Power Up!

May's Power

May woke up in her room in the trailer. Her sisters and brother weren't there, so she guessed that they were already awake. She got dressed and walked downstairs into the living room.

Brandon was making breakfast for his sisters. He put four plates of eggs on the table. May took a seat.

"Wow, Brandon, you're a good cook," May said, taking a bite of her eggs.

"Well, I gotta be, don't I?" Brandon smiled, "If my girl's afraid of knives and the stove."

"I still stay those are stupid fears," Marie said.

"If she's afraid of the stove, she's afraid of the stove," Brandon snapped.

"Alright, alright," Marie grumbled and ate her eggs.

After breakfast, during which May felt numb for a minute or two, the four went in to watch TV. The problem was, they fought over the remote.

"I wanna watch the car show!" Marie snapped.

"But Horoscope Daily has a show on Gemini's today!" Brandon said, "I need to know about Geminis!"

"That's stupid," Lee said, grabbing the remote, "We're watching infomercials."

"But I wanna watch something!" May pouted.

"You alway pick something stupid," Marie said.

"You're stupid!" May snapped.

"No, you are!" Marie shouted.

Everyone started arguing and May closed her eyes in anger. She broke apart from the others and didn't even notice that she had changed. She was wearing a red dress, had red pointed ears, a pointed red tail, red bat-like wings, and her eyes were red. She was floating above the floor, so she was looking down at the other three.

"Be. QUIET!" She screamed, holding her hand out in front of her. In the palm of her hand was a ball of fire. Marie, Lee, and Brandon stared at their younger sister. May looked at their faces then at herself, "I'm a...a she-devil…"

"Woah," Brandon said.

"May, how'd you do that?" Marie asked.

"Uh, I-I don't know," May said nervously, "I just...I was just really mad and the next thing I know…"

The ball of fire in her palm disappeared and she landed on the ground, turning back to normal.

"May, I think," Lee began, "I think that's your power."

"Turning into a she-devil?" May asked, frowning.

"When you're mad," Brandon added.

"That's. So. Cool!" May grinned and spun around.

"Think of how much tougher you'll be now," Marie said.

"No one'll dare mess with ya," Lee smiled.

"And when you're mad, you can just fly away," Brandon said.

"This is the coolest power ever!" May said.

At school, May turned into the devil probably two or three times. And May quickly learned how to use her power to another advantage.

The Kankers were chasing Bella and the Eds throughout the school. Ed was a bird, so he flew out of May's reach. May frowned then brightened with an idea.

"Marie, make me mad," May ordered.

"Why?" Marie asked.

"Just do it!" May yelled.

"Alright, alright," Marie said, "Um, your man is ugly and smelly."

May growled.

"HE IS NOT!" She screamed, turning into the devil. Bella and the Eds stared in fear.

"EVIL SHE-DEVIL!" Ed cried, flying away.

"Literally!" Bella yelled.

May grinned evilly and used her powers to make a ring of fire around Ed, stopping him mid-flight. The fire couldn't actually hurt anyone. It was just for show. But no one knew that except May. She reached through the flames, grabbed Ed, made the flames go away, and pulled him over to her.

"Hi big Ed," May grinned and turned back to normal, bird Ed still struggling in her hand.

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