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The adventures risen


The continued stories of the dark knight

Action / Fantasy
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Chapter 1. Fear the masked Assasin

Robin leaped from roof to roof. Batman was away and kids of very rich gothamites had been going missing. He was tracking a van he saw leave with a kid. He grappled to a warehouse and silently landed on the window. The kids were lined up with bags over there heads. Robin stealthily dropped down and carefully pulled a bag off only to reveal a canister of gas. It started emitting into the air and all exits were closed off.

Robin tried to make a way out but passed out before he could.

A figure shrouded in darkness chuckled “Stupid kid..”

4 days later

Batgirl had been searching for robin nonstop. Batman was still out of town and she was the only line of defence apart from the police. She heard shouting and crying in a apartment building that was being demolished the next day. She leaped in, Sliding under the window. “Hello!?” She called out searching. She found a tv that had crying and screaming from it. “I want my parents!” She yelled

“The kids!” Before batgirl could react the building suddenly blew up making the whole structure collapse with her inside

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