Nick, Martin n Chris

By KittyKat_Bella


Nice Bully

Nice Bully

In a spare room in the school was where a 'Happy Clucker's Club' took place. The members took care of eggs. There were three eggs, each with two 'parents.'

The first two partners were Janet and her brother Jason, the second two were Izzy and Nick, and the last was Jacob and Woody. Martin was the leader of the club.

"Good morning, fellow cluckers!" Martin greeted with a smile.

"Good morning!" They all greeted.

"How's everybody's eggs coming along?" Martin asked, taking a close look at all the eggs.

Nick held his laugh in. Izzy was giggling slightly, too. Nick started chuckling. Martin picked up their egg, which was actually plastic, and opened it to reveal a tiny robo-cat. Martin giggled and put the egg back.

"My cousin the idiot," Janet rolled her eyes. Nick laughed slightly.

"I think it was cute," Martin smiled.

"Here's our real egg," Izzy said.

She had been holding her hands behind her back, holding the egg and wearing mittens. Nick watched in awe. Martin looked over it.

"Seems perfect," He smiled, "Good job, you two."

Izzy blushed and smiled. Nick smiled dumbly. Martin was about to look over Janet and Jason's egg when June, Lily, and Mary burst in the door. Nick hid under a desk. The others, except Izzy, since she was trying to protect her egg, started running around fearfully.

"Who's hungry?" Lily asked her cousins.

"For eggs?" Mary asked, "Always."

Nick looked out from the desk.

"Hey, give him back!" Izzy cried when June snatched the egg from her. Nick came out from under the desk and stood by Izzy.

"Give back Sheldon the Third!" He said boldly.

"In exchange for a kiss," June bargained.

"GIVE HIM BACK!" Izzy snapped. Nick shook his head.

"Girls are gross," He said.

Izzy's heart broke every so slightly inside, just like it always did when Nick said that, but she didn't let it show.

"Oh yeah?" June said to Izzy, "Make me!"

Martin stepped forward.

"Martin, help us!" Izzy said. Martin had a book in his hands.

"Um, l-ladies," Martin said nervously, "Um, why harm unhatched life? If you just take a look at this book, you can discover how to care for and hatch your own egg."

The book was too heavy for Martin and he ended up dropping it on Lily's foot.

"YEOUCH!" She cried, holding her foot.

"Lily, what happened?" Mary asked.

"Your boyfriend dropped a book on my foot, what's it look like?!" Lily yelled. In all the confusion, Izzy snatched Sheldon the Third back from June. Nick watched.

"What'd you do that for?!" June asked, wrapping her arms around her cousin's waist. Martin shook his head.

"M-my apologies," He said.

"Back off, mister!" Lily yelled.

"Come on, June, let's get Lily to the school nurse," Mary snapped, glaring at her 'boyfriend' as she and June carried Lily out of the room. Martin frowned. He turned around to see the others, who were looking at him in fright. Nick backed up.

"You can't possible think I did that on purpose!" Martin cried.

The next day...

Nicole was walking to school with Chris.

"Dude, did you hear about what happened yesterday?" Nicole said.

"No, what happened?" Chris asked.

"Turns out that, in the Happy Cluckers Club, y'know, the one Martin runs, June, Mary, and Lily broke in," Nicole explained, "What happened was that Martin made Lily Baxter's foot swell up like a balloon!"

Chris laughed.

"Really?" He asked.

"I'm serious!" Nicole said, "Phil said they had to use a whole pack of ice just to stop her big toe from swelling."

"Serves her right," Chris said.

"Still, that's pretty scary," Nicole said, "Well, I gotta get my stuff for my next class."

Nicole walked off and Chris walked over to his friends. Chris began studying Martin's 'muscles.'

"Um, may I help you?" Martin asked.

"YOU made a Baxter go crying?" Chris asked.

"Oh, Lily?" Martin frowned, "Honestly, it was an accident."

Chris laughed.

"Yeah, right," He said.

"It was!" Martin repeated. Just then, Victor Sheppard walked up to Martin.

"Hallo there, smart-as-an-owl Martin-boy," Victor said, "Do you have a spare writing quill?" Victor held up a pen, "Victor's is seeming to have been emptied of all squid juice."

"Of course, Victor," Martin said.

Martin reached into his locker but ended up kicking Victor in the chin. Martin turned around and slammed Victor into the wall and threw almost all of the pens at him. The pen tips stuck in the wall, holding Victor to the wall by the edges of his clothes.

"Victor would have taken a simple 'No, not today', yes?" Victor said weakly. Chris was hiding behind Nick and smiled slightly. Martin stood there, shaking.

"Did you see that?!" Janet, who was in the room at the end of the hall, cried.

"We didn't see anything, Janet," Jason said, pulling the blinds down. Martin looked around in fear.

