Power Up!

Rolf's Power

Rolf, Kevin, and Jonny were in the Lane, talking.

"And then when Jimmy suggested mind reading, I thought 'I've never really thought about that'," Jonny was saying.

"Yeah, and it was weird when I thought what else I could do and you said 'Only one way to find out'," Kevin said, "I almost forgot that was your power." The two looked at Rolf, who had been completely quiet, "Oh, sorry dude. I kinda forgot you don't have a power. Must suck, huh? I mean, you're fifteen already."

"What?" Rolf looked up, "No, Kevin-boy. In Rolf's culture, it is normal for one to get their power at fifteen."

"Oh," Kevin said, "Ok."

Rolf faked a smiled and Kevin went back to talking with Jonny. Rolf frowned. Truth be told, his culture was no different than Kevin or Jonny's when it came to power-ty.

He was supposed to get his power at thirteen, but he hadn't for two years. The age of thirteen came and went, with Rolf getting less excited and more depressed as it went. He did a good job hiding it, though.

The next day, Rolf was working on his farm, tending the plants and animals. For a minute, Rolf felt numb, but he ignored it as he kept working and it went away after a minute.

He grabbed a rope and tied it around a dead stump he was supposed to remove. He started to tug really hard and it popped out of the ground, sending him forward a few feet. He stared at the hole and the stump, surprised.

He had always been strong. It ran in the family. He could plow a large field in about half an hour. But...this was weird. It always took him at least ten or so minutes to pull a stump out of the ground. He had never been as strong as the Ed-boy, but this...he might actually be now.

He dropped the rope and stood up. He easily lifted the stump with one hand and got rid of it. Rolf thought for awhile, but couldn't think of anything. Just then, Eddy ran by riding a bull, which Rolf assumed was Ed. Ed was trying to buck Eddy off, but ended up running though Rolf's vegitable patch.

"I'm a bucking bronco!" Ed yelled.

Edd ran after the two, with Bella next to him as a cat. Edd was holding a timer. After a minute, Eddy tied Ed up with Rolf's hose.

"Time!" Eddy called.

"6 minutes and 47 seconds," Edd said.

"Oh, man," Bella said, her ears folded back and slowly backing up. She was looking at a furious Rolf.

"ED BOYS!" Rolf shouted loudly. Ed turned back into himself.

"Uh oh," He said.

"Uh, Rolf," Eddy laughed nervously, "Uh, hey, how's it going, stretch?"


"M-my apoligies, Rolf," Edd gulped, "I-I tried to tell them not to come this way."

"You will pay!" Rolf yelled.

But before he could do anything, Bella and the Eds ran away, Ed turning into a cheetah. Rolf yelled out, but didn't chase after them. He sighed and grabbed his plow from the shed.

As he was muttering about the Ed-boys, he didn't notice how quickly he was plowing the field until he was done. He looked surprised at realizing he had pulled the plow as easily as he would pull a toy on a rope.

He went to put the plow away and picked up the full bag of seeds as if it were a chicken. He realized something.

"Could this be Rolf's power?" He asked himself, "Super strength?"

He tried one more thing before deciding anything for sure. He gripped the bottom on his shed, took a deep breath, and lifted it above his head. He cried out in joy and set the shed down. He quickly finished his chores and ran off to find Kevin.

"Kevin-boy!" Rolf cried.

"Woah, what's wrong, dude?" Kevin asked.

"Rolf is not sure what 'wrong dude' is," Rolf said, "But Rolf has gotten his power!"

"Really, dude?" Kevin asked, smiling, "Awesome. What is it?"

"Super strength!" Rolf said.

"That's awesome!" Kevin said, "So you're, like, as strong as Ed now?"

"Rolf believes so," Rolf said. He spotted the Eds nearby, "Speaking of the Ed-boys…"

The Eds saw him and ran off.

"Come back, Ed-boys!" Rolf yelled, running after them, "You shall pay for trampling Rolf's crops!"

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