Trick or treat? You mean Hugs or Kisses!

Do I know you?

It didn't take the others long to land at No Heart's castle. And once they were all out they formed a circle and Tenderheart filled them in on the situation. After a brief explanation he said "Any ideas?"

Everyone shrugged and Funshine said "Is there any way around it?"

Tenderheart shook his head and said "Not that we could tell."

Champ snapped his fingers and said "Why don't we just have a few of us distract Beastly and Shreeky, while the rest try to break the mirror?"

Noble Heart shook his head and said "Unfortunately Grumpy had the mirror guarded. We can't get near it without him staring us down."

Again everyone thought and then Playful Heart said "What about pie?"

Everyone looked at him and Brave Heart said "This is hardy the time for joke Playful Heart."

Playful Heart stuck his hands up and said "No, no hear me out. It's quite simple, we use pies to cover the mirror so that should stop Grumpy from being able to stare at us giving us time to break the mirror and Break the spell."

Everyone had looks of doubt but Swift Heart said "It's the best we got."

Everyone nodded and Playful Heart said "I got some pies in my cloud car." And he ran off.Good Luck looked at Harmony who shrugged and Playful came back with two arm fills of pies and gave one to everyone and said "Let's go."

Swift Heart sighed and said "I hope this works."

And they all made their way inside once in the thunder pit room they all hid behind some cover and Swift Heart took a peek only to see Grumpy fanning Beastly which enraged her, "Do we throw now?"

Tenderheart shook his head and said "On three. One...two...three!"

And everyone threw their pies and they all stuck to the mirror blocking its view. Shreeky shrieked and said "Stare Care Bear!"

Grumpy stared but the pie somehow block his stare, but it wouldn't last long. Brave Heart and Love-a lot ran forward and flipped the mirror into the thunder pit. With a mighty crash the whole room shook knocking Brave Heart and Love-a-lot down but soon they got up and were joined by the others. "Care Bears! Countdown!"

And all at one they said "Four, three, two, one, stare!" And all at once they stared.

Shreeky regaining her balanced said "Care Bear stare!" Grumpy stared and block the others stare.

Brave Heart shouted "Pour it on!"

Everyone concentrated but Grumpy somehow was over powering them! Swift Heart stopped staring and picked up her pie and said "Sorry about this Grumps." And she threw the pie at him.

The pie hit Grumpy in the head and he said "Ack!" And stopped his stare and started wiping the pie away.

The family then stared again and this time it hit Grumpy and a bright flash of colors surrounded him.

Once they stopped staring Shreeky said "I'm not done yet."

And she pulled out her mirror copy and shot a small beam of lightning but Wish bear stared at it and it disappeared. She then shot Shreeky's mirror out of her hand and into the thunder pit Shreeky, defeated tried to run but Wish bear conjured up a rope and lassoed Shreeky. Who said "What the?"

Wish bear the looked at Beastly who said "I think I left the stove on." And ran off.

Swift Heart ran over to the fallen Grumpy and said "Grumpy? Grumpy?"

Grumpy moaned but opened his eyes and Swift Heart said "You're alright!"

Grumpy got a perplexed look on his face and said "Who are you?"

Wish bear had tied Shreeky's hands and said "I have a few choice word for you."

Shreeky laughed and said "Ha, bring it on you s-"

But Wish bear stuffed a small cloth in Shreeky's mouth and said "Shut it!"

Tenderheart walked over and said "Go easy Wish bear."

Wish bear looked at him and said "She almost killed Dreams bear! I'll be damned if I'm gonna take it easy!"

Tenderheart put his hands up and said "I know, but answering anger with anger never ends well."

Wish bear sighed and said "You're right."

Tenderheart smiled and said "But ah, you can keep the cloth."

Wish bear smirked and crossed her arms at Shreeky. Tenderheart then walked over to Swift Heart who said "What do you mean who am I? It's me, Swift Heart! Your wife?"

Grumpy crossed his arms and said "I don't know who you are just leave me alone."

Swift Heart felt like her Heart was being torn out. "Grumpy!"

Grumpy looked away from her and Swift Heart nodded and said "Oh, I see. I'll go now." And she got up and began to walk away Tenderheart tried to comfort her but Swift Heart shrugged him off and walked out.

Cheer bear quickly followed. Tenderheart looked at Grumpy who sat back and said "Pssh, what's up with her?"

Tenderheart shook his head and said "You really don't remember anything do you?"

Grumpy shook his head and said "No, and I don't mind." And he then stretched his arms and sat back in a relaxed mode.

