Trick or treat? You mean Hugs or Kisses!

Reverse, reverse

Shreeky had caught the decoy mirror. She said "Ah, now give me the real one."

Brave Heart said "What do you mean that is the real one!"

Shreeky rolled her eyes and said "Oh for goodness sake you don't think I can tell the difference?"

Brave Heart growled but Tenderheart said "Tell us how to change Grumpy back."

Shreeky sighed and said "Alright fine! It takes one's love to reverse one's hate."

Brave Heart said "What does that mean?"

Shreeky laughed and said "Figure it out."

Before Bright Heart pulled out the real mirror and said "A deal's a deal." And he threw her, her mirror.

Shreeky caught it and said "Aww my baby!" And she started kissing her mirror and said "Did you miss me? Aww your warm."

Tenderheart tapped Brave Heart and Bright Heart's shoulders and the trio left. It wasn't long before they were back in Care-a-lot and Brave Heart said "So how do we get Grumpy back?"

Tenderheart shrugged and said "We figure out Shreeky's riddle."

Bright Heart was already trying to decipher her riddle and he said "But it could mean many things Tenderheart."

Tenderheart said "Well, what's the best you got?"

Bright Heart though on it and said "Well, the simplest is that it would take a Care Bear stare to bring him back but that already didn't work."

Brave Heart thought as they made their way to the Hall of Hearts and he said "Could it mean we need to reteach him how to care?"

Tenderheart shook his head and said "But that's not getting Grumpy back. That's just getting a new person in a Grumpy costume."

Bright Heart nodded and said "What about jogging his memory?"

Brave Heart looked at him and says "Explain."

Bright Heart stood up and said "Well, if someone forgets something normally they try to retrace their steps right?"

They both nodded and Bright Heart said "So, we do the same thing with Grumpy, but we got to figure out what will regain his memory."

Tenderheart thought and said "I'm not sure but is Swift Heart a valid option?"

Bright Heart looked at him and said "What do you mean?"

Tenderheart then said "Well, it takes one's love to break one's hate. Swift Heart loves Grumpy and he loves her and together they could shrink away Shreeky's hate."

Brave Heart countered though with "But didn't Swift Heart and Grumpy already talk? And he still didn't know anything?"

Tenderheart shook his head and said "She talked with a broken heart not a caring, loving one."

Bright Heart nodded and said "That's true, but how do we mend a broken heart when the only one who can fix it is the one who broke it?"

Tenderheart thought but Brave Heart said "Do we let her know?"

Tenderheart shook his head and said "No then the love will be fake and not sincere. If it's not sincere it won't work."

Bright Heart then said "Well, why don't we try and make her repair her own heart?"

Tenderheart looked at him and said "And how do you propose we do that?"

Bright Heart thought and said "I don't know."

Brave Heart shrugged and said "Me neither, I mean we could always try to cheer her up but I don't know how."

Tenderheart thought on it and said "What about Care-a-lot's birthday?"

Brave Heart looked at him and said "What about it Tenderheart?"

Tenderheart sighed and said "Well, if I've learned one thing it's that if we want to cheer everyone up we need an extrapolating party so why not target it toward Swift Heart?"

Brave Heart nodded and said "Yeah, but only Grumpy really knew what she truly loved." Yawning he said "I say it's time we all got some rest though."

Tenderheart yawned too and said "Agreed." And they all went off home...

A few hours later...

Swift Heart was still sleeping when she started to have a nice warming dream. She and Grumpy were on the beach running with no shoes on while she held his hand as he seemed to have a smile on his face. When suddenly a dark sky moved in and Swift Heart held on to Grumpy but suddenly the Earth below them cracked open and Grumpy fell into the crevice, Swift Heart jumped awake. "Just a nightmare."

And she rubbed her eyes and looked at the empty spot right next to her and sighed. She then got out of bed and went to her kitchens and checked the time. She moaned "Three A.M."

She then poured a glass of water and took a large gulp before setting the cup down and she said "I wonder if we got any peanut butter."

And she checked a cabinet and said "Oh yeah!" And grabbed a jar of smooth peanut butter.

She didn't know why she was craving it right now but she just grabbed some and started eating it.

