Trick or treat? You mean Hugs or Kisses!

Break Out

Tenderheart and Funshine were walking down a corridor when two of No Heart's shadows appeared and caused them to stop dead in their tracks. The shadows noticed them too and suddenly got scared looks and ran off. Tenderheart looked at Funshine who shrugged and said "Guess we scared them." And they kept moving.

After a few steps the turned around a sharp corner then another and Tenderheart said "Man an awful lot of twists and turns in this castle."

Funshine smiled and said "Yeah, but hey at least it's not dark."

As if almost on cue the nearby torch went out and the room went pitch black and Tenderheart said "You were saying?"

Funshine laughed and said "Relax Tenderheart, were there's a will there's a light!"

Tenderheart looked at what he thought was her funny and said "I don't think that's the expression."

Funshine rolled her eyes and concentrate before creating a tiny smiling sun from her tummy symbol and said "See?"

Tenderheart rolled his eyes and said "Well, we might wanna keep moving." And the two kept walking down the hallway.

After a few turns Tenderheart thought he heard the sound of footsteps and said "Say you hear something?"

Funshine turned around and said "no." And they both stopped and listened but the sounds seemed to stop.

Shrugging they kept moving till they both turned around and were tackled by Hugs and Tugs who both hugged the two and Tenderheart chuckled and said "Hi guys."

Tugs gave Tenderheart a tighter hug and said "Tenderheart we're scared!"

Hugs nodded and said "Yeah."

Tenderheart looked at Funshine who said "Hey, guys its okay."

Tenderheart nodded and said "It's okay to be scared just as long as you face the thing that scares you."

Tugs looked at him and said "Really Tenderheart?"

He smiled and said "Yeah, now come on we gotta go find the others."

They both nodded and stood up. After Tenderheart had gotten back up he shot his tummy symbol down the hallway and then said "Come on."

And they all began to make their way back to the others...

Back in Care-a-lot Grumpy was trying to balance a wrench on his nose out of boredom while Swift Heart and Dreams bear just sat back. After a few seconds the wrench began to tip and it fell off and hit Grumpy on the foot causing him to yelp. This caused Swift Heart and Dreams bear to both chuckle.

Grumpy was rubbing his foot and he said "Glad to see you two find this funny."

Swift Heart just shrugged and said "Oh come on Grumpy it was funny."

He shook his head and said "Just wish the others would be back by now."

Swift Heart nodded and said "Say, why don't you just beam them here?"

Grumpy shook his head and said "The system wouldn't be able to handle it, it could crash or worse."

Swift nodded and got up on her crutches, walked over to him and said "So, what are we gonna do after this?"

Grumpy shrugged and said "I'm not sure, what do you wanna do?"

She shrugged and said "I don't know either just thought you might have a plan or something."

He rolled his eyes and said "Always the man with the plan right?"

She nodded and said sarcastically "Well, yeah!"

Grumpy suddenly remembered no one was watching Dreams bear and he said "Say, is Dreams bear still there?"

Swift Heart turned around and said "Ut oh."

Grumpy grumbled and said "Stay here I'll look for him."

She nodded and Grumpy left the room. Grumpy tried to think of where Dreams bear might have gone but he came up empty when an idea popped in his head and he quickly turned to the meeting room and checked behind the podium where Dreams bear was hiding and covering his eyes. Grumpy looked around before leaning down and saying "Are you hiding?" With a smile.

Dreams bear lowered his hands and nodded before getting up and leaving. Grumpy, in a confused state, followed as the little bear, who brought him outside and began to climb a tree. Grumpy knew better but his curiosity got the better of him and he joined Dreams bear in the tree. As he climbed Grumpy noticed the sun was going down and he sighed but kept climbing.

Once at the top he saw Dreams bear staring out at the sun set and Grumpy crawled his way forward and next to Dreams bear to get a better view. "It's beautiful isn't it?" Dreams bear nodded and pointed at the cloud passing over the sun.

Grumpy smiled and said "Curious about what's beyond?" Dreams bear nodded and sighed.

