Trick or treat? You mean Hugs or Kisses!

The Plan in Motion

Grumpy was talking really fast to Swift Heart when she asked him "Hey Grumpy?"

He stopped saying what he was saying and asked "Yeah?"

She sighed and said "Slow down I can't understand a word your saying."

He blushed and said "Sorry, sorry I was just saying that I'm not sure I can get the thing to work I mean all the wires are mixed and heh it's pretty rusty."

She smiled and said "It'll be fine you can do it."

Grumpy shook his head and said "I don't know… what if I screw it up?"

She grabbed his hand and said "Don't think like that. Think about how much everyone would appreciate it if you're successful."He nodded and said "I guess you're right."

She gave him a smile of confidence and said "Of course I am." And gave him a kiss.

Grumpy nodded and said "Well, I best get back to work!" And ran off before catching himself and slowing to a casual walk as Swift Heart shook her head.

Once back inside in the room he rolled under the Rainbow Rescue Beam and moved some of the wires around until they seemed to be in place he sighed and slid out and wiped some sweat off his fore head before heading Playful Heart laughing and saying "I got the oil Grumpy!"

Before throwing it to Grumpy who wasn't ready and the can landed on his head and began to drop down he wiped some from his eyes and crossed his arms saying "Gee thanks a lot Playful Heart."

Playful Heart giggled and said "Sorry Grumpy, fortunately I brought extra!"

Grumpy rolled his eyes and began to clean up his head before saying "Oh just hand me the can." And Playful Heart gently handed him the can before relaxing and saying "Well Grumpy?"

Grumpy fidgeted with something's before saying "I think that could do it." Before sliding out and brushing himself off.

Playful laughed and said "Well give it a test!"

Grumpy nodded and pushed a few of the buttons and the machine brightened up and the gem at the top of the area shined Grumpy crossed his fingers and waited. After a second a rainbow shined down and suddenly Tugs and Hugs appeared dazed and confused. Grumpy cheered and said "Yes!"

Hugs shook his head and said "How'd we get in here?"

Grumpy was pushing some buttons but said "Sorry Hugs and Tugs but I had to test the machine."

They shrugged and hoped down to his side and watched him work. He brought up a screen and said "Alright come on we gotta tell the others."

And ran off with Playful and Hugs right behind him but Tugs fell behind and looked at the machine and was about to hit a button when Grumpy said "Come on!" And Tugs snapped back to reality and ran off to follow.

As they joined the others in the meeting area Grumpy, for once, was really excited and said "It's working! It's working!"

Tenderheart stood up and said "Really?"

Grumpy nodded and said "We're all ready to go!"

Tenderheart nodded and said "Well, let's get to it!" And they all ran off to their respected vehicles...

Bright Heart was getting rather bored and was trying to distract himself any making a ball and bouncing it against a wall for a couple minutes when he got an idea. He jumped up and took a deep breath before contouring up a small hammer. He nodded and said "Less subtle but hey" and he walked over to the door and hit up the hinge before catching the small nail and watching the door lean a little.

He took a deep breath before hitting the next one and catching that and he watched the door fall down triggering the net which fell on the door allowing him to run as he heard some footsteps.

Once he cleared a corner he took a deep breath and said "Phew." And wiped away some sweat.

He got low and started sneaking but he saw some shadows and stopped and ducked down. Soon they left and he continued on his way. After a few minutes he found a door and looked through the key hole and it seemed empty so he slowly made his way inside and lurked in the shadows. Suddenly out of nowhere No Heart appeared and he was furious "Shreeky!"

Shreeky peeked around the corner and said "Um... yes Uncle?"

No Heart chuckled sarcastically and said "Come in here."

She nodded and walked in and said "Everything terrible?"

He seemed to smile before turning around and yelling "That bear or whatever has escaped! Go find him!"

She nodded and said "Y...yes uncle." And she ran off.

Bright Heart sighed and continued to make his way around the giant castle. As he walked around he couldn't seemed to find an exit. As he rounded a corner he saw a few shadows and slid down low as they passed over him. He sighed and said "That's gotta be my exit." And he began running down the hallway just to be tripped by a trip wire and another net fell on him.

He struggled when Beastly came out chuckling saying "I got him! I got him!"

Shreeky suddenly came running down the hall and said "Huh looks like you can do something right fur ball!"

