Power Up!

Ed's Power

Ed was up late watching monster movies. Late night into early morning, his eyes were fixed on the screen. It had been this way everyday for the past week. Every moment except for when he was at school, he was watching monster movies. Even when he was at school, all he could think about were monsters. Why was he doing this, you ask?

Tomorrow was Halloween, and his Halloween tradition was to watch every single monster movie he owned. He had learned his lesson from the past few years, and reminded himself that everyone else dressed in costumes are not actual monsters. He had mostly learned this from last year, when the kids finally snapped and beat him and his friends up.

Right now, he was on the very last movie: Dragon Island. This was where he had gotten his costume idea from. He was going as a vicious, fire-breathing dragon. The problem was going to be the fire-breathing part. But he'd come to that later.

The next night, Ed was putting the finishing touches on his costume. During which, he felt numb for a minute, but it went away and he forgot all about it. He pulled on his costume just as he heard a knocking outside. He imagined what he'd look like bursting out of the window in his costume.

Outside, Eddy was knocking on Ed's window. He was dressed as the Frankenstein monster.

"C'mon, monobrow!" Eddy called.

"Maybe he already left," Bella said. She was dressed as Bellatrix from Harry Potter.

"Unlikely," Edd said, "Ed said he would wait for us."

Edd was dressed as a cold, similar to the plague thing from last year. He had got the idea from Bella, when he said 'Don't come too close, or I may infect you!' and she had said 'A cold?'

Just then, a dragon burst out of the window and roared. Fire shot out of it's mouth. Bella screamed. The dragon laughed.

"Was I scary, guys?" It asked.

"Ed?" Edd asked.

"Yup, it's me alright," Ed the dragon smiled.

"You're a dragon!" Bella cried, "How'd you do that?!"

"Wow, is my costume that good?" Ed asked.

"Ed, that's not a costume," Edd said, "You're actually a dragon!"

"Wait, I got this," Bella said. She pointed her costume's wand at Ed, "Avada kedavra!" She laughed, "Nah, just joking. This isn't real."

"You don't say?" Eddy said sarcastically. Edd walked over to Ed and examined his tail.

"Ed, you truly are a dragon," Edd said, "B-but how?"

"Well, I felt kinda numb before it happened," Ed said, looking at his wings which looked just like the wings on his costume, "Then, before I came out, I imagined how I would look as a dragon."

"Numb?" Edd questioned quietly before it came to him, "Of course! Ed, you've gotten your special power!"

"Really?!" Ed cried happily, "Wow, that's awesome!"

"Must be shape shifting," Bella said, "Try thinking of another animal or something."

Ed thought for a moment and changed into a rooster.

"I am a chicken!" Ed yelled happily.

"You are a rooster, Ed," Edd smiled, "Congratulations."

Ed morphed back into a dragon and roared, breathing out fire.

"Just don't burn anything down, lumpy," Eddy said.

"Yeah, that would be bad," Bella said, "I can't really do the Aguamenti spell. Otherwise, I could just spray water onto the fire and everything would be fine."

"This is so awesome!" Ed said, "I wanna go as a chicken this year instead!"

"Ed, chickens aren't scary," Eddy said.

"I've been attacked by a ginny hen, so close enough to chicken," Bella said, "Trust me, they can be scary."

Ed changed back into a rooster. The four walked off, Ed smiling the widest he'd ever smiled. They pasted Rolf, who has on his way to gather mushrooms in the forest. Wilfred was with him.

"Hallo, head-in-sock Ed boy, three-haired Ed boy, and not-so-cat Bella girl," Rolf greeted, "Where is nobody-home Ed boy?"

Rolf looked down at the rooster that was Ed.

"Oh ho, Rolf sees that you have accepted the farm life and aquired a rooster," Rolf said, bending over to look.

"Actually…" Bella began

"Hiya, Rolf!" Ed said happily. This surprised Rolf, and he cried out while jumping backwards.

"Your fowl appears to know the English word!" Rolf said.

"Actually, this is Ed," Edd explained. Ed turned back into himself.

"I am a shape shifter!" Ed beamed.

"Well, congratulations, Ed boy!" Rolf smiled, "A celebration I say!"

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