Grumpy smiled and said "Yeah, been there." Dreams bear then leaned on Grumpy's arm and Grumpy blush but soon relaxed and enjoyed the monument.

However he nearly jumped out of the tree when he heard Swift Heart scream.

With surprising flexibility and acrobatics he landed on his feet and ran inside to find Swift Heart shielding her face as sparks flew from the rainbow rescue beam. "Oh no!" Grumpy said as he ran over and started pushing buttons.

The machine suddenly made a loud noise that forced both Swift Heart and Grumpy to cover their ears briefly before the machine died. Grumpy uncovered his eyes and said "Are you okay Swift Heart?"

She nodded and said "Heh that machine isn't that tough."

Grumpy rolled his eyes before asking "Did you touch anything on it?"

Swift Heart put her hands on her hips saying "What are you implying?"

Grumpy held his hands up and said "Nothing, just asking."

Before climbing under and checking the gears and wires again.

Swift Heart sighed and sat down on a box when Dreams bear walked in a confused look on his face.

Swift Heart smiled and patted the box next to her and Dreams bear sat down and watched Grumpy work...

Back at No Heart's castle everyone had met up and were walking out when No Heart had shifted into a dragon of some sort and was chasing them away. Tenderheart shouted "Run everyone run!" and they all took off. No Heart kept up though and began shooting fire balls at them all.

As they all curved and weaved Brave Heart turned around and stared at No Heart who knocked it with his wing as if it were nothing. He then shot a stream of fire at Brave Heart who had fallen back from the burst of wind No Heart's swat had caused and he covered his eyes and said "Oh boy."

But when he didn't feel the fire he opened them to see Innocent Heart holding back the flames with her own stare but she was losing fast. Realizing this Brave Heart got up and joined in her stare. Sensing their idea Tenderheart joined them followed by Good Luck and the others who all together began to push back the flames No Heart tried to add more power but to no avail and his flames were extinguished. Coughing he said "That's the last time you defeat me Care Bears!" Brave Heart laughed and said "You don't scare us No Heart!"

"Yeah, you big bully!" Said Tugs and Innocent at the same time.

No Heart eyes seemed to explode in anger and hate and he shouted "Shadows! Now!" And the Care Bears turned around confused to see a few Groups of shadows coming at them.

At first everyone was unimpressed until they noticed these shadows had some sort of armor out of curiosity Innocent Heart stared at once of them but watched in horror as it just bounced off and shot back at them which they barely dodged. "What do we do?" Asked Hugs.

Tenderheart thought for a moment before Loyal Heart said "I got a plan! I'll be right back. Try to get them to group together!" And he ran off in one direction and some of the shadows followed him.

Tenderheart and the others formed a circle with Hugs and Tugs in the middle. "Any ideas Tenderheart?" Said Brave Heart.

Tenderheart shook his head then he snapped his fingers and said "Quick hand me the radio."

Brave Heart threw him the radio and Tenderheart said "You there Grumpy?"

Before waiting. "Yeah I'm here."

Tenderheart sighed and said "Can you rescue beam Hugs and Tugs?"

After a moment of silence Grumpy said "No can do Tenderheart the thing malfunctioned I can't even get it to stay on too long."

Bright Heart had an idea and said "Can you make it move all of us a few feet?"

Grumpy was quiet and the shadows were only a few feet away when suddenly there was a bright flash and then all the Care Bears and their cousins were transported and the shadows ran into each other.

Suddenly there was a net from the sky and everyone looked up to see Loyal Heart waving from his cloud car. They all waved back before running to their own cloud cars. Jumping in they all took off as No Heart tried to fly after them but when Innocent Heart turned around and stared him he was so off guard he feel back down to his castle with a giant crash and a huge dust cloud.

Everyone cheered and Grumpy radioed in "Did it work?"

Tenderheart smiled and said "Yeah, thanks Grumpy." And Tenderheart laid back and said "Well, let's never do that again."

Brave Heart laughed and said "Here, here." Before they all began to laugh...

No Heart had crashed very hard but would recover in a few hours but his spirit was crushed. "Every time victory is within my grasp those...those!"

