Trick or treat? You mean Hugs or Kisses!


After Dreams bear got his new tummy symbol Hugs and Tugs were showing him some tricks he could do.

He was completely fascinated with the whole concept "Okay Dreams bear, just focus on me and Hugs."

Tugs said as he began to stare at the small target they had made. "Yeah! Just focus and squeeze."

Hugs said as she closed her eyes and shot a stare at the target almost missing it. Dreams bear nodded and said "Let me try."

And they stepped aside and Dreams bear stood straight up and closed his eyes before his tummy symbol started to glow and shot a beam of light at the target, hitting a bullseye.

Hugs cheered and said "Wow! Nice shot." And gave Dream bear a hug.

Tugs jaw fell open when Dreams bear got a bullseye! and he said "I could do that."

Hugs let go of Dream bear and said "Really Tugs?"

Tugs folded his arms and said "Yeah Hugs, watch."

He turned and closed his eyes and thought nice thoughts before staring, unfortunately for Tugs he missed and his stare hit a beach bounced off another shot behind him before hitting him in the bottom. "Yyooow!" He yelled as he jumped up.

Hugs got a looked of concern and said "Oh my goodness are you okay Tugs?"

Tugs was rubbing his backside and said "I'm okay Hugs." But inside his pride was hurt, Dreams bear had out stared him!

Dreams bear looked at him and said "Are you sure?"

Tugs lip shivered but he said "Yup! Come on let's go play." And he turned and wiped away a small tear that escaped his eye.

Dream bear looked at Hugs who shrugged and he asked "What are we gonna play?"

Tugs thought and said "How about follow the leader?"

Hugs nodded and said "Yay!"

Tugs nodded but was caught off guard when Hugs asked "Dreams bear do you wanna be the leader?"

Dreams bear shrugged and said "Sure, of that's okay."

Tugs' jealousy grew and he said "I wanna be the leader!"

Hugs looked at him and said "Well, Dreams bear is gonna be the leader."

Tugs had had it and said "It was my idea!"

Hugs put her hands on her hips and said "So!?"

Tugs said "So, I decide who gets to be leader!"

Hugs yelled "Do not!"

Tugs yelled back "Do too!" And they began to go back and forth.

Dreams bear took a step back and said "Guys? Hugs?"

But they just kept arguing and Dreams bear said "Come on you guys."

But yet again they ignored him and kept arguing finally Dreams bear said "Hugs, Tugs stop!"

Tugs turned to him and said "Stay out of this Dreams bear!"

Hugs poked Tugs chest and said "You can't talk to him like that!"

Tugs turned to her and said "Stop defending him!"

Dreams bear tried to intervene and said "Guys please."

Tugs however just got louder and shouted "I said Stay out of this Dreams bear!"...

Wish bear was finishing up her star-o-scope duty, as she watched Earth she checked the time and said "I should go get Dreams bear." And she left the tower and hopped into her cloud car.

It may had been only a few minutes but to her to felt like hours since she had seen him, so she was quite surprised to find him and Tugs yelling at each other. She jumped out of her car and broke them up and said "Why are you two fighting?"

Dream bear pointed to Tugs and said "He was being mean to Hugs!"

Tugs pointed at Dreams bear and said "Well, he was showing off!"

Dreams bear yelled "Was not!"

Tugs yelled back "Was too!"

And the two started to go back and forth but Wish bear said "Stop it you two." And they both crossed their arms and turned their backs on each other.

Wish bear sighed and said "Come on you two this is silly."

Tugs and Dreams bear both sighed and turned back to Wish bear, but still didn't look at each other Wish bear said "Tugs, why do you think that Dreams bear is showing off?"

Tugs groaned and said "Because he just got his tummy symbol and he acted like he was the bestest."

Dreams bear turned to him and said "Did not!"

Tugs turned to Dreams bear and said "Did too!"

Wish bear then said "Dreams bear where you showing off."

Dreams bear shook his head and said "No mommy, I just hit a bullseye and Tugs missed."

Tugs stuck his tongue out at Dreams bear and Dreams bear returned it. Wish bear rolled her eyes and said "Knock it off you two, and Tugs are you just angry that Dreams bear hit a bullseye and you didn't?"

Tugs mumbled something and Wish bear said "What?"

Tugs sighed loudly and said "Yes."

Wish bear nodded and said "Dreams bear were you trying to make Tugs feel bad?"

Dreams bear shook his head and said "No!"

Tugs, now realizing his own arrogance, said "I'm sorry Dreams bear, I lost my head."

Dreams bear rubbed the back of his head and said "Yeah, I suppose I did too."

Tugs stuck out his hand and said "Friends?"

Dreams bear shook his hand and said "Friends."

Wish bear smiled and said "That's better, come along Dreams bear we gotta go home."

Dreams bear nodded and held Wish bear's hand as the two made their way back to the cloud car. Wish bear helped him up and into the car before saying "Come on Hugs and Tugs, I'll take you back to Grams."

Both Hugs and Tugs hopped into the cloud car and Wish bear drove away. After dropping off Hugs and Tugs she drove them home and said "Now, what would you like for dinner?"

