Trick or treat? You mean Hugs or Kisses!

The Bet

Swift Heart was getting very bored but after a few agonizing minutes Grumpy and Phil had finally stopped their gadget conversation and Swift Heart said "Well, the spaghetti must be done by now."

And she was about to get up when Grumpy said "No, I'll go get it dear."

And he gave her a kiss on the cheek before he got up and went into the kitchen. Swift Heart shrugged and sat down before looking at Take Care and saying "So, um how was your day."

Take Care shrugged and said "Oh nothing too interesting, Dreams bear came in today with a small cut but nothing too serious."

Swift Heart nodded and said "Interesting, do you know what happened to him?"

Take Care shrugged and said "Well, I don't know the exact details but Wish said that Shreeky and Beastly kidnapped him again."

Swift Heart nodded and said "Weird, how about you Phil?"

Phil blushed and said "Oh, just fine. Nothing too interesting."

Take Care held his hand and he smiled. Grumpy walked back in balancing four plates at once before sliding them to each seat and holding his in his hand. They all clapped and Grumpy bowed and said "Thank you, thank you." And sat down and joined them.

As they began to eat Phil kept looking at Swift Heart which Grumpy didn't like. After a few minutes Phil said "Say, a Grumpy what is it you use your inventions for?"

Grumpy looked at him and said "Oh, different things."

Phil nodded and said "Fascinating and I'm not trying to be rude here but how often do they work?"

Grumpy looked at him funny and said "Half and half. Why?"

Phil shrugged and said "Just trying to make conversation." Before he began eating again.

Swift Heart nudged Grumpy's leg and whispered "Give him a break, he really seems sincere."

Grumpy turned and whispered back "I don't like the way he looks at you." Swift Heart looked at him and he rolled his eyes.

Grumpy kept eating a little more but when he looked up Phil was staring at Swift Heart again and it set him off a little "So, Phil. What was it like kissing my wife."

Swift Heart jumped and said "Grumpy!"

Phil put his hand up and said "No, no he's right, there is an elephant in the room. I think it be best we get it all out in the open."

Swift Heart and Take Care exchanged looks of concern but nodded and Grumpy said "Great! So tell me."

Phil put down his fork and said "Look Grumpy you're upset I get it but you have to understand I don't know what came over me."

Grumpy leaned back and said "Uh huh, and what excuse do you have for not knowing what came over you?"

Putting air quotes around the words Phil shook his head and said "No excuse I made a very big mistake and I'm extremely sorry for it and I swear it will never happen again."

Grumpy, still not convinced said "Alright, and what's to stop you?"

Swift Heart looked at him and said "Grumpy..."

But Phil still answered and said "Pardon?"

Grumpy shrugged and said "What's to stop you from doing it again?"

Phil raised an eyebrow and said "My morals."

Grumpy chuckled and said "Your morals? What makes you think your morals will stop you?"

Swift Heart looked at him and said "Grumpy!"

Phil, a little aggravated said "Excuse me? You doubt my morals?"

Grumpy nodded and said "Yeah, I do."

Take Care put a hand on Phil's shoulder and he said "Grumpy, I get it. You're angry but can't you look past this?"

Grumpy stood up and said "Did you have the love of your life push you away at your wedding? No? Then you don't dare tell me what to look past!"

Swift Heart stood up and grabbed Grumpy's right arm and Phil stood up as well and said "Look, I messed up alright but I can't go back and fix it!"

Grumpy tensed and Swift Heart felt him flex his muscles. She said "Enough!"

Grumpy just ignored her and said "Tell you what Phil, you want to get back on my good side or make amends to Swift Heart I'll make you a deal."

Phil nodded and said "Alright."

Grumpy nodded and said "Beat me in this years family obstacle race and I will grant you one request and forgive you."

Phil very skeptical said "And if you win?"

Grumpy nodded and said "Same deal you grant me one request no matter what."

Phil began to sweat but nodded and said "Alright." And the two shook hands...

Wish bear began to pace on her porch, unbelievable if it wasn't one thing it was another! She took a deep breath and walked back inside and closed the door quietly. She then tiptoed into Dream's room to make sure he was still sleeping. She smiled as she saw him fast asleep. She then went into her bedroom and found Bedtime dozing off. She shook him awake and he woke up and said saying "Wh? What seems to be the problem."

Wish bear smiled and said "Nothing I just need you to watch Dreams bear while I go see Grams."

Bedtime nodded and crawled out of bed in his PJs before yawning and saying "No problem."

Wish nodded and gave him a kiss before running out. She closed each door quietly as she left before nearly running down the path way to Grams. It only took her a few minutes but soon she was there and knocked on the door which Grams answered rather quickly and said "Wish bear!"

Wish nodded and said "May I come in?"

Grams nodded and let her inside before sitting her down and Wish bear said "You say you found his mom?"

Grams put a hand up and said "I think. Where'd you say you found him?"

Wish bear felt a knot in her stomach and she said "I don't remember exactly. Why?"

Grams shook her head and said "Well, sort of like the Caring meter I have a very specific little device that can detect how a specific person, animal or whatever feels."

Wish nodded and said "Okay, oh Grams I know it sounds terrible but I don't want it to be her."

Grams smiled and gave her a hug and said "It could not be don't worry dear. I'll look into it."

Wish nodded and said "Alright, can I have some tea?"

Grams nodded and got up for a moment before walking into the kitchen. Wish bear pushed back her hair and sighed. Suddenly she felt like someone was watching but when she looked around she didn't see anyone. She looked around again but no one was there. She shrugged and smiled when Grams walked back in with tea. Wish bear took her cup and said "Thanks."

Grams nodded and said "Anytime deary, you've got quite a clever cub there you know."