She looked at a photo of her and Grumpy. They had taken this one on their honeymoon. They were both smiling, that had been the best day of the whole vacation. She sighed and looked out her window and began to sing a song to herself.

"I don't know, where you're going or when you're coming home. I left the keys under the mat to our front door. For one more chance to hold you close I don't know, where you're going, just get yourself back home"

At his house Grumpy couldn't sleep either and found himself staring into the sky and got the sudden urge to sing as well.

"We both knew this type of life didn't come with instructions, so I'm trying to do my best to make something out of nothing, and sometimes it gets downright cruddy in fact, when you call and I don't even know what city I'm at, or what day of the week in the middle of the month In a year I don't recall, It's like my life's on repeat and the last time we spoke I told you I wouldn't be long, That was last November, now December's almost goneI'd apologize but I don't realize what I'm doing wrong."

Swift Heart looked at the moon before singing a little louder and bringing her ring to her chest.

"I don't knoooow, where you're going or when you're coming hoooome, I left the keys under the mat to our front dooooor, for one more chance to hold you close I don't know, where you're going, just get yourself back home

Grumpy also looked at the moon and sang.

"No one hold me down like you do sweetheart You keep doing that, I keep doing this We'll be alright in the end Trust that We put the us in trust, baby Aww, let's go."

Swift Heart: "I don't care what you're after As long as I'm the one, noI don't care why you're leaving You'll miss me when you're gone! I don't know, where you're going, or when you're coming hoooome, I left the keys under the mat to our front door, for one more chance to hold you close I don't knooooow, where you're going Just get yourself back home."

Swift Heart sighed and took a deep breath to regain herself. Once she did she walked away from the window put the peanut butter away and went back to bed...

The next day...

Grumpy had woken up early or more likely never went to sleep, but he got dressed in his cowboy stereotype outfit, with his overalls and plaid shirt, and went outside. He spotted Bob reigning in a few cattle into the pen and Grumpy said "Hey Bob!"

Bob waved with his hat and said "Well, howdy! There yeah go, keep'em fed and well nurtured and then I'll pick them up in a few days."

Grumpy nodded and said "Sounds fine."

Bob turned to leave and said "You know there's gonna be a little party in town later everyone is coming around. You should join us."

Grumpy shrugged it might be fun. "Alright I'll be there, what time."

Bob checked his watch and said "Around three till, oh who knows we love long parties."

Grumpy nodded and said "Alright. See yeah later Bob." And Bob hopped in his car and drove off.

Grumpy looked at his new cattle. He knew that they were being raised to be slaughtered but he wanted to give them the most before that ever happened. He hopped off his fence and grabbed some feed that Bob had also brought and gave it to his cattle, after a few tries. He checked the time and realized it was about eleven he grabbed a small water and sat on his porch to watch his cattle.

After a few moments he sighed and got up and went into his barn and grabbed a small hoe and walking out to a small patch of dirt and struck the ground. He was going to make a garden so that he had something to do. As he moved away the soil he started to think about that rabbit...what was her name...Swift Heart? He wasn't sure why but she was stuck on his mind, he looked at the ring on his finger, why couldn't he have just thrown the darn thing? He sighed and continued to clear away the dirt when he started to hum a small beat.

It wasn't long before he had small rows and he went back into his barn and found some fence, he was skeptical as to why there was so much in this barn, but he let it go. It was probably that Bob character he was something, normally Grumpy wouldn't mind but he was very suspicious about him something just rubbed him the wrong way. He set up the fence nearly as quickly and then grabbed a few seeds of various kinds and put them in at random points before watering them. He sighed and went back to his porch and checked the time, noon. He sighed and tried to think of something else to do...

Wish bear had been woken up early by Dreams bear who was rather excited to go outside that day. After she got up she gave him breakfast got dressed and dropped him off at Grams before heading to her tower and watching over Earth to see if anyone needed caring. Surprisingly despite recent events in Care-a-lot Earth couldn't have been happier she looked through the star-o-scope and at first didn't see anything but suddenly she spotted a little girl walking with some book suddenly is stopped by a little boy on a bike who grabbed her book and then ran off. She shouted "Hey!"

Wish bear bit her thumb and said "Oh dear,"

And she went over to her radio only to find that it wasn't working she hit it but nothing, she groaned before jumping into her cloud car and driving off to find someone. Even a few minutes later she didn't find anyone. She shook her head before she spotted Swift Heart.

