The Mask

Chapter 2

“Sophie babes, you look A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.” Rosie stood back from her masterpiece.

“Yeah Sophie you look great.” Amber, Sophie’s roommate agreed she had never really seen Sophie dressed up before, and looking how she does now, Amber would certainly encourage her to more now.

“Thanks Rosie I don’t look as much like a transvestite as I thought I would.”

Rosie shook her head. “How dare you doubt my skills Soph? Anyway I will see you at the party girls.” Rosie waved leaving Sophie waiting for her date.

“You’re really lucky to have Rosie as your sister.” Amber sighed wishing she had a sister instead of three brothers.

“Yeah she’s not all bad I guess.” Sophie mumbled taking in her reflection in the mirror, she had to admit Rosie had done a great job. But her mind was elsewhere with a certain blue eyed blonde, wondering what on earth was going on between them.

“Ooooooo he is here!” Amber jumped up hearing the knock at the door and charging to answer it. “Hi John, do please come in.”

“Wow Sophie you look wonderful.” John smiled giving Sophie a single rose and kissing her on the cheek.

“Thank you for the rose, very romantic of you.” Sophie smiled handing the rose to Amber to take care of. “See you there Amber.” Sophie shouted over her shoulder as she took John’s arm shutting the door.

“I heard about your run in with Jim Carney today.” John had laughed at Jim moaning about some English bird that had cut him down when he had been trying to hit on Sian.

“Yeah well he was pissing me off. He was being so sleazy towards Sian. So I thought I had better step in.” As Sophie and John arrived at the Delta Gamma house party John could feel Sophie stiffen next to him.

After some investigating John was pretty sure he was Sophie’s first date this term so no wonder she was nervous. “You okay?”

Sophie nodded. “Sorry I just get really shy at these things, it is more Rosie’s scene than mine. So if I bore you later I won’t be offended if you want to leave early.”

John smiled with his dimples again. “Sophie, trust me you could never bore me.” Sophie thought maybe tonight wouldn’t be so bad after all.

“Soph babes welcome to the night of your life!” Rosie squealed embracing her sister in a hug. “John how lovely to meet you, Soph has told me all about you.” Sophie raised her eyebrows at her sister she had barely mentioned John to her.

“And Sophie has told me a lot about you.” John smiled politely at the Delta Gamma president.

“Soph, John this is Rick my date for the evening, say hello Rick.” Rosie pulled some poor bloke over; he was the usual football stud that Rosie went for, all looks no brains, perfect for Rosie.

“Hi Rick.” Sophie and John chorused together and then burst out laughing much to Rosie’s annoyance.

“Well ma chasa a so chasa.” Rosie smiled standing to the side guiding them into the living room.

“What did your sister just say?” John asked confused thinking it might be an English thing.

“Just nod, smile and walk away. Trust me it’s the only way to survive Rosie.”

Sian had spent the afternoon brooding in a coffee shop on campus; she had eventually come home to get ready after giving in to William to be his date for the night. Realising going stag wasn’t a good idea; she still had a reputation to up hold at the moment. “God you sleep with a guy and all of a sudden they think they are your boyfriend.” Sian moaned at her reflection in the mirror whilst doing the finishing touches to her makeup.

“If you just wanted a quickie now, you should have let me know.” William West grinned as he barged into Sian’s room discovering her only in her underwear.

Sian tried to hide the disgust she felt for William and herself for creating this kind of situation. “Nice try William, but I really have to get downstairs. And as you can see I am already running late.”

“Come on Sian, I will be quick I promise?” Sian dodged William’s advances she was no way near drunk enough for that yet.

“As amazing as that sounds, I really need to get ready or Rosie will kill me if I don’t get downstairs soon.” Sian lied.

“Okay but later then?”

Sian plastered on a smile, much like Sophie she was very good at them. “Let’s wait and see okay.” Sian kissed him on the cheek and pulled him out of her room by the hand, wondering how much vodka it would take to survive the night. As they made their way down the stairs she could hear Sophie laughing, she loved the way she laughed, and you could hear it even in a room full of people. “Hey Soph, are you having a good time?”

