Trick or treat? You mean Hugs or Kisses!


Dreams bear, Hugs, and Tugs were playing their little capture the flag game quite a ways away from Proud Heart's garden. Dreams bear felt extreme remorse, but what could he do? Proud Heart would be furious and Wish bear might even get mad at him.

He even dragged Hugs and Tugs into this. He managed to grab Tugs flower and was running back to his flag while Tugs was hot on his trail. He jumped to try and cross the line but Tugs had managed to tag his foot and Dreams bear got up and said "Alright, here's your flag." And he tossed Tugs his flower back.

Just then Hugs ran in between the two and grabbed Tugs flower before running behind Dreams bear and grabbing his flower. The two set after her but she was faster than they gave her credit for and she soon was over to her flower and said "I win! I win!"

Tugs and Dreams bear both groaned and said "Whatever."

Hugs started doing a little victory dance and the two rolled their eyes when suddenly they heard someone cough, and it was a voice they recognized. Dreams bear look at Tugs who gulped and turned around to see Proud Heart standing there tapping her foot and saying "So, it was you three who disturbed my garden."

Hugs snuck behind the two boys and Dreams bear began to explain, sort of "A..a.a.a.a..."

Proud Heart smiled and said "What's the matter cat got your tounge."

Dreams bear's mouth shut and Tugs tried to say something "Ahhh."

Proud Heart looked at him and he too closed his mouth and Proud Heart said "Well, I suppose if you won't tell me I could always call Grams to get an answer."

All three cubs grabbed hold of her feet and exclaimed "No!"

Dreams bear looked at her and said "It was me!"

Proud Heart raised an eyebrow and said "Oh?"

Dreams bear nodded and said "I'm sowy."

Proud Heart's motherly instincts kicked in and she said "Well, I suppose I could look the other way, but only if you promise me you'll never do this again."

Dreams bear nodded up and down so fast Proud Heart almost thought his head was gonna fall off and she said "Now, continue with your game. But next time just ask, you'd be surprised at what someone will let you do even if it's something personal to them."

All three nodded and Proud Heart walked away placing a hand on her belly. Hugs, Tugs, and Dreams bear all looked at each other and Tugs said "Thanks for protecting us Dreams bear."

Dreams bear waved his hands and said "It was mostly my fault anyway."

Hugs gave him a hug and said "Oh, you're so brave."

Tugs felt his jealousy grow again but he held his tongue.

Dreams bear dusted himself off and said "Let's go continue our game!" And the three cubs ran off...

Tenderheart had met up with Wish bear who said to him "Ah Tenderheart, your here! Listen, I hate to be a bother but can you maybe give Dreams bear his tummy symbol today?"

Tenderheart nodded and said "Of course Wish, whatever you need."

Wish bear clapped her hands and said "Oh thanks a million."

Tenderheart waved his hand and said "Not a problem. Anything else?"

Wish bear shook her head and said "Nah, say have you seen Proud Heart lately?"

Tenderheart shook his head and said "No, she's probably not feeling well I'm sure we'll see her around soon though."

Wish bear nodded and Tenderheart drive off. She sighed and looked through her star-o-scope but sighed "Nothing."

She leaned back and opened a soda she had kept nearby and took a sip.

As she waited she suddenly heard the door opened and turned to see Funshine who said "Hi yeah Wish bear!"

Wish bear waved and said "Hi, what's up?"

Funshine stretched and said "Nothing, I'm just bored out of my skull!"

Wish bear laughed and said "Not much excitement going on here."

Funshine sat down on a small stool and said "You know, we could always rotate shifts, that way it's a little more fun?"

Wish bear shrugged and said "I suppose, so you get to look first then in a little while then I'll look?"

Funshine nodded and Wish bear said "Alright."

Before she sat down while Funshine got up and looked through the star-o-scope. They shifted roles a few times before Funshine said "Well, this didn't help."

Wish bear laughed and said "Its hard to have fun when no one is causing trouble on Earth."

Funshine sighed and said "So, how is little Dreams bear?"

Wish bear laughed and said "Well, he's better. Hopefully not getting into too much trouble right about now."

Funshine laughed and said "I didn't teach him any tricks."

