Trick or treat? You mean Hugs or Kisses!


Wish Bear and the others were making their way to No Heart's castle when Tenderheart looked over at Wish Bear who had a sad look on her face as she looked at the floor of the cloud car. Tenderheart smiled and said "Are you okay Wish Bear?"

Wish Bear sighed and said "No, I'm not. I just feel so guilty about this."

Tenderheart looked at her and said "Why would you feel guilty?"

Wish Bear let out a sigh and said "Because he wasn't even supposed to be there. I mean he somehow managed to break out of Grams make his way to the Hall Hearts and still find me. And what does he get for his trouble? Kidnapped again mind you!"

She sighed and continued "And I couldn't stop it because of that stupid potion she had."

Tenderheart smiled and said "Okay, for one how could you know they were gonna show up? And two I'm sure Dreams Bear wasn't there intended target more of an irresistible opportunity. And three you were immobilized! How could you have stopped them."

Wish Bear laughed and said "That supposed to make me feel better?"

Tenderheart put a hand on her shoulder and said "You're a good mother Wish Bear stop doubting yourself."

Wish Bear smiled and said "Really?"

Tenderheart smiled and said "Absolutely!"

Wish Bear sat up and said "You're right Tenderheart! Thanks it means a lot."

Tenderheart smiled and said "Well, keep that courage because we're here."

Wish Bear nodded as they all landed and hopped out before meeting up with the others and Champ saying "So what's the play sports fan?"

Grumpy coughed and said "Me and Loyal will check out the barrier first then we'll give you the signal if we should move in or not."

They all nodded and Grumpy and Loyal made their way up and into the window before Loyal stared and removed part of the barrier allowing Grumpy to peek in to see Shreeky and some shadows watching the door and windows on the other side. Grumpy backed off, and signaled the others to come forward allowing Loyal to rest while they all made their way up to the window. It only took a few minutes but once they all were in position Grumpy said "Okay all at once now! Care Bear! Stare!"

And they all stared at once and watched as the barrier faded away before finally disappearing completely Shreeky turned and looked to see them and said "Ah! Beastly they're here!" Beastly jumped to his feet and said "What do we do Shreeky?"

Shreeky laughed and said "We do nothing, shadows! Get them!" And the shadows lurched forward but it didn't take long for them all to be hit by the rescue squad's stare and they soon began to disappear but Shreeky's protection helped them, but not for very long and soon they disappeared allowing the Treat Heart to throw down a ladder she had brought, and get inside the castle with the others.

Shreeky screamed and shot her mirror at them but they dodged it and she said "Honestly I thought those shadows would have lasted longer."

Wish Bear seemed to growl and said "Where's Dreams Bear Shreeky!"

Shreeky smiled and said "That's for me to know and you to find out."

Before taking another shot at Wish Bear who again dodged and stared at Shreeky who dodged her stare before she said "Now shadow tigers!"

And the Care Bears heard two loud growls and Shreeky's shadow tigers popped out of the shadows and began to circle the group they all formed a circle and Bright Heart said "What do we do?"

Tenderheart thought for a moment then said "Ah ha!"

And he began to concentrate before his belly began to glow and Wish Bear turned around and said "Tenderheart?" But Tenderheart didn't respond and suddenly there was a bright flash and the tiger disappeared with a flash.

They all look at Tenderheart who said "What?" They shrugged and turned to Shreeky who said "Huh, well..."

Beastly stood next to her and said "What now Shreeky?"

Shreeky shrugged and said "How about this!" And she shot her mirror up and it hit the ceiling that then began to crack.

Wish Bear stared and disarmed Shreeky to distract her long enough for Bright Heart to grab the mirror and Wish Bear said "You've been defeated Shreeky now tell me where Dreams Bear is!"

Shreeky laughed and said "You think I'm defeated? You haven't seen anything yet."

And she said a few magic words as the ceiling began to crack more. There was a cloud of smoke then a confused Dreams Bear appeared and looked around to see Wish Bear who said "Dreams Bear!"

But Shreeky said something else and she and Beastly disappeared and Dreams Bear somehow managed to go back into his cage, on the part of the ceiling that then collapsed...