“Hey you, yes just laughing at something Rosie said. You look really beautiful tonight Sian.” Sophie had whispered the last part into Sian’s ear as she leaned in to kiss her friend on the cheek.

“As do you Soph, you should let Rosie help you more often. Not that you don’t normally look nice but you look extra nice tonight.” Pull it together Powers a kiss on the cheek shouldn’t make you this flustered.

“Thanks I think, Sian this is John my date.” Sian felt like smiled and shook his hand, already deciding she hated him and excusing herself to get a drink.

After welcoming everyone and being the hostess with the mistress, no that’s not right Rosie was mumbling to herself as she discovered Sian who was hiding in the kitchen. “Why are you hiding in the kitchen?”

“I’m fine; I am just not really in the party mood.” Sian had a clear view of Sophie from here and could see her flirting with John. “For someone that apparently doesn’t know how to flirt with me, she is certainly a natural at it with him.” Sian muttered under her breath.

“Is it to do with our conversation from the other day?” Sian tore her eyes off Sophie to look at Rosie.

“You could say that yes. I just need some more vodka; vodka is our friend after all.” Sian raised her glass to Rosie’s and downed her shot in one.

“God Rick is so dumb but at least he is easy on the eye. I noticed you with William earlier; I take it he is your date?”

Sian sighed knowing how this must look, only yesterday she had admitted to Rosie she thought she was gay and now here she was with William again. “I know how it looks Rosie. But I am not ready to be waving a rainbow flag at pride this year. I know there will be serious repercussions if I were to ever come out. I just need some time to sort my feelings out.”

“Why would you be waving a rainbow flag and why would you be playing percussion? Never mind it doesn’t matter. I meant what I said, you are still my Sian. I was just surprised after our chat to see you with William again. Whenever you are ready I will have your back.”

Sian swallowed back some terms, feeling terrible for checking out Sophie whilst her sister was being so sweet to her. “Thank you Rosie, that means a lot. Let’s drink to friendship?”

Rosie swung her glass towards the blonde. “Where is William whilst you are sulking in here?”

“Oh he is playing beer pong.” Sian replied not really interested and looking back towards Sophie.

“What! Not in my sorority house!” Rosie shouted running off.

As the party had started to wind down the obligatory slow songs had started being played. Sian was leaning on the doorway into the living room/dance floor, chewing on her lips, vodka glass in hand. One too many ‘friendship’ shots with Rosie had now left Sian in a vulnerable state, she desperately needed to stay away from Sophie, and equally William as she had sworn off men during one her many drunken pledges to herself in the mirror during the party.

One of her favourite songs by U2 was being played, ‘All I want is you’. “Well that is a fucker!” Sian mumbled into her glass, not only her favourite song but now her favourite person was now dancing to it with someone else. John had taken Sophie’s hand and led her onto the dance floor.

As the song repeated ‘you....all I want is you’ Sian continued to torture herself watching Sophie swaying gently in John’s arms. “There is your answer then Powers; it was over before it even began.” Sian lifted her glass and downed her drink, dropping the glass on the floor and walked away.

Sophie had been watching her friend gradually get drunker as the night went on and was worried. They had only managed to speak very briefly at the beginning of the party. It was like Sian was avoiding her for some reason, and she wanted to know why. “Excuse me John; I am just going to nip to the bathroom.”

Spotting Rosie sat chatting with Mick or was it Rick, she headed in her direction. “Rosie have you seen Sian anywhere? I saw her by the dance floor earlier but now she has vanished.”

“Yeah she went outside to get some fresh air, careful Soph she is in a right grump about some girl she fancies that she can’t have.” Sober Rosie would have realised the mistake she had just made and noticed the change in her sister’s face. However drunken Rosie was too busy concentrating on Dick or was it Rick’s lips and how she wanted him for the night.

