Trick or treat? You mean Hugs or Kisses!


Swift Heart wasn't too sure about what Cheer had for her but she gave it a try. Cheer was pulling clothes out of her pink closet and throwing them on the bed as Swift Heart kept ducking and dodging them.

When Cheer said "Ah ha!"

And she pulled out an orange dress and said "Perfect!"

Swift Heart looked at it and said "Wow!"

Cheer smirked and said "Try it on!"

Swift Heart went into the bathroom started to put on the dress when she got stuck and she said "Oh, it's a bit small."

Cheer was confused and said "I thought you were a six?"

Swift Heart didn't answer and Cheer became suspicious and said "What size are you?"

Swift Heart acted offended and said "Ah, Cheer you should know better then to ask that."

Cheer waited till Swift Heart walked back out and noticed just how baggy Swift Heart clothes were and she said "Lift up your shirt."

Swift Heart gave her a look and said "What?"

Cheer folded her arms and said "You heard me."

Swift Heart was caught and lifted up her shirt and showed her slightly swollen stomach and Cheer said "Ah ha!"

Swift Heart blushed and said "Okay, I'm pregnant you happy now?"

Cheer started doing a little dance and said "I am now."

Swift Heart rolled her eyes and walked up to her and said "Please don't spill!"

Cheer said "What? Me? Never!"

Swift Heart gave her a look and said "Please."

Cheer nodded and said "Yes, yes."

Suddenly they heard the door open and close and Cheer said "Oh no, Champ's home! Okay I have a slightly bigger size of the same dress."

Swift Heart looked at her and said "Why?"

Cheer gave her a look and said "Don't ask questions!"

And she found it and threw the dress and threw it at Swift Heart who caught it and said "Why can't Champ see me?"

Cheer looked at her and said "Reasons, go out the back."

Swift Heart nodded and ran out of the back door first time she had run since before the accident. Cheer quickly threw her clothes into her closet and turned to see Champ who said "Hi."

Cheer smiled and said "Oh hi Champ when'd you get home?"

Champ shook his head and said "About oh a few minutes ago."

Cheer nodded and said "Oh, well I'll put on something more fancy to wear and we can get going."

Champ was suspicious but nodded and said "Alright." And he walked out.

Cheer sighed and she put on her yellow jacket and walked out to see Champ in his red jacket who pointed to his cloud car and said "Shall we?"

Cheer rolled her eyes and said "Come on!" And she grabbed his arm and they hopped in the cloud car and Champ drove.

As Champ drove he looked at Cheer and said "So, why was Swift Heart over?"

Cheer looked at him and said "I don't know what you're talking about." And she put on some sunglasses and leaned back.

Champ shook his head and said "Alright, so sports fan how has your day been?"

Cheer shrugged and said "Fine, I stopped by Grumpy and Swift Heart's house and then came home."

Champ nodded and said "Ah huh, and how was your visit?"

Cheer lowered her sunglasses and said "Fine, how was your daily run?"

Champ looked at her and said "Alright."

Cheer leaned on his arm as they continued their conversation...

Swift Heart had run all the way home and opened the door. As soon as she walked in she saw Grumpy on the phone and snuck past him and put on her dress and walked out and behind him. He was finishing his call and she tapped his shoulder and he jumped and turned to see her in her orange dress and he said "Ah! Swift Heart! Wow!"

Swift Heart did a little twirl and said "What do you think?"

Grumpy took her hand and spun her around again before putting a hand on her back and saying "Beautiful." Then he tipped her and gave her a kiss.

Swift Heart giggle before Grumpy set her on her feet and she said "Well, for someone who's always down you can sit lift up spirits when you want to." Grumpy shrugged and said "Only for you."

And he held her hands and said "So, how about we head to the Flags Inn?"

Swift Heart laughed and said "How did you know I like that place?"

Grumpy shrugged and said "Oh I don't know maybe the countless times I've seen you go there."

Swift Heart looked at him and said "Well, what are we waiting for?" And the two left the house as Grumpy carried her and set her in his cloud car and drove.

After they had driven for a few minutes he looked at her and said "Sorry, for being such an egotistical maniac."

Swift Heart looked at him and said "I suppose if some girl were to have kissed you I'd do the same, But still you're gonna have to make it up to me."

Grumpy smiled at her and said "Is that not what I'm trying to do?"

Swift Heart started to rub her belly and said "I suppose so."

Grumpy smiled and said "You know, I think it's a boy."

Swift Heart looked at him and said "Really? I'm leaning more toward girl."

Grumpy looked at her and said "Really? Why's that?"

Swift Heart shrugged and said "A girl knows what a girl knows."

