Tiana and Mulan's costumes Plus a Yaga

Tiana's outfit ended up being a suit that would change as she did. It was a green dress that came to about mid thigh with light green leggings. The dress was decorated with flowers and birds. Her shoes looked like ballet slipper type shoes, but they were, once again, the moveable metal alloy. That way it would feel like boots, sturdy and comfortable. The mask was the same as Elsa and Wendy's. It had green and purple dots along with small diamond sparkly alligators. Hiro had to get some help with designing the dress.

Mulans was next and also a little tricky. More so because she had no mutant powers. Mulan was more likely to get injured. Her costume was a Ninja like costume. It was black but it also had straps to keep weapons on her. On her back it had two straps for her bo staff. To go over her face was a piece of the metal alloy. It came up from behind her neck and went around her mouth. The cloth was in the back and the front of her neck, designed as a neck brace. It would move with her head, but if there was a sharp contact with anything solid it would minimize the possibility of becoming mortally wounded.

The outfits were done and Tadashi was asking them how they would feel about one on one training. He was surprised when a women came in, he had not seen this lady in a long time. Her name is Baba Yaga. She is a magical women, the magic was taught to her by the former Baba Yaga. The last time Tadashi had seen her was when he escaped the fire. They were just talking about the possibility of a group training.

Baba Yaga gave them a smile, the women was dressed in jeans, a T-shirt, a black jacket, and boots. Yaga walked over and put her elbow on Hiro's shoulder, "I can help with the group training. I can be like Toph from The Last Airbender. I shall be your Watermelon lord." This women is also ageless, she has lived since a little before the Medieval ages.

Tadashi looked at the group then gestured to Baba Yaga, "Meet the Infamous Baba Yaga," He tilted his head towards the group, "Yaga, this is the new Big Hero Six."

Yaga bowed to them and crossed her arms over her chest, "It's a pleasure...I think." She tilted her head as she watched them react to the last part. Jim's face barely changed, the rest of them looked surprised. Yaga snickered and jumped up on the windowsill as she watched them, "I'll watch you train, so I know what I'm dealing with."

Tadashi paired them all off and after about an hour he realized none of them were throwing themselves into the training. No one wanted to risk hurting each other. This was honorable, but he needed them to actually train. It was like they were not getting anywhere. Maybe the best training was just to go straight into combat? Tadashi jumped up on the windowsill next to Yaga, "Yaga?"

"Man, these guys are too afraid of hurting each other," Yaga said dryly, "Why don't we go straight into group training? They don't know me. It'll be easier if I make myself seem unbalanced." She crossed one leg over the over and raised an eyebrow at Tadashi.

Tadashi nodded and then jumped down off of the windowsill and called a halt for the group. The only two who were really training were Jim and Tiana. Jim had taunted the girl to the point where she wanted to kill him. Tadashi got them all to form a group then he had Yaga come over, "We're going to do our group training early. Yaga is going to help us, she is a little crazy, and she doesn't care if you get hurt. We're going a little out of the city to do this. Mainly because seeing magic being used will cause a mass hysteria."

Yaga could see they were tired so she suggested, "Tomorrow. We will do it tomorrow. Go home and get a full nights sleep. You'll need it."

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