Trick or treat? You mean Hugs or Kisses!

R and R

Everyone had left in different groups after they all had returned. Wish bear and Bedtime had decided to take Dreams bear to his new home, Loyal and Proud Heart went back to their house, Grumpy had taken Swift Heart home and decided to stay, Tenderheart had been swayed by Harmony's words and decided to just do all the paper work tomorrow morning and relax tonight. Bright Heart however went to Take Care's clinic to get checked with Gentle Heart, and everyone else went to their own houses to get some shut eye.

Bedtime opened the door with a yawn as Wish bear walked in while holding Dreams bear's hand as he looked around curiously. Wish bear smiled and said "This is gonna be your new home."

Dreams bear looked at her before smiling a little and Wish bear looked at Bedtime who had fallen asleep in the door way and was leaning on the door causing her to sigh and say "Bedtime!"

And he snapped awake and said "Sorry."

She rolled her eyes and said "Did you set up a crib for him by any chance?"

He nodded and said "Yeah, I had to put it in our room because the paint needs to dry in the other and..."

Wish bear looked at him and said "Our room?"

Bedtime blushed and seemed to snap awake and he said "Well, I um figured...that since...we were...And you..."

She smiled and said "I like it."

Bedtime sighed and wiped his brow while Wish bear said "Well, it is late we should probably get some sleep."

Bedtime nodded and said "I should go to my post."

Wish bear nodded and Bedtime walked outside and closed the door while Wish bear said "So, do you wanna get a snack?"

Dreams bear nodded and Wish bear said "Well, how about some milk and cookies?"

Dreams bear looked at her in confusion and she smiled and said "Come on, you'll like it." and she picked him up and they both went into the kitchen.

Wish bear helped Dreams bear into a seat while she opened the fridge and grabbed the milk and some cookies from one of her cupboards with a plate and a sippy cup, that she had bought this morning. After she handed them to Dreams bear she sat down and watched him eat before yawning and saying "long day huh?"

Dreams bear nodded and ate the last of his cookie before pushing the plate away with a smile. Wish bear smiled and put his dishes in the sink before picking him up and saying "So ready for bed?"

But Dreams bear wasn't tired and he shook his head Wish bear got a look and said "I'll read you a story."

But Dreams bear just crossed his arms in defiance and Wish bear knew she'd have to make him. So with a reluctant sigh she said "You're not gonna make this easy huh?" And Dreams bear kept his arms crossed so Wish bear put him down and left for a second before returning with the pajamas and saying "Pretty please?"

Dreams bear shook his head and Wish bear said "Alright." and walked over to him and tried to put the top of the pajamas on but Dreams bear kept moving his arms and slipped out before making a run for it. Wish bear chased after him and said "Dreams Bear!"

So she chased him around for a little bit but couldn't catch him. Dreams bear was laughing and seemed to be having fun, however unfortunately for Dreams bear the fun would end abruptly when he tripped over his own two feet and fell down. Wish bear gasped and ran over to him and picked him up saying "Are you okay?"

Dreams bear looked at her with tears and showed her his elbow which had a little scrape on it and Wish bear said "Awww." And picked him up and brought him to the bathroom and ran some warm water and grabbed a wash cloth that she used to cleaned the scrape before putting a band-aid with Hearts on it and giving it a little kiss saying "Better?"

Dreams bear wiped his eyes and nodded before giving Wish bear a hug which made her blush but she hugged him back. This time Dreams bear allowed Wish bear to put on his pajamas and she said "Now, how about that story?"

Dreams bear nodded and Wish bear brought him to the crib and set him down in it before grabbing a random book and started reading "Once upon a time, there was a young prince who was know for his bravery..."

And she went on and on. The story intrigued Dreams bear who seemed fascinated with the story, but he fell asleep before the end and started to dream of his own adventure. Wish bear decided it be rude not to finish. "...And they lived happily ever after. The end."

And she closed the book and set it back before giving Dreams bear a kiss good night and laying in her own to catch some sleep...

