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The Other Side Of The Story

Chapter 1 - A day at the zoo

Alex's pov

i was brushing my hair in front of a mirror in my room when i heard my mum calling from down stairs "Alex, sweet heart come down breakfast is ready"

"i'll be down in a minute mum" i called back while pulling my hair into a high pony tail,then i took a step a way from the mirror to take one last glance at my look even so i couldn't care less, don't get me wrong but i am not really the kind of person who cares about their look ,especially not in the morning ,what can i say i'm not a morning person either

however mum and dad told me that they had a surprise for me and that i should look my best so whatever makes them happy i am doing it, i just love them

back to the point I was wearing a blue lace top , a pair of black skinny jeans and white sneakers ,and since my hair was done, then i was all set to go

so i placed the hair brush on my dresser and headed down stairs


i walked into the kitchen to find dad sitting on a chair around the table reading the news paper ,while mum was placing the plates on the table

"morning" i greeted

"morning sweetheart" mum replied while glancing at me

"morning little one" dad said while lowering the paper in his hands so he could see me then he raised a brow "well isn't someone looking gorgeous today"

"well dad i'm offended, don't i always look gorgeous" i said placing my heart pretending to be hurt but only causing both my parents to chuckle

"sure you do sweetie, come on now breakfast is ready" she said while taking the last plate to the table and taking a seat

i laughed and walked to the table, taking a seat

but as i was about to dig into my pancakes i looked at both of them and my curiosity just to control and i asked "so are you planning on telling me what the surprise is?"

on hearing my words they looked at each other grinned then turned back to me

"well sweetie if we told you it won't be a surprise any more, would it?" mom said still grinning

"come on i have been waiting for a really really long time" i pouted, then a plan came to my mind and i turned to dad giving him the most Irresistible puppy eyes but it didn't seem to effect him as he said "sorry little one but your mom is right"

"and really Alex its only been a week" mum said while smiling and shaking her head

"okay , but it better be worth it" i muttered making them both laugh and soon i joined in laughing as well


A while later after we were done with breakfast we were in the car dad in the driver seat and mum in the passenger seat beside him while i was in the back having no idea where the bloody hell we were heading

but still that didn't my parents from glancing at me every once and a while with a grin on their faces while i just narrowed my eyes at them

suddenly the car came to a stop and i looked out of the window and finally found out where we were

"blimey!" i gaped as i noticed we were at the zoo

"what do you think?" dad asked ,making me turn back to them as he and mum were looking at me waiting for my response

"really guys! i don't know what to say?" i paused noticing how disappointed they seemed but they haven't let me finish as i grinned and started jumping in my seat screaming "i can't even describe how much i love you right now" which made their expressions turn into huge grins


now, we were walking inside the zoo or should i say that i was probably running from a cage to another amazed with each and every animal that i lied eye on ,my parents on the other hand were doing their best to try and keep up with me but don't blame me they already knew how much i loved animals

anyway i was standing in front of the lion cage watching a lion as it was roaring at the crowd when my mum came and stood beside me saying "his roaring is creepy isn't it?"

"well not really, but did you know that Lions are able to make a number of different sounds it is their roar that is most distinctive and not only serves to warn off strange males, but also allows members of the pride to find one another as it's sound can travel up to six miles! " when i was done i noticed that my mum was standing with her mouths a open, which made me a bit confused "did i say something wrong?" i asked

"actually i have no idea about what you just said" she replied shaking her head at me , i laughed and we headed to the next cage which was the badger

we found dad already there so we stood beside him he turned to us with a smile then back to the badger

"hey guys did you know that There are eight different species of badger, and these badger species are split into three badger subfamilies, the badgers of Europe and Asia, the Ratel badger or honey badger, and the American badger. The Asian stink badger was once classified as a badger but today this badger species is thought to be more closely related to the skunk than the badger" i said then turned to my parents to find them with wide eyes and mouths dropped to the ground

"how did you know that?" dad asked as he found his voice at last but before i could even answer i heard mum say "don't even start with her,i just wish she was that good in her studies"

but as i didn't really want to open the studying subject i said "let's head to the next cage or better yet let's go see the reptile house"and before they could reply i started walking there or maybe it was more like running

however when i was about to enter the reptiles house when i was stopped by dad saying "Alex wait , let's get something to eat first"

"well dad you go ahead, i 'll take a look inside then i'll follow"

"okay but just be careful and don't do anything stupid" dad said

"do i ever?" i replied smirking

"do you really want me to answer that question?" he said and i was about to protest when he cut me off "don't answer that just be careful?"

"okay dad" i said turning around and walked into the reptile house

but just as i stepped in i was amazed at how beautiful it was and i am not kidding when i say that it lightened my mood 100% more if that was even possible ,but the real question that ran through my mind is where to start


a couple of minutes i was already walking from one cage to another admiring every amazing a special creature in each of them

when i noticed cage an amazing Brazilian snake an let just say it was bloody marvelous , i decided to go take a closer look when i noticed a family made up of four people a fat man wearing a coat and a somewhat hat , a woman with short brown hair , a fat boy with black hair and another black haired boy wearing glasses and he was thinner one

i decided to wait until they were done and then i would go but before i could turn around i saw the fat man knock on the glass of the glass and say something , then the fat boy started hitting the glass harder and yell something that seemed like "move"

but just as i was about to walk in there and yell at them for such a treatment towards a poor animal,i saw the other boy yelling at them "he is a sleep" and for some reason smile made its way to my face maybe it was for the fact that he stood up for the poor snake

i noticed that they were walking a way leaving only that boy behind so i decided to make my way over to him

when i reached him ,he was talking to snake and believe it or not the snake was actually looking at him as if it could understand him

and as soon as i stood beside him ,it turned to look at me but then looked away, weird

