?

Swift Heart opened the door to see Take Care in a green dress standing next to Phil who immediately blushed bright red and said "H...hi Ah Swift Heart."

Swift heart trying to be friendly said "Hi, Phil."

He felt his face get redder with shame and Take Care smiled desperately and said "May we come in."

Swift Heart smiled and said "Yeah, of course." And she moved out of the way.

Grumpy joined them and stuck his hand out "Hey Phil." With a fake smile.

Phil was skeptical but shook his hand just to have Grumpy squeeze it rather hard and Phil heard a few cracks and he whimpered while Grumpy smiled and said "Good to see you again."

Trying to hide the bitterness. Phil just nodded and said " see... "

Swift Heart gave Grumpy a look and he released Phil's hand and said "So, how've you been?"

Phil smiled and said "Had my ups and downs."

Grumpy nodded and said "Hope you don't mind a quick spaghetti dinner."

Phil waved his hand said "Not at all." And he shook his hand to feel his bones.

Take Care looked at Swift Heart who put her hand up and said "Say Grumpy can I talk to you?"

Grumpy nodded and Swift Heart said "Why don't you two go sit down?" They both nodded and walked away.

Once they left Swift Heart said "Grumpy you said you were gonna be nice!"

Grumpy put his hands up and said "I am."

Swift Heart crossed her arms and Grumpy folded and said "Fine!" Through a fake smile.

Swift Heart put a hand on his chest and said "Listen I know you're angry but we can work through this."

Grumpy sighed and said "You're right."

Swift Heart smiled and said "I always am." And the two shared a kiss.

And they walked into their dinning room and sat across from Take Care and Phil. Grumpy sighed and said "Sorry about your hand are you alright?" Phil nodded and said "Its nothing."

Swift Heart said "So, how long have you two been...a thing"

Take Care blushed and said "A few weeks."

Phil nodded and said "Yeah, I think what three?"

Take Care nodded and poked his nose and Swift Heart looked at Grumpy who smiled and said "We've been together what a month or two?"

Swift Heart deciding to be a little sneaky said "No..."

Grumpy gulped and said "What? I was sure...uh what um... three? Months?"

Swift Heart smiled and said "I'm kidding Grumpy you're spot on."

Grumpy sighed and Phil smiled and said "I hear you two actually got married."

Swift Heart revealed her wedding ring and said "Yup." Before biting her tongue to prevent a little comment.

Take Care smiled and said "So, ah Grumpy. How goes the inventing?"

Swift Heart rolled her eyes and said "Oh no."

Grumpy leaned forward intrigued and said "I'm glad you asked."

And went on to talk about different gadgets and gears...

Wish bear was exhausted by the time she got back home. She loved Dreams bear but the cub was so full of energy and questions it sucked the life out of her. Once she opened the door she set him down and said "Why don't you go pick out a story while I get the cookies ready?"

Dreams bear nodded and ran off the his room. (Which Wish had moved him into.) While she entered the kitchen and started to get the cookies out of the cabinet when she heard Dreams bear call "Mommy!"

She sighed and laughed a little before dropping what she was doing and went into his room to see him pointing to a book on the high shelf and he said "I want that one." Wish bear smirked and said "Alright."

And she grabbed it and looked at the title and smirked and said "You know this is my favorite book from when I was a cub."

Dream bear grabbed her leg and said "Weally?"

Wish bear nodded and said "Yup. Now how about those cookies."

She picked him up and left the room with Dreams bear in one hand and the book in the other. After she got the cookies ready she sat in her comfortable chair while Dreams bear sat on her lap with his plate of cookies and sippy cup. She opened the book as he buried his head into her chest and got comfortable. She smiled and began to read "What are Wishes? Wishes are your hopes, your dream. There what you hope for, there what you want."

Dreams bear listened and hung on every word despite the fact he couldn't read he was still enchanted by the pictures of children playing surrounded by a cloud. Wish bear say his interest and kept going. "But why do we have wishes? What do they mean? Well, that hard to say, for no one really knows." She smiled and she read on and on.

After a few minutes she finished and Dreams bear had fallen asleep in her lap. She chuckled at a child who was so full of life, and joy. Could be easily put to sleep by a small story.

She picked him up and carried him to his room while he stuck his thumb in his mouth and she wrapped him in and blanket before setting him down for a nice sleep. She smiled as she turned the light off and closed the door before sighting in relief and saying "Finally."

She then went back to the living room to clean up but she pulled out her phone first and nearly screamed. She had nearly a hundred messages from Grams most likely panicking. She totally forgot! She decided to call Grams and walked outside before dialing her number and letting it ring before Grams picked up and said "Wish bear! Finally I've been trying to reach you!"

Wish bear laughed and said "I know Grams, so sorry if your calling about Dreams bear he's at my house safe and sound."

Grams' voice didn't change as she said "I know, Tenderheart told me."

Wish bear sighed in relief and said "Then why all the messages?"

Grams sighed on the other end and said "I think I found Dreams bear's mother."

Wish bear dropped her phone...

Proud Heart was making her way back to her house when she felt someone sweep her off her feet and turned to see Loyal heart who said "Ello love!" In a terrible British accent.

She gave him a look and he set her down and she said "Well, I'm happy you're back."

Loyal, still in accent jokingly said "Love! Me and the mates were just down at the old pub."

Proud Heart crossed her arms and said "Drop the accent or I drop you."

Immediately Loyal heart set her down and said "I'm sorry I thought you'd like a little British accent."

She smiled and gave him a hug and said "Well, I wanted to talk to you."

Loyal tilted his head and said "About?"

She smiled and took his hand and put it on her stomach. Loyal nodded and said "I see."

Proud Heart smiled and said "Would you like to know if it's a boy or a girl?"