Tenderheart shook his head and said "You even forgot how to care."

Grumpy shrugged and said "I don't know that word nor do I want to."

Tenderheart shook his head again and walked over to Shreeky and said "What did you give him exactly?"

Shreeky laughed through the cloth and looked away Tenderheart took out the cloth and turned her back to him and said "I'm a very nice bear, but don't push it what. Did. You. Give. Him."

Shreeky chuckled and said "I'm not saying another word."

Tenderheart pushed the cloth back in her mouth and shook his head and said "Worth a shot." And walked away.

Tenderheart went back to Grumpy and said "So, what do you remember?"

Grumpy shrugged and said "How to talk, my name, how to drive those cloud things, and that's about it. And that's all I want."

Tenderheart gritted his teeth and said "I suppose so, but you could at least drop the attitude."

Grumpy shrugged and said "Why? This much better then, what is it? Caring?" And he stood up and started walking away.

Tenderheart said "Hey! Where you going?"

Grumpy turned around and smiled before saying "Anywhere but this love fest." And he walked away.

Brave Heart notice and said "Wait a minute you!"

But Tenderheart grabbed his arm and said "Hold it Brave Heart. There's nothing we can do."

Brave Heart growled and said "Well, we can't just let him leave!"

Tenderheart shrugged and said "But we can't force him to stay, we just have to hope he remembers."

They watched as Grumpy walked out and hopped in a cloud car and drove away. Shreeky started laughing and Brave Heart snarled and turned around and started to march toward her but Tenderheart stopped him and said "No, no."

Brave Heart growled again and said "I'll show that lady a manner or two."

Tenderheart looked at him and said "Brave Heart! That's not what we are!"

Brave Heart sighed and said "You're right. I'm losing my mind, and temper."

Tenderheart patted Brave Heart's chest and said "That's alright go and cool off." And Brave Heart walked out.

Tenderheart sighed and went to go check on Swift Heart and Cheer...

Swift Heart was crying on one if No Heart's balconies.

Cheer managed to find her and from a distance said "You okay?"

Swift Heart looked up and said "No, how can he not remember me? Me! Of all people!"

Cheer smiled and said "If it helps he didn't remember me."

Swift Heart laughed and said "What am I gonna do?"

Cheer shrugged and said "I don't know but you seem like you could use a hug."

Swift Heart started crying again and said "Yeah, yeah I could."

And the two shared a hug Swift Heart kept crying and said "Okay, okay, I'm okay."

Cheer let her go and said "Alright. But hey Cheer bear's always here for you."

Swift Heart smiled and said "Thanks."

Tenderheart walked into the balcony and said "Am I intruding?"

Swift Heart shook her head and said "No, come on in." Tenderheart joined them in the balcony.

Tenderheart took a deep breath and said "Grumpy left."

Swift Heart looked at him and said "What do you mean left?"

Tenderheart sighed and said "He, took a cloud car, and he's gone."

Swift Heart nodded and started twirling her wedding ring and said "Ah huh."

She then took it off and threw it out and over the balcony and screamed "WHY!"

Cheer grabbed her and gave her a hug while Tenderheart conjured up his cloud car and went after the ring.

Swift Heart fell to her knees and said "It's not fair! It's not fair!" And she returned the hug with Cheer who went down with her.

It didn't take Tenderheart long to find the ring seeming as how he managed to catch up with it and followed it to its destination. Once he was back at the balcony he saw Swift Heart weeping in Cheer's arm he walked over and said "I got the ring."

Swift Heart let go of Cheer and said "Thanks." And put the ring back on and said "Did he say we're he's going?"

Tenderheart shook his head and said "No, he just left."

Swift Heart took a deep breath and said "Cheer can you take me home?"

Cheer nodded and put a hand around Swift Heart's shoulder and walked her to her cloud car. Once they were gone Tenderheart headed back into the castle where Shreeky was still tied up and he said "Let's go Care Bears! And Care Bear Cousins!" And everyone made their way out.

Shreeky started to say something and Tenderheart removed the cloth and she said "Ooo looks like that Care Bear doesn't care! Nah!"

Tenderheart ignored her and United her before walking out to join the others. Shreeky stood up and said "What!? Not even a comeback."

Tenderheart kept ignoring her and he was about to walk out when Shreeky shot lightning at him and he just created another Heart shield and blocked it before walking away...

The ride back was silent. Cheer wanted to cheer up Swift Heart but now wasn't the time, so she just kept quiet. Swift Heart looked out at the sun and said "Why?"

Cheer looked at her and said "Hmm?"