Sophie found Sian sitting on the step at the back of the house. “Are you okay Sian?”

“Perfect the last person I want to see, and now they are sat next to me.” Sophie tried to not take it personally remembering Rosie’s earlier warning. “Yes Sophie Webster what can I do for you?”

“First off you can cut the attitude. Rosie said you were in a grump and she wasn’t wrong. She also mentioned you were upset about someone.” Deciding it was best to not jump in with both feet about it being a girl.

“Of course she did, and knowing drunken Rosie as well as I do. I am sure she has told you every sordid detail. Did she start with the prom queen or just jump to now? Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work it out, does it?” Sian lifted her head to look at Sophie for the first time, even with the vodka in her body she could feel her heart beating out of her chest in fear as to Sophie’s reaction.

“You don’t know Rosie as well as you think smarty pants. She just said you were upset and had gone outside.” Sophie was looking straight ahead now, afraid her face would give away her lie.

“And you are a terrible liar Webster. I know when you are lying you look straight ahead and avoid eye contact, you seem to think it stops people being able to tell from your face that you are in fact lying. So let’s get this over and done with shall we.”

Does she have secret mind reading capabilities Sophie wondered, and then prayed that Sian didn’t? The horror if she knew how jealous Sophie was about Sian being interested in another girl. How could she even begin to explain, and why was she jealous, Sian was just friend, right? “You seem to have more to say than me, so why don’t you start?”

“Fine I will then. Look I have been here before and I know how it goes. The classic gay girl falls for straight friend, and wonders if she has a chance. Said friend then gets a boyfriend and it becomes abundantly clear she does not feel the same. Gay girl feels stupid, so don’t worry Soph you are off the hook. Message received loud and clear.”

“Sian I am trying to follow what you are saying but you aren’t being very clear.” Sophie felt like a silly schoolgirl for thinking someone like Sian would be interested in her; at least her gaydar had picked up Sian’s flirting, except that she must do it with everyone. “Are you saying you are gay?”

“For someone so bright you can be very dim. I sleep with men because it is easy, it’s an easier life. People think I am some blonde idiot that sleeps around, so why not give people what they want. Do you think I really want to add being gay to my supposedly notorious reputation?” Whipping the tears from her face Sian turned away from Sophie.

“I have tried not to be gay. I have tried so hard. My Mum saw me with a girl once, insisted this girl must have thrown herself at me. How worried she was in case it would turn me gay, how disgusting it is and how lucky we were that my Dad hadn’t found us. Well someone told my Dad, he punched me in the face telling me how it was unnatural, I had no choice but to play along with my Mums lies about how the girl had thrown herself at me.”

Sophie had no words so simply put her arms around her friends trying to soothe her sobs. After Sian had calmed down, they sat in silence looking at the stars.

“I am sorry Sophie I never meant for this to happen. It has literately been beaten into me that being gay is wrong, but I can’t deny it anymore. I want something more for me.”

Sophie kissed the side of her head and pulled the blonde in closer to her. “I’ve got you Sian, I don’t care. Why would you think I would care if you are gay? I might have problems if you were mean about my beloved Taylor Swift. But being gay, that is nothing. You are a gorgeous person with your whole life ahead of you, anyone would be lucky to have you.”

“Do you mean that?” Sian whispered quietly.

“Of course I do. You are my best friend so I wouldn’t lie to you. Just don’t dump me when you manage to pull the girl of your dreams.”

“You are more important to me than any girl, do you hear me?” Sian was looking directly at Sophie, and was shocked when she felt the brunette’s lips on her own.

“I’ve got to go.”

“No Sian wait.” Sian had run back into the house by the time she heard Sophie calling her name.

It had been three weeks since the Friday Haze party and Rosie had noticed Sian’s moods had gotten much worse, and she was worried. Rosie had lost count of the men her friend had entertained lately and her drinking had certainly increased.

