Elsa, Wendy, and Jim's costumes are made

Once they were all at the lab Hiro started taking measurements for the suits. He took extra care with Tiana's because of her shapeshifting abilities. He couldn't create a metal armor, he would have to make a strong fabric suit that would change with her. But at the moment, he was working on Elsa's suit. The suit was made to look like a dress. The skirt part was made of a bendable alloy that Hiro had come up with. It flowed around her like a dress. It also had a slit in it. The slit was to make the skirt more moveable and give Elsa more room to maneuver.

The top half, the bodice, was also made of the metal, only it had a thin webbing like fabric to keep the metal from touching her body directly. He also made her a very unique mask. It looked like a masquerade mask. It was a beautiful color blue and it had gemstone like dots around the eyes. The dress was very beautiful and elaborate. Elsa had said she didn't care, so Hiro had used that artistic license to make her look like the Queen she used to be.

The next one Hiro worked on was Wendy's. He made her a suit that would best suit her powers. Which, of course, included illusions and flying. Wendy told him that it was best if her vision and vocals were not impaired by the suit. So that left Hiro with designing a costume similar to Elsa's. It was a blue alloy dress that was very metallic looking. He also created her a mask that was similar to Elsa's. Only it had blue and green sparkle dots on it, like her illusion and herself.

After Wendy's outfit he started on the design for Jim's suit, "How do you control your powers?" Hiro asked this without looking at Jim, doing a rough sketch of what he had in mind.

Jim looked at him like he grew an extra head, "I don't know. I just look at it and ask it what to do. Sometimes my brain draws up a plan and the tech will move to obey it."

Hiro nodded and started to design the suit a little more efficiently, " eye contact needed?"

"Not necessarily," Jim replied while watching the other man draw. He sat down as he watched the man use his imagination. Hiro made Jim's suit to look like fabric. It had a light armor underneath it. Cargo pants, a loose shirt, and combat boots. A special fingerless gloves were made as well along with a helmet that was black, it looked like a motorcycle helmet. Next would be Mulan and Tiana's outfits.

Tiana would definitely be the hardest.

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