"hey ,there" i greeted ,causing him to turn to look at me raising his brow "are you talking to me?" he asked seeming surprised

"yes, silly who else is there" i replied smiling and making him smile as well

"anyway i just wanted to thank you for defending the snake its not everyday that i see someone standing up for those poor creatures" i told him with a even wider smile showing appreciation and he returned the smile

i then glanced at the cage to look at the snake and he followed my action but not a minute later i returned my gaze to him and said "do you know that There are around 2,700 known species of snake worldwide"

"really wow ,how did you know that?" he asked amazed

"well let just say i am an animal lover or more like obsessed" i replied while laughing causing him to laugh as well "anyway i should get going, i hope we would meet again"

"me too" he replied sending me a smile which i gladly returned and i started walking away

i was walking to the other side when i heard yelling and turned around to see the fat boy from earlier run to the cage and bush the other boy to the ground, and by the way i have just noticed that i haven't caught his name

then that fat boy leaned with his whole body against the glass and i couldn't help but glare at him as i was filled with rage from how he was treating the other boy , it was people like him that made me leave school and stick to home school

however i gasped as i noticed how the glass suddenly vanished like it was never even there ,but what happened next made me burst out in laughter as the fat boy fell into the water in the cage , i could even see that the other boy was laughing as well

but suddenly my face dropped as i saw the snake make its way out of the cage and people started to panic , scream and run in all directions me on the other hand was only worried by the fact that it was making its way to the boy on the ground and instead of doing what any sane person would do in my situation which is run the hell out , me being me i made my way to the boy who seemed terrified

i came to a stop as i saw that it just look at him and after he whispered "your welcome" it just left , and i thought that when it looked at me was weird

what i saw next made me forget all about what just happened with the snake and all ,as the fat boy gets up to get out, but the glass is now back over the cage and He is stuck.

He pounds the glass and pleads for his mother to get him out and to tell the truth his expression was priceless ,well at least now he knows how the snake felt

his mum and dad soon made their way over too him but as the mother was panicking over her precious little son ,the fat man looked at the other boy on the ground who was grinning but who would blame him that boy deserved it

but just as he noticed the man's glare at him,his face dropped and was suddenly filled with fear ,the man started to take a couple of steps towards him and for some unknown reason i knew that i had to step in

so i ran over hearing the man yell at the boy's face "what happened?"

"I swear I don't know! One minute the glass was there and then it was gone! It was like magic!" the boy replied but only causing the man to yell at him louder " There's no such thing as magic!"

that was when i stepped in between them sending the boy a reassuring smile, then turned to the man looking him straight in the eyes "he is telling the truth, i saw it all , he had nothing to do with it ,the glass just vanished"

"who asked you , you stupid little girl" he yelled at me causing my blood to boil , how dare he call me stupid

"what did you just call me?" i asked my eyes never leaving him

"you heard me or are you just as stupid as him?"

"you better take that back" i warned him let just say i could really have a temper at sometimes especially when it came to family and friends and i considered this boy my friend

"or what?" he challenged and as soon as he dead the lights started to flicker and the windows shuffled, then the glass that was keeping his son in the cage shatter everywhere , i didn't know what was happening around us but i could see the worry that appeared in his eyes ,was i the one responsible of all this no i can't , how could i ever ,i shook my head at the thought ,but everything returned to normal as soon as the man took a couple of steps backward

when he noticed he turned to his wife and son and ran to them

i on the other hand turned to the boy and held my hand out for him, he gladly took it and i pulled him up

"are you okay?" i asked him as he got on his feet

"yeah , thanks for standing up for me no one ever did that for me" he thanked me and sent me a smile

"well what are friends for?" i replied smiling as well but his smile dropped making mine disappear as well

"friends?" he replied seeming in his own world of thoughts then looking back at me " i never had a friend before? and beside i don't even know your name" i felt sorry for him even though i didn't have any friends as well but at least i had my parents put he had no one

"well i would love to be your friend ,as for my name its Alex Miller" i told him hold in my hand out for him and smiling he stared at my hand for a while before he finally shook it and turned his gaze to my face smiling , causing my smile to grow wider

"i am Harry , Harry Potter" he introduced himself

"come on Harry we are going home unless you want to sleep on the streets" the fat man said as he walked along with his wife and son who was wrapped in a blanket out of the reptile house

"i should get going ,but i hope we meet again"

"i hope so too" i replied honestly

"goodbye" he said before walking behind the others

"goodbye" i replied as i had this weird feeling that i have known him my whole life,however i saw my parents running over from the same door Harry just walked out

my mum pulled me into a bone crushing hug then started crying and saying "thanks god you are okay,we were so scared we heard about the snake and we were looking all over the place for you but we couldn't find i started to freak out ,your dad kept saying that you would be okay but i couldn't believe him ,i don't what i would do if anything happened to you.." but i cut her off "mum , mum i am okay , i am right here and i am okay"

she pulled away to look at me then pulled me to another hug ,this time dad joined in as well

after a couple of minutes we pulled away and dad said "let's head home it's been a long day"

" yeah but one problem" i said

"what's that?" my parents asked in a unison

"i am really hungry" i said smiling ,causing both of them to look at me and laugh "what?" i asked

"well you were threatened by a free snake and all you can say was that you are hungry " dad said shaking his head at me and smiling, well thinking about he was actually right it does sound stupid

however we walked to the car and started driving home , but not before we stopped at a place to eat and all i can say it was one hell of a day ...

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