“Soph babes have you noticed Sian behaving differently?” Rosie asked as she made her sister a cup of tea, failing to notice Sophie’s demeanour changing.

“No not really, but she is more your friend than mine. I mean I have only spoken to her once since the haze party, and that was weeks ago.” Praying Rosie wasn’t listening that closely to her blatant lie.

“She has been really moody with me and most of the girls in the house, and for a girl that hates exercise she has taken to running a lot. As for her love life, don’t get me started, I think she has dated everyone on the football team this week alone! It is like she is trying to forget someone.” Rosie rambled as she sat down.

“Are you sure you’re not reading too much into everything?”

“The one that she cannot have. Of course, it all makes sense to me now.” Rosie wondered how she could have forgotten about the girl Sian liked but couldn’t have.

Sophie’s eyes widened wondering just have much Sian may have told Rosie. “What are you talking about Rosie? The one she cannot have?”

“This is just between you and me Soph.” Sophie gulped at her tea realising Rosie had no memory of outing Sian to her.

“Sian was talking to me about someone she really likes. But she wasn’t sure if they liked her, and that they had just met someone else. I had told her to just go for it, so either she has and they have rejected her, or she is still in Timbuktu!”

“What has Timbuktu got to do with anything? Do you know who it is, that she likes?”

“Soph babes Timbuktu you know, like an imaginary world where you refuse to face up to reality. No she hasn’t told me, and I really have no idea who it could be.”

Sophie noticed that Rosie wasn’t using any pronouns, which further confirmed that Sian’s recent denials about being drunk were a load of rubbish. “Timbuktu is a real place Rosie so that makes no sense. I will try talking with Sian again, but unless it is to do with pledge business she hasn’t been replying to me.”

“Soph sweetie you are so gullible, Timbuktu being a real place, how stupid are you? Anyway how is John? Been on anymore dates?”

In her confusion from kissing Sian, not knowing what she was feeling, gay, straight or everything in-between Sophie had backed off from John. The fact Sian was in denial and wouldn’t really speak to her wasn’t helping much either. “He is fine I guess. Been playing hard to get and it appears he likes that. Maybe you should try that?”

“Hardy har har you are so bloody funny. Are you are telling me, that you haven’t shagged him yet?” Rosie blurted out.

“No I flaming haven’t, I have a vow!”

“Okay calm down. I just thought you had grown out of vow nonsense by now.”

With everything else on her mind Sophie was not in the mood to explain her vow yet again to Rosie. “You don’t grow out of a vow. It isn’t my fault you drop your knickers for every Tom, Dick and Harry!”

“Actually it was Tom, Rick and Harry. And I made sure they paid for dinner first.” Rosie laughed winking at her sister.

Sophie got up to leave, realising she wasn’t going to ‘bump’ into Sian. “Oh Mum wants you to call her; she said you haven’t called home in a week. And she would think you were dead except for the use of your credit card.”

Rosie sighed at her good little sister who called home every few days. “Fine goody two shoes I will call her later.”

“Hey Sian wait up.” Sian closed her eyes recognising the voice; resting bitch face in place she turned around.

“What do you want Sophie?”

“We need to talk, and you won’t take my calls, you are always out when I call round the house. You can’t keep ignoring me.”

Sian would have been a lot happier if she could ignore Sophie forever. “We have nothing to talk about. You kissed me. I pulled away and asked you to leave me alone.” She chanced a look at Sophie. “You ignored my wishes to leave me alone, so last time we spoke I told you we were no longer friends. Instead you babbled on at me about being confused.”

“I am confused; you should know what I am going through more than anyone else. You told me you were gay Sian. I know I shouldn’t have kissed you.....”

“SHUT UP SOPHIE” Sian hissed dragging Sophie by the elbow away from prying eyes and ears. “I am only going to tell this once so listen well. I was drunk when I said that. It was a mistake. I am NOT gay. Have you never heard of experimenting? Welcome to college Sophie, welcome to 2012 you can experiment and not be gay. I am sorry if you have feelings for me, but I do NOT reciprocate them. Got it?”

