Trick or treat? You mean Hugs or Kisses!

Seeing old friends

It had been two weeks since the Care Bears last encounter with No Heart and everyone had decided to just relax and take it easy until the next time.Swift Heart's ankle injury had begun to heal but for safety reasons she had decided to kept her cast on for another week, Besides she liked being waited on by Grumpy.Wish bear had kept Dreams Bear home for the full two weeks trying to get him to talk but also to help him adjust but eventually duty called so she had to take her star-o-scope post again while Dreams bear went to Grams.Innocent Heart had been granted her Caring missions pass after taking her test and spent her time helping as much as she could. When she wasn't she spent her time trying to find out more about No Heart.Loyal and Proud Heart had spent their days planning their wedding and were to be married in three weeks with extreme enthusiasm...

Wish bear had been trying to teach Dreams bear to speak for a while now but he was very shy and could barely form simple words she sighed and said "Lets try this one more time, can you say mommy?"

Dreams bear looked at her confused and just tilted his head and Wish bear tried again "Come on mommy." Drawing out the word to try and make it easier.

Dream bear tried "M...o...m...m." but the word didn't come out and he just crossed his arms in anger.

Wish bear smiled and said "Hey, it's okay buddy, try daddy."

Dreams bear started to make a sound "D...d...a..d..." but still to no avail.

She sighed and said "Okay, try dreams." With a shrug.

Dreams bear looked at her but trusted her and gave it a shot "D...dre..." yet again no matter how hard he tried it just didn't work.

Wish bear just got up and picked him up and said "Its alright we'll try again later okay?"

Dreams bear just pouted but stated laughing as Wish bear tickled his stomach. She laughed with him and said "Well, I'd better take you over to Grams." And she grabbed her bag and took him out to her cloud car and buckled him in before jumping into the driver's seat and taking off.

As she drove she looked over at Dreams bear who was looking out at Care-a-lot which never ceased to amaze him. She smiled and said "You know if you like I could ask Grams to show you around."

Dreams bear looked at her with hope in his eyes and he nodded yes fiercely. She laughed and said "Alright."

Dream bear then looked back at Care-a-lot and smiled. Wish bear took a deep breath and said "So you excited to see Hugs and Tugs?"

He nodded and again before looking at his shoes and other clothes funny and Wish bear gave him a look and said "I know I know it's weird but I want you to look nice for when you see Grams and I think they look nice."

Dreams bear sat back and sighed. After a few minutes she landed at Grams and hopped out before picking up Dreams bear and then setting him down. She watched as he ran up to Grams door and rang the doorbell by himself with a eager smile. Wish bear smiled back and held his hand as they waited for Grams and she opened the door and said "Ah Wish bear you're here!"

Wish bear smiled and said "Hey Grams sorry we're a little late."

Grams shrugged and said "Don't worry about it dear. Hi Dreams bear."

Dreams bear waved with a smile and Grams laughed and said "Hugs and Tugs are in the back yard why don't you go join them?" And Dreams bear was gone in a flash.

Wish bear got a worried look on her face but Grams smiled at her and said "Relax dear, he'll be fine."

Wish bear took a deep breath then exhaled and said "I know I'm just nervous."

Grams shook her head and said "Its natural, I see he's still not talking."

Wish bear nodded and said "He's really trying but he just can't form the words."

Grams nodded and said "Yeah, Hugs had a similar problem it just takes a little more time."

Wish bear nodded and said "Yeah, say would you mind showing Dream bear around Care-a-lot today? I kind of promised I'd ask."

Grams nodded and said "Of course it's a nice day for a walk anyways."

Wish bear smiled and said "Well I'd better go to my post."

Grams nodded and said "Goodbye Wish bear."

Wish bear smiled and said "Bye Grams, tell Dreams bear I said bye too please!"

Grams nodded and said "I will."

And she closed the door...

Dreams bear was looking for Hugs and Tugs but couldn't find them. He searched and searched and searched but they were nowhere to be found. Eventually he began to give up and was making his way back when he heard Hugs and Tugs yell "Dreams bear!" And they both tackled him to the ground all three of them laughing.

Hugs was the first to get up and said "Hi Dreams bear!" Dreams bear waved and stood up.

