Trick or treat? You mean Hugs or Kisses!

Sickness and Health

A few months pass and Shreeky and Beastly were spending their time training and practicing for the race, allowing the Care bears and Care Bear Cousins to relax. Except for Grumpy who spent his time training with Champ bear, also Wish bear who was still nervous about her talk with Grams but Grams had assured her she'd let her know if something new came up but until then act natural. Proud Heart, Swift Heart, and True Heart pregnancies had progressed uneventfuly. For them. Noble Heart was acting natural but Loyal was waiting hand and foot on Proud Heart. Everyone was gearing for Care-a-lot's birthday but no one knew who was in charge of planning it...

At the Hall of Hearts...

Tenderheart, Brave Heart, True Heart, and Noble Heart where all talking in the Hall of Hearts about Care-a-lot's upcoming birthday. "Come on Noble Heart me and Tenderheart did it last year and it was great."

Noble Heart crossed his arms and said "I'm sorry Brave Heart but I think we should let someone else plan the celebration this year."

Tenderheart looked at True Heart who was rubbing her swollen belly and said "He's right."

Brave Heart grumbled and Tenderheart said "Then who's gonna plan it?"

Noble Heart scratched his head and said "I was thinking of Birthday bear and Lotsa Heart."

True Heart nodded and said "I agree."

Tenderheart joined Brave Heart in their grumble and said "I suppose so."

True Heart nodded and said "Great!"

And stood up a little too quickly and got light headed and Noble got up but she just waved him off and said "We expect you two to give them the news?"

Brave Heart rolled his eyes but said "Yes." They nodded and left.

Once they were gone Brave Heart said "I can't believe this!"

Tenderheart shrugged and said "Eh, they always have a reason behind what they do."

Brave Heart growled and said "Well, I am not going to let this go without a fight!"

Tenderheart chuckled and said "And what exactly are you gonna do?"

Brave Heart thought on it and said "I know."

Tenderheart stuck out a hand and said "Care to share?"

Brave Heart whispered something and Tenderheart jumped and said "Wha?"

Brave Heart stuck his hands on his hips and said "Why not?"

Tenderheart thought on it and said "I don't know Brave Heart at least we still have to tell Birthday and LotsaHeart."

Brave Heart rolled his eyes and said "Well, duh! But while their doing their thing we set up ours."

Tenderheart thought on it and said "Won't they notice though?"

Brave Heart chuckled and said "They'll never know. We'll send them out on a mission."

Tenderheart was skeptical but nodded and said "Alright I'm in."

They shook hands and Brave Heart said "Come on!" And he turned and began to walk away when he bumped into someone.

Tenderheart helped Brave Heart up and Brave Heart said "Who'd I just run into?"

Funshine groaned and said "That'd be me."

Tenderheart went over and helped her up causing Brave Heart to fall back down. Tenderheart rolled his eyes and Funshine got on her feet. Brave Heart then got up and said "Sorry, are you okay?"

Funshine waved it off and said "Eh, you get used to falling to the ground when your boyfriend enjoys throwing pies as a sign he cares."

They laughed a little and she said "So, what are you guys doing here?"

Brave Heart crossed his arms and said "We could ask you the same question."

Funshine crossed her arms and raised an eyebrow and said "I'm covering the Star-o-scope duty for Wish bear so she can take Dreams bear to an appointment."

Brave Heart lost his confidence and in crossed his arms. Tenderheart laughed and said "We just had a meeting we were on our way out."

Funshine nodded and waved as they left the Hall of Hearts...

Grumpy had been jogging with Champ to prepare for the race so Swift Heart never saw him in the morning. She'd wake up make breakfast watch a little T.V. then read before reducing herself to everlasting boredom.

Her ankle had healed but her pregnancy had scared her into staying home. But while she was reading she heard a knock on the door and opened to see Cheer who said "Hey!"

Swift Heart smiled and said "Hey!"

Cheer gave her a hug and said "How are you?"

Swift Heart rolled her eyes and said "Just dandy."

Cheer gave her a look and said "Uh oh I sense trouble in paradise."

