Trick or treat? You mean Hugs or Kisses!


Grumpy was walking toward his cloud car when Shreeky stepped out behind him and said "Hold it right there Care Bear!"

Grumpy turned around and said "Huh?"

Shreeky pointed her mirror and shot four bolts of lightning and each wrapped around an arm or a leg and he said "Hey! What the!" He tried to break away but it was no use.

Shreeky started laughing and said "Stop struggling." And she opened her potion bottle.

Grumpy stared at her but Shreeky just side stepped and threw some of her potion on him and Grumpy said "Yuck! What is this?"

He started shaking his head but soon Grumpy's eyes glazed over before returning to normal. Shreeky laughed and the restraints disappeared but Grumpy just stood there and Shreeky said "Dance!"

Grumpy started doing a simple dance and Shreeky started laughing.

Beastly was watching Swift Heart as Shreeky turned Grumpy over, but when Swift Heart turned to the window she saw Grumpy and Shreeky and she said "What the?"

And she got up and Beastly started laughing and said "Time to go." And he ran out the back.

Swift Heart ran out and saw what was going on and said "Grumpy!"

Shreeky turned and said "Ah my second Care Bear victim."

She snapped her fingers and Grumpy stopped dancing and Swift Heart said "I'm not a Care Bear I'm a Care Bear Cousin!"

And she started to stare but Shreeky said "Stare at her!" And Grumpy started to stare at Swift Heart.

Swift Heart baffled and confused, said "Grumpy?...wha?"

Grumpy's stare started to overpower Swift Heart's and Swift Heart had to stop and side stepped to avoid Grumpy's stare.

Swift Heart felt tears, she wasn't prepared for this! Beastly came from around the back of the restaurant and grabbed her arms and Swift Heart said "Let me go!"

Beastly wouldn't however so Swift Heart stepped on his foot and Beastly started hopping and she then ran to the cloud car and turned it on before driving away. As she drove she wiped away a tear and said "Oh I gotta get some reinforcements." And she stepped on the gas.

It didn't take her long to get to Care-a-lot and as soon as she landed she made her way over to Tenderheart's house. As soon as she was at his front door she started knocking frantically and shouted "Tenderheart! Tenderheart!"

Swift Heart heard voices and soon Tenderheart opened the door and said "What is it Swift Heart?"

Swift Heart was frantic and said "Grumpy's been, I don't know, he's not himself Beastly and Shreeky are behind it we gotta help him!"

Tenderheart put his hands up and said "Alright just one second."

Swift Heart grabbed his shirt and said "NOW!"

Tenderheart nodded and said "Brave Heart we're going now!"

And Brave Heart came running out and said "Why?"

Tenderheart grabbed his arm and said "I'll explain on the way."

And the three started running...

Shreeky and Beastly were dancing. They had won! Beastly laughed and said "What now Shreeky?"

Shreeky laughed and said "Simple, Care Bear!" Grumpy jumped and turned to Shreeky.

And she said "Follow me!" And they began to run...

After a few moments they turned a corner and Shreeky said a few magic words and a portal appeared and she stepped through and said "Come on!" Grumpy and Beastly soon followed.

Once they were through Beastly realized they were back at the castle. Shreeky said "Beastly! Go and fetch me a drink I'm parched."

Beastly grudgingly turned but Grumpy was there and back before Beastly could even take a step. Shreeky shook her head and said "Hey! You might be out of the job Beastly."

Beastly moaned and said "Ooh, I could use a nice warm bath."

Again Grumpy was gone and back. Once Grumpy was back he picked up Beastly and took him to the bath room and threw him into a nice bath. Beastly was shocked and said "What the? Hey, not bad."

Grumpy then said "Anything else?"

Beastly thought and said "I could go for some grapes." And Grumpy was there and back with grapes.

Soon Shreeky walked in and said "Hey! Give my feet a massage."

Grumpy set the grapes down and set Shreeky down and a chair and took one foot in his hand and started massaging her feet. Shreeky sighed in relief and said "Now this is perfect."

She snapped her fingers and said "Get me a onion milkshake!" Grumpy again very fast ran off and came back and continued her foot massage.