"Dude, way uncool!" Jakob said fearfully, prying Victor from the wall and carrying him off. The only ones left were Nick, Martin, and Chris. Martin frowned and sighed sadly. Nick looked at his friend sadly.

"Wow, Martin!" Chris said excitedly, "I didn't know you had it in you! You're a monster!"

Martin looked at Chris.

"That was so cool!" Chris said. Martin started running off, "Hey, where are you going?"

"Martin has been sucked into the black hole vacuum of life, Chris!" Nick cried fearfully, jumping on Chris's head.

Chris rolled his eyes and turned Nick's volume down. Nick frowned and tried to keep talking. Chris rolled his eyes again and went after Martin.

"We're gonna rule this place, Nick!" Chris said happily. Nick frowned as he fell on the ground and stared after his friends.

The next day in the lunchroom, Victor was showing Eddward Rockwell an x-ray of his skull.

"How does one as weak as a butterfly do such harm?" Victor asked. He had a bandage around his head and the x-ray showed a broken skull, "Victor asks you."

Eddward shrugged.

"I don't know, dude," He said.

Suddenly, Chris burst through the doors behind Martin, who was carrying his lunch. Chris was wearing a black jacket over a white shirt and his hair was slicked back.

Nick was standing a little ways behind them as the two walked in. Chris got a soda from the soda machine and snatched Janet's lunch from her.

"I'll take that," He said. He and Martin walked over to a table and everyone moved to another table.

"Where are you all going?" Martin asked, confused.

"Yeah, where you goin'?" Chris repeated. Martin sat down just as Jason picked Chris up by the front of his shirt.

"You have three seconds to return my sister's lunch!" Jason snapped. Janet held her brother back.

"Wait! Jason, you can't!" She said, "He's watching."

They glanced at Martin, who waved happily. Jason's eyes widened and he put Chris down nervously. Eddward scooted over by Sierra and Ryland. Izzy just walked in and sat down next to Ryland.

"Hey, what's going on?" She whispered. Sierra and Ryland shrugged. Nick walked in and sat at the other end of the table.

"Just me," He said. Martin looked at him.

"Why is Nick sitting all the way down there?" He asked.

"All the way down there!" Chris repeated, "You are so right!" He grinned, "Ooh, Victor's got pears."

He jumped on the table and ran over to where the son of a Sheppard was sitting. Martin looked around. He spotted Martha and Jakob fighting over a piece of pie.

"I saw it first, it's mine!" Martha snapped.

"You may be my cousin, but it's still Woody's!" Jakob argued. Martin walked over.

"Certainly a compromise is in the question," He said. Martha glared.

"Yeah, like him giving it to me!" She said.

"No," Martin said.

"Giving it to me and Woody?" Jakob asked.

Martin hit Jakob into the air, knocking the pie to the ground. Jakob bounced around the lunchroom before crashing through the wall and into the tree outside.

"Is it over?" He asked weakly.

Martha was on the ground with a black eye. Martin picked her up by the front of her shirt. Chris was watching with amusement. Everyone stared at Martin, who nervously dropped Martha. Ryland even raised her eyebrow.

"Everyone, please, it was an accident!" Martin said, stepping forward. Everyone ran and crowded into the corner of the room. Chris watched.

"Please, let me explain!" Martin begged. Sierra, along with everyone else, backed up more.

"Janet, you can't believe this-" Martin got cut off when Nick stood in front of him with a chair.

"Stay away!" Nick cried, "Stay away from my baby cousin, you bully!"

"Nick, my friend, how can you say that?" Martin asked, hurt.

"We can't be friends anymore!" Nick sobbed, "My gramma says I shouldn't be friends with a bully guy like you!"

Nick felt his heart in his throat as it broke in two. Martin frowned and teared up.

"This ends now!" Martin sobbed.

He yanked the chair from Nick's grasp, causing Nick to fall. The kids watched as Martin chased Nick around the lunchroom, all the whole tearing up both the room and Nick. Nick was crying as he dug under the school to get away. Martin kneeled at the edge of the hole.

"Come back here!" He yelled. Everyone watched in fear. Martin looked at the others, who were all running out the door.

"Hurry, Janet!" Jason said, dragging his little sister along. Chris walked over to Martin and laughed.

"Oh man, that was awesome!" Chris said, "Did you see their faces?!" He laughed again and looked at the hole Nick had dug, "A little rough on Nick, don't you think? I mean, he is our friend."

Martin glared at Chris with tears in his eyes. Chris became nervous.

"Right, of course, you know what you're doing," Chris laughed nervously and went to exit, "So uh, hey, I'm gonna go have Nicole give me a massage."

He closed the door and Martin looked at his hands.

"What have I done?" He asked himself, "Are these indeed the hands of a lowly thug?"

