Trick or treat? You mean Hugs or Kisses!

But I Wanna Hang Out With You!

Innocent Heart and Tenderheart were both hanging out on the jungle gym when another bell rang and the children came outside again.

Tenderheart and Innocent Heart waited and watched while eventually Kathy walked out carrying her book when two older girls walked up to her and said "Oh look it's Kathy!"

Kathy just looked away and tried to ignore them but they side stepped in front of her and one said "You know Rosanna doesn't want to be friends with you anymore."

That got Kathy's attention and she looked at her and said "You don't know that!"

The girl got an evil grin and said "Oh yeah, she said so."

Kathy was clearly aggravated but took a deep breath and walked away from them. As she walked Tenderheart jumped off the jungle gym and said "You okay Kathy?"

Kathy nodded and said "Yeah, just grr, really wish people would just leave me alone."

Innocent Heart then joined them and said "Hey, forget what they said, I'm sure Rosanna will explain everything later."

Kathy smiled and said "Really?"

Innocent nodded and said "So, what do you got now?"

Kathy smiled and said "Well, I got a free period next so we can just talk if that's okay?"

Innocent and Tenderheart nodded and Innocent said "Sure!"

Kathy smiled and lead them to a bench where she sat down across from them. Tenderheart started talking saying "So, how are you?"

Kathy smiled and said "No worse then before, but no better. Class is a bore but hey it's high school."

Innocent looked at the playground and said "You have a playground at your high school?"

Kathy laughed and said "No, that's for the elementary the two buildings are connected kindergarten to Seniors."

Innocent nodded and said "Wow! And you've know Rosanna that whole time?"

Kathy nodded and said "Yes, but this year she's been ignoring me and I just don't feel like she cares anymore."

Tenderheart looked at her and said "I highly doubt she doesn't care anymore. She's probably just lost her mind for a little bit we all do it."

Kathy smiled and said "Yeah, not Rosanna she's the goody two shoes of the school always looking out for others I am too just not as vocal about it."

Innocent Heart then said "Well, what are your hobbies?"

Kathy smirked and opened one of her binders and pulled out a piece of paper with stamps on it and said "I collect stamps."

Both Tenderheart and Innocent looked with enthusiasm. "Wow, anything else?"

Kathy shook her head and began telling them about the stamps. After a few minutes of explaining Kathy finished and Tenderheart said "Woah, who knew stamps had so much, information."

Kathy blushed and said "Sorry, once I get started I just can't stop."

Innocent Heart chuckled and said "Its okay, so do you have any questions?"

Kathy leaned forward and said "Just one."

Tenderheart and Innocent Heart leaned in and Kathy asked "Can you two play guitar?" And they both looked at each other...

Hugs, Dreams, and Tugs had been playing tag for a couple of hours now and were exhausted. Grams laughed as they all laid down in the grass breathing heavy. Grams walked over and said "Would you guys like some lunch?"

As if on cue they all sat up and nodded. Grams pulled out a blanket and set it up before putting her bag on it and pulling out a few sandwiches and some juice boxes before handing them to each of the cubs and sitting back and enjoying the sun. But after a few minutes Tugs moved closer to Grams and asked "Say Grams, how come Dreams bear can't talk yet?"

Fortunately for Grams, Dreams and Hugs had seen a bird in a tree and were distracted so she looked at Tugs and said "Well, Tugs sometimes people are very shy and don't really feel like talking.

" Tugs looked at her and said "But why? I mean it wasn't hard for me to talk."

Grams smiled and said "That's because you're not nearly as shy dear." And she rubbed his head making him blush.

Grams then smiled and said "Everybody is different but no matter what you need to accept them for who they are."

Tugs looked at yer and said "Even that weird Mr Beastly?"

Grams laughed and said "Yes dear, but just remember even if someone doesn't talk doesn't mean there's something wrong with them."

Tugs took another bite of his sandwich and said "Say Grams?"

Grams bear looked at him and said "Yes Tugs?"

