Power Up!

Marie's Power

Marie was home alone in the trailer. It was her turn to stay back and watch the trailer while her sisters and brother get grocery shopping. She wasn't complaining. In fact, she rather liked the peace and quiet.

Though she'd never admit it to her family, she loved drawing and coloring. It was a fun hobby, and she loved to do it when she was home by herself. She heard the front door open and close and quickly hid her journal.

"Marie, come help!" Lee yelled up the stairs.

Marie walked down and came into the kitchen. Each Kanker had a small bag of food. While Marie was putting food away, she felt numb for a minute. It passed and she shook it off.

The afternoon consisted of fighting over the TV after dinner and chasing down Bella and the Eds. After her sisters and brother went to bed that night, Marie pulled on a grey hoodie, grabbed a can of spray paint, put it in her pocket and snuck out.

Lately, she had been spray painting buildings for two reasons. One, she always got in trouble, and this was her…'revenge.' Two, she wanted others to see her work, but didn't want to let anyone know it was hers. So she had been signing her work with 'S.A.' for 'Secret Artist.'

She walked under the moonlight, her hood pulled up, to Peach Creek Junior High. It wasn't too far, but it still took awhile. Anyone who passed her on the street would think she was just another teen out for a walk. She fingered the paint can in her pocket, eager for her weekly spray on the school.

She reached the building and smirked as she pulled out the can. She shook it. It was full and ready to paint, but when she pressed the button, nothing happened. She frowned and pressed it again. She growled and looked at the can.

"Come on, work," She mumbled before throwing it on the ground. It clattered softly onto the grass, "How am I supposed to paint this?" She stuck her hand out at the wall and dark blue spray paint came out of her fingertip. She stared at the wall then looked at her hand, "What the…"

She trailed off and tried it again. More paint shot out. She smirked and started to paint a blue and black skull and cross bones. This is what she painted the most. But she usually painted cool patterns inside each skull, and it was always something different. This time it was 'DD' for 'Double D.'

When she was done, she signed at the bottom 'S.A.' before heading home. She quietly crawled into bed and fell asleep.

The next morning, the Kankers met everyone else outside the school in front of Marie's latest painting. Brandon teleported next to his sisters.

"Hey, what going on?" He asked, trying to see over the heads of the eighth graders. He growled and teleported to the front of the crowd, startling Edd, who he had appeared next to.

"Move it, nerd!" Brandon snapped, looking up at the painting. Edd gulped and backed towards Ed, Eddy, and Bella.

"How could anyone deface a sanctum of education?" Edd frowned, "And weekly, at that!"

"It's kinda pretty," Bella said, "Although, if it was me, I'd have used pink."

"Course you would," Eddy rolled his eyes, "'DD'? Hey, sockhead, I think S.A. likes ya!"

Eddy laughed and Edd blushed slightly.

"Who's S.A.?" Ed asked.

"We don't know," Bella said, "They're secret."

"Well, whoever it is, they have mad art skills," Brandon said, "Too girly for my likes, though."

"The skull's pretty cool," Brandon's friend said.

Marie smiled slightly at all the attention her art got. She clapped quietly once and a pencil dropped by her feet. She picked it up. It was sparkly blue, the color of her hair. Written in black on the side was 'THE SECRET ARTIST.'

"Hey, cool," Marie said quietly to herself.

She couldn't really keep it anywhere right now. She didn't have pockets. She held it between her hands and tried something. She pushed ever so slightly and the pencil began to disappear. She brought her hands together and it was gone.

"Alright alright, break it up!" The principle yelled, "Get to class!"

The kids hurried to class, Marie smiling one last time at her art work.

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