Dreams bear thought and said "Can we have Mac and Cheese?"

Wish bear laughed and said "Why not?"

And Dreams bear cheered as they walked into the house...

Grumpy was in his home putting on a new shirt when he heard a knock on his door. He opened his door to see Brave Heart and Tenderheart standing there and he said "You again? What do you want?"

Tenderheart put his hands up and said "Look Grumpy, we just want to talk."

Grumpy crossed his arms and said "Well, I don't so get off my property."

Brave Heart crossed his arms as well and said "Not until you listen."

Grumpy sighed and said "Fine, what?" As he walked out and closed the door.

Tenderheart and Brave Heart made eye contact and Tenderheart nodded and said "Grumpy, we know you don't remember us nor do you care, but there is one person you haven't talked to that might help."

Grumpy rolled his eyes and said "Oh yeah? Who would that be?"

Tenderheart and Brave Heart stepped aside and Swift Heart looked at Grumpy and said "That be me."

Grumpy felt his stomach turn and he said "Who...?"

Swift Heart smiled and said "Swift Heart," And she lifted up her hand to show her ring before putting it down and laughing.

Grumpy suddenly felt his hand go to the ring he had on and he said "I...ah..."

Swift Heart took a deep breath and said "Grumpy, please come home."

She felt her eyes start to water a little and Grumpy shook his head and said "No..."

He looked back at her and suddenly his eyes started to glow a little. Swift Heart stepped forward and said "Please, I miss you."

And she leaned in and gave him a kiss and Grumpy's eyes expanded before dimming down to normal. He returned her kiss before he said "Where? What? Why?"

Swift Heart looked at him and he said "Grumpy?"

He turned to her and said "Swift Heart? Where are we?"

Swift Heart put a hand on his cheek and said "You remember who I am?"

Grumpy held her hand and said "Of course I do. What's going on."

Swift Heart started laughing and said "It doesn't matter!"

And she gave him another kiss, he returned it before Tenderheart coughed and said "I hate to spoil the moment but ah, we should probably get back."

Swift Heart nodded and said "Agreed let's go."

And she and Grumpy held hands as they made their way back to their cloud car when Grumpy said "Wait a second."

And he turned back and ran over to the pen where the cattle was and he opened the gate and shouted for the cattle to go on.

Soon all the cattle ran out and Grumpy made his way back to the others as the sun set in the distance...

Shreeky was in her room still hugging her mirror when Beastly knocked and peeked his head in. ""

Shreeky looked at him and said "What fur ball?"

Beastly laughed sarcastically and said "Um, do you remember that Care Bear we had serving us?"

Shreeky stood up and said "What about him?"

Beastly laughed sarcastically and said "Well, he, um might of got his memory back."

Shreeky wasn't amused and said "Well, another plan ruined!"

Beastly ducked expecting her to have a tantrum when she just sighed and said "Well, we best get back to training for that race."

Beastly fell to his knees and said "Please! Anything but that!"

Shreeky raised an eyebrow and said "Anything?"

Beastly gulped but nodded and Shreeky said "Well, there is one thing I've been meaning to try out."

Beastly looked at her and said "What is it?"

Shreeky smirked and said "I need a little piece of hair from each Care Bear for a marvelously nasty plan."

Beastly looked at her and said "Ohhh! Of course Shreeky!"

And he began to run off while saying "I'll be there and back in no time flat!" And he hopped on his flying bike and left for Care-a-lot.

Once Beastly made it to Care-a-lot he hopped off his bike. Beastly looked around before moving through some clouds when he spotted a whistle Harmony walking down a street. Beastly pulled out some scissors and snuck up behind Harmony and clipped a few hairs off and into a bag.

Before diving back into a cloud when Harmony turned around. Harmony said "Huh? Must have been my imagination." And she kept whistling as she continued on her merry way.

Beastly poked his head out of the cloud and laughed before he continued to look for others. It didn't take him long to collect the hair from most of the other Bears and Cousins. Beastly counted the out of bags he had and found out there was only two Bears and Cousins left, Proud Heart and True Heart.

Beastly had managed to catch Noble, and Loyal Heart off guard by themselves but these two were gonna be difficult. As he crawled to Proud Heart, and Loyal's door he tried to think of a plan.

Then it hit him, he knocked on the door and ducked behind a door as Loyal opened it and looked around. Beastly managed to sneak in when Loyal stepped outside to see the fuss. Beastly found Proud Heart watching t.v. he snuck up cut just a bit of her fur before jumping out a nearby window. Proud Heart looked behind her but saw nobody she shrugged before returning to the t.v.

Beastly did the same over at True Heart's, and Noble's. Once he finished he made his way back to No Heart's castle as soon as he walked back into No Heart's thunder pit room he triumphantly said "I got it Shreeky!"

Shreeky turned and said "Took you long enough!"

And she swiped the bags Beastly was holding and said "Hmmm, with these bags my next scheme will be even more powerful and evil then all the others put together!"

And she started laughing...

The end for now...

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