Elsa and Wendy are added to the team

Tadashi got a list of people that were chosen in his e-mail from the author lady. The first one on his list was Jim Hawkins. He wasn't surprised that the young man was picked, he had a real heart for people. After all, Jim didn't have to try and save the little girl, but he did anyways. Tadashi gave Hiro, Jim's number and the younger man called Jim.

Tadashi looked at the next people on the list who were chosen. These people were Elsa, Mulan, Tiana, and Wendy. Tadashi really dreaded going to talk to Wendy, maybe he would get Hiro to do it for him. His brother was nice, it was likely that Hiro would have mercy on him. Tadashi decided to call Elsa, Tiana, and Mulan. Hiro could handle Wendy and Jim.

Tadashi called Elsa first, figuring she would want to know first. Instead of Elsa answering the phone a very happy girl picked up.

"Hi, the Arendell household, Ana speaking," The girl's voice was very excited and happy.

"Hi, this is Tadashi Hamada. Is Elsa there?" Tadashi asked as he handed Hiro the little girl's address. They would need parental permission from Wendy's parents.

The girl told him to hang on and yelled for Elsa, "One second..." When Elsa came on the phone Tadashi could hear the cold radiating off of her.

"This is Tadashi Hamada. We've decided to accept your application for the rebooted Big Hero Six," Tadashi watched as his younger brother walked out of the room and towards a motorcycle.

Elsa replied to the man, "Hello. Thank you...When will I start?" She was being evasive on purpose as her sister, who was as old as her, probably wouldn't want her to live dangerously.

Tadashi picked up on the evasive tactics and went with it, "If you can come down at some point today, that would be great. Hiro needs to make your protective suit."

Elsa replied, "Okay, I'll be able to come around 1:00PM," Ana worked at 1:00PM, so she would be able to get away, "I'll see you then, Mr. Hamada."

Tadashi hung up the phone then checked off the box by Elsa's name. Two more people to go.

Hiro walked down the drive to Wendy's house. He could see a boy that was flying around the rooftop. Hiro squinted and realized that must be something Wendy was doing. Tadashi had described the illusions being practically independent from Wendy's person. It really was bizarre.

Hiro knocked on the door and was invited in by her parents, "My name is Hiro Hamada. I was wondering if your daughter could join Big Hero Six."

The dad looked surprised and was about to protest when Mrs. Darling spoke up, "Would she be safe?"

"That is something I cannot promise. I will do my best to be sure she remains safe. I will make her suit myself," Hiro did not mention he was making everyone's suits himself. But he knew this would comfort the parents.

Mr. Darling reluctantly signed a paper along with Mrs. Darling. Wendy came down the stairs when called and also signed the paper. Her illusion came and sat on the back of the couch as they did this.

Tadashi had been right. The child was unnerving, it was like she could float.

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