Jasmine: Sand Bender

Jasmine walked into the room and sat down, she looked exhausted. She hadn't even noticed that Tadashi had stood up. Jasmine gave him a weak smile, "I made a giant sand castle. I'm very tired."

Tadashi nodded and smiled, "No problem. That must have been fun."

Jasmine smiled and nodded a little, "Yes, it was fun. I enjoyed myself immensely. It all fell pretty quick, but it was a magnificent sight." She stretched a little and yawned, "I met your brother while making a sand castle." She explained herself more when Tadashi looked surprised, "I'm friends with Belle, she told me that it would be the first question."

Tadashi nodded then launched right into the next question, "What are your powers?" He tilted his head when he asked.

"Sand. I can do Sand bending...or control the Sand element," Jasmine replied, rubbing the back of her neck to get the kinks out, "That's what I was doing. It's exhausting."

Tadashi nodded and commented, "I bet it is." He steepled his hands again, his new favorite thing to do, and asked her another question, "Why do you wish to see Big Hero Six rebooted? Why would you like to join?"

"I would wish to see it rebooted so there could be children playing outside again. I miss hearing children's laughter..." Jasmine trailed off for a moment then smiled at Tadashi, "And to join for the same reason."

"Do you have any family?"

"Yes. My father. My mother died when I was small," Jasmine replied as she shifted her weight slightly, yawning lightly again.

"Any siblings?" Tadashi asked as he adjusted the papers. He was curious about this person, but she seemed to have exhausted herself.

"Mmm? Oh, yeah. I have an older sister and a bunch of younger siblings," Jasmine answered and she smiled, "I should go, I'm falling asleep in here." She stood up and Tadashi followed suit. Jasmine shook his hand and left the room.

"It was nice to meet you, Mr. Hamada."

"It was nice to meet you too."

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