Trick or treat? You mean Hugs or Kisses!

Farmer Grumpy?

Tenderheart and the others arrived back in Care-a-lot not too long after Swift Heart and Cheer. Everyone just went home except for Tenderheart and Brave Heart who went it the Hall of Hearts to discuss what had happened. Once inside Brave Heart said "What are we gonna do Tenderheart?"

Tenderheart shrugged and said "I'm not sure Brave Heart, we can't force Grumpy to stay here but I don't see how we can make him regain his memory."

Brave Heart thought and said "Could we ask Shreeky or Beastly for help?"

Tenderheart shook his head and said "No, I highly doubt they'd even talk to us let alone help us. No we need to think of this on our own."

Suddenly Bright Heart walked in and said "Hey Tenderheart! Brave Heart!"

They both turned and saw Bright Heart waving Shreeky's mirror and said "I think I found something interesting."

Brave Heart waved him forward and said "By all means show us."

Bright Heart began to mingle with the mirror and said "Okay, so you know how Shreeky usually know when we are coming? Or what we're doing?"

They both nodded and Bright Heart said "Well, I think it's because of this mirror."

Brave hear scratched his head and said "What do you mean?"

Bright Heart stepped back and said "Watch, mirror be sneaky show me Beastly and Shreeky!"

And the mirror shifted to show Shreeky screaming at Beastly for some reason and Tenderheart leaned forward and said "Interesting, but what can we do to stop that?"

Bright Heart said "Watch this." And he then threw the mirror up and started at it.

Then he caught it and said "Now, Mirror please be sweet go ahead and show me little peet."

This however the mirror didn't change and Tenderheart said "Well, that works but what to stop Shreeky from breaking it and changing it back?"

Bright Heart then lifted up another mirror and said "This."

Tenderheart sat back and said "What about it?"

Bright Heart then put the two mirrors next to each other and the other mirror shifted and molded into Shreeky's. Bright Heart then said "Magic mirror be nice and sweet bring me a little sheep." And the mirror shifted to show Gentle Heart.

Then he said the same thing to the other mirroring it didn't change. Brave Heart leaned back in his chair and said "So, we are gonna give her a decoy then what? Hide the other?"

Bright Heart nodded and said "Exactly, Shreeky will think we broke her mirror and then she'll give us anything to switch it back."

Tenderheart then got an idea and said "We could have her tell us what she gave Grumpy!"

Bright Heart snapped his fingers and said "Bingo."

Brave Heart said "But how do we get her to tell us the truth?"

Tenderheart thought on it and said "We could always test what she gives us before we give her, her mirror back."

Bright Heart nodded and said "Yeah, but how do we contact her?"

Brave Heart shrugged and Tenderheart said "We could just go to her castle."

Brave Heart then said "What if she catches one of us?"

Tenderheart shrugged and said "That's a risk we have to take."

They nodded and walked away...

It hadn't taken Grumpy long to reach the small ranch. And to his surprise it wasn't that damaged. Really all it needed was a few repairs and it would be in working order. He worked quickly and rebuilt it. He went into the house to find it completely furnished! He shrugged and sat on a couch and sighed before hearing someone say "I hope you like it."

Grumpy jumped and tripped over a small coffee table and onto the ground. The man helped him up and said "Sorry about that."

Grumpy got up and said "Who are you anyways?"

The man chuckled and said "Call me Bob." And he stuck out a hand which Grumpy shook.

Bob then said "Well, I best be going." And Bob left Grumpy then went into the kitchen and saw a few bits of food. He grabbed an apple and took a bite before closing the door. He then sat down on the couch and turned on his T.V. and watched some news channel.

After a few minutes he got bored and went outside and noticed a few clouds were rolling in and he said "Looks like rain."

Before he saw there was a cowboy hat and some overalls. He shrugged and put them on quickly and went out to his barn. He opened the door and looked around before nearly tripping over a small log. He picked it up and climbed up the ladder to the loft and checking the ceiling. He then climbed down.