Bright Heart had felt okay, physically, but he knew that if he didn't go to Take Care to get checked on Gentle Heart would both worry and make him go anyways. So he decided to go with Gentle Heart rather than be dragged there. He knocked on Take Care's door and she opened and said "Who, Bright Heart! I'm glad to see your back! And I'm glad to see you're okay."

Bright Heart smiled and said "Well, I'd like to be sure."

Take Care nodded and said "I see, well come on in." And Bright Heart walked in with Gentle Heart.

Take Care smiled at Gentle Heart and said "So does anywhere hurt or feel sore Bright Heart?"

Bright Heart shook his head and said "No, my feet hurt but that from running during the escape."

Take care nodded and looked at Bright Heart's eyes and ears before saying "Well, did you get hit in the head or anywhere?"

Bright Heart thought about it and said "I did fall down once but it only hurt for a second."

Take Care nodded and said "Well, you should be alright. Get plenty of rest and you should he good as new, but if anything comes up don't be afraid to ask or come on down."

Bright Heart smiled and said "Thanks a bunch Take Care."

She nodded and Bright Heart left with Gentle Heart who said "Thanks a lot Take Care."

Who waved as the two left her home. As they walked back Gentle Heart gave Bright Heart a hug and said "I'm glad your back."

He hugged her back and said "Me too." And they looked into each other's eyes and continued on their way home.

Soon they made it back to Bright Heart's house and Gentle Heart asked "Is there anything I could get you?"

He smiled and said "No, can I get you anything?"

She blushed and said "No, wanna watch a movie?"

Bright Heart smiled and said "What one?"

Gentle Heart thought to a moment then said "Back to the Future?"

Bright Heart looked at her and said "Ah the legendary Back to the Future."

She shrugged and said "What? I just like the movie is that so bad?" Before almost turning bright red.

Bright Heart smiled and said "Well, I guess time travel is very appealing. And I do like the Rick Astley song."

She clapped her hands and said "Great I'll get some popcorn ready." And she ran off to the kitchen...

Tenderheart was originally planning on returning to the Hall of Hearts but he and Harmony were having such a fun time it be rude to leave now. She smiled at him and said "So, how's that Swedish thing coming along?"

Tenderheart smirked and said "I haven't really had time to practice, seeming as how No Heart decided to wreak havoc on all of us, but it's coming along." Harmony smiled and said "Well, that's something."

He laughed and said "Anything new in the music industry?"

She laughed and said "Nothing really, though you never know with music some never before publicized artists comes out of the shadows and goes viral then fads into a has been."

Tenderheart rolled his eyes and said "Agreed, I tell yeah though No Heart came this close to getting us." And he pinched his fingers in the air before laughing and saying "But we came out on top in the end."

Harmony smiled and lifted her cup and said "I'll toast to that."Tenderheart nodded and said "Agreed, though I'd like to think he's got some good in him."

Harmony looked at him and said "Really?"

He shrugged and said "Well, yeah I mean everyone got to have some good in them right? Plus he is taking care of his niece."

Harmony shrugged and said "I don't know Tenderheart, we've been fighting No Heart for ages and I'm just not sure he has any good in him. Yes he is taking care of her but look at what he has done to her niece!"

Tenderheart shrugged again and said "I guess it's more of a hope than a fact."

Harmony laughed and said "I know, but hey we've dealt with bigger problems."

Tenderheart laughed and said "I know." And the two kept eating when Harmony said "You know for his sake I hope he has good in him too."

Tenderheart smiled and said "Let's hope. Because if he's not he'll soon find himself very lonely in the world."

Harmony smiled too and said "Well, it is getting late i should probably get some rest before its too late."

Tenderheart smiled and said "Agreed, we should do this more often."

And Harmony stood up and gave Tenderheart a kiss on the cheek and said "We should." before walking out...

Proud Heart was already asleep but Loyal Heart was in their living room reading a book to pass the time. He sighed and set the book down but he put it too close to the edge and it fell off with a loud bang! Causing him cring.

