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''Mate??? that's impossible she can't be my mate'' ''you can't change anything because she IS your mate'' ''she's of no use''

Fantasy / Romance
Eunhae Kim
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I didn't know anything except from that i'm a grim reaper. but i don't understand this, other grim reapers don't have emotions. I'm the only one who feels emotions which is very weird. And because i have emotions it hurts seeing people dying or collecting their dead confused souls. But when it comes to my job, I HAVE to control my stupid emotions it's very necessary. We grim reapers are not allowed to wear any other colours except Black. People can't see us if we wear black but if we wear other colours they'll be able to see us. The weirdest thing is that only ''my mate'' will be able to see me in black which i'm very desperate to find. You would've gotten the idea by this that i don't have a mate OBVIOUSLY. Usually I wear black tuxedo but black isn't the only thing that covers my identity i also have to wear the pendent they gave me. so i can fully hide my identity.

I was working in hotel's room. Looking at the papers, the list of dead people.

The list was simply about the:
Dead People
Collected Souls
Lost souls (one's who ran away)
Who'll Die Soon.
and about the ones who's souls i'll have to collect soon.
As i was reading their names, I finally found the name of the person who will die today. ''Kim Han Lee??? Why does the name look familiar?'' I got up to go to the location to collect his soul.

I went to hospital and went to Room NO.384. There laid a old ahjussi on the bed with a girl crying on a chair next to him. She was holding the hand of Kim Han Lee who just died 'Maybe it was her father' that's what i thought. I saw his soul standing near his daughter, looking sadly at her. I asked him ''Are you Kim Han Lee Born on JULY 12,1965 ?''.he nodded and said ''Yes...I know you're a grim reaper and you're here to collected my soul.'', followed by a sigh he spoke again. ''I'm sorry my dear daughter. i'm really sorry that i had to leave you alone here. But daughter it's time i leave and go to you're mother she must be waiting for me''. I let him have his last moments with his daughter cuz i know it hurts. He kept on apologizing to his daughter. ''I'm sorry again for the last time, Even though you can't hear me right now but i'll say i love you my daughter (Y/N)''.When he said her name I felt like something within me got triggered. The name felt very familiar to me but my mind wouldn't work and i couldn't exactly remember who she was. I just shrugged my shoulders, let it go, offered my hand to him and told him to close his eyes. He accepted it and then we disappeared from the scene in front of us. When he opened his eyes he looked around and then his eyes finally fell on me. he asked me ''Where are we?''. I again my shrugged my shoulders. There was a table in the middle of that fancy room which had a bottle and 4 glasses on it. I poured the liquid in a glass and handed it to him ''Drink this and you'll forget the moments you spent on earth with your family and your daughter'' He shook his head and answered '' I don't want to forget the precious moments i spent with my dear family'' i looked at him emotionless and told him ''Alright as you wish. You see that door? open it and climb the stairs you'll reach your destination.''. He nodded and went up to his destination. He disappeared from my sight.

I went back to my hotel room and received a call
???: ''Have you collected the soul of Kim Han Lee?''
Taehyung: ''Yes i did.''
???: ''Have you noted down about his soul being collected and sent, on the list?''
Taehyung: ''Yes...''
???: '' Alright then, I'd like you to put the current info in the death list file understood?''
Taehyung: ''Yes i understand''
And with that the line went off. I started to work again, Suddenly i felt thirsty and i went to kitchen. As i was drinking water the bell rang, i got startled and choked on water.I kept on coughing and coughing the bell rang again ''OH MY GOD, I'M COMING CAN'T YOU WAIT?!?!?!'' I then put the glass on dining table and opened the door of my apartment. 'What is she doing here? its her again the girl from the hospital. what was her name??? ah yeah it was (Y/N)' i thought and so i asked her ''What is it?''. She looked at me and After seeing her my head started to spin and i felt like i was gonna throw up. She was worried and looked at me with her eyebrows furrowed ''h-hey are you okay?''. I whispered ''please leave'' she blinked confused because she didn't understand ''what?'' I looked at her with my face scrunched in pain and i gritted my teeth ''I.said.leave!!!!'' She looked down and answered ''S-sorry..i'm new, i just moved here 1 hour ago. so i wanted to give you this a----'' I snatched it away from her hand. ''Okay okay thank you but now please leave!!!'' i yelled and bowed then closed the door. i put the bag on the couch and ran to the bathroom Because i felt like i'll throw right away. i couldn't stop vomiting and when i finally stopped I had a vision.


I was in a full green field. I was very confused and started to walk backwards until my back hit something. I looked behind to see a large and tall tree. Just then i started to hear a voice. A female voice. ''Wha--Is someone there?!''
???: "ta.......e......."
taehyung: ''Who is there?!?!"
The voice looked very familiar and so he started to run towards the voice
as he ran the voice became clearer
And clearer
There he saw her. Y/N. He was horrified. his eyes were wide open and mouth parted. She was lying in her own pool of blood,crying and screaming in pain for help. I panicked and tried to run closer to her but i only got farther and farther away from her. Just then i fell down and my body started to shake violently. And i slowly started to gain consciousness and started to hear a voice.
i started to hear things more clearly.
My vision which was blurry for i don't know how long has now gotten clearer and i saw a bo--- no i mean yoongi hyung in front of me??? He looked worried.
I blinked my eyes fast and his tone was now changed. his tone was more of a sad tone than an angry one even though he looked mad. ''Dude what the hell was wrong with you. Have you died or something?!. I was so worried. You were spaced out and screaming your lungs out with your eyes wide open.''. i just gave him a 'whatever' look and quickly got up offering him my hand. he gladly took it and he glared at me giving me a 'you need to explain everything bish' I nodded and went into lounge room and sat on the couch with him.''Ah before you start lemme ask you dude what are you going to do now....you're pendent broke when you were screaming''. I looked at him and said ''i'll ask jin hyung to give me another pendent or something other than that'' he nodded and gestured me to start. I started to tell him everything from the start.


''So you are saying yesterday you went to collect a soul and there you saw his daughter who triggered something within you??? Now she lives in the apartment next to yours???'' I nodded.
''And she came today to give you some snacks and you again got triggered and had a vision"
"yeah and i feel like i'm somehow related to her"
"I'm not so sure about this but there's only one possibility that she must be......



Hmm....looks like they're curious about something? well find out in next part!!!
i hope you liked this one!!!

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