Power Up!

Sarah's Power

Two years later, Sarah and Jimmy were 13, while everyone else was 15, except for Rolf, who was 17. Every since power-ty had come to them, they had been using their powers a lot. But eventually the excitement had died down and they used them less.

Sarah was glad when they did. She had been feeling jealous when they others used their powers. She knew she and Jimmy were younger and wouldn't have been getting their powers just then, but still…

Today, Sarah was relaxing and watching TV. Well, trying to, at least. The Kankers were right outside, chasing her stupid brother and his friends. Ed barged in the front door as a rooster, crowing loudly as he tried to shut the door. Sarah felt numb as she angrily stomped over. She grabbed her brother by his rooster feet, walked outside and glared at everyone as the feeling stomped.

"Shut...UP!" Sarah screamed.

Everyone stopped yelling, but were still running around and looked like they were trying to. They suddenly stopped and looked at each other. Sarah was surprised. She didn't think that would work. She looked at Ed, who was upside-down, trying to crow, but couldn't, "Uh, speak?"

Everyone suddenly blurt out a word they were trying to say. Ed crowed, Bella meowed, Eddy growled at Lee, and Edd said, "What's happening?"

"Woah," Bella said, "What was that?"

Sarah dropped Ed and he got up on his feet, shaking his head and gasped.

"Maybe evil mutant aliens passed over, blocking out ears so we couldn't hear!" Ed said.

"That's stupid!" Marie snapped.

"There must be a more logical explination," Edd said.

"We live in a world where everyone has a super power," Sarah said, "And you think aliens are impossible?"

"That's it!" Edd realized, "Sarah, tell someone to do something, anything."

"What? Why?" Sarah asked.

"Just do it," Edd said, "Please."

"Ok," Sarah said, "Um, Ed, clean your room."

Ed turned into himself and found himself going downstairs and cleaning his room. The others watched in shock. Ed didn't even whine about it. He just...did it."

"I think you've found your power," Bella said.

"Awesome!" Sarah grinned and looked at the Kankers, "You four go home."

Brandon found himself teleporting home and the sisters walking back.

"Yay!" Ed cried happily, giving Sarah his big hug, "You saved us!"

"Ed, let me go!" Sarah gasped. Ed dropped her and she took a deep breath, "That'll take some getting used to."

"Just don't go overboard," Edd warned.

"What do you mean?" Sarah asked, frowning.

"Well, I would think it would be tempting to use this to get your own slave, in a word," Edd said.

"Yeah, and that would be pretty bad," Bella said.

Sarah remembered the chat she, Bella, and Nazz had had two years ago, about what Sarah's power would be and how she would use it.

"Yeah, I'll be careful," Sarah promised.

The next day, Sarah and Jimmy were in the library, studying for a big test coming up in school. However, before they started, Sarah had to tell Jimmy about yesterday.

"Wow, really?" Jimmy asked.

"Yup, they did exactly as I said," Sarah said, "It was really cool."

"Awesome," Jimmy said.

There was a group of older girls chatting and laughing loudly at the table next to Sarah and Jimmy. Sarah growled and turned around to glare at them.

"Excuse me, but my friend and I are trying to study," Sarah snapped. The girls laughed.

"So what?" One said loudly.

"So quiet down," Sarah ordered.

"Like we're gonna listen to a little girl," Another girl said, but quieter. She looked surprised.

"Hey, what happened?" The third girl asked quietly. Sarah smirked.

"I just introduced you to my power," She said, "Total control."

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