Ryland was watching Martin from the cafeteria doors, frowning.

Martin was in the garden club room, pruning his flower. It was a sunflower, not quite in bloom yet. Yet the coloring seemed a Martin snipped off a leaf. Martin heard a clatter. He looked around and saw a pair of eyes in a cabinet. He walked over.

"Nick? Is that you?" He asked, holding out his hand, "Come on out, I promise I won't ever hurt you again."

But it was actually Janet that was hiding, evident by when she burst out, knocking Martin over and began running all over the walls and even the ceiling, calling Martin different names for bully. Martin ended up crying next to his flower.

"Oh, what's the use?!" He sobbed, "No one will ever believe I'm no more than a bone-breaking bully!"

As he sobbed, Janet hid in a bag of dirt. She popped her head out to watch when Martin's sunflower bloomed. The inside petals were rose red and there were spines on the stem. Rose spines.

"MARTIN!" Janet cried happily. Martin hit his head on the light above him. Janet ran over and looked at the flower in awe, "You cross-pollinated a rose and a sunflower!"

Martin looked at the flower.

"Only someone with hands as gentle as butterfly wings could have spliced the two together," Janet said, "I believe in you, Martin!"

Martin smiled and wiped his tears.

"Now, how about-" Janet took some garden sheers and cut a nearby bush into a therapy chair. There was a sign in front of it, which read 'The Comment Hedge.' Janet turned the sign around and wrote 'The Common Therapy Chair' on the back, "You tell me what happened?"

"Okay," Martin said, sitting on the chair.

"So, it all started when I accidentally dropped my book on Lily's foot," Martin began, "I apologized, yet I sensed that they didn't quite believe me."

As she listened, Janet randomly grabbed a cup of tea from nowhere.

"Then Victor, oh poor Victor," Martin continued...


"When Victor said he needed a new pen, I was only too happy to supply him with only," Martin said.

"Of course, Victor," Past Martin smiled.

He reached up to grab the can of pens, but knocked down a round container of white out. He tripped on it, making his tie get caught on the hook inside his locker. He turned around but was of course stuck, so he fell on top of Victor, shoving him into the wall and bouncing back so all the pens flew out of the can. Past Martin looked fearfully at Victor.

"Victor would have taken a simple 'No, not today', yes?"

"Another unfortunate accident," Martin said, "As was the next."

"I saw it first, it's mine!" Past Martha snapped.

"Remembering that Mother had packed me a slice of her delectable apple pie, I thought the best solution would be to share it," Martin said.

Past Martin reached into his lunch bag to grab the pie slice, but ended up pricking his fingernail on his fork. He jumped in pain and hit Jakob out the window and knocked Martha over. He picked Martha up to make sure she was ok.

"Stay away!" Past Nick cried.

"Then came the worst blow of all," Martin said, "My dear friend had lost his faith and trust in me because of what I never even meant to do. I thought the only way to restore our friendship was to remove the chair between us."

Past Martin smiled a watery smile and tried to take the chair from Nick, but ended up falling backwards with Nick falling on top of him. Martin put his arms around Nick's waist to lift him off of him, but Nick panicked and ran in circles. The result was what had happened only minutes ago.


"And that's pretty much it," Martin sighed sadly, "What should I do, Janet?"

Janet thought.

"You've been marked with a scarlet letter, Martin," Janet said, "All you need is someone to take it from you, and you'll be seen as a complete sweetheart again!"

"Can you help?" Martin asked.

"Of course!" Janet smiled, "I know just what to do! My dad told me a story of this same situation happening with him and your dad!"

"Oh yeah," Martin remembered.

"Come on!" Janet pulled him along.

Eddward was leaning against the soda machine in the hall. Martin and Janet appeared in the hall. Eddward kicked it but nothing happened. He frowned.

"Weak," He said.

"You think you're so tough?!" Janet asked Martin, slapping him with her glove, "My anger issues make me twice as tough!"

Martin just stood there. Eddward watched them.

"Well, my sister is the captain of the football team, so that gives me some negative reputation," Martin said.

"I could still beat you in a brawl," Janet said, "We shall meet at...uh..."

"The pit," Martin said.

"Yes!" Janet realized, "3:00?"

"Actually, I have a chess club at 3:00," Martin said, "How's 4:15 sound?"

"Even better," Janet said.

"Then it's settled," Martin said. Eddward smiled and walked off to tell everyone else.

"And...scene," Janet said happily.

"Janet and Martin are gonna fight at the pit, pass it on," Eddward was saying to Nicole and Lil Kanker.

"Oh no, Janet!" Nicole cried, her and Lil rushing out the front doors.

At the pit…

Chris was making Jakob and Victor carry him on a big recliner to the pit.

