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Vortex (MHA fanfic)


A new student arrives at UA her name is Asami Fukui. Everyone thinks she is amazing but she has some dark secrets. Is risking her life over and over again for class 1-A worth it? And when they find out her secrets will they hate her? Contains shipping duh

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Chapter #1 New school jitters


Asami P.O.V

I walked up to the UA school building. Nervous but happy that I had gotten a special transfer to let me come to class 1-A even though it was half way threw the second year. I opened the door to the classroom to see everyone in there seats and Mr. Aizawa already teaching. I smiled and waved at him.

“Oh I forgot to mention we are getting a new student” he said the classroom broke out talking and staring at me.

“Would you like to introduce yourself because I am to tired” he said while grabbing his sleeping bag. I walked into the room to the front.

“Hiiiii my name is Asami Fukui, but you can call me by my hero name vortex” I smiled and did a peace sign. Everyone was silent. I heard a person with green curly hair mumbling in the back. I tilted my head. I teleported over there and tapped his back. He looked up and smiled.

“Sorry my name is” “Izuku Midoriya” I said interrupting him. “How?” He said “I know all of your names” I said. “ Well welcome to class 1-A, if you don’t mind me asking what is your quirk?” Iida said while waving his arms. “Can you guess?” I said and giggled. “Well guessing by your hero name and what we just saw teleportation?” Momo said. “ good guess, I can teleport yes but I can also go to other dimensions and time travel.”

They all stared at me in shock. “That is so cool” Kaminari and I said in unison. “How did you know I was going to say that” Kaminari said.

“Time travel” I said and grinned

Authors note:

Hope you enjoyed next chapter coming soon!

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