Wish Bear was staring at the rubble in horror. She suddenly ran up and started pushing bits of the ceiling away screaming "Dreams Bear? Dreams Bear!" Tenderheart looked at the other who just looked poked in horror as well and he said "Wish Bear..." but Wish just said "Don't just stand there! Help me!"

Tenderheart looked at the other who just shook their heads and he said "Wish Bear..."

Wish Bear started crying and said "Please, please."

Before she covered her face and Tenderheart put a hand on her shoulder. She just shrugged him off and said "He can't...He's gotta..."

She kept crying as she moved more rubble before Tenderheart said "Wish Bear he couldn't..."

She stood up and pointed a finger at him and said "Don't! Don't you Dare!"

Tenderheart gave her a look and she shook her finger and leaned in and hugged him saying "He...He's gotta to be down there."

Tenderheart rubbed her back and said "Wish..." but she turned her back intending to start to dig again but just fell to her knees and cried some more.

Tenderheart modeled down next to her and said "Wish Bear, I hate to say this but we have to get the Star-o-scope."

She pointed over to a corner where the Star-o-scope was sitting before inhaling loudly and saying "Please Dreams, please."

But nothing happened, Tenderheart walked over and grabbed the Star-o-scope before returning to Wish Bears side and she said "Okay, let's go." but it took her a minute before she even got up and then another to begin to walk away with him.

And they all began to make their way out and Wish Bear looked back for a minute but nothing happened and she started to climb up crying the whole time.

When suddenly out of Nowhere Dreams Bear crawled out from under a piece of ceiling and watched as they walked away he was already crying and holding his arm which was bleeding a little due to a small cut, but he was so overcome with emotion that he started to cry again but louder before letting out a loud "MOMMY!"

Wish Bear suddenly stopped and turned around and said "Dreams Bear?"

Before turning around and seeing him crying while holding his arm and she jumped down from the ladder and said "Dreams Bear!"

And ran up to him as he ran to her and he said "Mommy please don't go!"

As he cried and the two shared a hug and Wish Bear began to cry again but for joy and she said "Thank goodness your alright." (Oh come on you didn't think I was gonna get rid of Dreams Bear like that did yeah?)

Tenderheart and the others slid down the ladder and joined Wish Bear but gave her some space. She wiped away her tear and Dreams Bear, now being able to speak said "My arm hurts."

Wish Bear laughed and said "Let me see." And he showed her his arm which had a little cut on it which surprisingly was his only injury.

She smiled before hugging him again then standing up and saying "Let's go home eh?"

He nodded and held her hand before Tenderheart said "After you." and let them climb out first before the rest followed.

As they were making their way back Dreams Bear was on Wish Bears lap as they rode back and she smiled as he looked down at Earth as she ran her hand through his head before he asked "What's dat?"

And she looked to see him pointing at an ocean and she laughed and said "Well, that's what we call an ocean, it's basically a lot of water."

He sighed in fascination as Tenderheart drove them back a relieved look on his face. Once they were back Wish Bear personally thanked everyone, so did Dreams Bear, before they all left and Wish Bear looked to see the sun going down and she said "Well, let's go take you to Take Care's."

As she picked him up and they began to walk...

Take Care was at her home trying to decide what to wear to this dinner. She could tell Swift Heart was frustrated but hoped she and Phil could get her to reconcile. She held up a light blue dress and then a green even though they didn't say it was formal she thought it be rude not to wear a nice dress, she sighed before saying "Hmmm, I think...Green."

And she put the blue one away before twirling and saying "Perfect!"

She then heard a knock and walked out of her bedroom and opened the door to see Wish Bear standing with Dreams Bear who was covered in dust and he said "Hello!" Take Care gasped and said "He's talking!"

Wish Bear nodded and said "Yes, but that's not why we are here. He's got a small cut and I would like a professional to treat it."

Take Care nodded and said "Well, let's deal with that."

And waved them in and said "Just set him on the table."

And she walked out while Wish Bear sat down and looked at him before he said "Why do you wook sad mommy?"

Wish Bear chuckled and said "Just a little nervous that's all. Since those two..."

