Power Up!

Kevin's Power

Kevin was riding around on his bike in the Lane, practicing a bunch of cool tricks. Next month was Peach Creek Junior High's first bike contest.

There were three catagories: Style, condition, and tricks. His bike was in perfect condition, of course, so he decided to practice tricks first before working on its style. Each year would have a theme for the style. This year's style were flames.

A week before the contest, Kevin was riding around the cul-de-sac one last time before working on his bike's style, after which he, sadly, wouldn't ride it until the contest to keep it in perfect condition. This was the first time he was using paint on his bike, which was making him a bit nervous.

Suddenly, Kevin's whole body felt numb, causing him to swerve and crash into the nearby fence. He didn't get hurt. He actually couldn't feel anything. He was completely still for a few minutes until the numb feeling stopped.

"My bike!" He cried, jumping up and looked at the wreck on his crashed bike, "Oh no, man! Why now?! The contest was right around the corner! It was only next week!"

He stomped his foot in anger, and a roller blade appeared on the bottom on his foot.

"What the-?" Kevin looked down at his foot and tried stomping his other foot. Another blade appeared, "Woah!" He stomped his feet again and the blades disappeared, "Awesome. Must have gotten my power."

He looked back at his bike and sighed sadly. He went to pick up his bike by the handles, which were bent up. But as soon as he touched them, they straightened out. They were fixed. Kevin stared at his handle bars then back at his hands. He put his hand on another part of the bike, and it fixed itself.

"Awesome!" He cried happily, running his hands over each bent and broken part of the bike. When he was done, the bike looked good as new. Even better.

Hmm, I wonder what else I can do, Kevin thought. Just then, Jonny appeared next to him.

"Only one way to find out," He said, smiling. Kevin stared at him, "Try something else!"

Kevin looked back at the bike and imagined the flame pattern he wanted. He touched the seat, and it was covered in what looked like bike paint. It was red, yellow, and orange curling flames. Kevin smiled widely and touched the handle bars. They then had red and orange flame-looking streamers on the end which flowed upwards, making it look like real fire.

"I'm gonna totally win!" Kevin said.

"Good luck!" Jonny called, walking off.

Kevin covered the rest of his bike in red, yellow, and orange flame patterns, adding a few upward-flowing streamers in a few other places. When he was done, the bike looked like it had come straight from a bonfire.

Kevin rode the bike home, putting it in his garage to make sure nobody stole his ideas. He then decided to try out the roller wheels. He stomped both his feet, making the roller blades appear again. He rolled around the cul-de-sac before going home for the night.

On the day on the contest, Kevin wheeled his bike to the school under a big tarp. He found his spot and uncovered his bike, which looked just as good as it did when he decorated it. There were only a few other kids there with their bikes, and none compared to Kevin's.

When the contest began, a bunch of families walked around the yard, looking at all the bikes. Each person had three tacs, which they used to vote for their three favorite bike. The bike with the most votes at the end of the day was the winner. A small boy, about seven, ran up to Kevin, holding a skateboard.

"Hey, do you think you could paint my skateboard?" He asked, "Your bike is the best!" Kevin smiled.

"Sure, why not?" He said. He took the board, "What do you want on it?"

"Sharks!" The boy said, "And jellyfish, and sting rays, and a killer whale!"

Kevin laughed and did what the boy wanted, touching different spots on the board.

"Here you go," He said, handing the board back.

"Awesome!" The boy said, running off, "Thanks!"

At the end of the day, three teachers walked around, counting the votes of each bike. Kevin's vote cup was almost full. The teachers got together and looked at the other vote counts. One turned on his microphone and spoke into it.

"The winner, by a long shot, is…" The teacher stopped for dramatic effect, "Bike 27! Kevin's bike!"

"Yes!" Kevin cried. He walked up on the stage and took his trophy.

"Mr. Kevin, how did you acomplish to make such a bike?" The teacher asked.

"Oh, just a...power, I guess," Kevin said, smiling.

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