Trick or treat? You mean Hugs or Kisses!


Grumpy and Loyal were on their way to No Heart's castle when Loyal looked at Grumpy and said "You got a plan by any chance?"

Grumpy shook his head and said "No clue, but I mean how hard could it be?"

Loyal looked at him and said "Don't underestimate Shreeky she and Beastly are more capable then we give them credit for."

Grumpy shrugged and said "Eh, just saying."

Loyal shrugged and said "Lets see what we are up against before we come up with a plan."

Grumpy nodded and said "Agreed."

It wasn't long before they arrived and hopped out of their cloud car. At first they looked around and were surprised to not see any shadows. Grumpy scorned and said "That's really weird, there are no shadows usually No Heart has his shadows everywhere."

Loyal nodded and said "Yeah, maybe we got them off guard?"

Grumpy crossed his arms and said "Or it's a trap."

Loyal rolled his eyes and said "Come on."

And the two began making their way over to the castle when Loyal said "Hey look!"

And he pointed to a window and Grumpy said "What is that?"

They both climbed up and looked at a weird light pink barrier.

Grumpy shrugged and poked it sending a small shock wave launching his hand back. "OW!"

He screamed before shaking his hand and saying "Well, that explains it. Seems Shreeky likes barriers more, lately."

Loyal chuckled and said "Well, we can't just stop now."

And he stared at the barrier and it gave way a little and Grumpy peeked through and saw Beastly and Shreeky moving some stuff around when he heard Shreeky say "Alright fur ball I'm gonna try and see if those Care Bears are on to us yet."

And she walked over to the cauldron and said some foreign language and the cauldron seemed to shift Grumpy tried to get a closer look but Loyal said "I...can'"

Before finally giving way and forcing the little hole to close and Grumpy said "Well, that's something."

Loyal was catching his breath and said "What'd you see?"

Grumpy crossed his arms and said "Just something's that are gonna make this a challenge."

Loyal smiled and said "Well? Can we get in?"

Grumpy shook his head and said "Sadly not by ourselves, we're gonna need reinforcements."

And the two hopped down and made their way back to their cloud car. It wasn't long before they were back in Care-a-lot and making their way to the Hall of Hearts were a worried Wish bear met them and said "Did you get him?"

Tapping her finger tips against each other. Grumpy shook his head and said "We gotta call in the others Shreeky's got a powerful barrier and on top of that barricades to stop us from getting in."

Wish bear put her hand over the other and said "Oh, I'm just worried Noble Heart and True Heart are know take him away from me."

Loyal Heart shook his head and said "Oh come on why would they do that?"

Wish bear shrugged and wiped a tear and said "I don't know because I let him get kidnapped in a way he wasn't supposed to be here he was with Grams but somehow he snuck out to come see me. And I didn't want to send him back..."

Grumpy looked around before letting out a smile and said "Wish bear hey, I usually don't act like this but I think everyone including yours truly would have a huge problem if they took him away from you. Wish bear Its best not to always think of the worse possible ending sometimes you gotta look on the bright side."

Wish bear looked at him and said "Really?"

He nodded and said "I mean if him sneaking out to see you doesn't prove he loves you then I'll hang up my tummy symbol."

Wish bear smiled and said "Wow Grumpy that's sweet." Grumpy then went back into himself and said "Yeah well, don't tell anyone about it."

Wish bear smiled and said "Okay, but not everyone is in Care-a-lot most are out on patrol or are in a caring mission."

Loyal rubbed his chin and said "Is there anyway to recall the people on mission?"

Wish bear shook her head and said "No, too serious. And besides..."

She stopped mid sentence and said "Oh no!"

Grumpy and Loyal look at her and she said "I forgot!"

Before she ran to the star-scope tower and started pushing a few buttons and saying "Good Luck! Your needed at thirty four water flour road."

Good Luck radioed back saying "I'm on it."

Wish bear sighed and said "Sorry guys Dreams bear spotted a boy with some sort of issue and I completely forgot to tell someone."

Grumpy and Loyal waved it off and Grumpy said "Its okay."

Wish bear wiped her forehead and said "Alright I can send you guys with Treat Heart, Bright Heart, Champ Bear, and Love-a-lot. Oh and don't forget me. That gonna be enough?"

Loyal Heart looked at Grumpy who nodded and said "Yeah, but are you sure you wanna go Wish bear? I mean it could be dangerous."