He smiled and said "Who were dey?"

Wish Bear shook her head and said "Don't worry about it sweet Heart, they won't bother you anymore. I'll make sure of that."

Dreams Bear smiled and Take Care walked back in and took a look at his arm and said "Ooh, that's a nasty cut, does it hurt?"

Dreams Bear shook his head and she pulled out a disinfectant and said "Okay buddy, this might burn a little."

And she grabbed it on his cut and he jumped and said "Ow!"

Take Care said "I know but I need you just let me do it and I promise it will hurt less."

Dreams Bear nodded and Take Care put it on the wound again and Dreams Bear winced but stopped when Wish Bear held his hand and Take Care put down the disinfectant and picked up a bandaid and put it on and said "All better."

Dreams Bear smiled and said "Can you kiss it mommy."

Wish Bear smiled and said "Of course." Before kissing his bandaid.

Take Care smirked pulled out a lollipop and said "Your mom let you have one of these yet?"

Dreams Bear shook his head and she gave him it and said "Trust me they're good."

And he put it in his mouth and his eyes got wide and he said "Wow!"

Wish Bear smiled and picked him up and walked out saying "Thanks so much Take Care!"

Before walking out with Dreams Bear. As they made their way As they were walking Dreams Bear said "Mommy?"

Wish Bear looked at him and said "Yeah?"

He rested his head on her and said "Are you mad at me?"

Wish Bear looked at him and said "No! Why would I be mad for?"

He blushed and said "Because I snuck away from gwams."

Wish Bear gave him a hug and said "Nah I'm more flattered."

He looked at her and said "What's fwaddered?"

She smiled and said "Happy, now how about I take you back home and we have some cookies?"

He smiled and said "Yeah!" And they began to make their way back...

Grumpy had returned home and said "Swift Heart!?"

And he walked in to see Proud Heart and Swift Heart laughing in their living room and said "Am I interrupting something?"

Swift Heart got up and gave him a hug and said "Oh Grumpy you're back!"

Grumpy laughed and said "Yeah, and I asked am I interrupting?"

She shook head and said "No not at all sit, sit."

Grumpy rolled his eyes and sat down next to Swift Heart who leaned on his shoulder while holding his arm. Proud Heart coughed and said "So, a Grumpy. Have you seen Loyal Heart today?"

Grumpy turned and looked at her and said "Yeah, just a few minutes ago actually. Is something wrong?"

Proud Heart shook her head and said "No, no. Just haven't seen him all day and was curious."

Swift Heart turned to Grumpy and said "So, what were you called in for?"

Grumpy shook his head and said "Don't worry about it, just a little problem that's all."

Proud Heart looked at him but just sighed and said "Do you know if Loyal's back?"

Grumpy nodded and he said "He is."

Proud Heart nodded and stood up, slowly, a before saying "Well, I best be heading home."

Grumpy stood up and said "I could give you a ride."

Proud hear put up her hand and said "No, no I'll be fine." Before walking to the door and heading outside.

Grumpy sighed and said "Well, how is my darling wife?"

Swift Heart smiled and said "I'm great! And how is my wonderful husband."

Grumpy chuckled and said "I am wonderful."

They both smiled and Swift Heart said "You got the time?"

Grumpy nodded and check his watch and said "Oh, it's four thirty."

Swift Heart nodded and said "Hmmm, wasn't there supposed to be something at five?"

They thought for a moment then they both said "The dinner!" And they both ran, or walked, to their bedroom and began scrambling for nice clothes, Grumpy was putting on his tie when he turned to Swift Heart who already had her dress on and set.

He stopped tying his tie and said "How, did, what?"

Swift Heart laughed and walked over and kept tying his tie and said "If there's one thing you should know about me Grumpy it's that I can change outfits rather quickly even with a broken ankle."

Before she finished and walked out of the room. After Grumpy had changed they cooked a quick, yet fancy, dinner. When suddenly Swift Heart said "Did we even say this was gonna be fancy?"

Grumpy thought about it and said "I guess not."

Swift Heart looked away and said "Hmm."

When the bell rang...

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