Power Up!

Jonny's Power

Jonny was in the Lane with the rest of the cul-de-sac kids, minus Bella and the Eds, watching Kevin on his bike. Jonny was holding Plank, as usual, plus a spedomitar. (The thing that measures speed)

Everyone was cheering for Kevin. Nazz, who had gotten her power a week or two ago, was wearing a pink bow in her hair, which was holding together a long braid. She had always wanted long hair, but it never seemed to grow. But now, she could make it any length she wanted.

"Go Kevin, go!" Nazz cheered. Just then, Bella and the Eds appeared. Bella was holding a light brown stuffed monkey.

"What's shovelchin up to now?" Eddy asked.

"Kevin's setting another record," Jimmy said.

"The fastest anyone has ever been on a bike," Sarah added.

"Ooh, cool," Bella said, sitting cross-legged on the fence, "That would have to be pretty fast."

"Well, we're not actually sure," Nazz said, "Only Kevin knows."

"Plank said it's 34 mph!" Jonny said.

"No way!" Bella said, "Coconut says it's 21 mph! Trust me, she knows everything about speed."

"Well, we'll know soon," Jonny said, smiling and looking back at Kevin. Suddenly, he felt numb, but it stopped afer a minute or two. Eddy rolled his eyes.

Weirdos, He thought.

"Hey, everyone's weird in their own way!" Jonny turned to glare slightly at Eddy. Eddy stared at him, "What? That's what Bella says."

"It's true, but…" Bella looked at Jonny, "Wwwhere'd that come from? That was, like, completely random."

"No, Eddy just called us weirdos," Jonny said.

"I didn't even say anything!" Eddy said, glaring.

"He's right, Jonny," Bella said, "I didn't hear anything, and I have extra good hearing."

"Well, I heard someone say weirdos," Jonny defended, "Plank heard them, too! Right, buddy?" Jonny turned to Plank, "What?! You didn't hear it either?!"

"Get ready, Jonny!" Kevin yelled, speeding by on his bike. Jonny held the spedomitar out as Kevin pasted them and it beeped.

"29 miles per hour!" Jonny cried.

"A new record!" Kevin beamed.

"What was the old record, Kev?" Nazz asked.

"21," Kevin said. Bella blew a raspberry at Jonny.

"Told ya," She said.

"Nice one, Bella," Jonny smiled.

"Wasn't me," Bella said, "It was Coconut."

Bella held out the monkey.

I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts, Bella sung in her head, There they are a-standing in a row.

"I love that song!" Jonny smiled, "Big ones, small ones, some as big as your head."

Jonny laughed, but Bella stared at him.

"How'd you know I was thinking that?" She asked.

"Thinking it?" Jonny was confused, "Naw, I heard you singing it. It had a funny echo sound to it, too. How'd you do that?"

"I...didn't," Bella said. Jimmy overheard and came over.

"Hey, maybe you got your power, Jonny," He said, "Reading minds!"

"Really?" Jonny brightened, "Quick, somebody think something!"

"Ooh, me me me!" Bella cried raising her hand, "My uncle was a mind reader."

She thought of something.

MLP season 1 episode 1 came out on Sunday, October 10, 2010, or Sunday, 10-10-2010.

"MLP season 1 episode 1 came out on Sunday, October 10, 2010, or Sunday, 10-10-2010," Jonny repeated.

"That's right!" Bella cried, "Jonny, you're power is mind reading!"

"Just like Mother," Edd smiled.

"Holy cow, that's amazing!" Jonny beamed.

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