Wish bear raised an eyebrow and said "This is my son we're talking about, so as far as I'm concerned it's my job."

Grumpy nodded and said "Then let's get everyone here."

Wish bear nodded and turned to the radio...

Tenderheart and Innocent had been talking with Ron and Kathy when they check the time and said "Kathy, isn't Rosanna gonna be home soon?" Kathy looked at the time and said "Yeah, you guys ready to go?"

They nodded and said "You bet." At the same time.

Kathy opened the door for them and Ron said "Hey, you guys ever wanna play again you stop by."

Innocent laughed and said "We just might." Before Ron closed the door.

As they walked up Kathy's street they asked her "Are you sure your ready for this Kathy?"

Kathy nodded and they all kept walking when they saw Rosanna alone, walking up the road. Kathy took a deep breath before waving and saying "Rosanna!"

Rosanna turned and said "Hi Kathy!"

Kathy looked both way before crossing the street with Tenderheart and Innocent Heart. Once on the other side Kathy said "Rosanna we need to talk."

Rosanna tilted her head and said "About?"

Kathy was scared but Tenderheart put a hand on her should and she said "Why are you ignoring me?"

Rosanna tilted her head and said "What? I'm not ignoring you."

Kathy out her hands on her hips and said "What about in school today?"

Rosanna thought for a moment and said "Rachel told me that you were ignoring me."

Kathy looked at Tenderheart who shrugged and Kathy said "Wait so this whole time you thought I was ignoring you so you ignored me?"

Rosanna thought on it before nodding and saying "Basically yeah."

Kathy crossed her arms and said "So Rachel started this."

Rosanna nodded then said "Oh my goodness Kathy I'm so sorry I was just so confused and angry that I kinda let it get out of control."

Kathy waved her hand and said "Forget about it, I just wish Morgan could know how we felt."

Innocent looked at Tenderheart who nodded and said "Girls, you know maybe you should just talk to Rachel and settle this out yourselves."

Rosanna looked at Kathy who nodded and said "I guess so."

Tenderheart raised a finger and said "Remember sometimes people hurt other because sometimes they are hurting themselves and they could really use a friend."

Kathy smiled at Rosanna and said "Come on we'll go talk to Rachel. Are you guys coming?"

Tenderheart shook his head and said "Nah I think you girls understand but just let Rachel explain herself and don't be harsh to her."

Kathy nodded then waved and said "Bye guys and thanks." Before running off with Rosanna.

Innocent Heart tilted her head and said "So now what?"

Tenderheart conjured up a cloud car and said "We head back our work here is done."

Innocent nodded and hopped in with Tenderheart before he took off. Soon they arrived in Care-a-lot where they noticed the doors to the Hall of Hearts open so they walked inside to hear Wish bear talking and Tenderheart turned to Wish bear and said "What's going on?"

Innocent shrugged and the two walked in when Wish bear finished and everyone began to leave till Tenderheart coughed loudly and said "Ahem!"

They all turned and Wish bear said "Tenderheart you're back!"

Tenderheart nodded and said "Yeah, what's going on Wish bear?"

Wish bear rubbed the back of her head and said "The...I'm Star-o-scope got stolen."

Tenderheart seemed to relax and said "Oh, and here I was..."

But Wish bear cut him off saying "And! Dreams bear got sorta kinda kidnapped."

That made Tenderheart tense up again and say "Again!?"

Wish bear nodded and said "Yeah, he was helping out and Shreeky and Beastly bursted in to steal the Star-o-scope and I guess he was a convince. I was hoping I could deal with this before True Heart and Noble Heart found out."

Innocent Heart looked at Tenderheart who sighed and said "Alright, what do you need us to do?"

Wish bear sighed and said "We just need to get past the barriers Shreeky has set up then we can just get Dreams bear. He's got to be so scared."

She said the last part to herself and Tenderheart nodded and said "We're right with yeah!"

Wish bear smiled and said "Thanks Tenderheart!"

And they all made their ways out...

At No Heart's castle Dreams bear had woken up from the nap Shreeky had put him but he still has her magic barrier around his mouth preventing him for crying or making sounds. He crawled to the edge of his cell to see Shreeky and Beastly putting the last piece of furniture before collapsing on a couch. Beastly sighed and said "Shreey, how are we gonna stop the Care Bears if they get through the barriers?"

