24 Season 10: God's Country (semi- future AU)


On a private security contract protecting a controversial businessman turned evangelist, Jack Bauer uncovers a deadly terror plot forcing him to face the darkest shadows of his past.

Action / Thriller
Age Rating:

Episode 1: 11 AM - 12 PM



The screen opens up with a shot of a verdant hillside in the bright summer sun with scattered homes and business parks of various types on it as the camera moves up and forward. The camera goes over the ridge and we see the golden dome of the State Capitol on the banks of the shimmering Kanawha River. The camera pans to the right and we see downtown Charleston in the distance.

A radio DJ talks in the opening scene and as the screen splits into four. "Traffic is running smoothly again on Big Tyler Road in Cross Lanes after authorities have cleared the tractor trailer crash from the roadway. Still moving slow southbound on Interstate 77 in Sissonville between the Tuppers Creek and Edens Fork exits as the bridge upgrade continues, otherwise looking clear all across the Kanawha Valley. Your traffic is brought to you by Tudor's Biscuit World."

Split screens show a coal train speeding down the tracks, a shot of the I-77/I-64 freeway interchange and the West Virginia Lottery building from the air, a man jogging along the riverbank, and a van turning from a street into a parking garage downtown. The camera pans in on the paved riverfront path and see it is Jack Bauer. Jack starts jogging up the steps and starts following Greenbrier Street past the state capitol complex. Several people including a police officer nod and wave at him and Jack acknowledges them. Jack checks the time on his Sprint cell phone and turns back up the relatively steep hill above the state capitol complex.

"Now for the weather it's is 87 degrees right now in the capital city, 88 in Huntington and 83 in Beckley, you're listening to 97.5 WQBE, the Rabbit Station." The song "Barefoot Blue Jean Night" by Jake Owen starts to play as the camera shifts to the van. The screen splits in two to show an up-close view of Charleston's downtown high-rises most notably the SunTrust Bank and Huntington Bank towers.

Two Eastern European men get out of the van and open up the back doors of the vehicle. "I hate this American music," the driver says in Russian as subtitles flash across the screen, "I hate this fucking country. I hate being here."

The passenger responds as the van comes to a stop inside a parking garage. "Da, tovarich, I too would rather be in Donetsk killing Ukrainians, but without Suvarov in power, Moscow will not send us the money and weapons we need for victory. What we do here today is critical for our people." We see the dead bodies of two other men in the back with bulletholes through their foreheads. The two ethnic Russians enter the marble lobby of a modern office building

A female security guard whose uniform identifies her as Linda smiles as she greets them. "Another replacement?"

"Unfortunately yes," the first man says. "My name is Vadim and this is my friend Mikhail. We're here to run the maintenance for the IT servers in Suite 1024. Need to make sure the connections with Ripley are in place. Clarkson Law Office, if I recall correctly ma'am."

"Go ahead and sign here please. Are they expecting you?"

"Yes, of course. Mr. Clarkson knows we are coming," Vadim replies in his thick Russian accent.

The elevator reaches the 10th floor of the building and the two men walk down a short corridor through some glass French doors to a law office. A secretary is just getting her desk ready when the door opens.

"Excuse me, gentlemen, but Mr. Clarkson's not quite ready yet. You have an appointment?" Mikhail takes out a silenced pistol and shoots the secretary three times in the chest and once in the forehead. She collapses back into her chair with papers flying in the air. "I am making one now, suka yebat."

A young male intern comes out of one of the offices and stops in his tracks at the two armed men standing in the office. There is a rustling noise as a young partner tries to run down to another exit. Mikhail raises his pistols and fires two bullets into the man's back and he falls down dead, his body sliding for several feet before hitting a file cabinet.

"You will do exactly as we tell you," Vadim says, "If you want to see tomorrow. Is that understood?" He nods at the secretary's body. "This is what happens if you resist. Now where is Mr. Clarkson? Take us to him."

The young man nods nervously as Mikhail locks the front door to the office suite. They go down an interior hallway and he knocks on the door of a corner office. "Mr. Clarkson, the IT folks are here early, they…"

We see the attorney Clarkson in his office putting down his copy of the Charleston Daily Mail. "Hmmm, unusual for them to come early," he says to himself, "Hopefully they send more competent guys this time. The ones last time might as well work for the goddamn government." He opens the door and sees the intern there. Suddenly Mikhail shoves the intern into the room and closes the door and pulls his gun out.