Soon he found himself wondering around the entire ranch, when he spotted a large pen and he climbed on to the bars and looked around. He noticed the gate was open so he hopped down went over and closed it. Suddenly he heard a truck back fire and he turned to see Bob in a truck saying "Sorry. I got some hay for yay."

Then he opened his truck door and hopped out. Before opening the back door and grabbing two hay bales and saying "Just put them in your barn I got some cattle on the way from the next town over."

Grumpy nodded and grabbed one hay bale but it was too heavy for him and he fell back words and into a mud puddle. He groaned and said "These things always seem to happen to me."

Before he got up and picked up the hay bail. Then he carried it into to his barn then made a few more trips till all the hay was unloaded and Bob said "See yay tomorrow." Then he drove away.

Grumpy waved goodbye when he looked at his hand he saw he was wearing a ring and he took it off and looked at it he turned it and said "What the?"

Before he was about to throw it when he looked at it for a minute then slid it back onto his finger...

Shreeky was at No Heart's castle cleaning the pie remains when Beastly said "Shreeky? What did you put in that potion?"

Shreeky looked at him and said "None of your business! Now keep cleaning!"

Beastly groaned and continued to sweep the scattered pie crumbs. When he turned and said "I mean, the brain washing was expected but why did that Care Bear loose his memory?"

Shreeky groaned and said "Because that how I planned it fur ball!"

Beastly shrugged and said "Why?"

Shreeky groaned and snapped her broom in half and said "So! That those Care Bears are distracted trying to repair their precious family long enough for me take back my mirror!"

Beastly nodded and said "Ooh, so it will wear off?"

Shreeky laughed and said "Maybe. Maybe not. All I know is there is only one cure for it and that's the 'warming' of a caring Heart. Yuck!"

Beastly and Shreeky started laughing and Shreeky said "What are laughing at! Get back to work before I..."

And she took a deep breath and Beastly said "No! Please! Don't shriek!"

Shreeky laughed and said "Shriek." Then started laughing.

After they finished sweeping Beastly said "But how are we gonna get the mirror though Shreeky?"

Shreeky grabbed his collar and said "Simple! We just break into that Care Bear Cousins home and take something he had then get it in an exchange."

Beastly nodded and said "Ooh, but how do we know we are gonna get something he hold of value?"

Shreeky sighed and opened her Palm then an apple appeared and she took a bite of it and said "We'll find something. Now g-"

when suddenly she heard someone say "Shreeky!"

Shreeky turned around to see Bright Heart, Tenderheart and Brave Heart standing there. She crossed her arms and said "You in the wrong place Care Bears."

Bright Heart held up the decoy mirror and said "You looking for this."

Shreeky growled and said "Hey! give me that!"

Bright Heart waved his hand and said "Not uh ah."

Shreeky groaned and Tenderheart said "We want something I return."

Shreeky sat down and said "What?"

Brave Heart stepped forward and said "What did you give Grumpy."

Shreeky sighed and said "Oh come one. He's gone you stupid Care Bears!"

Brave Heart growled and went to charge her.

But Tenderheart grabbed him and said "No."

Brave Heart groaned and Tenderheart said "I know can tell you know the answer to the question Shreeky. Now what is the cure!"

Beastly snuck his head from behind a stone and watched. Shreeky chuckled and said "Now, of all the things you could want from me why that?"

Bright Heart said "He's family and you don't abandon your family, ever."

Shreeky gritted her teeth and said "Alright, but I want my mirror first."

Bright Heart shook his head and said "No."

Shreeky sighed and said "Alright, I have your Care Bear friend a small dose of ooh what's it called hmmmm, oh yeah. Bucklasy."

Bright Heart crossed his arms and said "What's the cure?"

Shreeky laughed and said "As I recall, that wasn't your question."

Brave Heart said "Just tell us."

Shreeky shook her head and said "Nope."

Tenderheart said "What will it take for you to tell us."

Shreeky sighed and said "Give me my mirror."

Bright Heart sighed and threw Shreeky the mirror and Shreeky caught it...

Swift Heart and Cheer were talking in Swift Heart's living room. Swift Heart looked at Cheer and said "Thanks Cheer, I really didn't want to be alone. But I feel like I'm dragging you down."

