Power Up!

Bella's Power

The morning bell rung for the first class of the day. Bella, the Eds, the Kankers, and Nazz headed to their first class, which was Heath. For the class, Nazz was dressed sorta like a nurse. Near the end of class, Bella felt kinda numb, but just passed it off when it stopped.

At lunch time, Bella ate with the Eds, then headed to the library. On their way to their next class, Bella and the Eds ran into the Kankers!

"Hiya boys," Lee, Marie, and May grinned.

"Hey, Bella," Brandon smirked. Ed cried out and turned into a little bug.

"Ed's not here right now!" He yelled.

"Aw, cute!" May smiled and caught Ed. He then turned into a chicken and ran off. May chased after him.

"Hiya, dreamboat," Marie smirked and pinned Edd against the lockers.

"Oh, h-hello, M-Marie," Edd gulped nervously. Ed 'flew' past. He was flapping his flightless wings, trying to get away from May.

"Go away, evil she-devil!" Ed cried, jumping on Marie's head to get on top of the lockers.

"HEY!" Marie yelled, turning to glare at the chicken that was Ed.

Ed crowed and nearly escaped May. Lee watched her blond sister as she held onto Eddy, who was trying to get out of her grasp.

Brandon wasn't paying attention. He had Bella against the lockers, one arm on either side of her. Bella was looking up at him in fear, her ears folded back. Brandon leaned forward and Bella closed her eyes, once again wishing she was born a cat.

"Woah!" Brandon yelled out. Bella opened one eye and saw that everyone was huge.

"Hey, what happened?" She asked herself, "Everyone grew." Felice, who was the same exact hieght as Bella, looked at her, "Or...did I shrink?"

She looked down...at her paws.

"I'm a cat!" Bella yelled.

Only Brandon was looking at her, though. She smirked and ran past him, scratching each Kanker sister on the arm, causing each to yell out and let go of their Ed.

"Run!" Bella yelled. Ed was still a chicken, so he ran next to Bella and Felice as the group ran off.

The ran into their next class, which was Kanker-free, and stopped, panting. Felice meowed and walked around Bella, looking at her.

"I'm a full cat," Bella said. She was black with white paws and a white spot on her chest, "This is so cool."

"I believe," Edd said, panting, "You've gotten...your...power."

"You're a shape shifter!" Ed cried happily, "Like me."

"Not quite, Ed," Bella said, "I'm an Animagus. Like Sirius."

"A what?" Ed asked, confused.

"From Harry Potter," Bella said, "A witch or wizard that can turn into an animal at will, but only one animal."

"Oh," Ed said.

"So you're an...Animagus?" Edd asked.

"And Nazz is a Metamorphmagus," Bella said, "Someone who can change their appearance."

"Let me guess, that's also from Harry Potter," Eddy said.

"My favorite fandom is coming true!" Bella squealed.

"Well, congratulations on getting your power," Edd smiled. The bell rang and everyone entered the classroom.

After school, Bella met up with Nazz and Sarah in the woods. She arrived as a cat.

"Hi, kitty!" Sarah said, not knowing it was Bella.

"Who do you belong to?" Nazz asked.

"I belong to," Bella began, then turned back to normal, pointing at herself with boths hands, "This girl! I got my power!"

"That's so rad, Bella!" Nazz beamed.

"I'm an Animagus!" Bella repeated.

"Like how I'm, uh, what was it, a Metamorphmagus, right?" Nazz asked.

"Correct, my friend," Bella smiled.

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