Grumpy shrugged and said "You know I love you."

Swift Heart looked at him and said "I love you too."

Grumpy landed the cloud car and helped Swift Heart out and the two began walking to the door as Grumpy asked "So, what do you want?"

Swift Heart shrugged and said "I don't know."

Grumpy opened the door for her and a young waiter walked over to them and said "Hello. Do you have a reservation?"

Grumpy nodded and said "Yes, Grumpy please."

The waiter looked up and said "Hmmm ah right here. This way." And he waved them along.

They followed as he sat them down at the table and walked away Swift Heart smiled and said "Well, he seems nice."

Grumpy just grumbled and said "I suppose."

Before he picked up his menu and began looking through it and said "So, what did you do today?"

Swift Heart set down her menu and said "Alright, I think I'll just have a salad."

Grumpy looked at her and said "I suppose I could eat a sandwich."

Swift Heart looked at him and said "I know you can eat a sandwich."

Grumpy looked at her and held her hands as they waited for their waiter...

Hugs and Tugs had gone to Wish bear's house but no one was home so they thought on it when Tugs said "I know! He must be at Take Care's!"

Hugs, still concerned, said "I still don't know Tugs, Grams might get mad."

Tugs waved his hand in dismissal and said "Nah, don't worry Hugs we'll just stop by and see how he is." Hugs shrugged and followed as Tugs ran off.

It took them only a few moment to get to Take Care's house but once they got their they went over to a window and Tugs got on Hugs' shoulders and peeked in to see Wish bear rubbing Dreams bear's head and singing a lullaby. Hugs grunted and said "What's up their Tugs?"

Tugs jumped down and said "Nothing he's just lying on the couch."

Hugs then said "Let's go then Tugs."

And she started to walk away when suddenly they heard a sound and Tugs grabbed Hugs' hand and said "We gotta see what that was Hugs."

And he got back on Hugs' shoulders and peeked in to see Wish bear was gone and Dreams bear was just sleeping. Tugs crawled into the room through the window and Hugs said "Tugs!"

Tugs turned around and said "I'll be right back Hugs."

Hugs groaned and said "Oh, this doesn't feel like a good idea Tugs."

But Tugs ignored her and went over to Dreams bear who was sleeping and he pulled out a small card and set it next to Dreams bear and he said "Get well soon Drams bear."

When he heard Wish bear walking back in and he made his way back to the window and as he was crawling out he saw Wish bear walk back in and sit next to Dreams bear. And he climbed back out the window. Grabbing Hugs' arm and saying "Come on Hugs!"

And the two of them took off. Once they were gone Hugs said "Tugs! What did you do?"

Tugs put his hands up and said "Nothing Hugs just left him a small card."

Hugs suddenly started laughing and gave Tugs a hug and said "You think of everything Tugs."

Tugs blushed and said "Well, I ah..."

Hugs let go and said "What now Tugs?"

Tugs started thinking and said "How about we go and play hopscotch."

Hugs there her hands up and said "Yeah!" And the two ran off to grab some chalk.

Once they had their chalk the two set up their game and Tugs focused and conjured up a little Heart and threw it into the first square...

Wish bear had gotten some tea and smiled as Dreams bear slept soundly. She wait when Take Care walked in and said "Well, at least he can sleep."

Wish bear chuckled and said "Yeah, you know Take Care. I haven't even gotten his tummy symbol from Tenderheart yet."

Take Care sat next to Wish bear and said "So what?"

Wish bear sighed and said "I don't know I feel like, he thinks he doesn't fit in."

Take Care put a hand on Wish bear shoulder and said "Hey, he's one of the happiest cub I've seen."

Wish bear rubbed Dreams bear's head and said "That's what I'm gonna do. When he gets better that's what I'm gonna do."

Take Care smiled and said "That's the spirit."

Wish bear smiled as Dreams bear began to stir a little and he opened his eyes and said "Mommy?"

Wish bear smiled and said "Right here sweetie, how do you feel?"

Dreams bear groaned lightly and said "My stomach still hurts."

Wish bear sighed and said "I know, but Take Care's gonna make you all better."

Dreams bear smiled and Take Care felt her Heart skip a beat. She'd treated almost everyone but Hugs and Tugs usually were dealt with by Grams so she never looked into a cub's eyes. Wish bear started humming to Dreams bear and Take Care said "I think the tests are almost done." And she walked away for a minute.

She walked back in and said "Alright it looks like he's got..."

She read a little then squinted and said "Hmmm, ah just a small case of the flu."

Wish bear looked at her and said "The flu? This seemed more sever."