Cheer shrugged and said "Can't ever really bring me down I'm Cheer bear always cheery."

Swift Heart smiled and said "You know you can go home right?"

Cheer looked at her and said "Are you sure?"

Swift Heart nodded and said "Yes, I'll be...okay."

Cheer nodded and got up and said "Just call if you need anything." Before she walked out.Swift Heart sighed, she didn't need to make her feel miserable too. She took a sip of her tea and looked out her window before rubbing her belly. She swallowed and walked back to the couch and grabbed a photo of her and Grumpy. She smiled at how happy he seemed, despite the fact he was Grumpy he always was happy with her.

She started to cry a little and looked at her ring again. Grumpy wasn't a bad guy just usually not the cheesiest fun loving Care Bear. But there was always that side of him that showed he cared while also letting people know it's okay to feel down; you're not alone. She started to cry on the actual picture but soon put it down before she ruined it.

She got up and turned on her T.V. and did a little channel surfing before ending on the news. She rubbed her red eyes and listened as some reporter talked about some low story.

It wasn't long before she suddenly got a craving for carrots. So she got up and grabbed a few before sitting back down and eating them. She ended up changing the channel till she was watching an older movie.

She had always preferred them over the newer ones, they were much better written and less dramatic for her taste.

She then got up and made some popcorn and started watching the tv again, when she felt her phone buzz (Before you continue please note they are texting that's why it's such awful looking writing i figured it's self explanatory but eh.) she looked at it to see it was Harmony with a "R u ok?"

Swift Heart smiled and tested back "I could be worse..."

It wasn't long before Harmony texted back "Aw I'm sorry this was pretty lame day :/"

Swift Heart chuckled and said "Tell me about it. Lol."

Swift Heart finished another carrot when Harmony texted her "Want me 2 come over?"

Swift Heart texted her back "Nah, I am just gonna go 2 bed."

Before eating another carrot and Harmony texting her "Ok, night."

Swift Heart closed her phone and then turned off her T.V. before going into the bed room and crawling into bed and sleeping...

Wish bear didn't take long to get back to Take Care's house. She opened the door and an excited Dreams bear jumped up off the couch and gave her a hug while saying "Mommy! You're back!" before Wish bear was even in the house.

Wish bear smiled while returning the hug and said "Well, someone's feeling better."

Dreams bear smiled and said "My tummy doesn't hurt anymore."

Wish bear laughed and said "That's great buddy, say where's Take Care?"

Dreams bear pointed to the kitchen. Which Wish bear walked in to see Take Care cleaning up something and she said "Oh you're back, that was fast."

Wish bear nodded and said "Yeah, Dreams bear why don't you go play outside for a little bit? Me and Take Care gotta talk alone."

And Dreams bear said "Okay mommy." And Wish bear set him down and he ran off.

Take Care looked at her and said "Something wrong Wish?"

Wish bear sighed and said "Grumpy's gone."

Take Care looked at her and said "Gone? What do you mean gone?"

Wish bear sighed and said "He left, like moved away."

Take Care sighed and said "Really? How's Swift Heart? Taking it?"

Wish bear said "She's okay, sort of. Not at all she is distraught."

Take Care nodded and said "Man, heavy."

Wish bear nodded and said "Tell me about it. So how was Dreams bear while his mother was away?"

Take Care nodded and said "He was good, after he ate you could see the color return to his face, I don't get it, normally it takes a while before someone recovers from something like the flu but he just... bounced back out of nowhere."

Wish bear smiled and said "He's a tough little guy I'll give him that."

Take Care said "He should be fine to take home now. I thought he still need examination be he seems healthy. Just call if he gets sick again and I'll be right there."

Wish bear nodded and said "Thanks, and I will."

And she walked out and said "Dreams bear! Come on its time to head home."

Dreams bear came running in covered in mud and said "Okay!"

Wish bear sighed and picked him up and said "And apparently another bath."

Dreams bear shrugged and said "Sowrry."

Wish bear rolled her eye and tickled his stomach before Wish bear carried him out and into her cloud car and drove the two of them home...

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