Power Up!

Eddy's Power

Eddy was in class with the other two Eds, Bella, Kevin, Rolf, Jonny, and Nazz. The next class was gym, so when the bell rang, everyone changed into their gym clothes and headed outside for one of the last warm days of the year.

During one of the excercises, Eddy felt numb for a few minutes, but he forgot all about it after it stopped and they headed in at the end of class.

The next day, Saturday, the cul-de-sac kids spent the day at the beach for the last warm day of the year. Ed had turned himself into a frog and was swimming around in the water. They all had fun, and at about 3:00, they headed home.

Kevin stomped his feet, making roller blades appear. Rolf volenteered to carry all their stuff home, and Bella slept as a cat on top of the pile of towels. Nazz used her power to change back into her normal clothes. Ed turned into a bird and flew above the group. Eddy looked around at the others and frowned.

How come everyone else is getting their powers and I'm not? Eddy thought.

"Don't worry, Eddy," Jonny said, walking next to him, "You'll get your power."

Eddy rolled his eyes and looked down at his hands. Ever since Rolf had gotten his power a month ago, Eddy had been trying anything to see if he got his power. He remembered that he hadn't tried yesterday.

He waited till he got home and tried to do something, but he couldn't he sighed and went to find Ed, Edd, and Bella. They were in the woods. Bella was in her cat form, and Ed was a light grey mouse.

"No, you have to hide, and then try to get away," Bella was explaining to Ed. Edd was sitting against a nearby tree.

"Ok," Ed nodded and ran off.

"Are you sure this is wise?" Edd asked.

"Relax, I used to do this back in Italy with my pet mice all the time," Bella said, "I know how to not hurt him."

Bella turned around and listened for any rustling. She heard leaves cracking and snuck off towards it. As she got closer, the sound of footsteps grew louder. She crouched behind a bush, preparing to pounce. 3...2...1…

Eddy heard a yowl and looked up to see a cat jumping towards him. He yelled and held his hands out to block the cat, but a stream of gold coins shot out of his palms and hit the cat, knocking it back and into a nearby tree. Eddy stared at the cat and then looked at his hands.

"Ow," He heard Bella mutter.

He looked at the cat and saw Bella rubbing her head. Eddy paled as Edd and Ed as a mouse ran over. Ed turned back to normal.

"Bella!" Edd cried, kneeling down next to her. Eddy watched as Edd looked Bella over. Finally, he moved.

"Bella, I'm so sorry," Eddy said, rushing over.

"I-it's alright," Bella muttered, "I thought you were Ed."

"As a mouse?" Eddy asked, frowning.

"Heh, we were playing a game," Bella said, slowly standing up, "I wasn't looking." She looked down at the gold coins, "Hey, where did these come from?"

She picked one up. Eddy looked down at his hands.

"I...think from me," He said.

"Now that…" Bella looked at Eddy and smiled, "Is an awesome power."

Eddy's eyes widened.

"Power?" He repeated, "Sweet!"

"You got your power!" Ed smiled and turned into a pig, "Piggy bank!"

He started eating the coins. Bella and Eddy laughed.

"Ed, that's extremely unhealthy," Edd frowned.

"Relax, sockhead," Eddy said, "Lumpy's eaten his mattress before."

"Yes, but only because you told him to," Edd said.

"Whatever," Eddy rolled his eyes and grinned, "Important thing is, I've got my power!"

The next day, Eddy discovered he could also make a giant dollar bill that's like a flying carpet, so he rode to school on that. Ed flew above him as a bluebird.

"Holy cow, is that a flying carpet?!" Jimmy asked, excited.

"Close, kid," Eddy said, "It's a dollar."

"He got his power," Bella explained.

"That's amazing!" Jimmy exclaimed.

"Yup," Eddy smiled.

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