Tugs gave her a look and said "How come Dreams bear stays with Wish bear rather than us?"

Grams smiled and said "Boy your questions today, well Wish bear found Dreams bear so he wanted to stay with her."

Tugs nodded and said "So, did someone find us?"

Grams bear coughed and said "Why don't you go get Hugs and Dreams?"

Tugs nodded and stood up and said "Okay Grams." And ran over to two other two while Grams picked up.

After she had picked everything up and they all came over to her she said "So, everyone ready to head back?"

They all nodded and Grams said "Then let's go!" And they made their way back.

After walking a couple of minutes they made their way back to Grams house and Hugs opened the door with a yawn and Grams said "Well, looks like it's nap time."

And she picked up Hugs and Dreams bear while Tugs walked and followed them up stair as she set them in their bed while she put Dreams bear in another and said "Rest up my darlings." And walked downstairs...

Swift Heart was absolutely furious, this was unbelievable! She knew it was only fair to hear Phil out one more time, but that didn't change the fact that she had shoved Grumpy away or that she still was jumpy around him. She sighed and picked up a book and began to read but she heard the door open and turned around and saw Grumpy who said "Looks like my patrol got cancelled."

Swift Heart rolled her eyes and said "Well, that's something."

Grumpy nodded and said "So, anything interesting happen while I was gone?"

Swift Heart rubbed the back of her head and said "Yeah, Take Care stopped by."

Grumpy looked at her and said "Really?" What for?"

Swift Heart looked away for a moment and said "She asked if she and..."

Grumpy looked at her and said "And...?"

Swift Heart coughed and said "And Phil could stop by for dinner."

Grumpy looked at her and said "Oh, and you said?"

Swift Heart felt something in her gut and said "I said sure..."

Grumpy nodded and said "Uh huh, so that's what you want?"

Swift heart nodded and said "Yes."

Grumpy nodded and said "Okay." And left.

Swift Heart made a face and followed him saying "Whoa hold it!"

And she followed Grumpy into his workshop were he started working on an old project and she said "Really? No sighs? No argument? No nothing."

Grumpy put the project and said "If you want want him over it's alright. I wouldn't want to stress you out."

Swift Heart was about to say something but she felt like she was gonna be sick and said "Oh, I don't feel good."

Causing Grumpy to walk over to her and say "Are you okay?"

And she gagged and said "No, I'm gonna be sick."

Grumpy nodded and lead her to the bathroom once they made it in Swift Heart puked in the toilet and said "Ugh, so anyways." And they both started laughing.

She smiled and said "I only want you to just not be angry about this."

Grumpy shook his head and said "I'm not, personally I think it's great he comes over, might give me a reason to..."

Swift Heart looked at him and he said "Nothing, but no matter what I love you."

Swift Heart smiled and said "So, what do you wanna do now?"

Grumpy thought for a moment and said "How about, we work on that old project together?"

Swift Heart smiled and said "Why not." And they got up and went back to Grumpy's workshop...

Dreams bear, Hugs, and Tugs had all been taking their naps when Dreams bear woke up and looked around before sliding out of his bed and walking over to the window. He tried opening it but it was locked she he though for a moment before climbing up and unlocking it and opening it allowing a gentle breeze to come in but that was not why he opened it he then walked back to his bed and grabbed his blanket and sheets and began to tie them together. After he finished he lowered them down the window before tieing them to the bed post and climbing down.

Once he was out he looked around before making his way down the path. He followed the path until he spotted the Hall of Hearts and he made his way up the rainbow bridge and then sliding down and laughing. Once at the bottom he dusted himself off then continued on his way.

Eventually he made it to the front doors and pushed them open before looking around and continuing up some stairs and managed to find his way to the tower to where the star-o-scope was. He opened the door quietly and peeked in to see Wish bear looking around through the star-o-scope. He tiptoed up behind he and then gave her a hug and she jumped and screamed a little before turning around and seeing Dreams bear smiling at her and giving her an innocent look. Wish bear picked him up and said "Dreams bear my stars what are you doing here?"