“I never said I had feelings for you Sian. All I said was that I was confused and I still am. I don’t want to lose you as friend over this. Can we please not grab a coffee? Please?”

Sian knew she had to play nice with Sophie or else Rosie would want to know why they had fallen out, and even worse work out that Sophie was the girl she had feelings for. With her best fake smile in place she answered. “Sure sounds great.”

The girls walked towards Sian’s favourite coffee house. “So how are things with you?” Sophie asked trying to sound normal.

“Sophie you are as bad as Rosie, if we are going to try and be friends again. Just ask me what you want to know.”

“Sorry I was trying to sound easy and breezy, guess I failed.”

Sian couldn’t help herself and snorted with laughter. “You sound like a Cover Girl advert. And yes you did fail.”

Sophie could feel some of Sian’s coldness towards her melting. “That’s me a social failure. Anyway Rosie said you haven’t been yourself recently, and she is worried?”

Sian’s mind started racing, dam Rosie and her big mouth, wondering what exactly she had told Sophie. “I’m fine really. I have just got some stuff to work through, that’s all.”

Sophie wasn’t convinced. “You can talk to me you know Sian. I know I messed up at the party. But I really do want us to be friends.”

Sian sighed; this is why men were easier usually when she told them to sod off, they did. What was she supposed to say, well Sophie I think you’re the most gorgeous girl I’ve ever laid eyes on, just looking at you can send my heart on a rollercoaster ride. I’m not sorry you kissed me, but I am sorry I ran away from you, I didn’t mean it. I think I love you, because of you I want to do better, instead I am continuing to hide and deny who I am.

After too long a silence Sophie tried clearing her throat, still nothing. Sophie waved her hand in front of Sian.

“Sorry I was miles away, what were you saying?” Sian asked trying to focus on Sophie’s face and not look at her lips, oh god and now her cleavage, come on that top is just asking you to look; back to the real world Sian she shook her head again.

“I was asking you about if everything was alright, and you just spaced out.”

Sian looked around for an escape. “Look there is just someone that I like that I can’t have.”

Sophie nodded meaning for Sian to carry on. “Why can’t you have them?” Because if it is me you like, you only have to ask, Sophie continued in her own head.

Sian started playing with her rings, twisting them around, a nervous habit she had picked up over the years. “They are involved with someone else, or at least I think they are. Plus they are a friend as well.”

Sophie was sure Sian was talking about her, but didn’t know how to get Sian to admit it without her clamming up again. “With them being involved with someone else, could complicate matters I agree. Were you interested in them before they got involved with someone else?”

Sian was still twisting her rings round her fingers. “Yes I guess so, but not knowingly, or maybe it was as we kept having these moments. And then when yo....they started dating someone else, and I got jealous. Shit I don’t know I am a mess, sex I can do. No problem.” Sian winced at her choice of words. “But feelings, they scare me. Anytime I have had them, I always get hurt.”

“Have you tried just being honest with this person? Tell them how you really feel?” Sophie shuffled closer on the sofa, resting her hand on Sian’s to stop her nervous hand movements.

Sian thought her heart had stopped, Christ the universe was being mean today making her run into Sophie, wearing that top, and now she was so close. Holding her hand, it was like the night of the party. “I can’t do it Soph.”

Sophie nearly missed what the blonde said in her low voice, so she moved closer. “Yes you can Sian, you are brave and wonderful. If you are honest you might find out I....they I mean like you too.”

So close, so close Sian couldn’t concentrate. If she moved two centimetres more they would be kissing again. “I can’t I’m sorry Soph, I am not as brave as you think I am.”

“Yes you are. Just tell me.” Sophie gently touched Sian’s knee causing her to jump knocking the coffee’s over.

“Sorry you made me jump.” Sian tried to hide the affect Sophie was having on her.

“Sorry I didn’t mean to. I was just trying to calm you down. If you aren’t ready now, I think if they are the right person you will have your serendipity moment in the future.”