Beastly bit his lip and said "What now Shreeky?"

Shreeky thought for a moment then said "Let's take him to uncle No Heart."

Beastly nodded and began to drag Bright Heart back to No Heart's thunder pit. As Bright Heart struggled they walked inside with Shreeky having a wide grin and saying "Uncle No Heart!"

No Heart turned around and said "Ah Shreeky! I see you found our...guest."

Shreeky laughed and said "Yup and it was all me."

Beastly looked at her and said "Hey but I..."

She suddenly put her hand on his mouth and said "Never mind him."

No Heart laughed and said "That's my girl."

Before rubbing her head and saying "Well, it's time we got this new potion under way huh?"

Shreeky nodded and said "Of course uncle No Heart." And she folded her hands into an evil pyramid before watching him pick up a vile and say a few foreign magic words and dropping it inside the cauldron.

As some red mist appeared the room suddenly got darker and he said "Arise! Arise!" And raised his hands and the cloud shot up before circling and forming a the shape of a person.

Then the mist disappeared and stood a red headed woman wearing a sparkling red dress and she said "Hello." Bright Heart had stopped struggling do to the amazement.

But No Heart seemed unfazed but rather angry. "What is this!"

The woman crossed her arms and said "Well, I've been called a lot of things but for the sake of time call me Vapor."

Shreeky got a weird look and said "Vapor?"

Vapor smiled and said "Short for Vaporous."

No Heart flipped through his spell book and said "Ah blast I did the wrong spell!"

Shreeky crossed her arms and said "Who is she Uncle?"

No Heart was about to say something when Vapor said "Allow me. I am what you would call a...mixed spirit, basically on have the ability to charm anyone and everyone but I am also notorious for back stabbing if someone were to double cross me."

Shreeky looked a Beastly who was looking at her and shrugged. No Heart turned and said "You are not supposed to be her now leave."

With some thunder in the background. Vapor shook her head and said "Aren't you gonna give a little chance."

As she wrapped a hand around No Heart which made him seem to blush and he stuttered as he said "Le...Le. Leave Now!"

Vapor sighed and said "You asked for it." And she took a step back and her eyes went from normal to a bright red and she seemed to grow red wings and she grew nearly ten times her size all while making a horrible screech which made Bright Heart and the others cover their ears.

She smirked and said in a rather demonic voice "Now? Where were we?" And she picked up No Heart with her hand and said "Will you reconsider my offer?"

No Heart was stunned but said "O...okay...yes you can stay!"

She smiled and set him down before shrinking down to her normal form and she said "Great!"

Before walking over to Bright Heart and cutting him free which gave him the opportunity to run which he took.

Shreeky was about to go after him when Vapor stopped her and said "No, let him go."

No Heart was about to yell but he remembered her just a few seconds ago and said nothing. Vapor smiled and said "Well, how about you show me my room?"

No Heart was confused but he said "Of course right this way." And he nearly tripped as he walked...

As most of the Care Bears and Care Bears Cousins flew through the sky Tenderheart looked over at Brave Heart and asked "Is that radio working?"

Brave Heart flicked and button and said "Roger, Roger you there Grumpy?"

And he let go of the button, after a few seconds Grumpy on the other end said "Of course I'm here."

Brave Heart nodded and said "See."

Tenderheart rolled his eyes and said "Everything still intact Grumpy?"

After a brief silence Grumpy said "It looks like it."

Tenderheart sighed and then began to relax right before leaning forward again. Brave Heart shook his head and kept driving until something hit Tenderheart in the face Brave Heart stopped and said "You okay Tenderheart?"

Tenderheart talk was muffled then he pulled off Bright Heart's symbol and said "Yeah, well at least we know Bright Heart is okay."

Brave Heart nodded before saying "I guess we should hurry."

Tenderheart nodded and Brave Heart stepped on the gas. After a few minutes they arrived at No Heart's castle and landed behind a group of storm clouds. Once everyone was out of their vehicles they all met up and Innocent Heart said "So, everyone ready?"

Hugs and Tugs nodded as did the others and Innocent Heart said "Okay let's go." And Hugs and Tugs jumped over the cloud and began running toward the door but slowed down before they reached it.

The others watched and waited as they walked up and knocked rather loudly. After a few minutes Shreeky opened the door and said "Who..."