Tugs looked at him and said "You still can't talk yet?"

Dreams bear blushed in shame but Hugs just gave him a hug and said "That's okay." And he blushed for entirely different reason.

After words Tugs said "Well, what do you guys wanna do?"

Hugs thought for a second and said "We could play firemen."

Tugs nodded and said "Great idea!"

And they both look at Dreams bear who just shrugged at the idea and Hugs said "Do you know how to play firemen?"

Dreams bear shook his head and Tugs said "It's easy all we have to do is pretend there's a fire then we get the house and put it out!"

Dreams bear nodded and the three made their way back to the house once back Hugs and Tugs grabbed the garden hose and began making siren sound while Dreams bear followed them along trying his best to play along. As they ran around acting like they were in a fire truck Tugs said "Hugs! Quickly turn on the water!"

Hugs nodded and turned on the hose but she made it a bit too powerful for Tugs to handle and he got knocked back by my the sheer power and the hose slipped out of his hands and he fell back and the hose got out of control and started spraying everywhere Dream bear covered his head as water began to pour on him. Hugs tried to turn the water off but it was stuck and she couldn't turn it. Tugs got up and said "Oh no!" as the hose made its way toward a window.However Grams bear walked out and saw the trouble and was able to turn the hose off before it got there Grams sighed and said "Is everyone alright?"

They all nodded and Grams said "Well, come on inside and dry up." And they all followed Grams inside and Dreams bear just pulled on his shirt which made a weird sound that cause him to giggle before running in after them.

Once inside Grams came out with some spare clothes and helped them all to get changed she then she make them a snack. After they had been changed Grams making some jam sandwiches. Grams set down some plates for them and they all began to eat their sandwiches while Grams said "So, how about we talk a little walk around Care-a-lot today huh?"

Hugs and Tugs nodded but Dreams bear nodded very fiercely and Grams laughed at his enthusiasm then watched as they finished their sandwiches and jumped up ready to go. Grams grabbed a bag and joined them on their way out. Grams closed the door behind them and watched as Hugs and Tugs said "Come on Dreams bear!"

And they all began to run while Grams began to chance after them. Dreams bear, Hugs and Tugs all had decidedly play tag with Tugs being it. Hugs and Dreams ran off while Tugs chased after them. Tugs had to decide who to go after and he picked Hugs and began to gain on her but he lost sight of Dreams bear who climbed a tree and went out to a branch and swung down and grabbed Hugs' hands and pulled her up confusing Tugs who tried to stop but had too much momentum and wound up crashing into another tree. Dreams bear and Hugs saw this and immediately jumped down and ran up to him. Tugs sat up rubbing his nose tears in his eyes. Hugs went up to him and said "Tugs are you okay?"

Tugs, trying to act tough stood up and said "Of course I'm a big Care Bear I can handle anything!"

And Hugs gave him a hug and said "You're so brave!"

Suddenly he started laughing and said "Your it Hugs!"

And he ran off with Dreams bear right behind him while Hugs chased them...

Innocent Heart was at the Hall of Hearts trying to find a mission when Tenderheart walked in and said "Hey, what are you doing here?" Innocent Heart jumped and said "Oh! Nothing, just looking for a mission."

Tenderheart crossed his arms and said "Like yesterday?"

Innocent shrugged and said "I like helping people."

Tenderheart nodded and said "And you're good at it. But even I take a break or two."

Innocent Heart stopped looking at things then said "You're right, but I just can't do nothing and it's not like I have anything to do here really."

Tenderheart looked at her and said "Look, you're working yourself into the ground take some time off go to a park or a movie."

Innocent sighed and said "I guess you're..."

but she was cut off by Wish bear running in and saying "Tenderheart! There's trouble on Earth!"

Tenderheart turned around and said "Yeah, what is it Wish bear?"

Wish bear pointed to where she came from and said "There is a little girl name Kathy who's jealous that her best friend isn't spending time with her!"

Tenderheart nodded and said "I'm on it."

Innocent Heart nodded and said "Me too!"

Tenderheart looked at her but just nodded and said "Let's go." And they both left.

Once in their cloud car Tenderheart began to drive. As they made their way down Tenderheart looked at Innocent and said "Seriously though after this take some time off."