Wish bear rolled her eyes and said "Hmm, I tell yeah."

Before she peeked through the star-o-scope and Funshine said "Soo, got any big plans coming up?"

Wish bear shook her head and said "Nothing too interesting, Dreams bear's getting his tummy symbol and that's about it."

Funshine chuckled and said "Right, well that's got to be interesting right I mean finally something non dangerous and or harmful but fun!"

Wish bear rolled her eyes and said "Right, I wonder what's gonna be his symbol."

Funshine shrugged and said "My guess? A mix between yours and Bedtime's."

Wish bear laughed and said "Yeah, but I want I to be unique too like, with clouds and colors not just a simple copy and paste thing."

Funshine shrugged and said "Whatever it is I'm sure he'll love it."

And she switched spots with Wish bear...

Tenderheart woke up that morning ready for action. Soon after leaving home however he got the call from Wish bear. He hopped in his cloud car and made his way to the Hall of Hearts, once there he went into their little radio tower and found Wish and Funshine talking. Tenderheart sighed and said "What's up?"

Wish bear looked at him and smiled before saying "Tenderheart, thanks for coming. Um you know how Dreams bear been living in Care-a-lot for a little while?"

Tenderheart nodded said "Yeah? What of it?"

Wish bear looked at Funshine who said "Aaa, oh look a butterfly!"

Before she ran out of the radio tower. Wish bear sighed and said "Basically I was wondering if you could give him his tummy symbol?"

Tenderheart was baffled, of course he would! Why was she asking like it was some sort of big deal? "Of course Wish bear, why are you so nervous?"

Wish bear started playing with her hands and said "Grams, thinks she may have found his mother, and I don't want to 'brand him."

Tenderheart nodded and said "Don't worry Wish bear I'm sure he'll be okay, come on I can do it right now."

Wish bear nodded and said "He should be with Hugs and Tugs playing off somewhere."

Tenderheart nodded and conjured up a cloud car before hopping in and saying "Onward?"

Wish bear chuckled and hopped in. It wasn't long before they found the three cubs playing their game and Tenderheart landed the car and hopped out Wish bear also jumped out and called out "Dreams bear!"

Dreams bear stopped playing and turned and said "Mommy!" And ran over and gave Wish bear a hug.

Wish bear hugged him back and said "Hi buddy, how are you?"

Dreams bear smiled and said "I'm okay, why are you here doe?"

Wish bear looked at Tenderheart who nodded and she said "Well, I decided it was time you got your tummy symbol."

Hugs and Tugs looked at each other and started whispering Dreams bear looked at her and said "Yay!"

Tenderheart smiled and said "Alright Dreams bear can close your eyes for me?"

Dreams bear stood up and nodded before closing his eyes and Tenderheart's tummy symbol glowed and a Heart shot out and circled around Dreams bear's stomach giving him his symbol before returning to Tenderheart. Tenderheart laughed and said "Okay, open your eyes."

Dreams bear opened his eyes and looked at his belly before cheering at the picture of a Heart with a thought bubble surrounding a star. Wish bear smiled, it was perfect for him. He gave Tenderheart a hug saying "Thank you!"

Causing him to blush a little and say "No problem, now if you'll excuse me I have a meeting I need to get to."

And he hopped back into his cloud car and said "You coming Wish bear?"

Wish bear nodded and said "Be right there."

She knelt down and Dreams bear a kiss on the cheek before running off saying "Behave!"

And she hopped back into the cloud car and Tenderheart drove off...

Brave Heart woke up bright and early that day and had been occupying himself with patrol when he remembered that Tenderheart, Bright Heart and him were supposed to meet at the Hall of Hearts he drove his cloud car back to Care-a-lot where he parked it outside before running inside. Once inside he found Bright Heart fiddling with his caring beeper, Bright Heart looked up and said "Ah, Brave Heart. I've been doing some calculations and I think I have a solution as to getting Grumpy's memory back without Cheer."

Brave Heart waved his hand and said "That's great Bright Heart but we gotta wait for Tenderheart first."

Just then Tenderheart said "We don't have to wait long."

Brave Heart turned and said "Alright what's your idea Bright Heart?"

Bright pressed a few buttons and said "According to my calculations all we have to do is get Swift Heart to talk to Grumpy, while looking him right in the eye."

