Meeting Elsa

Much to Tadashi's dismay he was elected the Most Likely to pick out Team Members. In other words, Hiro would find leads and Tadashi would be the interviewer. Tadashi could have said no, but he knew that Hiro wanted to spend a lot of time with Honey Lemon. None of them knew how much longer she had. Tadashi, was, at the moment, going to interview a very powerful mutant named Elsa.

Elsa was sitting in the meeting room that Tadashi had rented. Hiro was setting up the interviews for all day. When Elsa came in Tadashi could feel the cold air coming with her. It did make him wonder how much control she really had over her powers. Tadashi stood when she entered like a gentlemen and waited until she sat down before sitting, "My name is Tadashi Hamada." When Elsa stuck out her hand he shook it.

"My name is Elsa Arendell," She took back her hand and then placed her hands in her lap, folded together. She was a very regal looking women.

"Thank you for coming. I've never had to interview people before, so it may be a little difficult...getting started," Tadashi said as he sorted out the papers on the table.

"It isn't a problem, Mr. Hamada," Elsa answered as she shifted slightly in her chair, "I've never been to an interview like this. So we're on even ground."

Tadashi gave the women a grateful smile and then started the interview, "How did you come in contact with my brother?"

"I know Anastasia. Anastasia contacted me and informed me that you wanted to reboot your team," Elsa replied, but before Tadashi could ask another question she interrupted, "I would like the ability to ask you questions as well. Will I be allowed at the end?"

"Of course," Tadashi answered, not surprised. Hiro had put a special note about Elsa. She was very suspicious of people who would want to use her powers. She had been recruited by a Villain league because she hadn't asked enough questions. That league had Pitch, Jack, Hades, Frollo, and Ursula.

Tadashi continued with his questioning, "What type of powers do you have?" He was starting to wonder why Elsa never relaxed. She seemed very straight and tense. Tadashi couldn't help but blurt before she answered, "Why are you so tense?"

Elsa blinked owlishly when the second question came out. She answered that one first, "I don't mean to appear tense, Mr. Hamada. I have been around since the 1780s and have had plenty of people trying to assassinate me. It's my way to be cautious. As for my powers, I'm Immortal and I have the ability to control and create snow."

Tadashi nodded then asked one more question, "Why do you want to join or see Big Hero Six get rebooted?" He leaned back in his chair and waited for the answer.

Elsa wondered how this man could appear so relaxed. She thought about this question then answered, "I want to see it get rebooted because more crime has been coming back since the super hero teams went away. I would like to join because I was part of one of those criminal teams. I have hurt so many people and I would like to make up for that."

Tadashi wrote down her answer then looked back at Elsa, "Now, how about your questions?" He weaved his fingers together and set his hands on the table.

"Have you ever worked with criminals?"


"For how long?"

"Five years."

"What made you stop?"

"A hard knock to the head that helped me remember my identity."

"What do you call yourself now?"


"Why do you want to reboot?"

Elsa's questions went on and on and Tadashi had to cancel one appointment and reschedule it for the next day. When Elsa had finished her questioning of Tadashi she rose from her chair regally and shook his hand, "Thank you for your time. And thank you for putting up with my questions."

Tadashi stood and shook her hand, "It was a pleasure."

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