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A New Prince In The Limelight (Hetalia)


A light-hearted story about Germany, or also known as Ludwig Beilschmidt, being chosen by the other members of the United Nations to take care of a newborn nation that was founded in Europe; most specifically in the bushes by Finland.

Adventure / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

20XX. A new modern world. Everyone's gotten settled after everything in the past. It has been hard for all of them, yes but after the years, their scars have managed to heal; but not all.

Many things have changed as years have gone by; may it be for the good and may it be for the bad. But one thing's for sure is that the world is in safer hands now, with the power of the new and improved United Nations, but quite recently - a new discovery has almost all the countries up on the edge of their seats. A new country was discovered. A newborn nation like they once were.

Unlike before when everything was very disoragnized, the nations of the world have decided to talk everything out about this situation. Although many can admit that they are rather anxious and excited about this news.

Alfred stood firm and proud, being the head of today's meeting once more."Alright everyone! I guess you all may already guess why we're all here today. A newborn country has been discovered in Europe. Tino has discovered this first. Tino, may you please further explain your encounter with the newfound nation?"

Tino nodded as he took a stand. "It wasn't anything dramatic or grand. I was simply exploring more of the land, until I stumbled upon something that seemed to rustling in the bushes. When I came to check it out, it appeared to be a newborn nation. Although I didn't get to interact with it much. As I was about to approach him, he immediately ran away. I was going to run after him, but he seemed rather scared of when I approached him so I decided to leave him be," he explained. Fidgetting a little with his fingers, the blonde was. He seemed rather guilty for leaving the newborn nation to run off like that, but there's nothing he can do now. The United Nations will handle this from now on, after he's reported it to Alfred.

"Now I've already had some people look for this little dude. So the thing we need to think of now is what to do once we do find him. I'm sure he's not far from where Tino found him, especially considering that he's just a little kid. So we need to decide now on what we're going to do to him afterwards. Any suggestions?" Alfred finished off, his azure eyes gazing around the room.

As he did so, Arthur raised his hand in a matter of seconds. All eyes turned to him as he spoke up, laid back casually on his seat. "Well obviously, once he gets caught, one of us has to keep an eye of him. Take care of him and guide him as he grows." The blonde stated. There was quite a bit of a reminiscing look in those apple green eyes of his. It wasn't exactly a surprise to Alfred and to a bit of others about his bold statement. Arthur is known to be a man of reminiscing - always thinking about the past and the memories he's made with the children he has taken care of in the past.
"Yes, but who?" Tino spoke up once more.
Francis grinned. "Why not me? I'm good with handling kids~"
Arthur turned his gaze to him, darting a deadly glare. "In your dreams, you wanker! There's no way we're going to allow you take care of him!"
Though of course, Francis was quick to respond. With a teasing smirk, he flipped his silky blonde locks. "You're just jealous that no one's going to choose you, Artty~"
This just simply angered Arthur though. "Don't call me Artty, you frog!!" He retorted back to the French.
"Hey now, how about you two just calm down and rumble on later, eh?" Antonio interfered.
"Just shut up! No one asked for your opinion Antonio!" Arthur exclaimed once more. And so, Antonio did just continue to stay quiet. Arthur's right in a way. It's not Antonio's fight.
"Just calm down, dudes! You both may get a chance, so just stop!" Alfred yelled at the juvenile two. Arthur and Francis did listen to him though. The blondes turned away from one another with both arms crossed.

Ludwig couldn't help but let out a bit of a sigh. "To think that things may have changed for the better, but I suppose the two are still the same as ever," he uttered out. Feliciano giggled to this. "But isn't staying the same sometimes better?"
Ludwig didn't exactly approve to this. He darted a rather tired glare to Feliciano. "Just shut up, bitte..."

And as always, this meeting is going nowhere. Only ending up with a bunch of arguments emerging from every corner of the room. And as always, Ivan was quietly enjoying everything, staying in his seat.
Kiku, who was staying quiet the whole time as always, decided to raise his hand. "Sumimasen, but may I make a suggestion on who may take care of this new nation once he is found?"
"Yeah, sure dude. Go ahead!" Alfred answered.
And with that command, Kiku stood from his seat - all eyes turning to him too. "I suggest for Mr. Rudwig (Ludwig) to be the one who handres (handles) the rittre (little) ferrow (fellow)."
The room immediately rang out; murmurs and whispers fill the meeting room completely. And of course, Ludwig himself Despite so, Kiku continued with his words. "I berieve (believe) that Mr. Rudwig (Ludwig) would be a right pick for the job. Why do I believe so? Mr. Rudwig (Ludwig) is a very responsibre (responsible) person. He is also handring the European Union, is he not? Along with many more other responsibirities (responsibilities), you all may have noticed that he is handring (handling) everything in a very orderry (orderly) manner. Taking care of this new nation wouldn't be a probrem (problem) for him, correct?"

Feliciano, straight-forward as he can be, raised his hand up with a proud smile plastered on his face. As always. "Si! Si! I agree!"

Ludwig surely was flabbergasted. But if he really will be chosen, then he would have no choice but to accept his new role as the nation's guardian. After Kiku finished his words, the room was filled with noises again. Everyone was talking about this suggestion. The Europeans, especially the ones in the union, would immediately agree to this. But of course, there would still be the opinions of the other countries to take into account.
Alfred pondered for a moment as well. Thinking about this like the rest of them. After a few moments, he spoke up once more: "That may seem like a good idea, Kiku. Ludwig, you cool with this bro?"
Ludwig wasn't really sure whether he would agree or would he oppose. But either way, it'd be rather rude to turn down this opportunity. After pondering with the others, he made his decision. "Ja, it's fine with me," he responded simply.
"How about you guys? Do you guys agree that the country would be turned to Ludwig? To those who agree, please raise your hand." Said America. And without a doubt, there was quite a number of countries who gladly raised their hand.
"Well, that's settled then!" Alfred claimed, proudly.

On that note, the meeting ended peacefully with all of them getting along for once. Solving a problem without everyone yelling at each other and getting into random arguments, and without everything going wrong in one way or another.
Everyone gathered their belongings and walked out of the meeting room. Some were having a banter with one another and some others stayed quiet as they strolled out.
Alfred headed over to Ludwig before he left as well. "Yo, I'll just keep you updated about the search of the little kid. Keep in touch once he's found and all."
"Ja, sure." Ludwig replied - short and simple.
"The little Junge may not be so bad, right..?" Ludwig thought to himself after that slapdash conversation he had with Alfred. "I'm sure he'd be well-behaved. I mean if he isn't then I'll make him to be. I've dealt with Feliciano countless of times, so this would be quite easy."
Or at least... That's what he thinks.
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