Power Up!

Jimmy's Power

Jimmy was trying to ride his bike without the training wheels for the first time. Sarah was watching him. She had learned how to word her requests so that people didn't have to do them, but only if they wanted to.

"Ok, maybe try pedaling faster," Sarah said.

Jimmy hesitated and started to pedal faster. He swerved slightly but straightened out as he rode around the cul-de-sac. Suddenly, he felt numb, causing him to swerve and crash into the nearby fence. It didn't hurt at the moment, but when the numbness passed, it did.

"Sarah, I got an owie!" Jimmy cried. Sarah ran over and helped him up.

"Are you ok?" Sarah asked, "Where does it hurt?"

Jimmy touched a bruise on his knee, and suddenly the bruise and the pain disappeared.

"Hey, it went away," Jimmy said. He stopped crying.

"Woah, cool," Sarah said, "What'd you do?"

"I-I don't know," Jimmy said, "I just touched it."

"Hey, what if that's your power?" Sarah asked.

"Hey, maybe!" Jimmy smiled.

"But how can we be sure?" Sarah asked.

Just then, Kevin rode by on his bike chasing Bella and the Eds. Ed was a cheetah and Bella was her full cat self.

"In here, quick!" Bella said, running towards the forest.

The others followed and Kevin yelled out, crashing into a tree. Jimmy and Sarah ran over.

"Kevin, are you ok?" Sarah asked, worried. Kevin shook his head and groaned. His knee was bleeding a little.

"Ow," He mumbled, "Yeah, mostly."

"Hey, we think Jimmy just got his power," Sarah said, "Mind if he tries?"

"What's his power?" Kevin asked.

"I think healing," Jimmy said.

"Well, I guess," Kevin shrugged, "Couldn't hurt." Jimmy touched Kevin's wound at it instantly healed, "Awesome. Thanks dude."

"You're welcome, Kevin," Jimmy beamed, "I've gotten my power!"

Sarah beamed and hugged him.

"That's awesome, Jimmy!" She said, "Now you don't have to wear casts or bandages anymore."

"Hey, yeah!" Jimmy realized.

The next day, Jimmy and Sarah were taking a walk in the park when they saw a little girl crying. Her mom hurried over.

"Hey, what's wrong?" Jimmy asked.

"Oh, she got hurt," The mom sighed.

"Hey, maybe I could help," Jimmy said.

"How?" The woman asked.

"Well, um, my power is healing," Jimmy said, "And I was thinking…"

"Oh, that would be lovely," The mom smiled, "I didn't want to have to go home."

"Where does it hurt?" Jimmy asked the little girl. She pointed to her elbow. Jimmy rubbed it and the girl smiled.

"Thank you," She said, hugging Jimmy. Jimmy smiled.

"You're welcome," He said. The girl ran off to play and her mom sat back down to read. Sarah smiled.

"That was so sweet," Sarah said.

"Heh, thanks," Jimmy blushed and smiled, "I just wanna help."

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