Shreeky smiled and said "With these!" And she shot her mirror to spawn shadow tigers.

The tigers hovered before flying up to Dreams bear's cage and growling at him causing him to cower in the corner Shreeky laughed and said "Heel! Down tigers."

The tigers stop growling before flying down to Shreeky and Beastly and floating there. Shreeky laughed and said "With these to get the Care Bears won't get near us. But for safe keeping let's add a few shadows." And she then shot a few bolts that turned into shadows.

She laughed as they waited for her to give them orders. She then pointed at a dark corner and said "Quickly tiger's go to the corner and hide till I tell you." As ordered the tigers let the visible area.

Shreeky then said "Shadows quickly guard the doors when the Care Bears come I'll give you the order to stop them."

The shadows nodded and went to their locations before Shreeky started laughing and said "That explain it Beastly?"

Beastly nodded and said "Those Care Bears won't know what hit them!"

Dreams bear managed to summon the courage to crawl to the edge of his cage again and he was shocked. Shreeky then looked at him and said "Ah I see our guest is awake."

Before she raised her mirror and Dreams bear felt the magic slip away from hi mouth Beastly covered his ears but Dreams bear just stood up and dusted himself off before crossing his arms at them. Shreeky smiled and said "Tell you what, join us and we'll let you out of that cage."

Dreams bear shook his head and crossed his arms more sternfully. Beastly raised a finger and said "You don't know what you're missing kid this is the life."

Dreams bear shook his head and turned his back causing Shreeky to smile and say "Well, we tried to warn yeah."

Before zapping Dreams bear's cage and made him and it disappear. Beastly looked at Shreeky and said "We're he go?"

Shreeky started laughing and said "He's still here fur ball I just made him invisible so that when those Care Bear come here they won't know we're to look for him."

Beastly nodded and said "Maybe you could also use your mirror to protect the shadows."

Shreeky laughed and said "Not a bad idea, glad I thought of it."

Before zapping her shadows...

Swift Heart was pacing with a boot for her ankle on. She was extremely nervous about two things; dinner and where Grumpy was." She sighed and said to herself "Okay, calm down its just gonna be a nice simple dinner he'll apologize you'll forgive him, we'll laugh about it."

Then she shook her head and said "And then he'll let something slip and you'll freak and he'll get kicked out."

She kept pacing and wiped her forehead before saying "Alright, I'm gonna go get a drink."

She then walked into her kitchen and poured herself some water before drinking it and saying "Maybe I'm over reacting, I mean come on how awkward could it be?"

Suddenly there was a knock on her door and she jumped and dropped her glass and said "Oh darn!"

She then yelled "One minute!"

Before grabbing the broom and sweeping up the glass before answering the door and seeing Proud Heart standing there rubbing her belly and saying "Oh! Hi Swift Heart is now a bad time?"

Swift Heart shook her head and said "No come on in."

Before stepping out of the way for Proud Heart who said "Just thought I'd stop by I hope you don't mind."

Swift Heart smiled and said "Not at all. Please have a seat."

And Proud Heart sat on the couch while Swift Heart sat next to her and said "What's up?"

Proud Heart smiled and said "Well, I was going over Loyal and my wedding plan and I was wondering."

Swift Heart tilted her head and said "Yeah?"

Proud Heart smiled and said "I figured since I was your maid of honor...i was wondering...would you like to be my maid of honor?"

Swift Heart gave her a look before saying "Of course!"

In an extremely girly voice before she coughed and said "I mean of course."

In her normal voice and gave Proud Heart a hug. Proud Heart sighed and said "Phew I was worried you'd tell me you're busy."

Swift Heart shook her head and said "Never, so anything interesting going on?"

Proud Heart shook her head and said "Not really Loyal's on patrol and I'm just stuck at home bored."

Swift Heart smiled and said "Grumpy was gonna be on patrol but got cancelled then un-cancelled."

Proud Heart felt her eyebrows frown and said "That's weird think something happened?"

Swift Heart shook her head and said "Probably, but hey what could it be?"

Proud Heart nodded and said "Very true, I just worry you know?"

Swift Heart nodded and said "How do you think I feel? Here I was looking forward to spending the day with my husband and he gets called in what is that!"

Proud Heart laughed and said "Alright, alright you're right." Swift Heart laughed and said "I usually am." Before they both laughed and continued chatting...

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