Swift Heart gave her a look and said "hardy har har."

As she entered the living room and sat down. Cheer smiled and sat down too and said "So tell me what's up?"

Swift Heart just rolled her eyes and said "Grumpy made some stupid bet."

Cheer smirked and said "Against?"

Swift Heart shook her head and said "Phil."

Cheer looked at her and said "Phil was here?"

Swift Heart shrugged and said "Yeah, I tried to give him a chance to reconcile but things didn't really work out."

Cheer smiled and said "Well, cheer up it could have gone worse."

Swift Heart nodded and said "True."

Cheer bear got up and said "Come on you need some fresh air."

Swift Heart blushed and said "Oh I don't know."

Cheer bear grabbed her hand and said "Come on."

Swift Heart sighed and followed her out of the house into the cool morning breeze. Swift Heart covered her eyes but they adjusted and she said "What are we gonna do?"

Cheer smiled and said "Just go out for a stroll."

Swift Heart nodded and said "Alright." And they began to make their way down the path.

As they walked Cheer was telling Swift Heart a story when Hugs and Tugs appeared around a corner on their roller blades Swift Heart and Cheer side stepped so the two cubs could go past Grams wasn't far behind and was following and she shouted "Hugs! Tugs!"

Grams then sighed and said "Those two."

Swift Heart chuckled and said "Yeah, might wanna hurry in case they get into trouble."

Grams nodded and began to jog again but stopped and said "Oh Swift Heart Grumpy wanted me to give you this." And she handed Swift Heart a letter before jogging off again.

Cheer looked at Swift Heart and said "Hmmm?" Swift Heart gave her a look and opened the letter and read it.

"Dear Swift Heart, I'm sorry I've been neglecting our time together. So to make it up I made reservations at your favorite restaurant! Be home around one. Love, Grumpy."

Swift Heart smiled and said "Aww."

Cheer leaned in and said "Hmmm!?" Even louder.

Swift Heart rolled her eyes and said "He's taking me to dinner."

Cheer put her hand out and said "See, he's thick headed but he can still be romantic."

Swift Heart shook her head and said "I guess."

Cheer grabbed her arm and said "Come on I got the perfect outfit for this!"

Swift Heart quickly followed...

Wish bear was taking Dreams bear to Take Care's house because he had a fever of one hundred degrees that hadn't broken for two days. Also he was vomiting. She was nervous as she drove she put a hand on his forehead and felt he was still warm. She looked at him and said "You okay Sweetie."

Dreams bear was leaning on the door and just moaned and said "I don't feel good." Before puking in a small bucket he had.

Wish bear took a deep breath and said "We're almost there." He moaned.

It took Wish a few minutes to get to Take Card's and she picked up Dreams bear and knocked on the door. Take Care opened wearing her medical coat and she said "Come on in."

And Wish walked in and set Dreams bear down on the couch and said "I don't know what wrong with him."

Take Care sat down next to him and put her hand on his forehead and said "Ooh he's hot."

Wish bear started biting her nail and said "Yeah, he's been like this for two days."

Take Care nodded and grabbed a wet wash cloth and put it on his head and said "Dreams bear?"

Dreams bear moaned and said "Yes?" Very weakly.

Take Care smiled and said "I have to ask a few questions, is that okay?"

Dreams bear nodded and Take Care asked "Did you eat anything out of the ordinary?"

Dreams bear shook his head and Take Care looked at Wish bear and said "Has he?"

Wish bear shrugged and said "Not to my knowledge."

Take Care nodded and said "Okay, have you hurt yourself and it got dirty?"

Dreams bear shook his head coughed a little. Wish bear was starting to become emotional and started to pace a little. Take Care saw this and then asked "Are you sure?"

Dreams bear then said "Mommy!"

Wish bear sat next to him and held his hand and Wish said "I'm right here honey."

Take Care nodded and said "Did you give him anything?"

Wish bear shook her head and said "Only something for the puking but it didn't help."

Take Care nodded and said "Alright I'm gonna have to see how hot his temperature is." And she got up and left for a moment.

