Mulan and Tiana are added to the team

Tadashi went to Tiana's house in person. He knocked on the door and the lady opened it.

"Oh, Mr. Hamada. Can I help you?" Tiana asked as she wiped her hands on an apron that was around her. She invited the man in and then gave him some tea.

Tadashi accepted the tea and answered her question, "We have accepted you as a member of Big Hero Six. Is it possible for you to come to the lab later? Hiro would like to make everyone protective suits."

Tiana nodded and gave him a smile, "I can come with you now. I just finished making some food, I can bring it down too?" She tilted her head as she asked the question.

Tadashi nodded in assent, "Yes, you can bring your food." He finished his tea and handed Tiana the cup, "Thank you for the tea."

Tiana gave the older man a bright smile, "You're welcome. Oh, and there is enough food for everyone," She hurried away and packaged up the food.

Tadashi waited for the women and when she was ready to go he led the way to his Moped. He has never given up on that thing. Tadashi took Tiana to the lab and then introduced her to Hiro, Jim, Wendy, and Elsa. After it seemed like she was comfortable and settled enough Tadashi went off to see about Mulan.

Mulan was taking care of a little problem. Her Ex-boyfriend was terrorizing his new girlfriend. Mulan was just a little irritated with Shang. Well...Irritated wasn't the right word, especially since Tadashi got to see the full wrath of Mulan.

Mulan was beating the snot out of Shang while his current girlfriend hid a good distance behind Mulan. She, at the moment, had the fighting stick pressed into Shang's chest, "Stay down. Why do you do this to your girlfriends?!" Mulan's voice was raised as she asked the question. His girlfriend had bruises on her arms and a black eye, "You're going to go to the police station and turn yourself in."

Shang nodded once and waited until Mulan let him up before trying to stand up. He gave his girlfriend a look and she shuddered, hiding behind Mulan. Shang got into his car and peeled away.

Tadashi cleared his throat and Mulan spun, fixing Tadashi with a death look. When she realized who it was she rolled her shoulders in an attempt to relax, "Sorry."

Tadashi offered her a smile, "No problem. I just came to say you had been accepted. We need you down at the lab, though. Just for a protective suit." He was careful to remain evasive, mainly because of the young women behind Mulan.

Mulan nodded and gave the girl a smile, "You'll be okay?"

The girl gave a nervous smile, "Yes." She walked away, sort of limping.

Mulan was worried about her but didn't voice her concern to Tadashi. She jumped on the Moped behind him and said, "Alright, lets go."

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