"Pardon me," Mikhail says in his menacing Russian accent, "Mr. Clarkson, for this unexpected visit. Your secretary was not willing to make me an appointment on short notice. She is no longer around to change her mind."

"What is this? Who the hell are you two? What the hell did y'all do to Chrissie? She's my friend's daughter! Oh my God, you…." Mikhail presses the hot muzzle of his pistol into Clarkson's chest as Vadim holds the young intern at gunpoint and "Mr. Clarkson, you will give me full access to your files." He pulls out a PDA with a connecting cable and types some commands into a software program. "Especially these." The screen shows logos of two different companies. "You will call to security, you will cancel all your appointments for the rest of the morning, and your will tell the rest of your staff not to come into work, or this young man will die just like ones we have already killed outside." Mikhail takes out his phone and says something in Russian before hanging up.

Vadim waves the gun around. "We do not want any unnecessary killing. But we are willing to kill for what we came for. I hope you are not willing to die for it."


We see a large, sprawling megachurch with a large parking lot around it. Kanawha County Sheriff's vehicles in a split screen are shown as officers respond to a protest march with a few dozen people. The protestors carry pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage, and anti-capitalist signs including a sign that says "God is Fake, We Are Real". We see images of Che Guevara and Adrian Cross. They are cursing and throwing objects at the police. We see a counterprotest nearby. There are many American flags in this crowd as well as Christian symbols and signs, rebel flags, and tea party flags. There are also bloody photographs of aborted children. This crowd is protesting peacefully. The screen splits again and we see a man from behind as he jogs along a wooded path leading toward the church parking lot. Finally we are inside the large worship hall of the church which has the pulpit on a large stage. The congregation is singing "Who Am I" by Casting Crowns, a contemporary Christian music band.

The senior pastor, Clay Guthrie, steps into a side room next to the stage where the pulpit is located and nods to the worship leader, motioning it will be quick. He pulls out his iPhone and speed dials a number


We hear the phone ringing and we see Rebekah Guthrie checking her makeup in her Honda Civic as her phone continues to ring. The caller ID says "DAD". Rebekah grabs the phone as she steps out of the car in a large parking lot in front of a large, modern office park with a large garden with a fountain in the middle. A split screen shows a sign for "Nylund Pharmaceuticals" at the entrance to the corporate campus.

"Yes dad?" she says in a very annoyed tone. Rebekah has an air of extreme confidence bordering on arrogance as she walks in quick strides across the parking lot. She has a very yuppie appearance in a business suit. "Guess you still got time to lecture me on your big day, your hour of fame where you embarrass yourself in front of the whole country."

Clay walks along the backstage area behind the pulpit. He ignores her comment. "I called you three times in the past half hour, why didn't you answer?"

"Well its illegal to talk on your goddamn cell phone when you're driving. What you people call nanny state is actually smart policy and the police up here actually enforce it. And no…"

"Please DO NOT use the Lord's name in vain again in my presence," Clay says, gripping the phone tight, "And I implore you to…."

"I've made up my mind about going through with this interview," Rebekah says, "And you know what, this company actually improves the lives of Americans and whatever you say about the blood on their hands, that's your perspective, while the blood on your own hands is commonly accepted as fact."

"Reb, please help me understand what happened to you. Before she died your mother warned me about how Morgantown would change you but you don't need to do this. I pray for you every day. I need to get back to the service soon but…" The screen shows him checking the time on his cell phone, "What you're doing is wrong, and it breaks my heart that you're going down this path. You mother is watching from heaven today, and I know she's disappointed in you. Your beliefs are not worth destroying this family over."

Rebekah scoffs. "YOU are the one making me embarrassed for our family, as if everything you've done can….can just be washed away. And you never went to church when I was growing up anyway, and now that you decided to start thumping your Bible as it that undos your sins I'm supposed to follow suit? Well news flash, this is MY life. You can't stop me from doing this any more than I can stop you from speaking at that convention tonight. Now if you would excuse me, I have to go in."

Rebekah puts away her phone and her expression changes into a smile as she goes through the rotating doors into the office building.


