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part 2-Grim Reaper

“There is only one possibility and that is she may be your mate”

“Mate?” That’s impossible. I asked

“Of course but we’re not 100% sure If she is your mate. So I prefer you to visit seokjin hyung cuz I have to leave soon” he inhaled then exhaled and continued.

“Now to the main point. I came here to give you the list of these dead people. And go to seokjin hyung today to ask what’s going on with you he’ll leave to busan today at 8 at night. So you better hurry before he leaves. Now I’ll like to take my

Leave.” he said and disappeared.

I didn’t know what to do since my pendent broke when I was screaming (author nim:-when he was having a vision) so I guess I’ll just have to wear some other clothes. I took a quick shower and got dressed in a white hoodie and blue faded ripped jeans. I wore a mask and a cap.





(Later at jin’s house)


“Then what?!” Jin hyung yelled

“Hyung all im trying to say is that when I saw that girl I started to feel dizzy and throwed up. Later on I saw a vision of her dying!!” I told him “lemme read your mind. Close your eyes and relax. ”

He said as his eyes glowed powerfully white. After 20 minutes I opened my eyes as I heard him whisper something, I asked him “what? are you okay?what did you see?why are you crying?!?”

He wiped his tears and whispered again but loud enough for me to hear. “Mate she is your mate. Her family died in a car accident and the only ones who survived were her and her father who left her too.Tae you need to protect her taehyung. That vision is a sign that she’s your mate.and vision usually means opposite. You saw her screaming for help right? And she said she doesn’t wanna die. But in reality this vision means that she is suffering she is in pain and she’ll commit a suicide soon.” I panicked and asked “do you know when?!” He answered “The day you came into this world will be the day she’ll kill herself.which means on December 30,2019. And in order to save her you must get closer to her and make her fall in love with you.” Then one question came into my mind and that was about my pendent that broke earlier so I asked him “hyung I broke my pendant earlier what should I do now?” He looked at me then got up and went into his and came back with a black hat in his hand and then he gave it to me. I looked at him with my eyebrows furrowed. “As you said earlier that you broke your pendent. They came here and gave it to me cuz they knewed that you were gonna break your pendent sooner or later. Humans can’t see you if you wear this but..DO NOT let this hat fall off of your head” I nodded and said bye to him and started to walk back home. As I was walking only one word kept repeating in my mind which was

‘Mate....mate...she’s...my..mate...my..mate...my............my...what?....mate...mate...Mate?!?!SHES MY FUCKING MAAAAAAATE....mAaAAaAAaaaAtTttTTttEeEe???!?!?!!’


Passers by looked at me like I was some sort of weirdo.” Shiteu they’re looking at me.oh mah gawd I’ve gone insane.” As I was walking I saw a café ahead of me looking at the café reminded me of how I behaved with y/n. SOOOO I went in and bought some chocolate pastries for her I smiled as I rembered that she loved chocolates.

(Inside his building’s elevator)

I waited inside a elevator and waited for it to reach the top floor of the the building. Finally it stopped after 100000 years and he went to apartment 409 and rang the bell. I sensed her coming closer to the door. She opened it and I saw her hair messy and saw her eyes half open and half closed. “Oopsie looks like someone just woke up” I giggled. She widened her eyes and said “wait a sec I’ll be right back”. I waited outside for 5 mins after 5 mins she came back and open the door wider for me to come in. I smiled and sat down on couch and she sat on the other. “Hi (y/n)!” She smiled but her eyes widening a bit “hi to you too..uhh...um--”

“Taehyung!” I showed her my boxy smile as I thought ‘why are we so awkward’. “Yeah..taehyung..so how do you know my name taehyung??” “Well I’ve got my ways” I giggled “so I came here to give you these pastries and secondly I came to apologize for what I did last time as I was feeling sick. I needed to throw up so that’s why I closed the door on your face...but I didn’t do it on purpose!!!I will never.” She nodded and showed her cute smile. “Uh...l-lets be friends!!“she offered her hand I laughed at her cuteness as I took it and shook hands.she told me to introduce myself I was thinking what should I do . since I didn’t knew who my parents were from the start I’ll just tell her whatever comes to my mind.

(Author nim:- Well finally your part comes y/n!!!)


I was feeling shy cuz I never had male friend but right now as I was suffering really bad I needed a friend beside me. He looked extremely nice and caring so I wanted to be friends with him. So I finally got the courage and with eyes closed I said “Uh...l-lets be friends!!!” I offered him my hand. I heard his deep laugh as he took my hands. I finally opened my eyes and showed a toothy smile and shook hands.” So tell me everything about yourself and I’ll tell about myself. He nodded as a ok as he started to think.then he started

“Arraseo....arraseo” he giggled and cleared his throat

“Ahnyeonghaseyo ne Ireumeun Kim Taehyung imnida panggaweo!!!!!“(hello my name is kim taehyung nice to meet you!!) I said showing my boxy smile..“I was born in daegu on December 30,1995. I don’t have parents or siblings well I don’t know cuz I never saw them I grew up in someone’s house however their son was 3 years older than me who is now my friend-brother-hyung. Well i have no idea what i’m saying anymore. I do some sort of job which you’ll have to find out by yourself. “Now!!! It’s your turn....ireumi meoya???“(what’s your name??)

“Arraseo..ahnyeong ne ireumeun kim y/n imnida panggaweo taehyung-ssi”(..hello my name is kim y/n nice to meet you taehyung-ssi)

“I was also born in daegu m/d/y (month/date/year)

I had my family and I lived with them but my sister committed a suicide, my mother died in a car crash and my father well he got sick and left me too..so yeah im alone now with noone beside me to comfort, no one to gimme their shoulder to cry on I feel empty and lifeless” “aigoo.. y/n I’m here for you now huh? From now on I’ll be your best friend share everything with me arraseo??” “Nae”



Wooowieee...y/n finally has someone who can support her ( ay ay ay) well now they’re friends but what if y/n develops something more than just friendship hmm???? Well then go and find out

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