Yaga discovers a victim

That night Hiro got the call about Honey Lemon's passing. He started making the arrangements for her funeral. He was emotionally distraught and Yaga helped him with the process. Tadashi was delivering everyone to their houses and he would help the moment he was done. Hiro and Tadashi worked out for the funeral to be in a week. Yaga looked at Hiro, "Are you up to the group training tomorrow?"

The younger man nodded and said, "Yes. I'll be ready for the training." He gave the older women a reassuring smile. Yaga was not reassured, but she let the boy think she was. Yaga slowly left the house and walked back to her own apartment. On her way she heard a young women scream then it was cut short. Yaga ran as if the hounds of hell were on her heels, using magic to increase her speed. Yaga jumped off the roof of a building and used magic to slow her descent. She landed, did a forward roll, then ran again. When she got to the scene she skidded to a stop. Her stomach lurched and she held back from vomiting. The girl was a redhead with a light green dress on. Only the dress wasn't put on before the murder. She had several stab wounds when she investigated further. Yaga used magic to try and find fingerprints. When their were none she became suspicious. Yaga got a small electric shock from the body after using her magic. Another magic user had done this. Yaga called the police and reported the body.

Yaga decided to tell Tadashi immediately. They would get one group training, then they would have to face the magic user. Yaga had told the police, but now she had to tell Tadashi. The girl had her hair chopped off crappily. The hair was gone.

This was a serial killing.

When Tadashi found out he grew stiff, "What?" He looked at the women that was perched on the windowsill in his room. She had woken Tadashi up with the bad news, "A serial killing? How many more bodies?"

"I saw it once before. Almost 2 years ago, I didn't think anything of it. Maybe a domestic dispute. But this time..." Yaga ran a hand through her hair, "It was exactly the same."

Tadashi rubbed his hands over his face and said, "One group training...but why would you tell me?"

"He's a magic user. I'm going to use my mirror to try and find him...but you should know."

"Another magic user?"


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