Brave Heart shook his head and said "Didn't we already try that?"

Bright Heart shook his head and said "Sort of Brave Heart you see past time Swift Heart wasn't making eye contact with Grumpy therefore unable to break the spell, the only issue is we don't know where Grumpy is or what state of mind he's in."

Tenderheart shrugged and said "Well, we're not gonna find him sitting around here are we?"

And he got up and started leaving when Brave Heart said "Where are we going?"

Tenderheart chuckled and said "To find Grumpy, Bright Heart you go get Swift Heart while Brave Heart and I go."

Bright Heart nodded and left the Hall of Hearts. Brave Heart looked at Tenderheart and said "How are we gonna find Grumpy Tenderheart?"

Tenderheart opened the Hall of Hearts door and said "By looking through the star-o-scope."

Brave Heart nodded and said "I knew that." And the two of them left the Hall of Hearts.

It wasn't long for them to get to the tower and Wish bear let them use the star-o-scope. As Tenderheart looked through Brave Heart impatiently was jumping up and down saying "You find him yet?"

Tenderheart turned to him and said "Be patient Brave Heart."

Brave Heart just growled and leaned back. Tenderheart turned the star-o-scope searching for Grumpy to no avail, when suddenly he spotted Grumpy walking down a dirt road dripping wet "Ah ha!"

Tenderheart exclaimed and said "There he is."

Brave Heart shot up and said "Let me see!"

And he pushed Tenderheart aside as he looked through and watched Grumpy walking while he whistled some tune. Brave hear looked up and said "Let's go!"

Tenderheart however grabbed his tail and said "Hold it Brave Heart! We can't go without Swift Heart."

Brave Heart crossed his arms and said "Oh, but we might lose him!"

Wish bear, who had walked over to the star-o-scope said "Oh, I don't think so Brave Heart."

Tenderheart walked over and watched as Grumpy went into his home and locked the door...

Bright Heart didn't need to go far to find Swift Heart, who was landing her cloud car as he walked by. He went up to her and said "Hey! Swift Heart!"

Swift Heart turned and looked before she said "What is it Bright Heart?"

Bright Heart, out of breath said "We...think...we...found a...way to...get Grumpy...back."

Swift Heart felt her Heart rise and sink almost instantly. "How so?"

Bright Heart exhaled and said "We need you to talk to him with a loving Heart."

Swift Heart raised an eyebrow and said "What do you mean by that?"

Bright Heart stood straight up and said "Turns out only a loving Heart can reverse Shreeky's spell and well, since you two are married."

Swift Heart nodded and said "Okay, but where is he?"

Bright Heart thought about it and said "Well, to be perfectly honest I don't know, but I'm sure that Tenderheart and Brave Heart have found him by now!"

Swift Heart sighed and said "I don't know." And she began to walk away.

Bright Heart felt bad and jogged beside her and said "Aww come on Swift Heart, don't you want to try?"

Swift Heart put a hand on her stomach and said "Alright, let's give it a shot."

Bright hear clapped his hands and said "That's the spirit let's go, Tenderheart and Brave Heart will be waiting!" And he took her hand and the two began running towards the Hall of Hearts.

It took them a little while to get there, but before they entered Brave Heart called "Hey! Up here!"

And they looked up to see him waving out of the tower when he leaned in too far and started falling out "Woah, woah, Woah!"

And he fell out of the tower into a small price or of clouds and he said "Well, that was an adventure."

Once his head stopped spinning Brave Heart said "Ah, Swift Heart your here!"

Swift Heart rolled her eyes and said "And your down here."

Brave Heart stood up and said "Yeah, anyways we found Grumpy!"

Swift Heart nodded and said "Well, where is he?"

Brave Heart was rubbing his head and he said "We don't know what it's called but it's hard to miss. Come on!"

And he waved them along as they re-entered the star-o-scope tower. Tenderheart was talking to Wish bear when they walked back in and he said "Ah Swift Heart! How are you?"

Swift Heart waved and said "I'm okay, but I'll be better if Grumpy comes back home."

Tenderheart nodded and said "Well, then let's go."

And they all left the tower and they all hopped into one cloud car...

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