She bit her lip and said "It's worth a try."

And she landed her cloud car quickly before shouting "Swift Heart!"

And started running but soon she tripped over a small cloud and said "Oof!"

Swift Heart ran over and said "Wish bear you okay?"

Wish bear nodded and said "Yeah, yeah I'm okay, but I need a favor."

Swift Heart looked at her and said "What do you need?"

Wish bear then said "There's a little girl on Earth and the radio is busted again could you handle it?"

Swift Heart nodded and said "I could try."

And she then conjured up a cloud car and hopped in before saying "I'll see what I can do." And she then drove off.

Wish bear quickly hopped I'm her own cloud car and drove back to the tower and looked through the star-o-scope to see if the girl was still there. Fortunately she was she looked around for Swift Heart who was closing in and Wish bear went to check her radio to see what the problem was but as soon as she turned it on it immediately started working and Wish bear said "What?"

But she shrugged and said "Hello? Is anyone available?"

Brave Heart radioed in and said "Rrright and ready Wish bear."

Wish bear looked through the star-o-scope and saw that Swift Heart was already talking to the girl and she seemed to be smiling and Wish bear said "Never mind Brave Heart, false alarm."

Brave Heart radioed back and said "Alright, just call if you need something."

Wish bear smiled and then radioed Tenderheart "Come in Tenderheart."

Tenderheart radioed back and said "Yeah?"

Wish bear sighed and said "I need a favor..."

Dreams bear, Hugs, and Tugs had all decided to try and find something to play but we're stuck. Somehow they had found their way to Proud Heart and Loyal's back yard and we're trying to come up with ideas. They had already done a fair share of hide and seek, leap frog, and a whole bunch of other games. But now there was nothing left to do. They all sat around and sighed before Tugs said "So, what do you guys wanna do?"

Hugs and Dreams bear shrugged and Hugs said "I don't know Tugs, I mean we could always try and find someone else to play a game with us?"

Tugs shrugged and said "Nah. Let's face it we're bored."

Dreams bear sighed then said "I know, why not play capture the flag?"

Tugs and Hugs shrugged and said "Okay, but what do we use for flags?" Dreams bear thought and looked around.

When he spotted some flowers and said "Hey! Why not these?"

Hugs shook her head and said "Oh no Dreams bear!"

Tugs grabbed his arm and said "Stop!"

Dreams bear turned around and said "Why?"

Tugs sighed and said "Those are Proud Heart's flowers, and she doesn't let anyone touch them, ever!"

Dreams bear looked at and said "Who's gonna know?"

Hugs crossed her arms and said "Proud Heart will she has the eyes of a hawk!" And she started looking around in a mocking fashion.

Dreams bear looked and said "Oh come on, she can't be that serious can she?"

Tugs shook his head and said "Its not seriousness Dreams bear its pride. Proud Heart is very proud of her garden and doesn't want anyone to mess with it or she get really mad."

Hugs stopped looking around and said "Yeah, she might tell Grams, and then we might get into real trouble."

Dreams bear thought for a moment and said "Well, what else can we use?"

Hugs and Tugs thought and then shrugged and Dreams bear said "Come on! It's just three I'm sure she'll barely notice."

Tugs and Hugs made eye contact but just shrugged and said "Okay, it's worth a shot."

Dreams bear nodded and picked three flours from the center. When suddenly they heard humming noises and saw Proud Heart rubbing her belly, actually walking their way!

Dreams bear looked at them and said "Hide!"

And the three ducked behind a bush as Proud hear began to check on her flowers. Dreams bear watched as Proud Heart had a smile on her face when suddenly her smile faded and she said "Oh no! My flowers!"

And she began to look at the spot where her flower had been pulled away. She started to nurse the soil back but she noticed little paw prints and turned around and said "Alright. Who's out there and who ruined my purrrfect little garden?"

All three cubs remained silent as Proud Heart looked around.

She then shook her head and went back to her flowers long enough for Dreams, Hugs, and Tugs to slip away...

Song: Get your a** back home by Gym Class Heros, I did change the lyrics to make it cleaner and I did remove a section of the song.

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