Wish bear took a deep breath and watched as Dreams bear was taking deep breaths. She started to cry but wiped the tears away and Take Care walked in with a thermometer and stuck it in Dreams bear's mouth and waited before checking it and saying "Oh one hundred that not good."

And she grabbed some ice packs and put them on his head to cool him off. Dreams bear squeezed Wish bears hand and Take Care said "I'm gonna have to keep him here I'll give him something for the fever and see if it helps."

Wish bear nodded and said "Alright." Take Care smiled and walked away for a moment. Wish bear rubbed Dreams bear's hand and said "Oh please get better."

Dreams bear started to stir a little and he said "Mommy!"

Wish bear leaned in and started rubbing his head and said "It's okay, it's okay, I'm right here."

Dreams bear moved a little but settled down and whimpered and he said "My stomach hurts."

Wish bear gave him a small hug and said "It'll be okay buddy I promise you. I promise." And sat next to him...

Grumpy was running with Champ when Champ turned to him and said "Say sports fan what was in that letter you gave to Grams?"

Grumpy, who was breathing heavy, said "Nothing, just a message for Swift Heart."

Champ started running backwards and said "Oh? And what was that?"

Grumpy looked at him and said "None of your business Champ."

Champ gave him a look and said "Come on sports fan."

Grumpy shook his head and said "You might wanna look ahead."

Champ looked ahead and said "Huh?"

Before he tripped over a tree branch and jumped up but Grumpy caught him and said "I told you so."

Champ shrugged and Grumpy set him down and said "So how am I doing?"

Champ chuckled and said "You're getting better sports fan I think."

Grumpy was catching his breath and said "Well, that's good."

Champ laughed and said "Come on, a few more minutes then we'll be done."

Grumpy nodded and started jogging again with Champ. As they turned a corner Grumpy said "Well, Care-a-lot's birthday is coming up."

Champ nodded and said "Yeah, I'm actually hoping we can enjoy the celebration this year rather than being passed out from exhaustion."

Grumpy rolled his eyes and said "Don't get your hopes up."

Champ shook his head and said "Oh where's that team spirit Grumpy?"

And he tapped Grumpy's shoulder causing him to lose his balance and scream "Woah, wa, woah!" And he fell down.

Grumpy groaned and said "Oh why do these things always happen to me?"

Champ laughed and helped him back up and said "Alright, I think that's about it to today."

Grumpy dusted himself off and said "It's about time."

Champ shook his head and said "I gotta head home anyways Cheer and I got a date."

Grumpy nodded and said "Yeah, see yeah Champ."

Champ began to jog back and waved as did Grumpy as he went back his way. It took Grumpy only a few minutes to get back home. Once back at home Grumpy called "Swift Heart?"

No answer, he shrugged and figured she must have gone out. So he hopped in the shower before getting redressed and walking into the kitchen and grabbing a small snack before setting out to make sure the reservations were right...

Grams had caught up to Hugs and Tugs who were circles around her and Tugs asked "Say Grams where's Dreams bear?" Grams bear looked at him and said "Oh he's not feeling too well."

Hugs gasps and said "Can we see him Grams bear?"

Grams shook her head and said "I'm afraid not Hugs he's far too sick for visitors."

Hugs and Tugs stopped circling her and Tugs said "Aww, really?"

Grams nodded and said "Yes Tugs, but you'll be able to see him soon I promise." Hugs and Tugs cheered and Grams smiled.

Hugs and Tugs took off their roller blades and said "Oh Grams!?"

Grams turned and said "Yes my darlings?"

Tugs spoke up and said "Can we go play?"

Grams smiled and said "Of course just be careful."

They both started to run off and said "We will." And they ran off.

After they slid down the rainbow bridge Hugs asked "What are we gonna play Tugs?"

Tugs looked at her and said "We're not gonna play Hugs we're gonna see Dreams bear!"

Hugs looked at him and said "But, Grams said.."

Tugs cut her off and said "Oh Hugs come on!" And he grabbed her arm and dragged her along...

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