We see a Fox News reporter on a computer screen standing in front of the ocean. "Security is tight here in Myrtle Beach as delegates from across the country arrive for the Democratic National Convention. While Elijah Cummings, Husayn Osana and others from the Black Caucus are staying true to their boycott and reiterating their opposition to the holding of the convention here in South Carolina. However what's truly making waves is the announcement that nationally renowned businessman turned evangelist Clay Guthrie will be making an appearance tonight as the convention seeks a unified stance on several provisions on the national healthcare mandates. Five years ago Guthrie became senior pastor at Revelations Church, a non-denominational evangelical megachurch in Charleston, West Virginia after a ten year tenure as the President and CEO of Omega Appalachian Resources….. "

A door opens and Jack Bauer walks into an office filled with security cameras and high-tech equipment as well as a weapons closet. He has changed out of his workout clothes. Cole Ortiz is there too in a CTU uniform. There is a logo for Vanguard Protection Services on Jack's jacket and on some of the computer screens in the room. Another private security contractor, Mark Hayes, is looking at a computer news feed. The headlines read "Democrat National Convention Under Way in Myrtle Beach, Several Lawmakers Boycott, Controversial Health Bylaws Proposed."

"Anything new here?" Jack asks.

"Just the usual hate mail from all over the country, just the typical ranting. You know it might be refreshing to get the praise letters for the good pastor but guess that ain't our job description," Mark says. "Mix of pro-abortion folks and some people still fixated on Clay's company stuff in the past. More protest letters from the unions."

Jack then turns to Cole. "What about you, Cole? Anything to add? Anything else you can do besides being a typical government jerkoff and telling me how to do my job?" Jack sees Cole's shocked expression and softens up a bit. "I'm sorry, it's not personal. I appreciate what you did for me in New York before I had to leave the country."

"I also wish we met again under different circumstances, but trust me you rather deal with me than most of the people at my office. Off the record these changes have been ridiculous."

"So why you, why here?"

"As you probably recall, West Virginia used to be under the jurisdiction of the Louisville and Pittsburgh branches until they were shut down by Congress during the downsizing. Pittsburgh itself is now under CTU – New York. But the Pittsburgh director was real tight with Congress so they moved me and Chloe to Southeast Division to open a spot for him in New York."

The screen splits as Cole adds, "At least now you're hooked back into CTU with full access through me and Chloe. And if you're asking for updates, we've been tracking a number of groups with a beef against Guthrie for both present and past issues. Police in Lincoln County are questioning some radical environmentalists from Chicago. A hodgepodge of radical groups on the left have all been emboldened by the change in Congressional leadership." Another screen shows Clay stepping up to the pulpit and beginning a sermon, Mikhail and Vadim holding the attorneys at gunpoint and accessing a room with a large mainframe computer and typing commands into it.


Two Toyota pickup trucks are seen pulling off a main highway and speeding down a private road into a parking lot. The driver, Jay Cooper, is speaking into a phone confirming some orders with a superior, then hangs up and shouts to the men in the back of his truck as well as the ones in the other pickup truck. They are wearing regular clothing except some of the men have bright bandanas. All the men are carrying weapons. They approach a major facility containing a coal processing plant, a railyard with coal trains, and a port facility on the Ohio River where coal is loaded onto barges pulled by tugboats. Jay's men open fire on the guard station at the gate, mowing down four security guards in a hail of automatic gunfire. Jay drives his truck along the rail line where many workers are congregated. He and his men point their guns out of the windows and continue opening fire. A large group of men try to flee for shelter but are shot in the back, blood and guts flying everywhere as panic ensues.

The other pickup truck spins into the parking lot of the OAR offices, a two story building. This was on the far end of the property near the loading pier and evidently the people on a smoke break or eating snacks outside the building did not hear the gunfire.

"Whoa there fellas, y'all seem to be in a hurry. Here to see someone?" an employee asks as he tosses a cigarette to the side. The armed men get out of the truck and the worker gasps "What the….." His chest explodes in a shower of blood as multiple rounds of automatic gunfire tear into his body. The other gunmen fire in an arc and within 10 seconds all the company employees outside the building are dead. The screen splits showing one group of terrorists going into the offices and another approaching a coal barge and tugboat. Jay shoots and kills a man on the pier, his body falling into the river with a splash, turning the water red. Then Jay and his men enter the boat and slaughter everyone on board. He has a look of cold determination mixed with some pleasure at the killing.