But she was cut off by Tugs saying "We're here to get Bright Heart Shreeky!"

Shreeky looked at them and started laughing saying "Just you two?"

Tugs and Hugs nodded and Shreeky, in a rather sarcastic voice said "Okay, just follow me."

And she turned around and walked inside and Hugs and Tugs shrugged and followed. Once they were inside the others made a run for it and Tenderheart caught the door before it closed and locked and snuck their way in. Once inside Tenderheart said "Okay, everyone split up and find Bright Heart, or Hugs and Tugs."

They all nodded and left in different directions...

Brave Heart and Innocent Heart went together down one of the hallways and Innocent said "We should probably try the dungeon or something."

Brave Heart nodded and said "I agree." And the two went down some stairs and turned around a corner.

As they looked around Innocent Heart asked Brave Heart "Hey, Brave Heart?"

Brave Heart looked at her and said "Yeah?"

She tilted her head and said "How come you guys fight No Heart?"

Brave Heart looked at her and said "Beside the fact he's bent on taking people's feelings away?"

She nodded and he shrugged "No one really know except True Heart and Noble Heart."

Innocent nodded and said "Really?"

He nodded and said "Yeah, say didn't you ask Tenderheart this?"

She nodded and said "Yes, but I'm rather ambitious about things."

He laughed and said "I can tell, wait I hear something." And the two ducked down low near the wall and watched as a distant shadow approached rather fast.

Brave Heart crouched down low and said "Stay down."

In a hushed tone then after a minute he lunged forward with an "Oof!" And tackled something.

Innocent Heart got up and saw Brave Heart pinning down Bright Heart to the floor.

She started to laugh but said "Brave Heart I think we found Bright Heart."

She said while holding a hand on her mouth. Brave Heart suddenly realized that it was Bright Heart and got up and dusted himself off before saying "Sorry, partner."

Bright Heart dusted himself off and said "That's alright I think I'll be okay." As he too stood up and dusted himself off.

Innocent Heart walked over to them and said "We should probably tell the others."

They nodded and the three took off down the hallway once they made their way out of the hallway Brave Heart said "Where do you think they'd take Hugs and Tugs?"

Bright Heart looked at them and said "You brought Hugs and Tugs here!"

Brave Heart and Innocent blushed in shame and Brave Heart said "Yeah, not our proudest moment."

Bright Heart shook his head and said "They probably took them to the thunder pit."

Both Innocent and Brave Heart nodded and Bright Heart said "Come on this way." And they took off...

Hugs and Tugs were following Shreeky while sticking close to each other. They had only been to No Heart's castle once and now it seemed a lot spooky than before. As they walked Shreeky laughed and said "Scared?"

Hugs cowarded a little but Tugs stuck his chest out and said "Not at all... Shreeky!"

She started laughing and said "You will be." And Tugs suddenly felt afraid but still kept up the image for Hug's sake.

Shreeky opened a door and said "Oh Uncle No Heart!"

No Heart was grumbling over his cauldron when he turned around and said "What!"

Shreeky smiled and said "Guess who I found?" And she stepped aside to reveal Hugs and Tugs standing side by side.

No Heart laughed and said "Good work Shreeky. Now I can 're try my experiment."

Suddenly a door opened and Vapor walked in and said "Hey, I'm No Heart right?"

No Heart's posture suddenly changed from a relaxed to a irritated state and he said "Yes, Vapor." He said with some bitterness.

Vapor just shrugged it off and said "By any chance do..."

she then noticed Hugs and Tugs and said "Who are they?"

No Heart seemed to get more angry and he said "None of your concern!"

She raised an eyebrow at him and said "Excuse me?"

He tugged at his robe and said "Nothing."

She shook her head and said "Hey, guys what are your names."

Tugs puffed his chest out again and said "I'm Tugs!" And Hugs muttered "And I'm Hugs."

Vapor kneeled and said "Those are cool names." And she let out a smile that seemed to relax the two cubs.

No Heart however said "Enough! Shreeky take them away!"

Vapor got an annoyed look on her face and she turned around and said "Take them where?"

No Heart blind with rage said "To the dungeon!"

This however upset Vapor who's eyes began to glow red and she said "I don't think so."

No Heart pointed at her and said "You don't run the show around here! I do!"

Vapor looked at Hugs and Tugs and said "You might wanna run." And the two took off...

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