Wish laughed and said "I know, thanks Grams."

Grams chuckled and said "Reminds me so much of Tenderheart at that age. Oh the things he used to come up with."

She said while laughing. Wish bear smiled and said "Tell me."

Grams sighed and said "One time, I was about to put him down for a nap but he wasn't tired so he convinced me he forgot his favorite blanket downstairs so naturally I told him to go get it doesn't he try and run out of the house right into the garden."

Grams started laughing and said "And his clothes got stuck on a bush branch and ripped right off. You should have seen him running around."

Wish bear started laughing and nearly split her tea as Grams started telling her another story...

Meanwhile, Bedtime was in the living room reading when he heard Dreams bear on the Heart shaped baby monitor he got up and opened up Dreams bear's door to see the little cub standing up in his crib saying "Help pwease."

Bedtime yawned and helped him out before carrying him out into the living room and setting him down on the floor and saying "I take it you're not tired?"

Dreams bear shook his head and said "Nope!"

Bedtime sighed and said "Well, what do you wanna...?"

Suddenly he dozed off mid-sentence. Dreams bear looked at him and shook him lightly but nothing happened so the little bear got up and began to explore the house some more. He somehow managed to find the kitchen where he spotted a bowl on the counter that seemed to interest him. He looked around and found a few small chairs and stacked them before climbing up and on to the counter. Once up there he looked into the bowl to see it full of cookie dough that Wish must have forgotten to put away. He sat down and scooped up some and ate it. His pupils widened and began to eat more and without realizing the bowl spilled on him covering him in the sticky dough. He giggled before climbing down. He then found the dining room and saw the table cloth and tried to clean him some of off with it but it only stuck to him and he struggled to get it off and wound up taking the whole cloth off the table. Fortunately that's all he took off. After a few minutes of nothing but pure chaos Bedtime bear had finally woke up and said "Wha?"

Next thing he knew he was fully awake as he saw the little cub covered in various things and the house was a complete mess. Bedtime put his hands on his head and said "Oh no!" He scooped up Dreams bear and went into the kitchen and saw cookie dough everywhere along with and over flowing sink.

He quickly turn off the sink and then went into the untouched bathroom and sighed. He set Dreams bear down and said "Don't move or touch anything!" Before running back into the kitchen.

Dreams bear sighed and sat down on the ground. Bedtime was able to stop the flood from the sink rather fast but he struggled with the cookie dough if he wasn't slipping on it he was cleaning it. Surprisingly it only took a few slips and falls to get it all. He then went back into the bathroom and found Dreams bear right where he left him. Bedtime then started to run the tub and picked up Dreams bear and began to take the various objects off. After Dreams bear had been stripped clean Bedtime put him in the bath and said "You know you can't do that stuff."

Dreams bear gave him an innocent look and said "But it was fun!"

Bedtime rubbed an eye and said "Yes, I bet it was but it is also very dangerous. And that's not fun now is it?"

Dreams bear look at him and said "Wats d...dan..dangeweous?"

Bedtime smiled as he clean Dreams bear's ear and said "It's when you play in a harmful way that is a problem for others."

Dreams bear nodded and began to play with a toy boat and made boat notices. Once he was all cleaned up Bedtime wrapped him in a towel and said "That's better."

And Dreams bear gave him a hug and said "I'm sowy daddy."

Bedtime blushed and hugged him back and said "It's okay buddy. Now how about we go and play with some toys?"

Dreams bear cheered and Bedtime left the bathroom...

Shreeky and Beastly were training for the race when Beastly said "Hey, Shreeky?"

Shreeky looked at him and said "What!"

Beastly was panting and he said "Why aren't you exercising?"

Shreeky sighed and said "Because I'm gonna set up the traps you fool!"

Beastly tripped and fell off the tread mill with a loud bang. Shreeky rolled her eyes and walked over to him and helped him up and said "Get back to practicing!"

Beastly moaned and said "But Shreeky I'm tired!"

Shreeky sighed and said "Alright, you can take a break."

Beastly began bowing and said "Thank you!"

She handed him a water bottle which he chugged down and sighed and almost fell to the ground. Shreeky shook her head and said "Now listen here fur ball if we win this race we can make the Care Bears do whatever we want."

Beastly nodded and said "But what do we want?"

She smiled and said "Simple we'll use them to kick out that Vapor!"

Beastly gulped and said "But...but Shreeky No Heart won't allow it!"

Shreeky grabbed Beastly by the collar and shrieked "I DON'T CARE!"

Beastly was so blown away he wound up on the other side of the room upside down. He got up and said "Ooh, alright Shreeky."

Shreeky stuck her head up and said "Now get back to practicing!"

Beastly struggled to his feet and began to jog on the treadmill again. As he jogged Shreeky smiled and said "You know Fur ball. You're getting pretty fast."

Beastly looked at her and said "What do you mean? I'm not even running."

Shreeky formed a pyramid with her hands and said "Marvelous!"

Beastly looked at his feet and saw he was almost at his former running speed he began to go faster and soon the machine couldn't keep up and he ran off of it and fell to the ground. Beastly got up and began running around screaming. "I did it! I'm the greatest!"

Shreeky chuckled and stuck her foot out and tripped him and she said "You're getting better but you're still not good enough."

Beastly stood up and said "What do you mean?"

Shreeky laughed and said "Simple! You have to be able to avoid my traps!"

Beastly sat up and said "But Shreeky! How do you know what the track looks like?"

Shreeky looked at him and said "You don't think I did my research!?"

Beastly looked at her and said "No. I...I mean yes. I mean..."

Shreeky rolled her eyes and said "Anyways, I've seen what the track's got. So I know where to place my traps but you have to be able to not only get past them but to use them to your advantage." And she began to elaborate...

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