Vapor, who must have come out at some point during the fighting sighed and said "Do gooders?"

No Heart shot up and yelled "Who asked you!"

Vapor sighed and said "Yeah, know if you stopped moping around you could actually set a proper trap for them."

No Heart crossed his arms and said "And what would you do?"

Vapor smiled and said "Simple you want to get them to come here quickly and unready so you take something that they aren't prepared for."

No Heart sighed and said "Which is?"

She smiled "Kidnapping their precious cubs."

No Heart shook his head and said "You mean the cubs you let go?"

Vapor smiled and said "That my friend was to earn their trust."

No Heart shook his head again and said "I already tried that didn't work."

She rolled her eyes and said "Probably because you had your niece and...what? Assistant? To do it."

No Heart nodded and said "Your point being?"

She smiled and said "If you want something done right do it yourself."

This interested No Heart and he said "So what's your plan?"

She got an awfully evil smile and said "This way." And No Heart followed her back inside his castle.

Once back inside Shreeky said "Uncle No Heart are you okay?"

No Heart just ignored her and followed Vapor into the thunder pit room. Shreeky clenched her first and stormed off into her room and said "Who does that woman think she is." And she slammed her door shut but knew no one would care.

She sat down and looked at her mirror and said "Magic mirror I'm feeling snappy now show me something that will make me happy."

The mirror shifted and it showed a few kids slipping and falling on ice, and a bigger kid tripping a smaller one. Shreeky laughed a little and said "Enough of that!"

And she set her mirror down and looked outside for a moment before saying "Why did I give up my old life?"

Then she sighed and began to pull on her hair and think about her past...

Back at the Hall of Hearts Grumpy, Swift Heart, Dreams bear, and Proud Heart (who had joined them.) All waited for the others to come back.

They didn't have to wait long before everyone was back with cheers and laughter. As they all landed Proud Heart gave Loyal a hug and didn't let go for a few minutes. Loyal blushed and said "Well, at least someone is glad to see me."

She laughed and said "Don't mock me." And he took her hand and the two walked off.

Everyone else soon disappeared after that for they were all exhausted. Grumpy met with Tenderheart to check everything when Tenderheart said he left his notes in the cloud car. He turned around and ran back to his cloud car but couldn't find the notes in the front seat but when he checked the back he found Hugs and Tugs both fast asleep which made him chuckle. As he scooped both up and brought them inside the Hall of Hearts and laid them down in the spare beds they had before closing the door quietly.

After words he made his way back to the car and grabbed his notes before returning to Grumpy who was already looking at the Rainbow Rescue Beam to see if it would work again. Tenderheart sighed and said "Sorry about that."

Grumpy turned a year and said "Eh, it's fine. Say by any chance do you see a screwdriver anywhere?"

Tenderheart looked around before grabbing one and sliding it to Grumpy. "Thanks."

Grumpy said as he screwed in a loose screw which he assumed caused it to break before. Tenderheart turned a page when suddenly Swift Heart walked in and said "Hey, Grumpy can you take me home I could really go for a nap."

Grumpy crawled out from under the Rainbow Rescue Beam and said "You mind Tenderheart?"

Tenderheart shook his head and said "Go ahead I can wrap things up."

Grumpy nodded and rubbed some oil and grease off of his hands before saying "May I?"

Swift Heart rolled her eyes and said "Why not."

As Grumpy swept her off her feet. Both laughed as they left the room and Tenderheart looked at them and smiled before reading some more notes. After a few minutes he put his notes down and began to write something down when he thought he heard a door open. He turned but didn't see anyone he shrugged and kept working. Suddenly there was a knock and he jumped and turned to see Harmony standing there her arms crossed "Still working I see." He smiled and laughed saying "Yes all work and no play."

She shook her head and said "Well, at least your modest."

He sighed and said "I'm sorry I just gotta make sure we have this on record in case you know it happens in the future and we're...let's say unprepared."

She tilted her head and said "You've made your point, but still wanna grab something to eat first?"

Tenderheart smiled and said "That'd be nice." And the two walked out hand and hand...

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