After a few more requests Shreeky and Beastly had been patterned and trimmed by an exhausted Grumpy. Shreeky was still drinking her milkshake as Grumpy fanned Beastly with a large palm leaf Shreeky sighed and said "Now, Beastly this is the life."

Beastly turned to her and said "Shreeky? What are we gonna do when the Care Bears come here?"

Shreeky smiled and said "I already thought of a plan for that fur ball." and she snapped her fingers and Grumpy set down the palm leaf and stood at attention saluting her and she said "Now, Care Bear show Beastly our little surprise."

Grumpy ran off and opened a curtain the revealed a large mirror that was see through. Beastly looked at Shreeky and said "What's that gonna do?"

Shreeky laughed and said "You see fur ball our Care Bear can stare through it but the others will reflect right back at them!"

Beastly chuckled and said "Its Genius!"

Shreeky nodded and went to sip her milkshake but it was empty and she said "Refill!" Grumpy sprinted and took her empty bottle and returned with a full one.

Beastly then said "Get back to fanning! You!" Grumpy picked up the palm tree leaf and continued fanning Beastly.

Beastly sighed and said "Now, I'm hungry."

Grumpy ran off and returned with something steaming and set it next to Beastly and still grabbed the palm tree leaf and continued to fan Beastly...

Cheer and Champ were on their date eating while walking when Champ asked Cheer "Say Cheer I think I have an answer to your question."

Cheer choked a little and said "Re... Really!?"

Champ nodded and Cheer said "Well?"

Champ sighed and said "Yes, the answer is yes."

Cheer looked at him and said "It is?"

Champ nodded and Cheer gave him a hug that almost knocked the unexpected Champ to the ground as Cheer said "Oh, Champ!"

Champ smiled as he hugged her back and said "Anything for you Cheer." Cheer smiled and gave him a kiss and the two held hands as they continued their walk.

Cheer looked at him and said "Are you sure you want to try for a baby?"

Champ smiled and said "Of course I am. Besides we can handle anything."

Cheer smiled and gave Champ another kiss. They continued on their walk for a few minutes before Champ said "Oh wait I almost forgot."

And he pulled out a small box and got on a knee and said "Cheer will you marry me?"

Cheer squealed and said "Oh my goodness Yes! Yes of course!" And gave him a hug.

Champ smiled and slide the engagement ring on Cheer's finger and she said "Oh my gosh!"

She then gave Champ a kiss and then they made their way back to their cloud car and on back to Care-a-lot. On their way back Cheer asked "What made you change your mind."

Champ looked at her and said "I didn't change my mind necessarily much rather I just felt you deserved an answer about now."

Cheer gave him a hug and said "I suppose so. Say how's Grumpy doing?"

Champ smiled and said "He's fine, getting better at running."

Cheer chuckled and said "Surprising seeming as how he rarely exercises."

Champ shrugged and said "I guess he felt like he needed practice."

Cheer chuckled and said "Yeah, but hey what he does he does."

Champ chuckled and said "I guess so. You know I spoil you."

Cheer chuckled and said "I suppose you do."

As she looked at her ring and said "Oh Champ. I don't know what I'd do without you."

Champ leaned his head on hers and said "Probably go shopping."

She smack his chest lightly and said "Very funny."

Champ chuckled and said "I thought so."

Champ landed the cloud car and hopped out and opened the door for Cheer who said "Thank you."

And she held his hand as they made their way back home. Cheer smiled and said "Boy nothing could ruin today, huh Champ?"

Champ shook his head "Nah, I don't think anything could make this day go sour sports fan."

The two chuckled and continued on their way home...

Wish bear had made Dreams bear a sandwich and he ate it rather quickly and said "Thanks mommy!" And gave her a hug.

Wish bear hugged him back and said "No problem."

When suddenly there was a knock on the door and Wish bear answered it and saw Tenderheart who said "Wish bear! We need you and the other Care Bears a zap!"

Wish bear turned around to Take Care who said "This seems important go. I'll watch Dreams bear."

Wish bear nodded and joined Tenderheart. They made their way to the Hall of Hearts and Wish bear entered the control tower and grabbed the radio and said "All Care Bears and Care Bear Cousins report to the Hall of Hearts immediately!"