"Check the boat again, make sure everyone's dead," Jay says as they hear police sirens approaching. Another split screen shows Boyd County sheriff's department vehicles driving along Interstate 64 as well as more police cars driving across the Ashland-Ironton bridge which connects Kentucky with Ohio. Jay checks his cell phone and then pulls out another phone that serves as a detonator as we see a line of police cars entering the property along a wooded gravel road from a secondary entrance. Jay smiles and pushes the detonator. A large fireball rises into the sky swallowing up seven police cars and flipping several others. Injured police officers are crawling out from the cars as their colleagues try to secure the area. In a split screen, Jay's men enter the main office on the property and riddle it with gunfire, dozens of unarmed men and women getting cut down by bullets. Sparks are flying from broken computer screens and bulletholes pocket the walls and the windows shatter in the merciless hail of gunfire.


There is a quick establishing shot of Charleston, South Carolina including the Arthur Ravenel Bridge spanning the Cooper River with the city and marshlands visible, plus a split screen showing Fort Sumter and a large military base with US Navy vessels docked alongside a long pier.

"Aaron? Aaron!" Chloe O'Brian shouts and motions. In classic CTU design, the director's office is elevated above the main floor. Unlike CTU Los Angeles or New York there are windows to the outside and we see the treeline. In a split screen we see the building housing CTU, a federal building inside Joint Base Charleston, a Navy and Air Force base. CTU Director Aaron Bailey, a black man in his early 50s, comes out of his office.

"Yes Chloe? I hope this is an actual emergency, and not you panicking over how our new software is programmed," he says.

Chloe is even more impatient now. "There's no need to get smart with me, Aaron. We've got a serious situation in Kentucky." she says, bringing up a map to the main screen which shows the Charleston-Huntington corridor, then zooms west to the Huntington-Tristate area where West Virginia, Kentucky, and Ohio meet. "This is going on live, 911 dispatch filled with reports of a mass shooting, they're saying dozens dead, then reports less than a minute ago about police arriving on scene ambushed by an explosion."

"Tanner," Bailey says, the screen showing Chris Tanner at the controls of a CTU drone, "Where's our nearest drone? I need aerial."

"Currently over Louisville we can have it over Catlettsburg in ten minutes. For now we got the satellite feed for what its worth, sir."

"Okay, do that ASAP and patch me through to the police on the scene and their station."

"Got it," a techie says.


"Sheriff this is Aaron Bailey, Director of CTU we're also on with your main station what is going on there?"

"We're pinned down," the Sheriff says trying to not speak too loud. We hear the attackers shouting in the distance and intermittent sprays of gunfire.

"Have your men shelter in place," Bailey says, "We have an armed drone approaching the area ETA ten minutes. We also have air units from police in all three states heading to you."

"We'll be dead by then!" the Sheriff exclaims. Another pickup truck is seen screeching to a halt, kicking up plenty of dust on the gravel road. Several more armed gunmen pour out holding automatic weapons and engaging the police. The Sheriff lowers himself behind his car as bullets strike the windows and doors of the police cruiser. Bullets hit the tires and ricochet off the car. A sheriff's deputy is injured. The deputy reaches outside the car and fires while the sheriff does the same. A hostile is shot through the heart and falls back dying. The sheriff then grabs a shotgun from the police car and fires again. The shotgun round tear a terrorist apart with blood flying and strike a second terrorist, killing him too. The deputy shoots down another hostile but more are coming.

Jay Cooper pulls a pin off a grenade and fires it at the police lines. An officer tries to outrun the grenade but is killed in the explosion, bringing down clumps of trees and sending leaves flying everywhere.


We then see an Ohio State Police helicopter flying above the Ohio River at Ironton with the Marathon oil refinery and steel mills visible ahead. Two police gunners are leaning out of the open door to the chopper as it flies flow over the water, just above the roadbed of the Ironton Bridge. "This is Lieutenant Taylor Cox, Ohio State Police, we have a visual on the facility," the helicopter pilot says. Suddenly there is a whoosh and the contrails of a launched rocket is seen. "Dammmit!" a crewman says. "We've been engaged, we have a rocket heading in our direction. Repeat, the hostiles are armed with surface to air weaponry." In a split screen we see Aaron Bailey looking at his staff in shock.

The helicopter banks to the right and the rocket narrowly misses it, hitting a rocky cliff on the Ohio side of the river, sending rocks crashing down below into several residential backyards. "Bring her up!" the pilot says. The machine guns are locked and loaded as the helicopter heads up. Two more rockets are launched from the facility but the aim is more difficult as the helicopter is at an higher altitude. The chopper is now directly above the facility and we see dead bodies sprawled below everywhere.