He smiled again and gave her a hug and she hugged him back and patterned his back before saying "Missed me huh?"

Dreams bear nodded and Wish bear sighed and said "You know, you can't do this ever again right?"

Dreams bear gave her a sad look and she said "Oh, don't do that!"

But Dreams kept up his look and Wish bear said "Look, you can't do this again. But since your here how about you help me with star-o-scope duty?"

Dreams bear nodded and Wish bear helped him up the star-o-scope and he looked out and around at the world. She smiled and watched as he made different faces at different things.

He seemed to be looking at nothing but he stopped and pointed at something causing Wish bear to set him down and look through herself and seeing a boy push over a fruit stand then running away.

Wish bear sighed and picked up the radio and contacted someone and told them before setting it down and saying to Dreams bear "Good catch."

And then picked up her son and said "So, wanna give talking another try?" Dreams bear looked worried but nodded...

No heart and Vapor had left the castle and told Shreeky and Beastly to try to annoy the Care Bears while they were gone. But Shreeky couldn't think of any plan, until now. "BEASTLY!" She shrieked throughout the castle. Beastly came running into the room nearly tripping over himself. Once he got back up he said "Yes Shreeky?" Shreeky crossed her arms and said "I've got a plan to pester those Care Bears."

Beastly looked at her and said "What is it Shreeky?"

Shreeky laughed and said "We can steal the star-o-scope!"

Beastly bit his finger nails and said "But, but Shreeky! Wish bear guards the star-o-scope!"

Shreeky crossed her arms and said "Your point."

Beastly opened his hands and said "How are we gonna get past her?"

Shreeky pulled out a bottle and said "With this."

Beastly looked at her funny and said "What is that?"

Shreeky laughed and said "A magic potion! One drop and anyone will have a temporary trance on them."

Beastly laughed and said "Great idea! I...I. mean bad idea, because bad is good to us!"

Shreeky rolled her eyes and said "Well, let's go!"

And they made their way downstairs when Beastly tripped and fell down right into the flying bike breaking it into pieces.

Shreeky shrieked and said "Beastly! Look at what you did fur brain!" Beastly's head was spinning and he said "Oh don't worry Shreeky I'll have it fixed in no time."

Shreeky was so furious and stormed off back into the thunder pit room. We're she opened one of No heart's spell books and found a spell and went down before saying it making the bike repair its self into its original shape and she said "Lets go Beastly!"

And she hopped in the passenger's seat while Beastly drove them to Care-a-lot. After a couple minutes of driving they arrived and jumped out. Once out Shreeky said "Okay, now which way to that star-o-scope?"

Beastly pointed and said "Over there Shreeky!" And she looked to see him pointing to the tower and they both made their way over dodging some of the Care Bears walking around.

Finally they made it to the door and slipped their way in. Once inside they crawled their way way up Tue steps but once they were at the door they could hear Wish bear talking. "Okay, now say..."

Suddenly Shreeky opened the door with a thud and Wish bear said "Shreeky!" Shreeky laughed and said "I got you cornered Care Bear! Hang over the star-o-scope and while your at it where is the other Care Bear?"

Wish bear seemed to make a fist and said "Its just me. And your not getting the star-o-scope!"

Beastly walked in and said "Nice try but we heard you talking to someone!"

Dreams bear then poked his head around Wish bears leg but was still cowering. Shreeky then spotted him and said "Ahhh so it's that Care Bear cub that got away from us last time."

Wish bear stepped to the side a little and said "If you want him and the star-o-scope your gonna have to go through me first."

Shreeky laughed and said "That's the point. Now Beastly!"

And Beastly threw the potion at her and Wish bear said "Ah!" Before feeling herself freeze.

She tried to fight it but it was too strong And she said "Ooh, you won't get away with this Shreeky!"

Shreeky laughed and said "I think I will. Now Beastly grab the star-o-scope! While I."

And Shreeky reached behind Wish bear and grabbed Dreams bear's arm...

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