Power Up!

Lee's Power

Today was May's birthday, and each of the Kanker siblings had gotten her a present. None of them were much, but they had earned enough money doing random stuff to buy something.

They were wrapping them up right now, in their bedroom. May was out chasing her 'boyfriend' to keep busy. The party was a surprise, so Lee had suggested chasing Ed to keep May out of the trailer. Just then, they heard the front door open.

"Guys!" They heard May called, "I'm back! Where are you?!"

Lee looked at Brandon.

"Go stall her!" She hissed.

"Alright," Brandon said, teleporting downstairs and over to May.

"Hi Brandon!" May smiled.

"Hey sis," Brandon said, "Uh, what are you doing back so early?"

"Big Ed flew away," May frowned, "And without anyone to make me mad, I can't fly after him."

"Oh, well," Brandon looked around, thinking, "Uh, how about we go walk around in the woods?"

"Why?" May asked, looking at her older brother.

"Well, we...haven't spent that much time together lately," Brandon said, "We haven't gotten a chance to talk."

"Oh, ok," May smiled and walked out the door with Brandon.

Upstairs, Lee was listening for the open and close of the front door, which was made harder by the fact that she felt kinda numb, but it passed soon and she heard the slam of the screen door.

"All clear," Lee informed her sister.

"All right, let's finish, quickly," Marie said.

She finished wrapping the presents while Lee took what they had for streamers and decorated the downstairs. Some places were too high for her to reach. She stood on her tip toes and suddenly felt herself growing.

"Huh?" She looked down at herself and saw that she was bigger, "I've grown? Like, a foot."

She hung the streamers up and walked back upstairs, somehow back to normal.

"So?" Marie asked, "You finished?"

"Yeah," Lee nodded, "But something weird happened."

"Like?" Marie asked.

"Well, there was this one spot I couldn't reach, but then I...grew," Lee said, "Like, taller."

"Ah, that's nothing," Marie waved it off, "You probably just got your power." Just then, she accidently dropped the tape and it rolled under the bed, "Aw, man!"

She got down on the floor and tried to reach it, but she couldn't. Lee was thinking.

"Hey, let me try," She said.

She stood for a minute and shrunk down to the size of a mouse, which they found every once in a while in the trailer, so she hoped she didn't run into a real one. She walked underneath the shared bed and stood behind the roll of tape.

"You got it?" Marie asked. Her voice was louder than usual.

"Yeah," Lee nodded, "It's like a whole 'nother world down here."

She flipped the tape on its side and rolled it out from under the bed.

"Thanks Lee!" Marie smiled and picked up the tape.

"We really need to clean under there," Lee sneezed and turned back to normal.

At the party…

Brandon brought May back just as the party began. Even though the only guests were Lee and Marie, since their mom was at work, they were gonna make it work.

"Surprise!" Lee and Marie yelled, Marie popping out from behind the couch and Lee growing from the size of an ant to her normal size.

"Lee!" May cried, "You got your power!"

"Yup," Lee grinned.

"That's so cool!" May said.

"Yeah, totally," Brandon agreed, "Congrats."

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