The helicopter is forced to reduce altitude to engage the hostiles on the ground. The police gunners shoot and kill several of the hostiles. The man with the rocket launcher whips it around and takes aim at the chopper. "Turn back!" the co-pilot tells as the gunners squeeze off some extra shots. Despite the quick turn the rocket scrapes the tail of the chopper. The explosion doesn't reach the police but the tail starts to come loose and catch fire. However the gunner was able to fire a long burst at the attacker with the launcher. His body is torn into pieces as blood flies all around. The chopper goes into a spin and around thirty feet over the river, the pilot and all the officers jump out. The empty burning aircraft crashes into the water and there is a small explosion and a large jet of water shooting up into the air.


Female news anchor on WVAH-11, the local Fox affiliate: "…..from Revelations Church was invited to the Democrat National Convention by West Virginia Representative John Rezierski, who himself has come under attack from the national party leaders due to his differing views not only on religious issues but on the Illegal Alien Dream Act and the redistribution of rural gas tax revenue toward urban mass transit projects, a major focus of the party on the national level. Rezierski, who represents the 3rd Congressional district, is the only remaining West Virginia Democrat in Washington in a political shift continuing here despite the national outrage over Allison Taylor ….."

The audio fades on the TV and we hear the radio station playing as we see the inside of the diner with lots quirky decorations and a traditional Southern country décor. We hear the music playing as a waitress in her late teens comes out of the kitchen with a large glass of sweet tea.

Danielle Bradbery on the radio: "…driving so far away nobody's gonna find her, flyin' just fast enough to leave it all behind her, but she didn't know till she hit the road, deep in her soul, she's got the fire and the fight of a Gypsy, ain't nothing stronger than the heart of Dixie….."

"Here's your sweet tea, Randy," she says with a familiar smile and a noticeable twang. "Sorry for the wait. Miss Margaret's having another one of them lunch meetings and they ordered twenty meals to go. So how's it been? Haven't see ya in a couple weeks."

"Well it's going. Just a lot of things I've had to deal with," he tells her. "I'm…..I'm going to get the fried bologna sandwich, plus a hot dog with chili and slaw."

She nods as she writes it down. "Hey that's a first for you! Never seen you order that before. We do sell lots of those. Finally decided to try it?" She smiles at him in that youthful, perky way.

Randy pauses for a little and says in a somber tone, "It's…..its in memory of my sons. They always liked to get those, they had a favorite place in Beckley. They both passed away several years ago."

"I'm very sorry to hear that," Stacy says sympathetically. "This must be a very difficult day for you. I can pray with you if you need it." We see that the she's wearing a beautiful golden cross necklace.

"I'll be okay," Randy says. "Spiritual, not religious, remember?" He gives her a wink to lighten the mood. "But thanks anyway."


"Sheriff, we're looking at you on satellite right now there are over 20 men and they are approaching your position, you need to fall back….."

Suddenly gunfire rings out. "Tanner, can you aim the drone at that range?" A split screen shows a small drone flying through the clouds with the Appalachian foothills of eastern Kentucky zipping by below. "Not a clear shot but we can scatter the hostiles."

"Go for it, do not, I repeat do NOT fire anywhere close to the structure, we may have civilians inside, not the boat but send the missile against the hostiles!" Bailey orders Tanner.

We see Jay on the ground urging his men forward. Several wounded cops are calling for backup, some badly burned and dying. Jay emerges from the woods and comes upon a group of injured officers trying to crawl away. He shoots each of them in the chest or head one by one, their bodies slumping over dead. There is a whoosh and a rocket lands in the woods behind Jay, sending several of the terrorists into the air but the Sheriff is also blown by the impact, his head slamming against his overturned police cruiser.

Jay recovers and walks over to the sheriff who has blood coming out of his mouth.

"You crazy, sick, bastard," the sheriff makes out. Jay shoots him in the shoulder and leg, the sheriff grunting in pain. Jay gives him a self-righteous smirk and laughs.

"Oh no, you corrupt pig, I'm not sick or crazy. That would be some disgruntled employee or some wacko who got picked on too much in high school." He is savoring the moment. "Those people kill just for the heck of it. We actually kill for legitimate reasons, not that you'll get to find out. End of watch, motherfucker." He then fires a long burst of gunfire into the sheriff's body, pinning it against the car before it falls forward. The sheriff gasps and dies facedown in a pool of blood. Then another rocket lands right next to Jay as he makes his way into the woods. Then there is quiet except for the burning buildings, trees, and vehicles then the sounds of more sirens and a helicopter appear in the distance.


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