He check to make sure that Proud Heart was still sound asleep and to his relief she was. After a couple of minutes he yawned and was about to go to bed but first he stopped at the kitchen and grabbed a glass of water and had a drink before switching into his pajamas then went to their room. As he slid into bed he heard Proud Heart mutter "Loyal?"

He smiled and wrapped his arms around her and said "Hey."

She then began to cuddle with Loyal and said "What a day huh?"

Loyal looked at her funny and said "What do you mean? You were in Care-a-lot all day!"

Proud Heart turned and looked at him and said "Don't forget i was in the group that went down to save you and got ambushed."

Loyal Heart smiled and said "And i haven't thanked you for that."

And gave her a kiss and she said "Well, lets hope nobody bothers us for a while."

Loyal smirked and said "I hope so I'd hate to have to be away for when Stubborn comes around." And he put a hand on Proud Heart's stomach.

Proud Heart nodded and put her hand over his and said "Still, I hope we don't get bored out of our minds."

Loyal gave her a wink and said "I don't think we will I mean there is still too much to do. But don't worry I'll still treat you like a goddess."

Proud Heart sighed and said "How did I get so lucky?"

He blushed a little but said "Because you deserve it."

She rolled her eyes and said "I know that."

Loyal Heart laughed and asked her "Proud Heart do you love me?"

Proud Heart started to fake snoring but Loyal tickled her and she said "Okay! Yes! Yes! I do!" and Loyal let her go and the two laughed before she asked him

"What about you?"

Loyal smiled and said "With all my Heart and with all my soul." and he gave her another kiss before the two closed their eyes and began to sleep...

No Heart and Vapor were in No Heart's storm room and Vapor was looking over some of No Heart's foiled plans and she said "I think I found the root of your problem."

No Heart turned to her and said "Oh yeah what is it?"

She smirked and said "its that niece and assistant if yours."

No Heart looked at her and said "What!?"

Vapor nodded and said "I mean every time you give them a simple job they some how mange to mess it up. Even when they are winning they cant seemed to hold it." No Heart sighed and said "What do you suggest we do?"

Vapor smiled and said "Do a plan by yourself."

No Heart looked at her and said "But...I can't just throw them aside."

Vapor raised an eyebrow and said "Are you saying you care about whither or not they are involved in your schemes?"

No Heart clenched his fists and said "Of course not!"

Vapor smiled and said "Good, also you have to find a way to reverse those stares of theirs!"

No Heart's eyes got brighter and he said "Don't you think I've tried!? I mean I've done every bit of research and spell to try and reverse those retched stares but no to avail!"

Vapor thought for a moment and said "What about that mirror?"

No Heart said "Huh?"

Vapor grabbed a book and said "That magic mirror your niece has have you ever tried to multiply it?"

No Heart looked at the book too and said "Never thought of it."

Vapor smiled and said "Of course not."

No Heart looked at her but just shook his head and said "Well? What are you looking for?" She pointed to a spell and said "This."

And she turned to No Hearts shelf of ingredients and thew some in the cauldron and said some magic word then there was a loud bang and she said "There we go!" And she walked out of the room for a moment then came back with Shreeky's mirror.

No Heart looked at her and said "What are you doing?"

She smiled and then threw the mirror into the cauldron. No Heart yelled "What are you doing!" And he ran over to grab it but stopped once the mirror shot up and and had a glowing ora around it Vapor smiled and grabbed it but she didn't take the one with the ora but rather a copy of it. She smiled and said "Now lets see."

And shot a bolt of lighting at a wall but it just disappeared before it hit the wall. "Darn!"

No Heart looked at her and said "What was the point of that?"

Vapor gritted her teeth and said "I had hoped that it would make exact copies of this mirror but it looks like it needs more s***!"

No Heart said "What do you need?"

Vapor sighed and said "Its gonna tale a while to find, but its a rare flower that grows in one of the most dangerous parts of Tibet."

No Heart sighed and asked "Is it worth it?"

Vapor smiled and said "How badly do you want to get rid of those Care Bears?" And No Heart got an evil grin...

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