Sian wished she could be braver, but for now serendipity would have to do.

As Sophie and John walked back from the cinema Sophie couldn’t believe she let Rosie talk her into another date with him. Scrap that, it hadn’t taken that much persuasion for a rejected Sophie to go out with John. After waiting another two weeks for Sian to wake up, she had decided to give John another chance.

“So Sophie I have to admit I was surprised when you asked me tonight.”

“Sorry John, I have just been busy with school work and it took a firm word from Rosie to make me aware of what I was missing out on.” It was true, sure Sophie would rather have been with Sian, but John was a good second choice.

“Remind me to thank your sister next time I see her then.” Sophie smiled how cute he was being. “But for now I would like to thank you for a great night.” John leaned in closer to kiss her, the strong aftershave very different to Sian’s subtle scent. “Are your parents visiting next weekend for parent’s weekend?”

Bugger Sophie had completely forgotten about that. “I am not sure, I need to check with Rosie because I haven’t organised anything.”

“Mine are coming, and I would like you to meet them?” John wanted to show Sophie off to his parents.

“Oh, that would be lovely. But isn’t it a bit soon?” Sophie could hear alarm bells going off in her head. They had only had what three dates in total.

“Sorry, yes you are right. I think it is because I have been talking about this mysterious English girl that I have met, so my Mum has been putting on the pressure to meet you.” John gave Sophie a quick peck on the lips to let her know it wasn’t a problem.

“I have a Mum that sounds very similar. How about we see how we get on a bit closer to the time. You know once schedules have been sorted etc.” God Webster you sound like such a dork, no wonder Sian wasn’t interested.

“Now we have that sorted, how about coming back to mine?” John flashed his dimples at her.

Sophie felt her heart drop, she was about to go from playing hard to getting dumped in about 30 seconds. “Well I have a vow that means I won’t be having sex until I am married.”

“I remember you mentioning your vow before, about waiting. But I didn’t think you meant that long.”

It is like I have some awful disease and having to keep explain what it is Sophie thought. “Sorry I guess I should have been more up front with you. Maybe mentioned the Jonas brothers and you would have got it more. Not that they all have stuck to it of course.”

John kissed Sophie on the cheek. “I get it now. Don’t worry I think it is great. I have a Sigma Phi meeting I have to get to, but I promise I will call you tomorrow.”

Before Sophie had the chance to say anything else he had run off.

“You are back early; I thought you had a date with John tonight?” Amber questioned when she saw Sophie come back into their room.

“I did but he took off saying something about a meeting. I don’t think he took my vow too well.” Amber came over to join Sophie on her bed.

“Why what happened?”

Sophie kicked off her shoes. “Well he wanted me to go back to his tonight and I said no. I explained more about my vow, but he didn’t realise how serious I took it.”

“Soph I am sorry but a guy like John can get sex on tap. Plus you have been mooning over someone else recently as well. Perhaps you two just aren’t a match. Oh Sian was looking for you earlier.”

Sophie nodded in agreement about Amber’s theory, almost missing the part about Sian. “Sian was here? Looking for me? What did she say? How long ago was it?”

“Calm down Webster, it was about thirty minutes ago. I said you were on a date with John. So she just left. Why?”

Before Amber could get any answer Sophie had pulled her shoes back on and was out the door.

Sian had just headed back to her room after leaving Sophie’s. “Confused? Sure she is. I mean that’s what you do when you are confused isn’t it go on a date with a guy. God Sian you are so stupid. You finally pull your head out of your butt, yes with a little vodka courage. But still you were going to talk, properly talk to Sophie. And instead now here we are with our friend vodka whilst she is off making out with John somewhere.”

“Sian, are you in there?”

That voice stopped Sian in her tracks. She hid the vodka bottle in her closet, flattened her hair and stuck some gum in her mouth. “Sophie? I thought you had a hot date with John tonight?”