Loyal looked at her and said "I thought you already told me?"

She shrugged and said "Well, now I know for sure."

Loyal gave her a look and said "Boy?"

She smiled and said "Lucky guess."

Loyal shrugged and swooped her up again and said "Maybe or maybe I know more then you think."

She rolled her eyes and turned her head away from him and he smiled and said "Oh come on look at me."

Proud Heart turned to him and poked his nose and he said "Shall we go home?"

She gave him another look and said "Duh!" And they laughed as they made their way back.

Once home Loyal let Proud Heart down again and said "Man, I'm exhausted."

Proud Heart smiled and said "I'm sure you did great though."

He smiled and stood up before giving her a kiss and saying "I feel like I did, would you like some dinner my dear?"

She nodded as Loyal ran into the kitchen Proud Heart rested on the couch and began to rub her stomach. Loyal didn't take long and returned with some sandwiches and a water for her. She sighed and said "You know, I'm actually really excited about this whole cub idea."

Loyal smiled and said "Same here. It will be nice."

Proud Heart nodded and said "Sounds a little naive doesn't it?"

Loyal shrugged and said "Eh it most likely is but best to keep spirits high rather then crush them. So what would you like to do?"

Proud Heart thought about it for a few moments and then said "A movie be nice."

Loyal smiled and joined her on the couch after turning on their t.v. they lay down as the movie began to play...

Tenderheart was making his way home when he spotted Noble and True Heart out for a walk and he said "Hey!"

They waved and Tenderheart made his way over and True Heart said "How are you Tenderheart?"

Tenderheart shrugged and said "I'm alright. How are you two?"

Noble Heart chuckled and said "We're fine, so what was all the businesses at the Hall of Hearts?"

Tenderheart snake disappeared and he said "Well, um... nothing, of concern."

True Heart looked at him and said "I can always tell when you're lying Tenderheart."

Tenderheart muttered "Always could."

She raised an eyebrow and said "Spit it out."

Tenderheart sighed and said "Okay, so Dreams bear snuck away from Grams and made his way to Wish bear who in turn got ambushed by Beastly and Shreeky. There to steal the Star-o-scope. And in the process took Dreams bear captive so she gathered some people to go get them back and long story short. We rescued him."

Noble Heart nodded and said "Interesting."

Tenderheart gave him a look and said "Thats it? No, why didn't you tell us? No, that's was incredibly dangerous?"

True Heart laughed and said "As soon as you said Dreams bear I knew Wish bear was worried that we'd take him away so that explains why not. And in your story no one got hurt so that takes out the that was incredibly dangerous."

Tenderheart looked at them and said "Okay, but you're not the least bit angry?"

They rolled their eyes and True Heart put a hand on his shoulder And said "No Tenderheart, you worry too much. Now if you'll excuse me I have to get home."

And she began to walk away with Noble Heart right behind her. Tenderheart shook his head and pulled out a clipboard and began to read some paper when he felt himself run into someone. Papers went flying and he felt his eyes roll around.

As he shook his head he saw he'd bumped into...well he didn't see anyone; whoever it was had disappeared and he began to pick up his papers before taking the few more steps home. Once inside he went into his fridge but saw it was near empty. "Thats weird. I could have sworn?"

But he just shrugged and closed the fridge and he went into his bedroom to fetch a book when he thought he heard some foot steps and he turned around but didn't see anyone. He shrugged and opened his bedroom door to find the room a complete mess.

"What the!" He exclaimed as he saw the book shelf on the floor and books scattered everywhere he shook his head but was suspicious when he saw only one on his bed and began to pick up his books when he thought he heard the door open and he turned around but he didn't see anyone. He just shrugged and continued to pick up the books...

Shreeky and Beaslty were cleaning up the fallen ceiling bits and pieces. Beastly turned and said "What are we gonna do about the ceiling Shreaky? No Heart will be furious when he comes back."

Shreeky sighed and said "This!" And she said some magic words and the ceiling returned to its original state.

Beastly nodded and said "That could work."

Shreeky groaned loudly and said "Oooh, how are we gonna get those do gooders!"

Beastly raised a hand and said "Well the family race is coming up."

Shreeky started thinking and said "Theres an idea."

Beastly heals his head triumphantly, until Shreeky said "Gald I thought of it."

Beastly looked at her and said "But I..."

till she got in his face and said "You what?"

Beastly shrugged and said "Nothing. Shreeky."

She nodded and said "Exactly."

She then left and Beastly followed. Shreeky walked into No Heart's gym and she said "Now show me what you got."

Beastly looked at her and he said "What?"

Shreeky pointed to the treadmill and Beastly cringed and said "Bu...bu...but Shreeky I can't run very fast."

Shreeky laughed and said "I don't care!" And she tried to draw her mirror when she realized it wasn't there.

"Huh!?" She suddenly got a flash back and remembered Bright Heart had grabbed it and left with it. She groaned and shocked Beastly with a different spell and he began to run.

She shrieked and stomped her feet over to the window towards Care-a-lot before she said "I'll get back at those Care Bears. One way or another."

Beastly, already sweating, said "But how Shreeky?"

Shreeky laughed and said "Simple, we're gonna win that race one way or another. And if that doesn't work we are mess with their star round up."

Beastly groaned and said "Oh I'm not going to like this."

Shreeky laughed and said "Oh relax fur ball it's not like you do anything around here!"

Beastly rolled his eyes and said "No, nothing no, never not anything."

Very sarcastically and Shreeky laughed and said "I'd watch that tongue or i'll make you sorry."

Beastly laughed and said "Oh yeah how? You don't even have your mirror!"

Shreeky smirked and pulled a lever causing Beastly to look at her funny. Before he had to pick up speed because Shreeky had released No heart's little dragon...

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