It wasn't long until everyone, except Grumpy, True Heart and Proud Heart, were at the Hall of Hearts and Loyal asked "What's going on?"

Swift Heart stepped up to the podium and said "Grumpy's been kidnapped, but he seems to be under some sort of sleep where he follows Shreeky's every command."

Brave Heart stood up and said "So, why don't we just bust down their front door!"

Tenderheart looked at him and said "Because knowing Beastly and Shreeky they got a plan set up to stop us we need a plan of our own to rescue Grumpy."

Treat Heart nodded and said "Agreed however how are we gonna get him?"

Noble Heart thought and said "We could always just go scout the area then come up with a plan."

Tenderheart nodded and said "Agreed we better go now though."

They all nodded and began to head to their vehicle when Cheer grabbed Swift Heart and pulled her aside and said "No, no, no you're not going are you?"

Swift Heart shook off her grip and said "Of course I am! That's my husband!"

Cheer shook her head and said "Oh come on. Do you think Grumpy would let you go into this in your current state?"

Swift Heart sighed and said "No, but I'm not just staying here I'll be careful I swear Cheer bear."

Cheer shook her head and said "I don't know Swift Heart this is gonna be very dangerous."

Swift Heart crossed her arms and said "I am very aware of that."

Cheer shook her head and said "Well if you are gonna go you not gonna be on that dress."

Swift Heart looked down and said "Good point." And the two ran off to change.

After they grabbed more casual clothes Swift Heart noticed Cheer's engagement ring and said "Champ proposed?"

Cheer looked at the ring, blushed, and said "Oh yeah."

Swift Heart chuckled and said "That's great!"

Cheer smiled and said "Yeah, come on or we'll be left behind."

And the two ran off to join the others...

As they Care Bears and the Care Bear Cousins made their ways over to No Heart's castle Tenderheart said "Okay, Noble Heart, Brave Heart, and I will scout ahead the rest of you stay here."

They all nodded and Tenderheart, Brave Heart, and Noble Heart flew ahead of them and landed on the outskirts of No Heart's castle. Tenderheart said "Alright we just walk in and see if we can't find where Grumpy, Shreeky and Beastly are."

Noble Heart, and Brave Heart nodded and said "Alright let's go." And the trio made their way into the castle.

Once inside it didn't take them long to find out where they were seeking as how they constantly heard Shreeky or Beastly laughing. They tip tied to the under pit room where they saw Grumpy rubbing Beastly's forehead and Brave Heart said "That's strange their unguarded?"

Noble Heart shrugged and said "I think they aren't even expecting us."

Tenderheart however wasn't convinced and said "I don't know, something doesn't seem right."

Brave Heart stood up and said "Don't be ridiculous Tenderheart we can take them now! Charge!"

And Brave Heart charged forward Tenderheart tried to stop him and said "No!"

But Brave Heart was gone and Shreeky lifted her head up and said "Stop him." Lazily and Grumpy stopped massaging Beastly's ears and stared at Brave Heart.

Brave Heart confused ducked and said "Grumpy! It's me, Brave Heart!"

But Grumpy just had hollow eyes and stared again. Brave Heart said "Alright you asked for it. Care bear stare!" And he stated at Grumpy but was shocked when his stare reflected back at him and Brave Heart had to jump to avoid it.

He scratched his head and said "I don't understand."

Grumpy stared at him and Brave Heart rolled to the side but slipped off the edge and said "Woah!"

As he was hanging on with one hand. Tenderheart and Noble charged forward and Tenderheart shot a Heart shield out and Noble Heart helped Brave Heart back up. Tenderheart then tapped Noble's shoulder and said "Come on!" And they all ran out as Grumpy broke through the shield.

After they ran out of No Heart's castle they were all breathing heavy and Tenderheart said "That, was incredibly foolish."

Brave Heart sighed and said "My bad."

Noble Heart said "Well, do you guys got an idea."

Tenderheart and Brave Heart shook their heads and Noble Heart said "Well, what now?"

Tenderheart stood up right and said "We get some reinforcements."

And he shot a ray into the sky that signaled all the other Care Bears and Care Bear Cousins...

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