"Move it, slouches, or I'll make sure you're the next ones fighting Martin in the pit," Chris threatened.

Martin was at one end. Janet was on the other, surrounded by Martha, Nick, Izzy, Ryland, Jason, Nicole, Eddward, and Kevin Anderson. When Jakob and Victor lifted Chris onto the old machine, they joined them. Janet was wearing a hooded robe over a tan-ish colored shirt and white pants.

"Janet, don't go through with this!" Jason said, "It's my job to protect you!"

"Sometimes an anger-issued girl has to do what an anger-issued girl has to do, Jason," Janet said, puffing up her curly hair. Ryland only rolled her eyes.

"Spare the drama, queen," Chris said, "Martin's gonna wipe the floor with that curly hair of yours!"

"You still have the chance to back out now, Janet," Martin said, "Make haste, before I change my mind!"

The two walked up to each other and prepared to 'fight.' After a deep breath, they started slapping each other's hands. Martin pulled away. They continued slapping each other.

"Get on with it!" Eddward said.

"Oh dear, I hope they'll be alright," Kevin frowned. Ryland put her arm around his neck and shook her head.

"Ready?" Janet whispered. Before they could do anything, Chris threw a hot dog covered in mustard at her face. Martin stared at him.

"That mustard looks good on you!" Chris laughed, "It's yellow, get it?!"

Janet took a deep breath and counted to ten, trying to control her anger. She brushed it off and went to turn back to the fight when a ketchup-covered hot dog hit her. Martin started. Janet tried to as well, but a relish-covered hot dog hit her in the back of the head. When she turned around, it was followed by a mustard one.

"STOP IT!" Janet shouted, trying to keep her anger in check. Another ketchup, "You're really getting on my last nerve, Chris. I'm warning you-"

Chris hit her with one more relish hotdog.

Janet growled angrily. She rushed towards Chris and tried to jump up to hit him.

"Get down here, you sorry excuse of a twerp!" She snapped. Chris snickered. Martin ran over and pulled on the back on Janet's shirt.

"Wait!" He cried, "Do you remember what we're here for?!"

Chris watched. Martin pulled Janet to the ground, and she snapped.

Her hair caught fire in her anger as she jumped on Martin, her teeth razor sharp as she tore into him, releasing her anger on everyone who had bugged her for the past...two months.

"Punch him in the eye, Janet!" Jason yelled happily.

"Martin!" Izzy cried, worried.

Chris jumped down and ran over. After about two minutes, Janet stopped. The anger in her eyes disappeared as she turned around to look at the others.

"What happened?" She asked.

Martin looked at her with a black eye. Janet gasped and covered her mouth, but the others, except for Nick, Izzy, and Ryland, congratulated her, lifting her into the air.

"Janet, Janet, she's our girl! She'll beat you down and make you hurl!" They chanted. Jason walked up to Chris.

"Nice jacket," He said.

Jason walked off wearing the jacket.

"Twerp," He said. Ryland threw her arms around her little brother.

"Nice going, caphead!" Chris growled, "How could you lose that?! All that fame! Gone! And that sweet jacket! I lost it, my dad's gonna kill me!"

"I guess I'm not the bone-breaking bully you hoped for, Chris," Martin smiled weakly.

"Nope, you're my smart little brother," Ryland said, hugging him.

"Chris, how dare you put materials before your own cousin!" Izzy said. Just then, all the Kankers' daughters came up (Except for Lil Kanker): Lily Baxter, Mary and Martha Sheppard, and June 2x4.

"Aw, we missed the fight, guys," June whined.

"Yeah, but we got here in time to kiss the loser better," Mary said.

"Martin!" Lily said, yanking him from Ryland's hands, "You should see the bruise you left on my foot! Clumsy oafs are adore-able."

"Yeah, so cute," Martha agreed. Chris growled.

"HEY!" He yelled as the four girls began kissing Martin, "Leave him ALONE ALREADY! HE'S HAD ENOUGH TROUBLE FOR ONE DAY WITHOUT YOU COMIN' ALONG AND MAKING IT WORSE!" The cousins looked shocked and Izzy had her cat ears folded back, "Now beat it!"

Ryland stared at him. The four of them put Martin down and walked away.

"See?" Izzy smiled, "That's what I'm talking about."

"Dogs," Chris growled, his tail twitching angrily. Ryland hugged her brother again.

"Goodness, I'm touched, Chris," Martin said, hugging Ryland back, "You standing up to a cliche story ending, for me. Let me tell you, after the kind of week I've been having, that's just the kind of thing I-"

Chris shoved a hot dog in his mouth.

"Yeah yeah, eat and shut up," He said.

"And for your Nick, Chris?" Nick asked.

"And sister and cousin?" Izzy added, putting her arm around Ryland. Chris handed out hot dogs to everyone.

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