Swift Heart looked forward and said "Why, I mean what did we do to deserve this."

Cheer sighed and said "Nothing happens without a reason."

Swift Heart sighed and said "What reason does this hold?"

Cheer shrugged and said "I don't know, if it's any consolation I think he's just misguided right now."

Swift Heart sniffed and said "I'd like to hope… ooh if I get my hands on Shreeky."

Cheer looked at her and said "Don't talk like that."

Swift Heart sighed and said "I know, but I just want to know if there is a way to reverse that stupid spell."

Swift Heart kept looking at her ring and said "It hurts, more than you can imagine."

Cheer nodded and said "I know, but cheer up things will get better."

Swift Heart nodded and said "I suppose so."

Swift Heart then started rubbing her stomach and took a deep breath. Cheer landed the cloud car and said "Want me to walk you home?" Swift Heart nodded.

Cheer walked with Swift Heart back their door and opened the door for her before saying "I'll leave you alone."

Swift Heart turned around and said "Wait!"

Cheer bear turned around and Swift Heart said "Being alone is the last thing I want."

Cheer smiled and closed the door and said "I'll get some tea."

Swift Heart sat down and put her head in her hands. Cheer walked back in and handed her a cup and Swift Heart said "Thanks."

Cheer smiled and said "You're welcome."

Swift Heart took a sip and said "Well, this is a mess."

Cheer looked at her and said "Yeah, do you want me to go see if I can find him?"

Swift Heart shook her head and said "No, that's alright. If anything I'm gonna find him. Of all the things you'd think I'd be one of those things he'd remember I mean come on!"

Cheer wrapped an arm around her and said "I know, but chances are even Shreeky doesn't know how to reverse it let alone tell us how."

Swift Heart stood up and said "Why, how could she do this!? I mean Shreeky's done some terrible things, yeah, but nine times out of ten they always turn back to us. Why did I have to be the one..." Swift Heart's voice took a depressing sound when she said the last part.

And Cheer said "You know, you're not the only one affected by this right?"

Swift Heart nodded and said "Yeah, but I am the most."

Cheer sighed it was one thing for her to see someone sad but to see someone sad and that she couldn't do anything about was a different story...

Grumpy was driving, he didn't know any of those people! Except that rabbit... She seemed so familiar but he could place it but who cares? He'd rather cut them all off then keep one and drag the others along. He ended up in some small town and he jumped out of his cloud car and watched it disappear. He looked around but didn't see anyone so he walked into the town. As he made his way around when he finally spotted someone and went up to them and said "Hey! What is this place?"

The man turned around and said "Duster Ville."

Grumpy nodded and said "What would it take someone to live here?"

The man chuckled and said "A conversation with the mayor."

Grumpy nodded and said "Where is he?"

The man pulled out a top hat and said "How do you do sir?"

And Grumpy took a step back and said "Aaa? Alright, I guess may I have your permission to live in your town sir?"

The "mayor" nodded and said "Why sure! Here in Duster Ville all are welcome. There's an old abandoned homestead on the outskirts of town if you can fix it up and make it profitable then your free to live here."

Grumpy nodded and said "Thanks? Um may I inquire as to where that may be?"

The "mayor" nodded and said "Why you can't miss it just go to the car dealership and he'll give you a sweet deal on a car then just drive down the road to the picket fence and it'll be on your right."

Grumpy nodded and then said "Yeah, thanks?" And walked away.

It didn't take him long to find the dealership and he walked into the building and said "Hello?"

Suddenly the same man appeared behind the counter and said "Well, what do we got here? A newbie I take it!?"

Grumpy nodded and said "Yeah, weren't you?"

The man tilted his head and Grumpy said "Never mind. I need a car."

The man walked out from behind the counter and said "Right this way." And he had a salesman smile and waved his hand.

Grumpy moved and the man brought him up to a little car and said "Ah this beauty is great for a single man, great miles per gallon, and even has a free oil change for a year."

Grumpy shrugged it was the first car but it was all he needed and he said "How much?"

The man crossed his arms and said "Oh about, thirty thousand."

Grumpy jaw nearly dropped, how was he gonna have that!? The man started laughed and said "Nah I'm just kidding here."

And he threw the car keys and Grumpy caught them and the man said "Have it."

Grumpy looked at the keys and then the car and said "Thank you." Before he opened the door and sat in the driver's seat.

Once he started the car the radio started blasting music that sent him flying back.

The "salesman" ran over and turned it off and said "My bad, sometimes those radios do that."

Grumpy sat up and said "Oh I hope those things don't always happen to me."

And he then drove away from the dealership...

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