Take Care sat down and said "Well, it might be a different strand but yeah, plenty of rest and fluids and he'll be fine."

Wish bear nodded but Take Care wasn't done though "However in case it does get worse, is it okay if he stays here? You can too I got a spare mattress."

Wish bear nodded and said "Yeah, I get it just so long as he gets better."

Take Care smiled and said "Alright it should he around here somewhere."

And she began to look throughout her house as Wish bear smiled at Dreams bear who now was sitting up and he said "I'm hungry."

Wish bear smiled and said "Do you mind if I get him something Take Care?"

Take Care shook her head and said "Not and all."

Wish bear got up and left as Take Care opened her closet door and said "Ah ha!"

And she pulled out a mattress and said "Found it."

And she dragged it over and said "So, Dreams bear do you feel better?"

Dreams bear nodded and said "Yes, my stomach still hurts a little."

Take Care smiled and sat down next to him and said "Yeah that happens."

She then noticed a piece of paper on the table and said "What's this?"

And she picked it up and read a little before she said "Actually this so for you."

And Dreams bear tilted his head and she said "Dear Dreams bear, get well soon sighed Hugs and Tugs."

And she handed him the paper and he saw a drawing of the three of them...

Shreeky and Beastly were at No Heart's castle. Beastly was sleeping when Shreeky shrieked and woke him up. "Oooh what is it now?"

Shreeky walked in and said "Beastly!"

Beastly looked at her and said "What Shreeky?"

Shreeky walked over to him and said "Beastly! Get up!"

Beastly stood up and Shreeky grabbed his arm and dragged him along and said "I've got a wonderfully nasty idea."

Beastly groaned and said "What is it Shreeky?"

Shreeky pulled him up to the cauldron and showed Grumpy and Swift Heart at their dinner. Beastly, still half asleep, said "What about it Shreeky?"

Shreeky formed a pyramid with her fingers and said "Simple you block head! We are gonna capture these two Care Bears for uncle No Heart."

Beastly jumped awake and said "How Shreeky?"

Shreeky smiled and said "With this."

And she pulled out a mirror and Beastly said "But Shreeky i thought Bright Heart took your mirror."

Shreeky then sighed and pulled out a small bottle and said "And this."

Beastly looked at her and said "What's that Shreeky?"

Shreeky chuckled and said "It's a potion that just one drop can force a person to do what every you want. Observe."

And she dropped a tiny put on a bird she had and she said "Now sing!"

And the bird started singing a small song and she said "Now stop." And the bird stopped instantly.

Beastly started laughing and said "Oh we'll get 'em now."

Shreeky turned around and said "Who?"

Beastly laughed nervously and said "You Shreeky, you'll get them for sure."

She nodded and said "Lets get going Beastly!" And she grabbed his arm and dragged him out of the room.

After they got on their small flying bike they took off when Beastly said "Where are they anyways Shreeky?"

Shreeky pointed at a small red building and said "Right there." And Beastly brought them down for a landing.

Once on the ground they hopped out and Shreeky his behind a car with Beastly and she said "Okay Beastly you flush them out."

Beastly nodded and said "Don't worry Shreeky I'll get them out for sure."

And he went up to the building and said "Hmmm, I know."

And he snuck around the back where a waiter was waiting and Beastly went up to him and said "Hey, you!"

The waiter looked at him and Beastly said "I'll give you a twenty for your uniform."

The young waiter shrugged and gave Beastly his uniform and Beastly handed him a twenty dollar bill and said "Now to get those Care Bears!" And he pulled out a random mustache and put it on.

He went inside the kitchen and slid his way into the actual restaurant which was packed. He managed to make his way over to the table next to there's when a woman tugged on his sleeve and she said "Excuse me? We need some straws."

Beastly pulled a handful out of his waiter pouch and threw them at her and she said "Thanks a lot j***!"

But Beastly went up to Swift Heart and Grumpy and changing his voice said "Hello, my name is."

He took a peek at his name tag and said "Pete and I will be your waiter."

Swift Heart looked at him and squinted but said "I'll have a salad."

Beastly pretended to write it down and he looked at Grumpy who said "Just give me a sandwich."

And Beastly nodded then looked out the window and Grumpy looked too and Beastly then snuck Grumpy's wallet and said "I'm sir we are gonna need some I.D. for a sandwich. Company policy."

Grumpy looked at him suspiciously but reluctantly reached for his wallet. But when he couldn't find it he said "Oh I think I left my wallet in the car. I'll be right back."

Swift Heart said "Oh I'll go too."

Grumpy stuck a hand out and said "No, no I got this."

And he walked out...

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