A peaceful moment

The next morning Hiro was the first one at the large field space they were going to use. He waited for the others and wasn't surprised when Wendy and Elsa showed up next. Elsa had volunteered to get Wendy for them. Hiro greeted the two girls with a smile.

Elsa sat down with Wendy next to Hiro. She looked over at the older man and said, "I'm sorry about your wife." She knew what it was like to watch her family die around her. She was just happy that Ana had lived as well. It was a cruel sort of least it seemed that way to Elsa. She was happy Ana lived, but Ana had to watch Kristoff grow old and die.

Hiro sighed and rubbed his hands on the ground, "It's fine. I knew she was going to go soon." He looked at Wendy and gave her a smile, "And how're you, kid?"

Wendy gave Hiro a bright smile, "I slept really well. It was a lovely rest and I'm looking forward to our training." She pulled her knees up to her chest, "Everybody holds back with me because I'm a child. It's almost insulting."

Hiro smiled a little and agreed with her, "People don't think about it when their training you. The people you fight against won't hold back because you are a child. It's an unkindness to train in an easy way. Yaga doesn't care if people get hurt during a training, she sees it as a learning opportunity for them."

Yaga came up the hill and heard her name, she waved at them and said, "Say my name and I magically appear!" She cackled and sat down next to them when she got up there, "When are the other bums coming?"

Hiro snickered and replied, "Jim is on his way, I just got a text from him. Tiana and Mulan are coming too, Tadashi is talking to the police about the killing and he will be here." He looked at Wendy and asked, "How does your suit fit?"

Wendy looked down at herself and smiled, "It fits very nicely. You did a magnificent job," She picked a few flowers and started weaving them together, "Thank you, again. My parents are very thankful."

Hiro smiled and nodded, "I made them a promise to keep their daughter safe. So I will," He rested his arms on his knees then looked over at Elsa, "And how about your suit?"

"I have to hide it from my sister so she doesn't know..." Elsa ran her fingers through the grass and said, "It fits nicely, as Wendy put it."

Hiro looked down the hill as he heard the 4 people coming and laughing. He heard Tiana mouthing off at Jim and Jim laughing at her. Whatever was going on, Jim was going to get himself hurt by Tiana. She wasn't thrilled by the sound of her voice.

Jim ran up the hill and looked down it at Tiana, "Next time don't ask to ride on the hoverboard then! I like living dangerously..." He was obviously teasing the girl but Tiana looked like she could wring his neck.

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