“I was, but we cut it short. When I got home Amber said you had been round. So I came straight here. I guessed you might want to talk tonight. You know after the radio silence of the last two weeks.” Sophie was hovering by the door not sure if Sian was going to turn her away or not.

“It’s just you said all this stuff about you being confused, and that you didn’t know what to think, and then you go out with a guy.” Oh shit we really are going to do it, Sian confirmed in her slightly drunk head.

“I still am confused.”

“Yeah and now I am.”

“Can I come in? Your doorway isn’t the best place to talk?” Sian nodded for her to come in and closed the door behind Sophie.

Sian leaned against her desk. “Tell me about your date.”

“What is there to tell? It was fine. You know we only went on a date because Rosie thought it would be a good idea.”

“I’m sorry I had a go. But you have totally done my head in.” Sian moved over to her sofa, trying to make this less awkward.

Sophie followed her friend over to the sofa. “How?”

“You and me, it never crossed my mind before. Not until till pledge week.”

“Really?” Sophie was sure Sian had started flirting with her the moment they met. But the firm shake of Sian’s head said otherwise. “Well, I don’t believe you.”

A half truth is better than a lie, Sian pondered before answering. “I do fancy women, but it’s not something I overly think about.”

“I think about you.” Sophie tried to grab Sian’s hand but she pulled it away.

“I am just so arghhh, I do think about you now. I just don’t know what to do about it.” Sian reached to take Sophie’s hand now.

Sophie loved Sian’s hand in hers, but she just wanted confirmation. “But it’s there?”

Sian nodded to confirm. “I’ve really missed you.” Sophie leaned towards Sian as she did the same, both of them leaning tentatively into a kiss; Sian pulled Sophie closer to her, not wanting to their kiss to end.

Sophie giggled as they pulled apart suddenly feeling very shy. “What does this mean? Are we like?”

“Don’t say it.” Sian interrupted with a smile.

“Yeah but are we?”

“Going out?” Sian felt like she was back to being sixteen again, she loved the innocence of Sophie. Before either could confirm Sophie had leaned in for another kiss, this time for longer with Sian once again pulling the brunette closer to her, gently running her tongue over the other girls lips asking for permission to deepen the kiss.

Before Sophie knew what was happening Sian was on top of her and they were making out, hands started roaming to new places, as Sian moved her talented mouth to her neck she let out a moan. Embarrassed by her behaviour Sophie gently pushed Sian off her. “Sorry Soph, I didn’t mean to move too fast. It is just after dreaming about you for months I can’t believe I have you here with me.”

Sophie pecked the sweet girl on the lips. “It was my fault as well; I just got caught up in the moment. Do we tell anyone?”

Sian wrapped her arm around Sophie’s shoulder pulling her back to relax in her arms. “It’s no one else’s business, not really. I think we should just keep it to ourselves for the time being.”

Sophie tended to agree but she did feel a little hurt that Sian wanted to keep her a secret, where as John had wanted Sophie to meet his parents. Stop over thinking she chastised herself, and just enjoy the here and now. Sian captured Sophie’s lips with her own again; this was fast becoming Sophie’s new favourite hobby.

“I should go.” Sophie tried extracting herself from Sian’s arms as they had been making out for the last hour, which had left them both a little hot and bothered.

“Stay? Please? I promise no monkey business. Do you want a cup of tea?” Sian asked trying to get Sophie to stay a while longer, it worked as she nodded. “Okay you stay here and I will bring it up for you.” Sian kissed Sophie on the head and headed downstairs.

“I hope this will taste alright.” Sian carefully balanced the try as she made her way back into her room. Sian sighed when she noticed Sophie had moved to her bed and was fast asleep. Sophie looked so peaceful there was no way Sian was going to wake her up. Instead she put a blanket over her and lay on the bed next to Sophie watching her sleep. She was screwed now, whispering “You know you love someone when you sit up all night just to watch someone sleep" as she settled in behind Sophie, just watching her sleep.

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