Innocent Heart looked at him and said "You know of all the Care Bears and Care Bear Cousins your last I expected to tell me to take some time off."

Tenderheart looked at her and said "I'm just saying, but you're right. There she is!"

And they landed at a school's playground before jumping out and hiding under a seesaw a little girls with black hair run up to another taller, brown haired girls talking to other girls. "Hey Rosanna!"

But the girl just ignored her and kept talking to the other girls. Kathy tugged on Rosanna's sleeve trying to get her attention but Rosanna didn't even acknowledge her after a couple more tries Kathy eventually stormed off and sat at some swings.

Tenderheart looked at Innocent and said "I think Kathy could use some help."

And he got up and walked over to her and sat on the swing next to her and said "Hey, Kathy."

Kathy turned and said "You're Tenderheart! And you're?"

Innocent Heart smiled and bowed saying "Innocent Heart is the name."

Kathy laughed and said "The pleasure all mine."

Tenderheart smiled and said "You seem kinda sad Kathy. What's wrong?"

Kathy sighed and said "It's my friend Rosanna, we used to be best friends we grew up next door but she barely talks to me anymore, and she's really the only friend I have."

Tenderheart nodded and said "Well, have you told Rosanna how you feel?"

Kathy nodded and said "I've tried and tried but she won't give me the time of day to even talk to me."

Innocent Heart nodded and said "Well may be if we all talked to her she might listen."

Kathy looked at her and said "You really think so?"

Innocent nodded and said "Of course!"

Kathy smiled and was about to say something but a bell rang and she said "I'm sorry but i have to go to class meet me after school Rosanna still lives next door maybe we can talk to her then."

Innocent and Tenderheart nodded and said "After school then." And Kathy ran off...

Swift Heart was at home reading a magazine when Grumpy walked in and said "I got Caring patrol today, so I'll see you when I come back home."

She nodded and said "Okay, bye Grumpy." And she gave him a kiss before he walked out.

Swift Heart sighed and kept reading her magazine when she heard a knock on the door and she got up and opened it and saw Take Care who said "Hey Swift Heart may I come in?"

Swift Heart nodded and said "Yeah, come on in, what's up?"

Take Care seemed to get a little nervous and said "Nothing really but uh, can I ask you something?"

Swift Heart nodded and said "Go for it."

Take Care rubbed the back of her head and said "Um... do you remember that Phil guy?"

Swift Heart suddenly was less relaxed and crossed her arms and said "Yeah, what about him?"

Take Care laughed nervously and said "Well, I've been talking with him for a week or so."

Swift Heart felt completely betrayed and her eyes expanded and said "Really? You don't say."

Take Care put her hands up and said "Please don't be angry, it's just he's really a nice guy and I would like just for you to talk to him so it's not awkward."

Swift Heart sighed in annoyance and said "I don't want to nor do I ever plan to Take Care."

Take Care cringed and said "Listen he made a mistake and he's sorry about it!"

Swift Heart rolled her shoulders and said "Take Care, I...alright as a favor I'll talk to him. But Grumpy has to be there too."

Take Care shook her head and said "No, no no he'll go crazy!"

Swift Heart tilted her head and said "That's my offer take it or leave it."

Take Care sighed and said "Alright, can we still talk a little though?"

Swift Heart nodded and sat down on her couch across from Take Care and said "So, what else do you want to talk about?"

Take Care gave her a look and said "Well, I really like him, he's a nice guy! Really! But, he's not doing too good. He blames himself badly and he feels so guilty about it."

Swift Heart shook her head and said "He should, but why does he even want to talk to me?"

Take Care smiled and said "To reconcile. He really wants to fix what he did and he'll do anything. Swift Heart I know you've got to be extremely angry right now but please don't hate me for this."

Swift Heart sighed and said "I can't hate you Take Care. It's not in my nature, but know one thing. If he makes one sly remark or a move I will have Grumpy throw him out faster than you can say sorry."

Take Care nodded and said "Completely agree! I swear he won't thanks a ton, I owe you."

Swift Heart just waved her hand and said "Well, it's only fair in some way."

Take Care nodded and said "Say? Five tonight?" Swift Heart nodded and Take Care left...

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